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Results for Templat:Kelompok etnis di Filipina (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 84
B'laan (create)
Bahasa Bontoc (create)
Bahasa Buhid (create)
Bahasa Caluyanon (create)
Bahasa Capiznon (create)
Bahasa Cotabato Manobo (create)
Bahasa Hanunó'o (create)
Bahasa Kagayanen (create)
Bahasa Kamayo (create)
Bahasa Kankana-ey (create)
Bahasa Sangir (edit)
Bahasa Tawbuid (create)
Balangao (create)
Banguingui (create)
Cuyunon (create)
Eskaya (create)
Filipina (edit)
Filipina perantauan (create)
Ibaloi (create)
Ifugao (edit)
Illanun (create)
Isneg (create)
Karay-a (create)
Kelompok etnis di Filipina (create)
Luzon (edit) Pulau Luzon (edit)
Negrito (create)
Orang Aeta (create)
Orang Aklanon (create)
Orang Ati (create)
Orang Bajau (edit) Suku Bajau (edit)
Orang Batak (Filipina) (edit)
Orang Bicolano (create)
Orang Boholano (create)
Orang Brasil di Filipina (create)
Orang Butuanon (create)
Orang Cebuano (create)
Orang Filipina (edit)
Orang Gaddang (create)
Orang Hiligaynon (create)
Orang Ibanag (create)
Orang Igorot (create)
Orang Ilocano (create)
Orang Indonesia di Filipina (edit)
Orang Iran di Filipina (create)
Orang Ivatan (create)
Orang Kalinga (create)
Orang Kapampangan (create)
Orang Korea di Filipina (create)
Orang Lumad (create)
Orang Maguindanao (create)
Orang Mangyan (create)
Orang Maranao (create)
Orang Masbateño (create)
Orang Moro (edit) Bangsamoro (edit)
Orang Nepal di Filipina (create)
Orang Palawan (create)
Orang Pangasinan (create)
Orang Romblomanon (create)
Orang Samal (create)
Orang Suludnon (create)
Orang Surigaonon (create)
Orang Tagalog (edit)
Orang Tagbanwa (create)
Orang Tausūg (create)
Orang Waray (create)
Pemukim Amerika di Filipina (create)
Pemukim Arab di Filipina (create)
Pemukim India di Filipina (create)
Pemukim Jepang di Filipina (edit) Diaspora Jepang (edit)
Pemukim Jerman di Filipina (create)
Pemukim Meksiko di Filipina (create)
Pemukim Polandia di Filipina (create)
Pemukim Rusia di Filipina (create)
Pemukim Yunani di Filipina (create)
Porohanon (create)
Ratagnon (create)
Sejarah Yahudi di Filipina (create)
Suku bangsa pribumi di Filipina (create)
T'boli (create)
Tasaday (create)
Tinguian (create)
Tionghoa Filipina (edit)
Visayan (edit) Orang Bisaya (edit)
Yakan (create)

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Total: 5
Luzon (edit) Pulau Luzon (edit)
Orang Bajau (edit) Suku Bajau (edit)
Orang Moro (edit) Bangsamoro (edit)
Pemukim Jepang di Filipina (edit) Diaspora Jepang (edit)
Visayan (edit) Orang Bisaya (edit)


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