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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Syahnameh (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
Daftar tokoh Syahnameh (edit)

Total: 97
Abu-Mansur Daqiqi (create)
Afrasiab (create)
Aghrirat (create)
Aka Manah (create)
Aleksander Agung (edit)
Arjasp (create)
Azydaha (create)
Bahram (edit)
Biderafsy (create)
Bizyan (create)
Burung Huma (create)
Daftar tempat dalam Syahnameh (create)
Dawazdah Rokh (create)
Derafsh Kaviani (create)
Dinasti Kayaniyah (create)
Dinasti Pisydadiyah (create)
Diw-e Sepid (create)
Esfandiyār (create)
Faramarz (create)
Faranggis (create)
Fariburz (create)
Farud (create)
Fereydun (create)
Garsiwaz (create)
Garsyasp (create)
Giw (create)
Gordafarid (create)
Gorgin (create)
Gostaham (create)
Goudarz (create)
Hara Berezaiti (create)
Hojir (create)
Homai (create)
Houman (create)
Husyang (create)
Iraj (create)
Istakhr (create)
Jamasp (create)
Jamsyid (create)
Kabul, Afganistan (edit)
Katāyoun (create)
Kay Bahman (create)
Kay Darab (create)
Kay Khosrow (create)
Kay Kobad (create)
Kay Kāwus (create)
Kay Lohrasp (create)
Keyumars (create)
Khosrow dan Syirin (create)
Kāwe (create)
Manucehr (create)
Mazandaran (Syahnameh) (create)
Mehrab Kaboli (create)
Mitologi Persia (create)
Nariman (create)
Nowzar (create)
Pasyang (create)
Persia Raya (edit)
Pesyotanu (create)
Piran Wiseh (create)
Provinsi Nimruz (create)
Puak Goudarz (create)
Puak Nowzar (create)
Puak Sasan (create)
Puak Wiseh (create)
Raks (create)
Rohham (create)
Rostam (create)
Rudaba (create)
Salm (create)
Siamak (create)
Simurg (create)
Sindukht (create)
Sistan (edit)
Siyâwash (create)
Sohrab (edit)
Sudabeh (create)
Syabdiz (create)
Syabrang (create)
Syaghad (create)
Syahnameh Abu-Mansuri (create)
Syahnameh Baysonghor (create)
Syahnameh Demotte (create)
Syahnameh Firenze (create)
Syahnameh Rashida (create)
Syahnameh Syah Tahmasp (create)
Syahnameh Windsor (create)
Sām (create)
Tahmuras (create)
Tous (create)
Tujuh Tugas Rostam (create)
Turan (create)
Wisytaspa (create)
Zaav (create)
Zabulistan (create)
Zahhak (create)
Zāl (create)

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Total: 1
Balkh (edit) Provinsi Balkh (edit)


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