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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Veidne:2013. gada orbitālie starti (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 121
$50SAT (create)
AeroCube 5A (create)
AeroCube 5B (create)
Alexander (pavadonis) (create)
AprizeSat-7 (create)
AprizeSat-8 (create)
Ardusat-1 (create)
Ardusat-X (create)
BPA-3 (create)
BeakerSat-1 (create)
BeeSat-2 (create)
BeeSat-3 (create)
Bell (pavadonis) (create)
Black Knight 1 (create)
CAPE-2 (create)
COPPER (create)
CUNYSAT-1 (create)
CUSat-1 (create)
ChargerSat-1 (create)
Chuang Xin 3 (create)
CubeBug-1 (create)
CubeBug-2 (create)
DANDE (create)
Delfi-n3Xt (create)
Dove 1 (create)
Dove 2 (create)
Dove 3 (create)
Dove 4 (create)
DragonSat-1 (create)
DubaiSat-2 (create)
FIREBIRD-A (create)
FIREBIRD-B (create)
FUNCube-1 (create)
Fengyun 3C (create)
Firefly (pavadonis) (create)
First-MOVE (create)
GOMX-1 (create)
Gaofen 1 (create)
Globalstar M078 (create)
Globalstar M087 (create)
Globalstar M093 (create)
Globalstar M094 (create)
Globalstar M095 (create)
Globalstar M096 (create)
Graham (pavadonis) (create)
HINCube-1 (create)
Ho'oponopono-2 (create)
Horus (pavadonis) (create)
HumSat-D (create)
ICube-1 (create)
IPEX (create)
JSE Reda-4 (create)
Jissho eisei (create)
KHUSat-1 (create)
KHUSat-2 (create)
Kosmos-2486 (create)
Kosmos-2487 (create)
Kosmos-2492 (create)
Kosmos-2493 (create)
Kuaizhou 1 (create)
KySat-2 (create)
M-Cubed-2 (create)
NPS-SCAT (create)
OPTOS (create)
ORSES (edit) SMDC-ONE 1.2 (edit)
ORS Tech 1 (create)
ORS Tech 2 (create)
OSSI-1 (create)
POPACS-1 (create)
POPACS-2 (create)
POPACS-3 (create)
PhoneSat-2.4 (create)
Pico Dragon (create)
Prometheus 1A (create)
Prometheus 1B (create)
Prometheus 2A (create)
Prometheus 2B (create)
Prometheus 3A (create)
Prometheus 3B (create)
Prometheus 4A (create)
Prometheus 4B (create)
QBScout-1 (create)
SENSE-A (create)
SENSE-B (create)
SMDC-ONE 2.3 (create)
SMDC-ONE 2.4 (create)
SNaP (create)
SOMP (create)
STPSat-3 (create)
STSAT-3 (create)
SWARM A (create)
SWARM B (create)
SWARM C (create)
Shijian 11-05 (create)
Shijian 15 (create)
Shijian 16 (create)
Shiyan 5 (create)
Shiyan 7 (create)
SkySat-1 (create)
SwampSat (create)
TJ3Sat (create)
TacSat-6 (create)
TechEdSat-3p (create)
Trailblazer-1 (create)
Triton 1 (create)
TurkSat-3USat (create)
USA-242 (create)
UWE-3 (create)
UniSat-5 (create)
VELOX-P2 (create)
Vermont Lunar CubeSat (create)
WNISat-1 (create)
WREN (pavadonis) (create)
Yaogan 17A (create)
Yaogan 17B (create)
Yaogan 17C (create)
Yaogan 18 (create)
Yaogan 19 (create)
ZACube-1 (create)
Zhongxing 11 (create)

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Total: 3
EUTELSAT 25B/Es'hail 1 (edit) EUTELSAT 25B / Es'hail 1 (edit)
EUTELSAT 3D (edit) EUTELSAT 7B (edit)
ORSES (edit) SMDC-ONE 1.2 (edit)


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