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Results for Veidne:1967. gada orbitālie starti (edit)

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Total: 155
1967. gada jūnija Kosmos-3M avārija (create)
1967. gada septembra Kosmos-3M avārija (create)
ATS-2 (create)
ATS-3 (create)
Ariel 3 (create)
Aurora (pavadonis) (create)
Biosat 2 (create)
Calsphere 3 (create)
Calsphere 4 (create)
DODGE (pavadonis) (create)
Diadème 1 (create)
Diadème 2 (create)
ESRO-2A (create)
ESSA-4 (create)
ESSA-5 (create)
ESSA-6 (create)
Environmental Research Satellite 18 (create)
Environmental Research Satellite 20 (create)
Environmental Research Satellite 27 (create)
Environmental Research Satellite 30 (create)
Explorer 34 (create)
Explorer 35 (create)
Kosmos-138 (create)
Kosmos-139 (create)
Kosmos-141 (create)
Kosmos-142 (create)
Kosmos-143 (create)
Kosmos-144 (create)
Kosmos-145 (create)
Kosmos-147 (create)
Kosmos-148 (create)
Kosmos-149 (create)
Kosmos-150 (create)
Kosmos-151 (create)
Kosmos-152 (create)
Kosmos-153 (create)
Kosmos-155 (create)
Kosmos-156 (create)
Kosmos-157 (create)
Kosmos-158 (create)
Kosmos-159 (create)
Kosmos-160 (create)
Kosmos-161 (create)
Kosmos-162 (create)
Kosmos-163 (create)
Kosmos-164 (create)
Kosmos-165 (create)
Kosmos-166 (create)
Kosmos-167 (create)
Kosmos-168 (create)
Kosmos-169 (create)
Kosmos-170 (create)
Kosmos-171 (create)
Kosmos-172 (create)
Kosmos-173 (create)
Kosmos-174 (create)
Kosmos-175 (create)
Kosmos-176 (create)
Kosmos-177 (create)
Kosmos-178 (create)
Kosmos-179 (create)
Kosmos-180 (create)
Kosmos-181 (create)
Kosmos-182 (create)
Kosmos-183 (create)
Kosmos-184 (create)
Kosmos-185 (create)
Kosmos-186 (create)
Kosmos-187 (create)
Kosmos-188 (create)
Kosmos-189 (create)
Kosmos-190 (create)
Kosmos-191 (create)
Kosmos-192 (create)
Kosmos-193 (create)
Kosmos-194 (create)
Kosmos-195 (create)
Kosmos-196 (create)
Kosmos-197 (create)
Kosmos-198 (create)
L-4S-3 (create)
Lincoln Experimental Satellite 5 (create)
Molnija-1 № 12L (create)
Molnija-1 № 8 (create)
Molnija-1 № 9L (create)
NRL-PL 159 (create)
NRL PL-151 (create)
NRL PL-152 (create)
NRL PL-153 (create)
NRL PL-154 (create)
OGO-4 (create)
OGČ № 8 (create)
OPS 0100 (create)
OPS 0562 (create)
OPS 1001 (create)
OPS 1264 (create)
OPS 1587 (create)
OPS 1664 (create)
OPS 1873 (create)
OPS 1879 (create)
OPS 1967 (create)
OPS 3559 (create)
OPS 4204 (create)
OPS 4243 (create)
OPS 4286 (create)
OPS 4321 (create)
OPS 4360 (create)
OPS 4399 (create)
OPS 4696 (create)
OPS 4750 (create)
OPS 4779 (create)
OPS 4827 (create)
OPS 4886 (create)
OPS 4941 (create)
OPS 4947 (create)
OPS 4995 (create)
OPS 5000 (create)
OPS 5089 (create)
OPS 5557 (create)
OPS 5712 (create)
OPS 6073 (create)
OPS 6638 (create)
OPS 6679 (create)
OPS 7202 (create)
OPS 7218 (create)
OPS 9321 (create)
OPS 9322 (create)
OPS 9323 (create)
OPS 9324 (create)
OPS 9325 (create)
OPS 9326 (create)
OPS 9327 (create)
OPS 9328 (create)
OPS 9331 (create)
OPS 9332 (create)
OPS 9333 (create)
OPS 9334 (create)
OSO 3 (create)
OSO 4 (create)
OV1-11 (create)
OV1-12 (create)
OV1-86 (create)
OV3-5 (create)
OV3-6 (create)
Pioneer 8 (create)
Research Payload Module 481 (create)
SECOR-9 (create)
San Marco 2 (create)
Sojuz 7K-L1 № 4L (create)
Sojuz 7K-L1 № 5L (create)
Timation 1 (create)
Venera-4 (create)
Zenit-2 № 51 (create)
Zenit-4 № 32 (create)
Zenit-4 № 33 (create)

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Sojuz 1 (edit) Sojuz-1 (edit)


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