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Results for Templat:Telepon genggam Samsung (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 3
Samsung ATIV S (edit)
Samsung Galaxy Gear (edit)
Seri Samsung Galaxy A (edit)

Total: 149
Galaxy Nexus (create)
Google Nexus (edit)
Nexus S (edit)
Samsung Ativ (create)
Samsung B5310 (create)
Samsung Behold II (create)
Samsung Captivate Glide (create)
Samsung Corby (create)
Samsung Focus (create)
Samsung Focus 2 (create)
Samsung Focus S (create)
Samsung GT-B7330 (create)
Samsung GT-M7500 (create)
Samsung Galaxy 3 (create)
Samsung Galaxy 5 (create)
Samsung Galaxy Ace (create)
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (create)
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (create)
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (edit)
Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520 (create)
Samsung Galaxy Beam i8530 (create)
Samsung Galaxy Express (create)
Samsung Galaxy Fame (create)
Samsung Galaxy Fit (create)
Samsung Galaxy Gio (create)
Samsung Galaxy Grand (create)
Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (create)
Samsung Galaxy Mega (create)
Samsung Galaxy Mini (edit)
Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (edit)
Samsung Galaxy Note (original) (create)
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (create)
Samsung Galaxy Note II (create)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket (create)
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo (create)
Samsung Galaxy S (edit)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (create)
Samsung Galaxy S Advance (create)
Samsung Galaxy S Duos (create)
Samsung Galaxy S II (create)
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (create)
Samsung Galaxy S II Plus (create)
Samsung Galaxy S Plus (create)
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G (create)
Samsung Galaxy Star (create)
Samsung Galaxy W (create)
Samsung Galaxy Win (create)
Samsung Galaxy Y (create)
Samsung Infuse 4G (create)
Samsung Intensity (create)
Samsung Intensity II (create)
Samsung MM-A920 (create)
Samsung MM-A940 (create)
Samsung Minikit (create)
Samsung Omnia II (create)
Samsung Omnia Series (create)
Samsung REX (create)
Samsung Rant (create)
Samsung Rugby (create)
Samsung Rugby Smart (create)
Samsung S5230 (edit)
Samsung S8000 (create)
Samsung S8300 (create)
Samsung SCH-R810 (create)
Samsung SCH-U470 (create)
Samsung SCH-U520 (create)
Samsung SCH-U700 (create)
Samsung SCH-U740 (create)
Samsung SCH-U750 (create)
Samsung SCH-U940 (create)
Samsung SCH-U960 (create)
Samsung SCH-i760 (create)
Samsung SCH-i770 (create)
Samsung SGH-A127 (create)
Samsung SGH-A167 (create)
Samsung SGH-A177 (create)
Samsung SGH-A707 (create)
Samsung SGH-A767 (create)
Samsung SGH-A877 (create)
Samsung SGH-C414 (create)
Samsung SGH-C417 (create)
Samsung SGH-D500 (create)
Samsung SGH-D600 (create)
Samsung SGH-D807 (create)
Samsung SGH-D900 (create)
Samsung SGH-E250 (create)
Samsung SGH-E250i (create)
Samsung SGH-E715 (create)
Samsung SGH-E900 (create)
Samsung SGH-F210 (create)
Samsung SGH-F480 (create)
Samsung SGH-F700 (create)
Samsung SGH-G600 (create)
Samsung SGH-G800 (create)
Samsung SGH-G810 (create)
Samsung SGH-M310 (create)
Samsung SGH-P300 (create)
Samsung SGH-P310 (create)
Samsung SGH-P520 (create)
Samsung SGH-T100 (create)
Samsung SGH-T409 (create)
Samsung SGH-T459 (create)
Samsung SGH-T509 (create)
Samsung SGH-T559 (create)
Samsung SGH-T619 (create)
Samsung SGH-T629 (create)
Samsung SGH-T639 (create)
Samsung SGH-T669 (create)
Samsung SGH-T729 (create)
Samsung SGH-T749 (create)
Samsung SGH-T819 (create)
Samsung SGH-T919 (create)
Samsung SGH-U600 (create)
Samsung SGH-X200 (create)
Samsung SGH-X427m (create)
Samsung SGH-X820 (create)
Samsung SGH-i300 (create)
Samsung SGH-i600 (create)
Samsung SGH-i607 (create)
Samsung SGH-i617 (create)
Samsung SGH-i627 (create)
Samsung SGH-i637 (create)
Samsung SGH-i900 (create)
Samsung SGH-i907 (create)
Samsung SPH-A303 (create)
Samsung SPH-A460 (create)
Samsung SPH-A503 (create)
Samsung SPH-A640 (create)
Samsung SPH-A900 (create)
Samsung SPH-M100 (create)
Samsung SPH-M300 (create)
Samsung SPH-M520 (create)
Samsung SPH-M550 (create)
Samsung SPH-M620 (create)
Samsung SPH-M800 (create)
Samsung SPH-M810 (create)
Samsung SPH-M900 (create)
Samsung SPH-M910 (create)
Samsung SPH-N270 (create)
Samsung SPH-i300 (create)
Samsung SPH-i500 (create)
Samsung SPH-i550 (create)
Samsung SPH-i700 (create)
Samsung Seri Gravity (create)
Samsung Transform (create)
Samsung Wave (create)
Samsung Wave II S8530 (create)
Samsung i5700 (create)
Samsung i7500 (create)

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Total: 2
Samsung (telekomunikasi) (edit) Samsung Telecommunication Business (edit)
Samsung Galaxy Young (edit) Samsung Galaxy (edit)


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