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A&E Network (edit) A&E (saluran TV) (edit)
AXN (edit)
Al Jazeera (edit)
AllTV (create)
Amazon Sat (create)
Animal Planet (edit)
Animax (edit)
Arab Radio and Television (create)
BBC (edit)
BBC HD (internasional) (create)
BBC World News (edit)
BRZ (saluran TV) (create)
Baby TV (edit) BabyTV (edit)
BandNews TV (create)
BandSports (create)
Band Internacional (create)
Bem Simples (create)
Big Brother Brasil (create)
Bio. (create)
Bis (saluran TV) (create)
Bloomberg Television (edit)
Boa Vontade TV (create)
Boas Novas (create)
Boomerang (edit) Bumerang (edit)
Bravo (saluran TV Brasil) (create)
CNN (edit)
CNN International (edit)
CNN en Español (edit)
Canal 13 (Chili) (edit)
Canal Brasil (create)
Canal OFF (create)
Canal Rural (create)
Canal Saúde (create)
Canal da Juventude Cristã (create)
Canal de las Estrellas (edit)
Canal do Boi (create)
Cartoon Network (Amerika Latin) (create)
Central Nacional de Televisão (create)
Channel NewsAsia (edit)
Chef TV (create)
Cine Brasil TV (create)
Cine Sky (create)
Cinemax (edit) Max TV (edit)
Claro TV (create)
Climatempo (create)
Combate (create)
Comedy Central (Amerika Latin) (create)
Concert Channel Brasil (create)
Conexão MS (create)
Curta! (create)
Daftar negara berdaulat (edit)
Deutsche Welle (edit)
Discovery Channel (edit)
Discovery Civilization (create)
Discovery Home & Health (edit)
Discovery Kids (edit)
Discovery Science (saluran TV) (create)
Discovery Travel & Living (edit)
Discovery Turbo (Brazil) (create)
Disney Channel (Brasil) (create)
Disney Junior (Amerika Latin) (create)
Disney XD (Amerika Latin) (create)
E! (edit)
ESPN (edit)
ESPN Brasil (create)
ESPN Latin America (create)
Emissoras Pioneiras de Televisão (create)
Emissoras Unidas (create)
Esporte Interativo (create)
Eurochannel (edit)
Euronews (edit)
FX Latin America (create)
Fashion TV Brasil (create)
Film&Arts (create)
Fiz TV (create)
For Man (create)
Fox (Brasil) (create)
Fox HD (Amerika Latin) (create)
Fox Kids (edit) Jetix (edit)
Fox Life (edit)
Fox News (edit) Fox News Channel (edit)
Fox Sports (Brasil) (create)
G Channel (create)
Glitz* (create)
Gloob (create)
Golf Channel (edit)
HBO 2 (create)
HBO Brazil (create)
HBO Family (edit) HBO Family (Asia) (edit)
HBO Plus (create)
HBO Plus 2 (create)
HBO Signature (edit)
HD Theater (create)
Hallmark Channel (edit)
History (create)
Hustler TV (Brasil) (create)
I.Sat (create)
IIGD (create)
IURD TV (create)
Infinito (saluran TV) (create)
Investigation Discovery (saluran TV Amerika Latin) (create)
Investigation Discovery (saluran TV Amerikan Latin) (create)
Japão Brasil Network Television (create)
Locomotion (saluran TV) (create)
M1 Station (create)
MGM (saluran TV) (create)
MTV (Brasil) (create)
MTV Brasil (create)
MTV Hits (create)
MTV Overdrive (create)
ManagemenTV (create)
Max (saluran TV) (create)
Max HD (create)
Max Prime (create)
Mega TV (Brasil) (create)
Megapix (create)
Mix TV (create)
MultiCultura (create)
Multishow (create)
Multishow HD (create)
NET Digital DLA (create)
NHK World (edit)
National Geographic Channel (edit)
National Sports Channel (create)
Net Serviços de Comunicação (create)
Nick Jr. (Amerika Latin) (create)
Nickelodeon (Brasil) (edit) Nickelodeon (edit)
Nova Geração de Televisão (create)
Novo Canal (create)
Nuestra TV (create)
Oi TV (create)
Organizações Sol Panamby (create)
PPV Club (create)
People + Arts (create)
PlayTV (saluran TV Brasil) (create)
Playboy TV (create)
Playboy TV Movies (create)
Playgirl TV (create)
Playhouse Disney (edit)
Polishop TV (create)
Ponto Jus (create)
Premiere FC (create)
Premiere Shows (create)
RAI (edit)
RBS TV (create)
RTP Internacional (create)
RedeTV! (create)
Rede 21 (create)
Rede Amazônica (create)
Rede Anhanguera (create)
Rede Aparecida (create)
Rede Bahia de Televisão (create)
Rede Brasil de Televisão (create)
Rede Brasileira de Televisão Internacional (create)
Rede Centro América (create)
Rede Cidade Verde (create)
Rede Clube (create)
Rede Diário (create)
Rede Excelsior (create)
Rede Família (create)
Rede Gazeta (create)
Rede Gazeta de Comunicações (create)
Rede Gospel (create)
Rede Gênesis (create)
Rede Independência de Comunicação (create)
Rede Integração (create)
Rede InterTV (create)
Rede Internacional de Televisão (create)
Rede Liberal (create)
Rede Manchete (create)
Rede Massa (create)
Rede Matogrossense de Televisão (create)
Rede Meio Norte (create)
Rede Mirante (create)
Rede Mulher (create)
Rede Pampa (create)
Rede Paranaense de Comunicação (create)
Rede Super (create)
Rede TV+ (create)
Rede Tribuna (create)
Rede União (create)
Rede VTV (create)
Rede Vanguarda (create)
Rede Vida (create)
Rede de Emissoras Independentes (create)
SESC TV (create)
SOS Espiritual (create)
Sci Fi Channel Brasil (create)
Sex Zone (create)
Sextreme (create)
Sexy Hot (create)
Shoptime (create)
Sistema Difusora de Comunicação (create)
Sky Experience (create)
Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (edit)
Sony Entertainment Television (Amerika Latin) (create)
Sony Spin (create)
Space (Latin American TV channel) (create)
Speed Channel (create)
Studio Universal (create)
Syfy (create)
TBS (saluran TV Amerika Latin) (create)
TLN Network (create)
TNT Latin America (create)
TV! (create)
TV5Monde (edit)
TVCOM (create)
TVE Brasil (create)
TV Abril (create)
TV Alterosa (create)
TV Brasil (create)
TV Brasil Internacional (create)
TV Cabo Branco (create)
TV Candelária (create)
TV Canção Nova (create)
TV Clube (Teresina) (create)
TV Corinthians (create)
TV Correio (create)
TV Cultura (create)
TV Câmara (create)
TV Em Tempo (create)
TV Escola (create)
TV Globo Internacional (create)
TV Ideal (create)
TV JB (create)
TV Jornal Recife (create)
TV Jovem Palmas (create)
TV Justiça (create)
TV Lance! (create)
TV Morena (create)
TV Mundo Maior (create)
TV Nacional Brasil (create)
TV Nazaré (create)
TV Novo Tempo (create)
TV RBA (create)
TV Record Internacional (create)
TV Rá-Tim-Bum (create)
TV Salvador (create)
TV Senado (create)
TV Shop Tour (create)
TV Shopping Brasil (create)
TV Studios (create)
TV Século 21 (create)
TV TEM (create)
TV Tarobá Cascavel (create)
TV Terra Viva (create)
TV Transamérica (create)
TV Tribuna Santos (create)
TV Verdes Mares (create)
TeleSUR (edit) Telesur (edit)
TeleUno (create)
Telefe (edit)
Televisi di Brasil (create)
Televisión Española (edit)
Televisão Independente (create)
Terra Networks (create)
Tooncast (create)
Top TV (Brasil) (create)
Travel & Living Channel (create)
TruTV (edit)
Turner Classic Movies (edit)
USA Network (edit)
Ulbra TV (create)
Universal Channel (edit)
Universo Online (create)
VH1 Brasil (create)
VH1 Classic (create)
VH1 MegaHits (create)
VH1 Soul (create)
Venus (saluran TV) (create)
Vivo TV (create)
Warner Channel (edit) Warner TV (edit)
Woohoo (Brazil) (create)
ÓTV (create)

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Total: 10
A&E Network (edit) A&E (saluran TV) (edit)
Baby TV (edit) BabyTV (edit)
Boomerang (edit) Bumerang (edit)
Cinemax (edit) Max TV (edit)
Fox Kids (edit) Jetix (edit)
Fox News (edit) Fox News Channel (edit)
HBO Family (edit) HBO Family (Asia) (edit)
Nickelodeon (Brasil) (edit) Nickelodeon (edit)
TeleSUR (edit) Telesur (edit)
Warner Channel (edit) Warner TV (edit)


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