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Results for Templat:Pembagian administratif Kesultanan Utsmaniyah (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
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Total: 102
Eyalet (edit)
Eyalet Adana (create)
Eyalet Adrianople (create)
Eyalet Aidin (create)
Eyalet Aleppo (create)
Eyalet Anatolia (create)
Eyalet Ankara (create)
Eyalet Baghdad (create)
Eyalet Basra (create)
Eyalet Bosnia (edit)
Eyalet Budin (edit)
Eyalet Childir (create)
Eyalet Damaskus (edit)
Eyalet Diyarbekir (create)
Eyalet Dulkadir (create)
Eyalet Erzurum (edit)
Eyalet Eğri (edit)
Eyalet Herzegovina (create)
Eyalet Hüdavendigâr (create)
Eyalet Ioannina (create)
Eyalet Kanije (create)
Eyalet Karaman (create)
Eyalet Kars (create)
Eyalet Kastamonu (create)
Eyalet Kefe (edit)
Eyalet Kepulauan (create)
Eyalet Lahsa (create)
Eyalet Morea (edit)
Eyalet Mosul (create)
Eyalet Niš (create)
Eyalet Podolia (edit)
Eyalet Rakka (create)
Eyalet Rumelia (edit)
Eyalet Rûm Eyalet (create)
Eyalet Salonica (create)
Eyalet Shahrizor (create)
Eyalet Sidon (create)
Eyalet Silistra (edit)
Eyalet Temeşvar (create)
Eyalet Trebizond (edit) Eyalet Trabzon (edit)
Eyalet Tripoli (create)
Eyalet Uyvar (edit)
Eyalet Van (create)
Eyalet Varat (create)
Eyalet Widdin (create)
Eyalet Yaman (create)
Kedespotan Serbian (create)
Kehetmanan Cossack (create)
Kekhanan Kazan (edit)
Kekhanan Krimea (edit)
Kekhedivanan Mesir (create)
Kemutasarifan Yerusalem (create)
Kepangeranan Bulgaria (edit)
Kepangeranan Samos (create)
Kepangeranan Serbia (edit)
Kepangeranan Serikat (create)
Kepangeranan Transylvania (1570–1711) (create)
Kerajaan Imereti (edit)
Kesharifan Mekkah (create)
Kreta Utsmaniyah (edit)
Moldavia (edit)
Mutasarif (create)
Negara Kreta (edit)
Pembagian administratif Kesultanan Utsmaniyah (create)
Provinsi Utsmaniyah berumur pendek (create)
Radoslav Čelnik (create)
Republik Ragusa (edit)
Republik Septinsular (create)
Rumelia Timur (edit)
Siprus Utsmaniyah (edit)
Vasal dan negara-negara tributari di Kesultanan Utsmaniyah (create)
Vilayet (edit)
Vilayet Adana (create)
Vilayet Adrianople (create)
Vilayet Aidin (create)
Vilayet Aleppo (create)
Vilayet Ankara (create)
Vilayet Baghdad (create)
Vilayet Basra (create)
Vilayet Beirut (create)
Vilayet Bitlis (create)
Vilayet Bosnia (create)
Vilayet Danube (edit) Vilayet Tuna (edit)
Vilayet Diyarbekir (edit)
Vilayet Erzurum (edit)
Vilayet Hejaz (create)
Vilayet Hüdavendigâr (create)
Vilayet Kastamonu (create)
Vilayet Kepulauan (create)
Vilayet Konstantinopel (create)
Vilayet Konya (create)
Vilayet Mamuret-ul-Aziz (create)
Vilayet Manastir (create)
Vilayet Mosul (create)
Vilayet Salonica (create)
Vilayet Scutari (create)
Vilayet Sivas (create)
Vilayet Suriah (create)
Vilayet Trebizond (edit) Vilayet Trabzon (edit)
Vilayet Van (create)
Vilayet Yaman (create)
Wallachia (edit)

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Total: 3
Eyalet Trebizond (edit) Eyalet Trabzon (edit)
Vilayet Danube (edit) Vilayet Tuna (edit)
Vilayet Trebizond (edit) Vilayet Trabzon (edit)


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