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Results for Templat:Kelompok etnis di Burma (edit)

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Total: 139
Awa Khami (create)
Bahasa Zaiwa (create)
Burma (edit) Myanmar (edit)
Daai Chin (create)
Daftar kelompok etnis di Burma (create)
Dewan Pengembangan dan Perdamaian Negara (create)
Eik-swair (create)
Geba Karen (create)
Gheko (create)
Gurkha Burma (create)
India Burma (create)
Kamein (create)
Karen Merah (create)
Kaung Saing Chin (create)
Kaungso (create)
Kayan (Burma) (edit) Kayan Lahwi (edit)
Kebar (edit) Sungai Kebar (edit)
Khawno (create)
Kwangli (Sim) (create)
Kwe Myi (create)
Kwelshin (create)
Lai (Haka Chin) (create)
Laizao (create)
Lawhtu (create)
Laymyo (create)
Lhinbu (create)
Lusei (create)
Lyente (create)
Magun (create)
Malin (kelompok etnis) (create)
Man Zi (create)
Maramagyi (create)
Matu (kelompok etnis) (create)
Maw Shan (create)
Meithei (Kathe) (create)
Mgan (create)
Mi-er (create)
Mon Kayin (create)
Ngac'ang (create)
Ngorn (create)
Oo-Pu (create)
Orang Bangladesh di Burma (create)
Orang Inggris-Burma (create)
Orang Pakistan di Burma (create)
Orang Rohingya (edit) Rohingya (edit)
Pa-Le-Chi (create)
Pa-O (create)
Panun (create)
Pyin (create)
Rongtu (create)
Saing Zan (create)
Saline (kelompok etnis) (create)
Sentang (create)
Shan Gale (create)
Shan Gyi (create)
Suku Akha (create)
Suku Anu (create)
Suku Anun (create)
Suku Asho (create)
Suku Bamar (create)
Suku Bey (create)
Suku Bre (create)
Suku Bwe (create)
Suku Daingnet (create)
Suku Dalaung (create)
Suku Danaw (create)
Suku Danu (create)
Suku Dawei (create)
Suku Dim (create)
Suku Duleng (create)
Suku Eng (create)
Suku Ganan (create)
Suku Guari (create)
Suku Guite (create)
Suku Gunte (create)
Suku Haulngo (create)
Suku Hkahku (create)
Suku Hkun (create)
Suku Hpon (create)
Suku Intha (create)
Suku Jingpo (edit)
Suku Kadu (Burma) (create)
Suku Khami (create)
Suku Khamti (create)
Suku Kokang (create)
Suku Kwi (create)
Suku Lahu (create)
Suku Lashi (create)
Suku Lushay (create)
Suku Manu Manaw (create)
Suku Maru (create)
Suku Miram (create)
Suku Moken (edit)
Suku Mon (edit)
Suku Monnepwa (create)
Suku Monpwa (create)
Suku Mro (edit)
Suku Nung Rawang (create)
Suku Paku (create)
Suku Palaung (create)
Suku Pale (create)
Suku Rakhine (edit) Etnis Rakhine (edit)
Suku S'gaw (create)
Suku Shan (edit) Shan (edit)
Suku Shu (create)
Suku Son (create)
Suku Taron (create)
Suku Thet (create)
Suku Tiddim (create)
Suku Wa (create)
Suku Yao (create)
Suku Yaw (create)
Suku Zou (create)
Ta-Hlay-Pwa (create)
Tai-Lay (create)
Tai-Lem (create)
Tai-Loi (create)
Tai-Lon (create)
Taishon (create)
Tanghkul (create)
Tapong (create)
Taungyo (create)
Tay-Zan (create)
Tionghoa Burma (edit) Orang Tionghoa di Myanmar (edit)
Torr (Tawr) (create)
Wakim (Mro) (create)
Yabein (create)
Yin Baw (create)
Yin Gog (create)
Yin Kya (create)
Yin Net (create)
Yin Talai (create)
Yun (Lao) (create)
Za-How (create)
Zahnyet (Zanniet) (create)
Zayein (create)
Zizan (create)
Zo-Pe (create)
Zotung (create)

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Total: 7
Burma (edit) Myanmar (edit)
Kayan (Burma) (edit) Kayan Lahwi (edit)
Kebar (edit) Sungai Kebar (edit)
Orang Rohingya (edit) Rohingya (edit)
Suku Rakhine (edit) Etnis Rakhine (edit)
Suku Shan (edit) Shan (edit)
Tionghoa Burma (edit) Orang Tionghoa di Myanmar (edit)


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