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Results for Templat:Topik Jammu dan Kashmir (edit)

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Achabal (create)
Artikel 370 (create)
Awantipora (create)
Badami Bagh (create)
Bandipore (create)
Beerwah, Jammu dan Kashmir (create)
Biara Alchi (create)
Biara Bardan (create)
Biara Basgo (create)
Biara Chemrey (create)
Biara Diskit (create)
Biara Hanle (create)
Biara Hemis (create)
Biara Hundur (create)
Biara Karsha (create)
Biara Korzok (create)
Biara Lamayuru (create)
Biara Likir (create)
Biara Lingshed (create)
Biara Mashro (create)
Biara Matho (create)
Biara Mulbekh (create)
Biara Namgyal Tsemo (create)
Biara Phugtal (create)
Biara Phyang (create)
Biara Rangdum (create)
Biara Rizong (create)
Biara Sani (create)
Biara Sankar (create)
Biara Saspul (create)
Biara Shey (create)
Biara Spituk (create)
Biara Stakna (create)
Biara Stok (create)
Biara Stongdey (create)
Biara Takthok (create)
Biara Thikse (create)
Biara Tonde (create)
Biara Wanla (create)
Biara Zangla (create)
Biara Zongkul (create)
Bijbehara (create)
Boniyar (create)
Botingoo (create)
Britania Raj (edit) Kemaharajaan Britania (edit)
Buchpora (create)
Budaya Kashmir (create)
Chadoora (create)
Charari Sharief (create)
D.H.Pora (create)
Devsar (edit)
Didda (create)
Dinasti-dinasti Kashmir kuno (create)
Dinasti Mughal (create)
Dinasti Sayyid (create)
Distrik Anantnag (create)
Distrik Bandipora (create)
Distrik Baramulla (edit)
Distrik Budgam (create)
Distrik Doda (create)
Distrik Ganderbal (create)
Distrik Jammu (create)
Distrik Kargil (edit)
Distrik Kathua (create)
Distrik Kishtwar (create)
Distrik Kulgam (create)
Distrik Kupwara (create)
Distrik Leh (create)
Distrik Poonch, Jammu dan Kashmir (create)
Distrik Pulwama (create)
Distrik Rajouri (create)
Distrik Ramban (create)
Distrik Reasi (create)
Distrik Samba (create)
Distrik Shopian (create)
Distrik Srinagar (create)
Distrik Udhampur (create)
Doda, Jammu dan Kashmir (create)
Dogra (create)
Doru Shahabad (create)
Durhama (create)
Fatehpora (create)
Ganderbal (create)
Garis Kontrol (edit) Garis Kendali (edit)
General Zorawar Singh (create)
Gerakan Darbar (create)
Gulab Singh (create)
Gulmarg (create)
Gurais (create)
Handwara (create)
Hanjiwera (create)
Hardu-Aboora (create)
Hari Singh (edit)
Hazratbal (create)
Hinduism (create)
Instrumen Aksesi (Jammu dan Kashmir) (edit)
Invasi Islam ke India (create)
Iskander Pora (create)
Islam (edit)
Jalan 90 Kaki (create)
Jalan Mughal (create)
Jalan tol Leh-Manali (create)
Jalan tol Srinagar-Baramulla (create)
Jalan tol Udhampur-Jammu (create)
Jalan tol nasional 1A (India) (create)
Jalan tol nasional Srinagar Jammu (create)
Jalur kereta api Bilaspur–Mandi–Leh (create)
Jalur kereta api Jammu-Poonch (create)
Jalur kereta api Kashmir (create)
Jalur kereta api Srinagar-Kargil-Leh (create)
Jammu (edit)
Jammu (kota) (create)
Jammu dan Kashmir (edit)
Jamwal (create)
Kambojas (create)
Kangan (create)
Kanger (create)
Karan Singh (edit)
Kargil (edit) Distrik Kargil (edit)
Karnah (create)
Kashmiriyat (create)
Kashyapa (edit) Kasyapa (edit)
Kaśmir Śaivism (create)
Kekaisaran Durrani (edit)
Kekaisaran Sikh (edit) Kemaharajaan Sikh (edit)
Kekerasan di Kashmir (create)
Khansahib (create)
Kokernag (create)
Komite Kashmir (create)
Kompleks Candi Wangath (create)
Konferensi Nasional Jammu & Kashmir (create)
Konferensi Seluruh Partai Hurriyat (create)
Konflik Kashmir (edit)
Kreeri (create)
Kuil Amarnath (create)
Kupwara (create)
Ladakh (edit)
Ladoora (create)
Lalitaditya Muktapida (create)
Lembah Kashmir (edit)
Lolab (create)
Lukisan Basohli (create)
Magam (create)
Mahkamah Legislatif Jammu dan Kashmir (create)
Masakan Kashmir (create)
Mazhom (create)
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq (create)
Munawar Abad (create)
Musik Kashmir (create)
Nawabagh Ganderbal (create)
Nowhatta (create)
Ogmuna (create)
Omar Abdullah (create)
Pahalgam (create)
Pahloo (create)
Pariwisata di Jammu dan Kashmir (create)
Partisi India (edit) Pemisahan India (edit)
Pashmina (edit)
Pasukan Bersenjata India dan Banjir Jammu dan Kashmir 2014 (create)
Pattan (create)
Pelecehan hak asasi manusia di Jammu dan Kashmir (create)
Pemberontakan India 1857 (edit) Pemberontakan di India 1857 (edit)
Pemilihan Mahkamah Legislatif Jammu dan Kashmir 2002 (create)
Pemilihan Mahkamah Legislatif Jammu dan Kashmir 2008 (create)
Pemilihan Mahkamah Legislatif Jammu dan Kashmir 2014 (create)
Peperangan India-Pakistan (create)
Perjanjian Indira–Sheikh 1974 (create)
Perjanjian Simla (edit)
Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa di Kashmir (create)
Perusahaan India Timur Britania (create)
Pusat kota Srinagar (create)
Qazigund (create)
Quimoh (create)
Rafaiabad (create)
Rathsoon (create)
Seeloo (create)
Sejarah Kashmir (create)
Shangus (create)
Sheikh Abdullah (create)
Shikara (create)
Sikhism (create)
Sonamarg (edit)
Sopore (create)
Srinagar (edit)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Anantnag (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Awantipora (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Banihal (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Baramulla (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Bijbehara (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Budgam (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Jammu Tawi (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Kakapora (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Katra (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Mazhom (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Pampore (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Pattan (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Qazigund (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Sadura (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Sopore (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Srinagar (create)
Stasiun jalur kereta api Udhampur (create)
Syed Ali Shah Geelani (create)
Tangmarg (create)
Tral (create)
Uri, Jammu dan Kashmir (create)
Vaishno Devi (create)
Verinag (create)
Wakura (create)
Wazwan (create)
Yusmarg (create)
Zain-ul-Abidin (create)
Zanskar (create)
Zazun (create)

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Total: 7
Britania Raj (edit) Kemaharajaan Britania (edit)
Garis Kontrol (edit) Garis Kendali (edit)
Kargil (edit) Distrik Kargil (edit)
Kashyapa (edit) Kasyapa (edit)
Kekaisaran Sikh (edit) Kemaharajaan Sikh (edit)
Partisi India (edit) Pemisahan India (edit)
Pemberontakan India 1857 (edit) Pemberontakan di India 1857 (edit)


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