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Results for Templat:Teritori seberang laut britania (edit)

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Kemaharajaan Britania (edit)

Total: 200
Alam Persemakmuran (edit)
Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (create)
Anguilla (edit)
Antigua Britania Raya (create)
Ascension Pulau (create)
Auckland Kepulauan (create)
Bahama Britania Raya (create)
Bangka (edit)
Basutoland (edit)
Bechuanaland Protektorat (create)
Belitung (edit) Pulau Belitung (edit)
Bengal Presidency (create)
Bermuda (edit)
Borneo Utara (edit)
Britania Raya Antigua and Barbuda (create)
Britania Raya Bencoolen (create)
Britania Raya Cape Koloni (create)
Britania Raya Central Africa Protektorat (create)
Britania Raya Ceylon (create)
Britania Raya Dominions (create)
Britania Raya Guiana (create)
Britania Raya Honduras (create)
Britania Raya Hong Kong (create)
Britania Raya Saint Kitts and Nevis (create)
Britania Raya Solomon Kepulauan (create)
Britania Raya Somaliland (create)
Britania Raya Western Pacific Territories (create)
Britania Raya occupation of Manila (create)
Bruneian Empire (create)
Cameroons (create)
Canada's name (create)
Colombia (edit) Kolombia (edit)
Colonial Fiji (create)
Colonial Nigeria (create)
Colonial Tobago (create)
Columbia District (create)
Commonwealth of Australia (create)
Con Dao (create)
De jure (edit)
Departemen Bay Islands (create)
Dependensi Ross (edit)
Diplomatic recognition (create)
Dominica Britania Raya (create)
Dominion of New England (create)
Dominion of New Zealand (create)
Dominion of Newfoundland (create)
East Africa Protektorat (create)
European influence in Afghanistan (create)
Falkland Kepulauan (create)
Falklands War (create)
Federated Malay States (create)
Federation of Nigeria (Britania Raya Teritori) (create)
First Anglo-Afghan War (create)
Florida Barat (edit)
Florida Timur (edit)
Gibraltar (edit)
Gilbert and Ellice Kepulauan (create)
Gold Coast (Britania Raya Koloni) (create)
Grenada Britania Raya (create)
Heligoland (edit)
History of New South Wales (create)
History of New Zealand (create)
History of Newfoundland and Labrador (create)
History of Penang (create)
History of Queensland (create)
History of Victoria (create)
History of Western Australia (create)
Imperium Britania Raya (edit) Imperium Britania (edit)
Irish Free State (create)
Jersey Barat (create)
Jersey Timur (create)
Kanada Atas (create)
Kanada Bawah (create)
Kenya Koloni (create)
Kepulauan Cayman (edit)
Kepulauan Ionia Serikat (edit)
Kepulauan Leeward Britania Raya (create)
Kepulauan Solomon (edit)
Kepulauan Turks dan Caicos (edit)
Kepulauan Virgin Britania Raya (edit)
Kepulauan Windward Britania Raya (create)
Kerajaan Sarawak (edit)
Kerajaan Zulu (edit)
Kesultanan Mesir (create)
Kesultanan Sulu (edit)
Kiribati (edit)
Koloni Aden (edit)
Koloni Barbados (create)
Koloni Columbia Britania Raya (create)
Koloni Connecticut (edit)
Koloni Delaware (create)
Koloni Jamaika (create)
Koloni Kepulauan Queen Charlotte (create)
Koloni Mahkota Labuan (edit) Jajahan Mahkota Labuan (edit)
Koloni Natal (edit)
Koloni New Haven (create)
Koloni Plymouth (edit)
Koloni Pulau Rhode dan Providence Plantations (create)
Koloni Pulau Vancouver (create)
Koloni Teluk Massachusetts (edit)
Koloni Virginia (edit)
Koloni and Protektorat of Nigeria (create)
Koloni of Cook Kepulauan (create)
Koloni of South Australia (create)
Koloni of Swaziland (create)
Koloni of Tasmania (create)
Lancaster House Agreement (create)
League of Nations mandate (create)
Madeira (edit)
Malaya Britania Raya (create)
Maldives (edit) Maladewa (edit)
Malta Britania Raya (create)
Mandat Britania Raya atas Mesopotamia (create)
Mandatory Palestina (create)
Mauritius BritaniaRaya (create)
Minorca (edit) Menorca (edit)
Modern history of Cyprus (create)
Montserrat (edit)
Mosquito Coast (create)
Muscat and Oman (create)
Negara-negara Persemakmuran (edit) Persemakmuran Bangsa-Bangsa (edit)
Nevis Britania Raya (create)
New Albion (create)
New Hebrides (edit) Vanuatu (edit)
North-Western Teritori (create)
Northern Nigeria Protektorat (create)
Northern Rhodesia (create)
Nyasaland (edit)
Orange River Koloni (create)
Oregon Country (create)
Papua Nugini (edit)
Pitcairn Kepulauan (create)
Post-Confederation Canada (1867-1914) (create)
Protektorat Kuwait (create)
Provinsi Carolina (edit)
Provinsi Carolina Selatan (create)
Provinsi Carolina Utara (create)
Provinsi Georgia (create)
Provinsi Kanada (edit) Provinsi dan wilayah di Kanada (edit)
Provinsi Maryland (edit)
Provinsi New Hampshire (create)
Provinsi New Jersey (create)
Provinsi New York (create)
Provinsi Pennsylvania (create)
Provinsi Quebec (1763–1791) (edit) Provinsi Quebec (1763–91) (edit)
Provinsi Teluk Massachusetts (create)
Provinsis and territories of Canada (create)
Pulau Ascension (edit) Ascension (edit)
Raj Britania Raya (create)
Realm of New Zealand (create)
Responsible government (create)
Rhodesia (edit)
Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (create)
Rupert's Land (edit) Tanah Rupert (edit)
Saint Croix (create)
Saint Helena (edit)
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (edit) Saint Helena, Ascension, dan Tristan da Cunha (edit)
Saint Kitts Britania Raya (create)
Saint Lucia Britania Raya (create)
Saint Vincent dan the Grenadines Britania Raya (create)
San Andrés y Providencia Department (create)
Sejarah Australia (1901-1945) (create)
Sejarah Gambia (create)
Sejarah New Brunswick (create)
Sejarah Nova Scotia (create)
Sejarah Pulau Prince Edward (create)
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Kepulauan (create)
South West Africa (create)
Southern Nigeria Protektorat (create)
Southern Rhodesia (create)
Statute of Westminster 1931 (create)
Stikine Teritori (create)
Straits Settlement of Malacca (create)
Straits Settlements (create)
Sumatra (edit) Sumatera (edit)
Swan River Koloni (create)
Tanganyika Teritori (create)
Teritori Antarktika Australia (edit) Wilayah Antarktika Australia (edit)
Teritori Antarktika Britania Raya (create)
Teritori Nauru (create)
Teritori New Guinea (create)
Teritori Niue (create)
Teritori Papua dan Nugini (edit)
Teritori of Papua (create)
Teritori of Sierra Leone (create)
Teritori of Union Kepulauan (create)
Teritori of Willoughbyland (create)
Tonga Protected State (create)
Transvaal Koloni (create)
Transyordania (edit)
Tristan da Cunha (edit)
Trucial States Protektorat (create)
Tuvalu (edit)
Uganda Protektorat (create)
Unfederated Malay States (create)
United Colonies of Vancouver Pulau and Britania Raya Columbia (create)
Van Diemen's Land (edit)
Weihai (edit)
West Indies Federation (create)
Zanzibar (edit)

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Total: 16
Belitung (edit) Pulau Belitung (edit)
Colombia (edit) Kolombia (edit)
Imperium Britania Raya (edit) Imperium Britania (edit)
Koloni Mahkota Labuan (edit) Jajahan Mahkota Labuan (edit)
Maldives (edit) Maladewa (edit)
Minorca (edit) Menorca (edit)
Negara-negara Persemakmuran (edit) Persemakmuran Bangsa-Bangsa (edit)
New Hebrides (edit) Vanuatu (edit)
Provinsi Kanada (edit) Provinsi dan wilayah di Kanada (edit)
Provinsi Quebec (1763–1791) (edit) Provinsi Quebec (1763–91) (edit)
Pulau Ascension (edit) Ascension (edit)
Rupert's Land (edit) Tanah Rupert (edit)
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (edit) Saint Helena, Ascension, dan Tristan da Cunha (edit)
Sumatra (edit) Sumatera (edit)
Teritori Antarktika Australia (edit) Wilayah Antarktika Australia (edit)
Union of South Africa (edit) Uni Afrika Selatan (edit)


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