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Results for Templat:Yunnan (edit)

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Wilayah Jianshui (edit)

Total: 148
Anning, Yunnan (create)
Daftar divisi administratif di Yunnan (create)
Daftar ibukota saat ini dan dahulu kala dari entitas subnasional di Tiongkok (create)
Distrik Chenggong (create)
Distrik Dongchuan (create)
Distrik Guandu (create)
Distrik Gucheng (create)
Distrik Hongta (create)
Distrik Jiangchuan (create)
Distrik Linxiang (create)
Distrik Longyang (create)
Distrik Panlong (create)
Distrik Qilin (create)
Distrik Simao (create)
Distrik Wuhua (create)
Distrik Xishan, Kunming (create)
Distrik Zhaoyang (create)
Gejiu (create)
Jinghong (create)
Kabupaten Binchuan (create)
Kabupaten Changning, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Chengjiang (create)
Kabupaten Daguan (create)
Kabupaten Dayao (create)
Kabupaten Dêqên (create)
Kabupaten Eryuan (create)
Kabupaten Fengqing (create)
Kabupaten Fugong (create)
Kabupaten Fumin (create)
Kabupaten Funing, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Fuyuan, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Guangnan (create)
Kabupaten Heqing (create)
Kabupaten Honghe (create)
Kabupaten Huaning (create)
Kabupaten Huaping (create)
Kabupaten Huize (create)
Kabupaten Jianchuan (create)
Kabupaten Jianshui (create)
Kabupaten Jinning (create)
Kabupaten Lianghe (create)
Kabupaten Longchuan, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Longling (create)
Kabupaten Ludian (create)
Kabupaten Lufeng (create)
Kabupaten Luliang (create)
Kabupaten Luoping (create)
Kabupaten Luxi, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Lüchun (create)
Kabupaten Maguan (create)
Kabupaten Malipo (create)
Kabupaten Malong (create)
Kabupaten Menghai (create)
Kabupaten Mengla (create)
Kabupaten Midu (create)
Kabupaten Mouding (create)
Kabupaten Nanhua (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Bai dan Pumi Lanpingy (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Dai, Lahu dan Va Menglian (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Dai dan Va Gengma (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Dai dan Yi Jinggu (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Derung dan Nu Gongshan (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Hani, Yi dan Dai Yuanjiang (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Hani Mojiang (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Hani dan Yi Jiangcheng (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Hani dan Yi Ning'er (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Hui dan Yi Xundian (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Lahu, Va, Blang dan Dai Shuangjiang (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Lahu Lancang (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Lisu Weixi (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Miao, Yao, dan Dai Jinping (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Miao Pingbian (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Naxi Yulong (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Va Cangyuan (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Va Ximeng (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi, Hani dan Lahu Zhenyuan (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi Eshan (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi Jingdong (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi Nanjian (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi Ninglang (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi Shilin (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi Yangbi (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi dan Dai Xinping (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi dan Hui Weishan (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi Yi dan Miao Luquan (create)
Kabupaten Otonomi You Hekou (create)
Kabupaten Qiaojia (create)
Kabupaten Qiubei (create)
Kabupaten Shidian (create)
Kabupaten Shiping (create)
Kabupaten Shizong (create)
Kabupaten Shuangbai (create)
Kabupaten Shuifu (create)
Kabupaten Songming (create)
Kabupaten Suijiang (create)
Kabupaten Tonghai (create)
Kabupaten Weixin (create)
Kabupaten Wuding (create)
Kabupaten Xiangyun (create)
Kabupaten Xichou (create)
Kabupaten Yanjin, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Yanshan, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Yao'an (create)
Kabupaten Yiliang, Kunming (create)
Kabupaten Yiliang, Zhaotong (create)
Kabupaten Yimen (create)
Kabupaten Yingjiang (create)
Kabupaten Yongde (create)
Kabupaten Yongping (create)
Kabupaten Yongren (create)
Kabupaten Yongshan (create)
Kabupaten Yongsheng (create)
Kabupaten Yuanmou (create)
Kabupaten Yuanyang, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Yun, Yunnan (create)
Kabupaten Yunlong (create)
Kabupaten Zhanyi (create)
Kabupaten Zhenkang (create)
Kabupaten Zhenxiong (create)
Kaiyuan, Yunnan (create)
Kota Chuxiong (create)
Kota Dali (create)
Kota Mang (create)
Kota Mengzi (create)
Kota Mile (create)
Kota Pu'er (create)
Kota Shangri-La (create)
Kota Wenshan (create)
Kota tingkat prefektur (create)
Kunming (edit)
Lijiang (edit)
Lincang (create)
Lushui (create)
Prefektur Otonomi Bai Dali (create)
Prefektur Otonomi Dai Xishuangbanna (create)
Prefektur Otonomi Dai dan Jingpo Dehong (create)
Prefektur Otonomi Lisu Nujiang (create)
Prefektur Otonomi Yi Chuxiong (create)
Prefektur Otonomi Zhuang dan Miao Wenshan (create)
Prefektur otonomi di Republik Rakyat Tiongkok (create)
Provinsi di Tiongkok (create)
Qujing (create)
Ruili (create)
Tengchong (create)
Xuanwei (create)
Yunnan (edit)
Yuxi (create)
Zhaotong (create)


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