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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Situs-situs Angkor (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 95
Angkor (edit)
Ba Phnom (create)
Banteay Chhmar (create)
Banteay Prei Nokor (create)
Baray Timur (create)
Beng Mealea (create)
Bi`nh Tha`nh Tower (create)
Candi Prah Vihear (create)
Cho't Ma.t (create)
Dataran Tinggi Sakonnakhon (create)
Dataran tinggi Khorat (create)
Isan (create)
Kamboja (edit)
Kbal Spean (create)
Khleang (create)
Khok Prasat (create)
Koh Ker (create)
Ku Ka Sing (create)
Ku San Tarat (create)
Ku Suan Tang (create)
Kuhak Nokor (create)
Kuti Ruesi Ban Muang Khok (create)
Kuti Ruesi Ban Nong Bua Rai (create)
Laos (edit)
Mangalartha (create)
Mebon Barat (create)
Muang Tum (create)
Mueang Sing historical park (create)
Neak Pean (create)
Oum Moung (create)
Phanom Rung historical park (create)
Phimai historical park (create)
Phnom Bakheng (create)
Phnom Banan (create)
Phnom Bayangkao (create)
Phnom Bok (create)
Phnom Chhnok (create)
Phnom Chiso (create)
Phra That Choeng Chum (create)
Phra That Dum (create)
Phra That Narai Cheng Weng (create)
Phra That Phu Pek (create)
Prang Goo (create)
Prang Khaek (create)
Prang Phom ma Tat (create)
Prang Sam Yod (create)
Prasat Ban Anan (create)
Prasat Ban Bu (create)
Prasat Ban Chan (create)
Prasat Ban Chang Pi (create)
Prasat Ban Panna (create)
Prasat Ban Plai (create)
Prasat Ban Pluang (create)
Prasat Ban Samor (create)
Prasat Ban Sanom (create)
Prasat Chom Phra (create)
Prasat Don Tuan (create)
Prasat Huai Thap Than (create)
Prasat Khao Lon (create)
Prasat Khao Noi (create)
Prasat Muang Khaek (create)
Prasat Nang Ram (create)
Prasat Nong Plong (create)
Prasat Nong Ta Plaeng (create)
Prasat Pha Nom Wan (create)
Prasat Phum Pon (create)
Prasat Pluei Noi (create)
Prasat Ta Khwai (create)
Prasat Ta Leng (create)
Prasat Ta Muan (create)
Prasat Ta Muan Tod (create)
Prasat Ta Tom (create)
Prasat Thamor (create)
Prasat Tra Piang Tia (create)
Prasat Wat Dong Muang Tei (create)
Prasat Wat Prang Thong (create)
Prasat Wat Sa Kampaeng Noi (create)
Prasat Wat Sa Kampaeng Yai (create)
Prasat Yai Ngao (create)
Preah Khan Kompong Svay (create)
Preah Ko (create)
Preah Pithu (create)
Roluos (create)
Rueang Hin (create)
San Pra Kan (create)
Sdok Kok Thom (create)
Sri Tep historical park (create)
Thailand (edit)
Vietnam (edit)
Vi~nh Hu+ng Tower (create)
Wat Chao Chan (create)
Wat Kampang Lang (create)
Wat Nokor (create)
Wat Phou (create)
Yasodharapura (create)


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