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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Masakan Afrika (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 9
Kushari (edit)
Shakshouka (edit)
Cholent (edit)
Matbucha (edit)
Injera (edit)
Ful medames (edit)
Merguez (edit)
Usban (edit)
Lahoh (edit)

Total: 60
Daftar hidangan Afrika (create)
Daftar masakan Afrika (create)
Masakan Afrika (create)
Masakan Afrika Barat (create)
Masakan Afrika Selatan (create)
Masakan Aljazair (create)
Masakan Angola (create)
Masakan Arab (edit) Hidangan Arab (edit)
Masakan Benin (create)
Masakan Berber (create)
Masakan Botswana (create)
Masakan Burkina Faso (create)
Masakan Burundi (create)
Masakan Chad (create)
Masakan Djibouti (create)
Masakan Eritrea (create)
Masakan Ethiopia (create)
Masakan Gabon (create)
Masakan Gambia (create)
Masakan Ghana (create)
Masakan Guinea (create)
Masakan Guinea-Bissau (create)
Masakan Guinea Khatulistiwa (create)
Masakan Kamerun (create)
Masakan Kenya (create)
Masakan Kongo (create)
Masakan Lesotho (create)
Masakan Liberia (create)
Masakan Libya (create)
Masakan Madagaskar (edit) Hidangan Madagaskar (edit)
Masakan Malawi (create)
Masakan Mali (create)
Masakan Maroko (create)
Masakan Mauritania (create)
Masakan Mauritius (create)
Masakan Mediterania (edit) Hidangan Mediterania (edit)
Masakan Mesir (edit) Hidangan Mesir (edit)
Masakan Mozambik (create)
Masakan Namibia (create)
Masakan Niger (create)
Masakan Nigeria (create)
Masakan Pantai Gading (create)
Masakan Republik Afrika Tengah (create)
Masakan Rwanda (create)
Masakan Sahara Barat (create)
Masakan Saint Helena (create)
Masakan Senegal (create)
Masakan Seychelles (create)
Masakan Sierra Leone (create)
Masakan Somalia (create)
Masakan Sudan (create)
Masakan Swaziland (create)
Masakan São Tomé dan Príncipe (create)
Masakan Tanzania (create)
Masakan Togo (create)
Masakan Uganda (create)
Masakan Yahudi (edit) Hidangan Yahudi (edit)
Masakan Zambia (create)
Masakan Zanzibar (create)
Masakan Zimbabwe (create)

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Total: 7
Masakan Afrika Utara (edit) Hidangan Maghreb (edit)
Masakan Arab (edit) Hidangan Arab (edit)
Masakan Madagaskar (edit) Hidangan Madagaskar (edit)
Masakan Mediterania (edit) Hidangan Mediterania (edit)
Masakan Mesir (edit) Hidangan Mesir (edit)
Masakan Tunisia (edit) Hidangan Tunisia (edit)
Masakan Yahudi (edit) Hidangan Yahudi (edit)


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