Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Templat:Rumpun bahasa Lolo-Burma (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
Suku Lisu (edit)

Total: 99
Bahasa Achang (create)
Bahasa Ache Yi (create)
Bahasa Akeu (create)
Bahasa Akha (create)
Bahasa Alugu (create)
Bahasa Aluo (create)
Bahasa Axi (create)
Bahasa Ayizi (create)
Bahasa Azhae (create)
Bahasa Azhe (create)
Bahasa Bisu (create)
Bahasa Bokha (create)
Bahasa Chesue (create)
Bahasa Côông (create)
Bahasa Eka (create)
Bahasa Enu (create)
Bahasa Gepo (create)
Bahasa Gokhy (create)
Bahasa Hani (create)
Bahasa Hlersu (create)
Bahasa Jinuo (create)
Bahasa Kaduo (create)
Bahasa Kathu (create)
Bahasa Katso (create)
Bahasa Khlula (create)
Bahasa Kucong (create)
Bahasa Laghuu (create)
Bahasa Lahu (create)
Bahasa Lalo (create)
Bahasa Lamu (create)
Bahasa Lang'e (create)
Bahasa Lashi (create)
Bahasa Lavu (create)
Bahasa Lhao Vo (create)
Bahasa Limi Yi (create)
Bahasa Lipo (create)
Bahasa Lisu (create)
Bahasa Lolopo (create)
Bahasa Lope (create)
Bahasa Maang (create)
Bahasa Mangdi (create)
Bahasa Mantsi (create)
Bahasa Mili Yi (create)
Bahasa Miqie (create)
Bahasa Moji (create)
Bahasa Mpi (create)
Bahasa Mru (create)
Bahasa Muda (create)
Bahasa Muji (create)
Bahasa Muzi (create)
Bahasa Myanmar (edit)
Bahasa Naluo (create)
Bahasa Namuyi (create)
Bahasa Nasu (create)
Bahasa Naxi (create)
Bahasa Nisu (create)
Bahasa Nuosu (create)
Bahasa Nusu (create)
Bahasa Pai-lang (create)
Bahasa Paza (create)
Bahasa Pela (create)
Bahasa Phala (create)
Bahasa Phana (create)
Bahasa Phola (create)
Bahasa Phowa (create)
Bahasa Phukha (create)
Bahasa Phuma (create)
Bahasa Phunoi (create)
Bahasa Phupa (create)
Bahasa Phupha (create)
Bahasa Phuza (create)
Bahasa Piyo (create)
Bahasa Proto-Loloish (create)
Bahasa Pyen (create)
Bahasa Sadu (create)
Bahasa Samei (create)
Bahasa Samu (create)
Bahasa Sangkong (create)
Bahasa Sani (create)
Bahasa Sanie (create)
Bahasa Sila (Laos) (create)
Bahasa Thoph (create)
Bahasa Toloza (create)
Bahasa Ugong (create)
Bahasa Xiandao (create)
Bahasa Xuzhang (create)
Bahasa Yangliu (create)
Bahasa Zaiwa (create)
Bahasa Zauzou (create)
Bahasa Zokhuo (create)
Rumpun bahasa Burmish (create)
Rumpun bahasa Hanoish languages (create)
Rumpun bahasa Kazhuoish languages (create)
Rumpun bahasa Lisoish languages (create)
Rumpun bahasa Loloish (create)
Rumpun bahasa Mondzish (create)
Rumpun bahasa Naxish (create)
Rumpun bahasa Nisoish languages (create)
Rumpun bahasa Nusoish languages (create)


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