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Results for Templat:Kelompok etnis di Rusia (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 86
Ainu di Rusia (create)
Aleut (create)
Alyutor (create)
Avar (Kaukasus) (create)
Bangsa Kalmuk (edit) Suku Kalmuk (edit)
Bashkir (edit)
Besermyan (create)
Buryat (create)
Chelka (create)
Cherkess (create)
Chulym (create)
Chuva (create)
Daftar penduduk asli besar di Rusia (create)
Daftar penduduk asli kecil di Rusia (create)
Dagestan (edit)
Dolga (create)
Eskimo Sirenik (create)
Even (create)
Itelme (create)
Izhoria (edit)
Kabarday (create)
Kelompok etnis di Rusia (create)
Kerek (create)
Kumandi (create)
Kumyk (create)
Lak (Kaukasus) (create)
Mordvni (create)
Nağaybäk (create)
Negidal (create)
Nogai (create)
Orang Adyghe (create)
Orang Aghul (create)
Orang Altai (create)
Orang Azerbaijan di Rusia (create)
Orang Belarusia di Rusia (create)
Orang Dargwa (create)
Orang Enet (create)
Orang Ket (create)
Orang Khanty (create)
Orang Komi (create)
Orang Lezgia (create)
Orang Mansi (create)
Orang Nanai (create)
Orang Naukan (create)
Orang Nenet (create)
Orang Nganasan (create)
Orang Oroch (create)
Orang Orok (edit)
Orang Rusia (edit) Bangsa Rusia (edit)
Orang Rutul (create)
Orang Selkup (create)
Orang Tabasaran (create)
Orang Tat (Kaukasus) (create)
Orang Taz (create)
Orang Tsakhur (create)
Orang Udege (create)
Orang Udmurt (create)
Orang Ukraina di Rusia (create)
Orang Ulch (create)
Orang Yupik Siberia (create)
Orang asli di Siberia (create)
Ossetia (edit)
Rusia (edit)
Sejarah Yahudi di Rusia (edit)
Shapsug (create)
Shor (create)
Soyot (create)
Suku Abazi (create)
Suku Chukchi (edit)
Suku Evenk (edit)
Suku Ingush (edit)
Suku Karachai (edit)
Suku Koryak (edit)
Suku Mari (create)
Suku Moksha (create)
Suku Sami (edit)
Suku Tuva (edit)
Tatar (edit) Bangsa Tatar (edit)
Telengit (create)
Teleut (create)
Timur Jauh Rusia (edit)
Tofalar (create)
Tozhu Tuva (create)
Tubalar (create)
Vepsia (edit) Veps (edit)
Yukaghir (edit)

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Total: 4
Bangsa Kalmuk (edit) Suku Kalmuk (edit)
Orang Rusia (edit) Bangsa Rusia (edit)
Tatar (edit) Bangsa Tatar (edit)
Vepsia (edit) Veps (edit)


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