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Results for Templat:Martin Luther (edit)

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Total: 7
Alkitab Luther (edit)
Albertus dari Brandenburg (edit)
Universitas Martin Luther Halle-Wittenberg (edit)
Debat Leipzig (edit)
Dewan Worms (edit)
Magdalena Luther (edit)
Teologi Maria Luther (edit)

Total: 44
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (create)
Against Henry, King of the English (create)
Against the Murderous, Thieving Hordes of Peasants (create)
Albert of Mainz (create)
Andreas Karlstadt (edit)
Bartholomaeus Arnoldi (create)
Book:Martin Luther (create)
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (edit) Karl V, Kaisar Romawi Suci (edit)
Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam (create)
Confession Concerning Christ's Supper (create)
Decet Romanum Pontificem (edit)
Desiderius Erasmus (edit)
Deutsche Messe (create)
Erfurt Enchiridion (create)
Eucharist in Lutheranism (create)
Exsurge Domine (edit)
Eyn geystlich Gesangk Buchleyn (create)
First Lutheran hymnal (create)
Formula missae (create)
Frederick III, Elektor Sachsen (edit) Friedrich III dari Sachsen (edit)
Georg Rörer (create)
Johann Cochlaeus (create)
Johann von Staupitz (edit)
Justus Jonas (edit)
Karl von Miltitz (create)
Law and Gospel (create)
Luther's Marian theology (create)
Luther's canon (create)
Lutheranisme (edit) Gereja Lutheran (edit)
Marburg Colloquy (create)
On War Against the Turk (create)
On the Councils and the Church (create)
Paus Leo X (edit)
Pengakuan Iman Augsburg (edit)
Philip Melanchthon (edit) Philipp Melanchthon (edit)
Sacramental union (create)
Smalcald Articles (create)
Sola scriptura (edit)
The Adoration of the Sacrament (create)
Theology of Martin Luther (create)
Theology of the Cross (create)
To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation (create)
Vom Schem Hamphoras (create)
Wartburg (edit)

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Total: 12
A Sermon on Indulgences and Grace (edit) Kotbah tentang Indulgensia dan Rahmat (edit)
All Saints' Church, Wittenberg (edit) Gereja Seluruh Orang Kudus, Wittenberg (edit)
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (edit) Karl V, Kaisar Romawi Suci (edit)
Frederick III, Elektor Sachsen (edit) Friedrich III dari Sachsen (edit)
Lutheranisme (edit) Gereja Lutheran (edit)
On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church (edit) Tentang Pembuangan Babilonia Gereja (edit)
On the Bondage of the Will (edit) Tentang Keterbelengguan Kehendak (edit)
On the Freedom of a Christian (edit) Tentang Kebebasan Seorang Kristen (edit)
On the Jews and Their Lies (edit) Tentang Yahudi dan Kebohongan-kebohongan Mereka (edit)
Philip Melanchthon (edit) Philipp Melanchthon (edit)
Propaganda during the Reformation (edit) Propaganda selama Reformasi Protestan (edit)
The Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ—Against the Fanatics (edit) Sakramen Tubuh dan Darah Kristus—Melawan Kaum Fanatik (edit)


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