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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Penguasa Enam Belas Kerajaan (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 109
Cheng Han (create)
Dai (Enam Belas Kerajaan) (create)
Duan Sui (create)
Duan Ye (create)
Enam Belas Kerajaan (create)
Feng Ba (create)
Feng Hong (create)
Fu Chong (create)
Fu Deng (create)
Fu Jian (317–355) (create)
Fu Jian (337–385) (create)
Fu Pi (create)
Fu Sheng (create)
Gao Yun (kaisar) (create)
Han Zhao (create)
Helian Bobo (create)
Helian Chang (create)
Helian Ding (create)
Jin Zhun (create)
Juqu Anzhou (create)
Juqu Mengxun (create)
Juqu Mujian (create)
Juqu Wuhui (create)
Lan Han (create)
Li Ban (create)
Li Liu (create)
Li Qi (kaisar) (create)
Li Shi (create)
Li Shou (create)
Li Te (create)
Li Xin (Liang Barat) (create)
Li Xiong (create)
Li Xun (create)
Liang Akhir (Enam Belas Kerajaan) (create)
Liang Awal (create)
Liang Barat (Enam Belas Kerajaan) (edit)
Liang Selatan (create)
Liang Utara (edit)
Liu Can (create)
Liu Cong (Han Zhao) (create)
Liu He (Han Zhao) (create)
Liu Xi (Han Zhao) (create)
Liu Yao (create)
Liu Yuan (Han Zhao) (create)
Lü Guang (create)
Lü Long (create)
Lü Shao (create)
Lü Zuan (create)
Murong Bao (create)
Murong Chao (create)
Murong Chui (create)
Murong De (create)
Murong Huang (create)
Murong Jun (create)
Murong Lin (create)
Murong Sheng (create)
Murong Wei (create)
Murong Xi (create)
Murong Xiang (create)
Murong Yao (create)
Murong Yi (create)
Murong Yong (create)
Murong Zhong (create)
Qifu Chipan (create)
Qifu Gangui (create)
Qifu Guoren (create)
Qifu Mumo (create)
Qin Akhir (create)
Qin Awal (create)
Qin Barat (create)
Ran Wei (edit) CKG48 (edit)
Shi Hong (create)
Shi Hu (create)
Shi Jian (create)
Shi Le (create)
Shi Shi (create)
Shi Zhi (create)
Shi Zun (create)
Tufa Lilugu (create)
Tufa Rutan (create)
Tufa Wugu (create)
Tuoba Hena (create)
Tuoba Heru (create)
Tuoba Pugen (create)
Tuoba Shiyijian (create)
Tuoba Yihuai (create)
Tuoba Yilu (create)
Tuoba Yulü (create)
Xia (Enam Belas Kerajaan) (create)
Yan Akhir (create)
Yan Awal (create)
Yan Barat (create)
Yan Selatan (create)
Yan Utara (create)
Yao Chang (create)
Yao Hong (create)
Yao Xing (create)
Zhai Liao (create)
Zhai Wei (create)
Zhai Zhao (create)
Zhang Chonghua (create)
Zhang Jun (pangeran) (create)
Zhang Mao (create)
Zhang Shi (Liang Awal) (create)
Zhang Tianxi (create)
Zhang Xuanjing (create)
Zhang Yaoling (create)
Zhang Zuo (create)
Zhao Akhir (create)

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Total: 1
Ran Wei (edit) CKG48 (edit)


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