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Results for Templat:Kelas balapan mobil (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 5
Champ Car (edit)
Formula Atlantik (edit)
Can-Am (edit)
Kejuaraan Dunia FIA Formula 3 (edit)
World Sportscar Championship (edit)

Total: 160
ADAC Formel Masters (create)
ARCA Racing Series (edit) Seri Balap ARCA (edit)
Allison Legacy Series (create)
Altered (drag racing) (create)
Appendix J Touring Cars (create)
Australian GT Championship (create)
Australian National Formula (create)
Australian Stock Car Auto Racing (create)
Auto GP (create)
BOSS GP (create)
BPR Global GT Series (create)
BTC Touring (create)
Baja Bug (create)
Balap drag (create)
Balap gokar (edit)
Balap mobil (edit)
Balap mobil stok (edit)
Balap mobil turing (edit)
Balap off-road (create)
Balap oval (edit) Balap lintasan oval (edit)
Barber Pro Series (create)
BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Cars (create)
BriSCA Formula 2 Stock Cars (create)
British Touring Car Championship (edit)
China Formula Grand Prix (create)
Class 1 Touring Cars (create)
Clubmans (create)
Competition (drag racing) (create)
Daytona Prototype (create)
Diesel 2000 (create)
Dragster (car) (create)
Dune buggy (create)
EFDA Nations Cup (create)
FIA GT1 World Championship (edit) Kejuaraan Dunia GT1 FIA (edit)
Formula 1000 (create)
Formula 500 (create)
Formula A (SCCA) (create)
Formula Abarth (edit)
Formula Acceleration 1 (create)
Formula Alfa (create)
Formula Asia (create)
Formula Atlantic (create)
Formula BMW (create)
Formula B (SCCA) (create)
Formula C (SCCA) (create)
Formula Car Challenge (create)
Formula Challenge Japan (create)
Formula Chrysler Euroseries (create)
Formula Continental (create)
Formula Dream (create)
Formula Ford (edit)
Formula Ford 1600 (create)
Formula Holden (create)
Formula Junior (create)
Formula LGB (create)
Formula LGB Hyundai (create)
Formula LGB Swift (create)
Formula Libre (create)
Formula Lightning (create)
Formula Maruti (create)
Formula Masters China (create)
Formula Mazda (create)
Formula Mondial (create)
Formula Pacific (create)
Formula Palmer Audi (create)
Formula RUS (create)
Formula Renault (edit)
Formula Rolon (create)
Formula SCCA (create)
Formula Super Vee (create)
Formula Vee (create)
Fuji Grand Champion Series (create)
Funny Car (create)
GT4 European Series (create)
Grand Prix Masters (edit)
Grand tourer (edit)
Group 1 (racing) (create)
Group 2 (racing) (create)
Group 3 (racing) (create)
Group 4 (racing) (create)
Group 5 (racing) (create)
Group 6 (racing) (create)
Group 7 (racing) (create)
Group A (create)
Group A Sports Cars (create)
Group B (create)
Group C (create)
Group CN (create)
Group C (Australia) (create)
Group D Production Sports Cars (create)
Group E Series Production Touring Cars (create)
Group GT3 (create)
Group N (create)
Group N Touring Cars (create)
Group R (create)
Group R-GT (create)
Group T4 (create)
Hot Rods (oval racing) (create)
IMCA Sport Compact (create)
IMSA GTP (create)
IMSA GT Championship (create)
International Formula Master (create)
KF1 (create)
KF2 (create)
KF3 (create)
KZ1 (karting) (create)
KZ2 (create)
Kejuaraan balap mobil roda terbuka Amerika (edit)
LM GTE (create)
Late model (create)
Le Mans Prototype (create)
Le Mans Prototype Challenge (create)
Legends car racing (create)
Midget car racing (create)
Modified (drag racing) (create)
Modified stock car racing (create)
Monoposto Racing Club (create)
NASCAR Seri Eropa (edit)
NASCAR Seri Kanada (edit)
NASCAR Seri Meksiko (edit)
Next Generation Touring Car (create)
Pro FWD (create)
Pro Modified (create)
Pro Stock (create)
Prototipe sport (create)
Quarter Midget racing (create)
Rallycross (create)
Reli (edit)
Satu-desain (create)
Side by Side (UTV) (edit)
Spec Racer Ford (create)
Sports 2000 (create)
Sprint car racing (create)
Stock car racing (create)
Super 1600 (create)
Super 2000 (create)
Super Comp (create)
Super Stock (drag racing) (create)
Super Touring (create)
Superkart (create)
Supermodified racing (create)
Superstars Series (create)
Superstocks (create)
TCR International Series (create)
TC 2000 Championship (create)
Tasman Formula (create)
Top Alcohol (create)
Top Doorslammer (create)
Top Fuel (create)
Top Gas (create)
Touring car racing (edit) Balap mobil turing (edit)
Toyota Racing Series (create)
Trans-Am Series (create)
Trophy Truck (create)
Truggy (create)
U.S. F2000 National Championship (create)
V8Star Series (create)
V8 Hotstox (create)
World Rally Car (create)
World Touring Car Championship (edit)

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Total: 10
ARCA Racing Series (edit) Seri Balap ARCA (edit)
Balap oval (edit) Balap lintasan oval (edit)
FIA GT1 World Championship (edit) Kejuaraan Dunia GT1 FIA (edit)
Formula 3000 (edit) Formula 3000 Internasional (edit)
GP2 Series (edit) Seri GP2 (edit)
GP3 Series (edit) Seri GP3 (edit)
Seri Xfinity (edit) NASCAR Seri Xfinity (edit)
Super Formula (edit) Kejuaraan Super Formula (edit)
Supercars Championship (edit) Kejuaraan Supercars (edit)
Touring car racing (edit) Balap mobil turing (edit)


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