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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Veidne:2014. gada orbitālie starti (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 194
AISSat-2 (create)
AISat (create)
ALOS 2 (create)
ANTELSAT (create)
ARSAT-1 (create)
ASTRA 2G (create)
AeroCube6 (create)
AprizeSat 10 (create)
AprizeSat 9 (create)
ArduSat-2 (create)
AsiaSat 6 (create)
AsiaSat 8 (create)
Asnaro 1 (create)
Athena-Fidus (create)
BRITE-Montreal (create)
BRITE-Toronto (create)
BugSat-1 (create)
CanX-4 (create)
CanX-5 (create)
Chasqui I (create)
Chuangxin 1-04 (create)
ChubuSat-1 (create)
DESPATCH (create)
DTUSat-2 (create)
DX-1 (create)
Deimos-2 (create)
DirecTV 14 (create)
Duchifat-1 (create)
EgyptSat-2 (create)
Fengyun 2-08 (create)
Flock-1 1 (create)
Flock-1 10 (create)
Flock-1 11 (create)
Flock-1 12 (create)
Flock-1 13 (create)
Flock-1 14 (create)
Flock-1 15 (create)
Flock-1 16 (create)
Flock-1 17 (create)
Flock-1 18 (create)
Flock-1 19 (create)
Flock-1 2 (create)
Flock-1 20 (create)
Flock-1 21 (create)
Flock-1 22 (create)
Flock-1 23 (create)
Flock-1 24 (create)
Flock-1 25 (create)
Flock-1 26 (create)
Flock-1 27 (create)
Flock-1 28 (create)
Flock-1 3 (create)
Flock-1 4 (create)
Flock-1 5 (create)
Flock-1 6 (create)
Flock-1 7 (create)
Flock-1 8 (create)
Flock-1 9 (create)
Flock-1b 1 (create)
Flock-1b 10 (create)
Flock-1b 11 (create)
Flock-1b 12 (create)
Flock-1b 13 (create)
Flock-1b 14 (create)
Flock-1b 15 (create)
Flock-1b 16 (create)
Flock-1b 17 (create)
Flock-1b 18 (create)
Flock-1b 19 (create)
Flock-1b 2 (create)
Flock-1b 20 (create)
Flock-1b 21 (create)
Flock-1b 22 (create)
Flock-1b 23 (create)
Flock-1b 24 (create)
Flock-1b 25 (create)
Flock-1b 26 (create)
Flock-1b 27 (create)
Flock-1b 28 (create)
Flock-1b 3 (create)
Flock-1b 4 (create)
Flock-1b 5 (create)
Flock-1b 6 (create)
Flock-1b 7 (create)
Flock-1b 8 (create)
Flock-1b 9 (create)
Flock-1c.1 (create)
Flock-1c.10 (create)
Flock-1c.11 (create)
Flock-1c.2 (create)
Flock-1c.3 (create)
Flock-1c.4 (create)
Flock-1c.5 (create)
Flock-1c.6 (create)
Flock-1c.7 (create)
Flock-1c.8 (create)
Flock-1c.9 (create)
Foton-M № 4 (create)
GPM Core (create)
Gaofen 2 (create)
Hayabusa 2 (edit) Hayabusa2 (edit)
Himawari 8 (create)
Hodoyoshi-1 (create)
Hodoyoshi 3 (create)
Hodoyoshi 4 (create)
INVADER (create)
ITF-1 (create)
K-SAT 2 (create)
KickSat (create)
Kondor-E (create)
Kosmos-2502 (create)
Kuaizhou 2 (create)
Lemur-1 (create)
Ling Qiao (create)
Meridian № 7 (create)
MicroMAS (create)
NanoSatC-Br-1 (create)
O3b FM03 (create)
O3b FM06 (create)
O3b FM07 (create)
O3b FM08 (create)
O3b FM09 (create)
O3b FM10 (create)
O3b FM11 (create)
O3b FM12 (create)
OPUSat (create)
Ofek-10 (create)
Optus 10 (create)
Orbcomm-OG2 11 (create)
Orbcomm-OG2 3 (create)
Orbcomm-OG2 4 (create)
Orbcomm-OG2 6 (create)
Orbcomm-OG2 7 (create)
Orbcomm-OG2 9 (create)
Orbcomm-OG2 Mass Simulator (create)
PACE (pavadonis) (create)
POPSAT-HIP-1 (create)
PROCYON (create)
PhoneSat 2.5 (create)
QSAT-EOS (create)
Resurs-M1 (create)
Resurs-M2 (create)
Rising 2 (create)
SOCRATES (pavdonis) (create)
SPOT 7 (create)
SPROUT (create)
STARS II (create)
SaudiSat-4 (create)
Shijian 11-06 (create)
Shijian 11-07 (create)
Shin'en 2 (create)
ShindaiSat (create)
SkyCube (create)
SkySat-2 (create)
SpinSat (create)
SporeSat (create)
TSUBAME (create)
TabletSat-Aurora (create)
TechDemoSat-1 (create)
TechEdSat-4 (create)
Teikyosat-3 (create)
TestSat-Lite (create)
Tiantuo 2 (create)
Tigrisat (create)
Türksat 4A (create)
UAPSAT (create)
USA-248 (create)
USA-250 (create)
USA-251 (create)
USA-252 (create)
USA-253 (create)
USA-254 (create)
USA-255 (create)
USA-256 (create)
USA-257 (create)
USA-258 (create)
USA-259 (create)
Ukube-1 (create)
UniSat-6 (create)
Uniform 1 (create)
VELOX-I (create)
WorldView-3 (create)
Yaogan 20A (create)
Yaogan 20B (create)
Yaogan 20C (create)
Yaogan 21 (create)
Yaogan 22 (create)
Yaogan 23 (create)
Yaogan 24 (create)
Yaogan 25A (create)
Yaogan 25B (create)
Yaogan 25C (create)
Yaogan 26 (create)

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Total: 1
Hayabusa 2 (edit) Hayabusa2 (edit)


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