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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Formula:Urbs Constantinopolis mediaevalis (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
Media (via) (edit)

Total: 78
Aedes Christi Chalcitae (create)
Aedes Gastria (create)
Aedes Ioannis Baptistae in Trullo (create)
Aedes Sanctae Euphemiae in Hippodromo (create)
Aedes Sanctae Euphemiae in Petrio (create)
Aedes Sanctae Mariae Cyriotissae (create)
Aedes Sanctae Mariae EleĆ¼sae (create)
Aedes Sanctae Mariae Libis (create)
Aedes Sanctae Mariae Panagiotissae (create)
Aedes Sanctae Mariae Phari (create)
Aedes Sanctae Mariae ad Cisternam (create)
Aedes Sanctae Mariae ad Fontem (create)
Aedes Sancti Andreae (Constantinopolis) (create)
Aedes Sancti Dominici (Constantinopolis) (create)
Aedes Sancti Nicolai Caffariotarum (create)
Aedes Sancti Pauli (Constantinopolis) (create)
Aedes Sancti Polyeucti (create)
Aedes Sancti Salvatoris in Chora (create)
Aedes Sanctorum Sergii et Bacchi (Constantinopolis) (create)
Aqueductus Valentis (create)
Bibliotheca Imperatorum (Constantinopolis) (create)
Blachernae (create)
Bucoleon (edit)
Cercoporta (create)
Chalce (Constantinopolis) (create)
Cisterna Aetii (create)
Cisterna Aspari (create)
Cisterna Basilicae (create)
Cisterna Mociana (create)
Cisterna Philoxeni (create)
Cisterna Theodosiana (create)
Columna Gothorum (create)
Columna Marciani (create)
Columna Serpentina (create)
Constantinopolis (edit)
Contoscalium (create)
Daphne (Constantinopolis) (create)
Domus Antiochi (create)
Domus Lausi (create)
Domus Placidiae (create)
Ecclesia Nova (Constantinopolis) (create)
Ecclesia Sanctae Irenes Antiqua (create)
Ecclesia Sanctae Mariae Hodegetriae (create)
Equi Sancti Marci (create)
Hippodromus Obtectus (create)
Hormisdae (Constantinopolis) (create)
Lusorium (Palatium Magnum Constantinopolitanum) (create)
Magnaura (create)
Mangana (Constantinopolis) (create)
Martyrium Apostolorum (Constantinopolis) (create)
Mese (edit) Mese (discretiva) (edit)
Milium (Constantinopolis) (create)
Monasterium Christi Euergetae (Constantinopolis) (create)
Monasterium Christi Pantepopti (Constantinopolis) (create)
Monasterium Myrelaei (create)
Monasterium Sanctae Mariae Pammacaristae (create)
Monasterium Sanctae Mariae Peribleptae (create)
Murus Constantinianus (create)
Murus Severanus (create)
Murus Theodosianus (create)
Neorium (Constantinopolis) (create)
Palatium Blachernarum (create)
Palatium Porphyrogeniti (create)
Phanarium (edit)
Porta Aurea antiqua (edit)
Porta Blachernalis (create)
Porta Sancti Romani (create)
Portus Eleutherii (create)
Portus Iuliani (create)
Portus Prosphorion (create)
Praetorium (Constantinopolis) (create)
Quattuor Tetrarchae (create)
Strategium (Constantinopolis) (create)
Sycae (Constantinopolis) (create)
Templum Sanctae Theclae in Palatio Blacherniano (create)
Templum Sancti Theodori Tironis (Constantinopolis) (create)
Thermae Zeuxippi (create)
Turris Anemae (create)

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Total: 4
Aedes Sanctae Sophiae (edit) Aedes Sanctae Sophiae (Constantinopolis) (edit)
Domus Hormisdae (edit) Palatium Hormisdae (edit)
Mese (edit) Mese (discretiva) (edit)
Monasterium Ioannis Baptistae Studianum (edit) Monasterium Studii (edit)


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