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Results for Formula:Primi ministri Hungariae 1867–1989 (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 50
Adalbertus Imrédy (create)
Adalbertus Miklós (create)
Adalbertus Wenckheim (create)
Alexander Garbai (create)
Alexander Simonyi-Semadam (create)
Alexander Wekerle (create)
Andreas Hegedüs (create)
Antonius Dovcsák (create)
Carolus Grósz (create)
Carolus Huszár (create)
Carolus Khuen-Héderváry (create)
Civitas Hungarica (create)
Colomanus Darányi (create)
Colomanus Széll (create)
Colomanus Tisza (create)
Demetrius Sztójay (create)
Desiderius Bánffy (create)
Dionysius Berinkey (create)
Eugenus Fock (create)
Franciscus Münnich (create)
Franciscus Nagy (create)
Georgius Lázár (create)
Géza Fejérváry (create)
Géza Lakatos (create)
Hungaria (edit)
Iohannes Hadik (create)
Iosephus Szlávy (create)
Iulius Gömbös (create)
Iulius Kállai (create)
Iulius Károlyi (create)
Iulius Peidl (create)
Iulius Szapáry (create)
Ladislaus Bárdossy (create)
Ladislaus Lukács (create)
Ludovicus Dinnyés (create)
Matthias Rákosi (create)
Mauritius Esterházy (create)
Nicolaus Kállay (create)
Nicolaus Németh (create)
Opus:Geopoliticum (edit)
Regnum Hungariae (edit)
Res Publica Hungariae Consiliorum (create)
Res publica Hungariae (create)
Res publica popularis Hungariae (create)
Stephanus Bethlen (1874–1946) (create)
Stephanus Bittó (create)
Stephanus Dobi (create)
Stephanus Friedrich (create)
Stephanus Tisza (create)
Zoltán Tildy (create)


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