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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Templat:X-Men (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
Scarlet Witch (edit)

Total: 198
Acolytes (create)
Alliance of Evil (create)
Alpha Flight (create)
Anole (create)
Arcade (Marvel Comics) (create)
Ariel (komik) (create)
Armor (komik) (create)
Asteroid M (create)
Aurora (komik) (create)
Avalon (Marvel Comics) (create)
Banshee (komik) (create)
Bastion (komik) (create)
Beast (komik) (create)
Bishop (komik) (create)
Black Tom Cassidy (create)
Blackbird (create)
Blindfold (create)
Blink (komik) (create)
Bolivar Trask (create)
Brood (create)
Brotherhood of Mutants (create)
Cable (komik) (create)
Cameron Hodge (create)
Cannonball (komik) (create)
Cassandra Nova (create)
Cerebro (create)
Chamber (komik) (create)
Children of the Vault (create)
Cipher (create)
Cloak and Dagger (komik) (create)
Count Nefaria (create)
Crimson Dawn (create)
Crossmore (create)
Cyclops (Marvel Comics) (create)
Cypher (Marvel Comics) (create)
Daftar anggota X-Men (create)
Daftar komik X-Men (create)
Daftar musuh X-Men (create)
Danger Room (create)
Danielle Moonstar (create)
Dark Beast (create)
Dark X-Men (create)
Darwin (komik) (create)
Dazzler (create)
District X (create)
Doctor Nemesis (create)
Domino (komik) (create)
Elixir (komik) (create)
Emma Frost (create)
Excalibur (komik) (create)
Exodus (komik) (create)
Externals (create)
Factor Three (create)
Fantomex (create)
Fastball Special (create)
Fenris (create)
Firestar (create)
Forge (create)
Freedom Force (komik) (create)
Friends of Humanity (create)
Generation X (komik) (create)
Genosha (create)
Gentle (komik) (create)
Graydon Creed (create)
Graymalkin (create)
Graymalkin Industries (create)
Havok (create)
Hellfire Club (create)
Hellion (create)
Hellions (create)
Henry Peter Gyrich (create)
Hepzibah (create)
High Evolutionary (create)
Hope Summers (komik) (create)
Horsemen of Apocalypse (create)
Humanity's Last Stand (create)
Husk (create)
Iceman (create)
Inhumans vs. X-Men (create)
Ink (komik) (create)
Jean Grey (create)
Joanna Cargill (create)
Joseph (komik) (create)
Jubilee (komik) (create)
Karima Shapandar (create)
Karma (komik) (create)
Kevin Sydney (create)
Kitty Pryde (create)
Kree (create)
Lady Deathstrike (create)
Lady Mastermind (create)
Larry Trask (komik) (create)
Legacy Virus (create)
Lifeguard (komik) (create)
Lockheed (komik) (create)
Longshot (create)
M'Kraan Crystal (create)
M (komik) (create)
Madelyne Pryor (create)
Madison Jeffries (create)
Madripoor (create)
Maggott (create)
Magik (komik) (create)
Magma (komik) (create)
Marauders (komik) (create)
Marrow (create)
Massachusetts Academy (create)
Master Mold (create)
Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde) (create)
Mercury (Marvel Comics) (create)
Mesmero (create)
Mimic (komik) (create)
Mojo (komik) (create)
Morlocks (komik) (create)
Muir Island (create)
Mutan (Marvel Comics) (create)
Mutant Liberation Front (create)
Mystique (create)
N'astirh (create)
Namor (create)
Nasty Boys (create)
Nate Grey (create)
Neo (spesies Marvel Comics) (create)
New Mutants (create)
Nightcrawler (komik) (create)
Nimrod (komik) (create)
Northstar (create)
Onslaught (komik) (create)
Otherplace (create)
Petra (komik) (create)
Phalanx (komik) (create)
Phoenix Force (create)
Pixie (X-Men) (create)
Polaris (komik) (create)
Predator X (komik) (create)
Prodigy (David Alleyne) (create)
Project Wideawake (create)
Proteus (Marvel Comics) (create)
Providence (Marvel Comics) (create)
Psylocke (create)
Purifiers (create)
Quentin Quire (create)
Rachel Summers (create)
Reavers (create)
Registration acts (create)
Revanche (create)
Robert Kelly (komik) (create)
Rockslide (create)
Rogue (komik) (create)
Sage (komik) (create)
Sauron (komik) (create)
Savage Land (create)
Savage Land Mutates (create)
Sebastian Shaw (komik) (create)
Selene (komik) (create)
Sentinel (komik) (edit)
Shadow-X (create)
Shadow King (create)
Shi'ar (create)
Silver Samurai (create)
Slipstream (komik) (create)
Spiral (komik) (create)
Stacy X (create)
Starjammers (create)
Steven Lang (komik) (create)
Storm (komik) (create)
Stryfe (create)
Sublime (komik) (create)
Sugar Man (create)
Sunfire (komik) (create)
Sunspot (create)
Surge (create)
Sway (komik) (create)
Tabitha Smith (create)
Technarchy (create)
Thunderbird (Neal Shaara) (create)
Thunderbird (komik) (create)
Toad (komik) (create)
U-Men (komik) (create)
Vulcan (Marvel Comics) (create)
Warlock (New Mutants) (create)
Warpath (komik) (create)
Weapon X (create)
William Stryker (create)
Wolf Cub (create)
Wolverine and the X-Men (toyline) (create)
X-Babies (create)
X-Corporation (create)
X-Cutioner (create)
X-Factor (komik) (create)
X-Force (create)
X-Mansion (create)
X-Men Classics (action figure) (create)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (toyline) (create)
X-Men dalam media lain (create)
X-Statix (create)
X-Terminators (create)
Xorn (create)


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