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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Templat:Teori himpunan (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 2
Elemen (matematika) (edit)
Bilangan ordinal (edit)

Total: 79
Abraham Fraenkel (create)
Aksioma (edit)
Aksioma Martin (create)
Aksioma ekstensionalitas (create)
Aksioma gabungan (create)
Aksioma himpunan kuasa (create)
Aksioma pasangan (create)
Aksioma pilihan (create)
Aksioma pilihan terhitung (create)
Aksioma tak terhingga (create)
Axiom of dependent choice (create)
Axiom of regularity (create)
Axiom schema (create)
Axiom schema of replacement (create)
Axiom schema of specification (create)
Bertrand Russell (edit)
Bijection (create)
Bilangan bertingkat (create)
Cantor's diagonal argument (create)
Cardinal number (create)
Constructible universe (create)
Diagram Venn (edit)
Elemen (mathematika) (create)
Ernst Zermelo (create)
Family of sets (create)
Forcing (mathematics) (create)
Gabungan (teori himpunan) (edit)
General set theory (create)
Georg Cantor (edit)
Hereditarily finite set (create)
Himpunan (matematika) (edit)
Himpunan (mathematika) (create)
Himpunan kabur (create)
Himpunan kosong (edit)
Himpunan kuasa (create)
Himpunan rekursif (create)
Himpunan semesta (create)
Himpunan tak terhingga (create)
Himpunan tak terhitung (create)
Himpunan terhingga (create)
Himpunan terhitung (create)
Himpunan transitif (create)
Hipotesis kontinum (create)
Hukum De Morgan (create)
Induksi transitif (create)
Irisan (teori himpunan (create)
John von Neumann (edit)
Kardinalitas (create)
Kelas (teori himpunan) (create)
Large cardinal (create)
Lotfi A. Zadeh (create)
New Foundations (create)
Paradoks Russell (create)
Paradoks teori himpunan (create)
Pasangan teruurut (create)
Paul Bernays (create)
Paul Cohen (create)
Pelengkap (teori himpunan) (create)
Principia Mathematica (create)
Problema Suslin (create)
Produk kartesius (create)
Richard Dedekind (create)
Subhimpunan dan superhimpunan (create)
Symmetric difference (create)
Teorema Cantor (create)
Teori himpunan (edit)
Teori himpunan Kripke–Platek (create)
Teori himpunan Morse–Kelley (create)
Teori himpunan Tarski–Grothendieck (create)
Teori himpunan Von Neumann–Bernays–Gödel (create)
Teori himpunan Zermelo (create)
Teori himpunan Zermelo–Fraenkel (create)
Teori himpunan aksiomatik (create)
Teori himpunan alternatif (create)
Teori himpunan naif (create)
Thomas Jech (create)
Tuple (create)
Venn diagram (create)
Willard Van Orman Quine (edit)


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