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Results for Templat:Kinema Junpo Award for Best Film (edit)

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A Ball at the Anjo House (create)
A Boy's Summer in 1945 (create)
A Dedicated Life (create)
A Diary of Chuji's Travels (create)
A Last Note (create)
A Story of Floating Weeds (create)
A Taxing Woman (create)
All Under the Moon (create)
An Inlet of Muddy Water (edit)
Ashi ni sawatta onna (create)
Bad Boys (film 1961) (create)
Beheading Place (create)
Being Two Isn't Easy (edit)
Black Rain (Japanese) (create)
Break Through! (create)
Dear Doctor (film) (create)
Departures (film 2008) (create)
Double Suicide (create)
Drunken Angel (create)
Early Summer (create)
Face (film 2000) (create)
Fall Guy (create)
Five Scouts (create)
Floating Clouds (create)
Go (film 2001) (edit)
Hana-bi (create)
Hawai Mare oki kaisen (create)
Her Brother (create)
Hula Girls (edit)
I Just Didn't Do It (edit)
I Was Born, But... (create)
Ikiru (create)
In This Corner of the World (film) (create)
Jobless Samurai (create)
Kagirinaki Zenshin (create)
Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director (create)
Kiku to Isamu (create)
Kinema Junpo (edit)
Kinema Junpo Award for Best Film of the Year (create)
Kojima no haru (create)
Late Spring (create)
Mahiru no ankoku (create)
Morning for the Osone Family (create)
Muddy River (film) (edit)
My Neighbor Totoro (edit)
My Sons (create)
Nobody Knows (film 2004) (edit) Nobody Knows (edit)
Our Homeland (edit)
Passing Fancy (create)
Pecoross' Mother and Her Days (create)
Postcard (film) (edit)
Red Beard (create)
Sakura no Sono (create)
Samurai Rebellion (create)
Sandakan No. 8 (edit)
Shall We Dance? (film 1996) (create)
Shiroi Kyotō (create)
Sisters of the Gion (create)
Sorekara (film) (create)
Sumo Do, Sumo Don't (edit)
The Ballad of Narayama (film 1958) (edit)
The Brothers and Sisters of the Toda Family (create)
The Ceremony (film 1971) (create)
The Family Game (create)
The Funeral (film 1984) (edit) The Funeral (edit)
The Insect Woman (create)
The Light Shines Only There (edit)
The Long Darkness (create)
The Neighbor's Wife and Mine (edit)
The Profound Desire of the Gods (edit)
The Rice People (create)
The Sea and Poison (create)
The Twilight Samurai (edit)
The Yellow Handkerchief (film 1977) (create)
The Youth Killer (create)
Third Base (create)
Three Stories of Love (create)
Tsuchi (film) (create)
Tsugaru Folk Song (create)
Twenty-Four Eyes (create)
Until We Meet Again (film) (edit)
Vengeance Is Mine (film 1979) (create)
Villain (film 2010) (create)
Wait and See (film 1998) (create)
What Made Her Do It? (create)
Where Spring Comes Late (create)
Wife! Be Like a Rose! (create)
Woman in the Dunes (edit) The Woman in the Dunes (edit)
Zigeunerweisen (film) (edit)

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Total: 3
Nobody Knows (film 2004) (edit) Nobody Knows (edit)
The Funeral (film 1984) (edit) The Funeral (edit)
Woman in the Dunes (edit) The Woman in the Dunes (edit)


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