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Results for Templat:Penduduk asli di Brasil (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 136
Acre (negara bagian) (edit) Acre (edit)
Aikanã (create)
Amapá (edit)
Amazonas (negara bagian Brasil) (edit) Amazonas, Brasil (edit)
Anambé (create)
Bahia (edit)
Brasil (edit)
Ceará (edit)
Chamacoco (create)
Espírito Santo (edit)
Guajajara (create)
Guarani-Kaiowá (create)
Jamamadi (create)
Kaxixó (create)
Maranhão (edit)
Matis (create)
Mato Grosso (edit)
Mato Grosso do Sul (edit)
Minas Gerais (edit)
Nahukuá (create)
Paraíba (edit)
Parintintín (create)
Pará (edit)
Pernambuco (edit)
Region Selatan, Brasil (edit)
Region Tengah-Barat, Brasil (edit)
Region Tenggara, Brasil (edit)
Region Timur Laut, Brasil (edit)
Region Utara, Brasil (edit)
Rondônia (edit)
Roraima (edit)
Suku Aimoré (create)
Suku Akawaio (create)
Suku Akuntsu (create)
Suku Amahuaca (create)
Suku Amanayé (create)
Suku Aparai (create)
Suku Apiacá (create)
Suku Apinajé (create)
Suku Apurinã (create)
Suku Arara (create)
Suku Araweté (create)
Suku Asháninka (create)
Suku Atikum (create)
Suku Aweti (create)
Suku Awá-Guajá (edit)
Suku Banawá (create)
Suku Baniwa (create)
Suku Barasana (create)
Suku Bora (create)
Suku Bororo (create)
Suku Cambeba (create)
Suku Chiquitano (create)
Suku Cinta Larga (create)
Suku Cubeo (create)
Suku Dâw (create)
Suku Enawene Nawe (create)
Suku Guató (create)
Suku Hup (create)
Suku Ikpeng (create)
Suku Juma (create)
Suku Ka'apor (create)
Suku Kadiweu (create)
Suku Kaiabi (create)
Suku Kaingang (create)
Suku Kalapalo (create)
Suku Kalina (create)
Suku Kamayurá (create)
Suku Kanoê (create)
Suku Karajá (create)
Suku Karitiana (create)
Suku Kaxinawá (create)
Suku Kayapo (edit) Kayapo (edit)
Suku Kiriri (create)
Suku Korubo (create)
Suku Kuikuro (create)
Suku Kulina (create)
Suku Kwaza (create)
Suku Machinere (create)
Suku Macuna (create)
Suku Macushi (create)
Suku Matipu (create)
Suku Matsés (create)
Suku Mawé (create)
Suku Mbayá (create)
Suku Munduruku (create)
Suku Mura (create)
Suku Nambikwara (create)
Suku Ofayé (create)
Suku Paiter (create)
Suku Palikur (create)
Suku Panará (create)
Suku Patamona (create)
Suku Pataxó (create)
Suku Pemon (create)
Suku Pirahã (edit)
Suku Potiguara (create)
Suku Rikbaktsa (create)
Suku Siriano (create)
Suku Suruí do Pará people (create)
Suku Suyá (create)
Suku Tabajara (create)
Suku Tapeba (create)
Suku Tapirapé (create)
Suku Tembé (create)
Suku Terena (create)
Suku Ticuna (create)
Suku Tiriyó (create)
Suku Trumai (create)
Suku Tucano (create)
Suku Tupiniquim (edit)
Suku Wai-wai (create)
Suku Wapishana (create)
Suku Wari’ (create)
Suku Wauja (create)
Suku Wayampi (create)
Suku Wayana (create)
Suku Witoto (create)
Suku Xakriabá (create)
Suku Xavante (create)
Suku Xerente (create)
Suku Xukuru (create)
Suku Yaminawá (create)
Suku Ye'kuana (create)
Suku Zo'é (create)
Suku Zuruahã (create)
São Paulo (negara bagian) (edit)
Tenharim (create)
Tocantins (edit) Tocantins (negara bagian) (edit)
Turiwára (create)
Umutina (create)
Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau (create)
Xambioá (create)
Yanomami (edit) Yanomamo (edit)
Yawalapiti (create)
Yudjá (create)

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Total: 5
Acre (negara bagian) (edit) Acre (edit)
Amazonas (negara bagian Brasil) (edit) Amazonas, Brasil (edit)
Suku Kayapo (edit) Kayapo (edit)
Tocantins (edit) Tocantins (negara bagian) (edit)
Yanomami (edit) Yanomamo (edit)


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