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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Veidne:2015. gada orbitālie starti (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 183
AESP-14 (create)
APStar-9 (create)
ARC 1 (create)
ARSAT-2 (create)
AeroCube-8A (create)
AeroCube-8B (create)
AeroCube 5C (create)
Arabsat 6B (create)
Argus (pavadonis) (create)
Arkyd 3 Reflight (create)
Athenoxat 1 (create)
BRICSat-P (create)
BisonSat (create)
CADRE (create)
CBNT-1 (create)
DCBB (create)
DMC-3A (create)
DMC-3B (create)
DMC-3C (create)
DeOrbitSail (create)
DirectTV-15 (create)
EDSN 1 (create)
EDSN 2 (create)
EDSN 3 (create)
EDSN 4 (create)
EDSN 5 (create)
EDSN 6 (create)
EDSN 7 (create)
EDSN 8 (create)
ExactView 9 (create)
ExoCube (create)
FIREBIRD II A (create)
FIREBIRD II B (create)
Flock-1b 1 (create)
Flock-1b 10 (create)
Flock-1b 11 (create)
Flock-1b 12 (create)
Flock-1b 13 (create)
Flock-1b 14 (create)
Flock-1b 2 (create)
Flock-1b 3 (create)
Flock-1b 4 (create)
Flock-1b 5 (create)
Flock-1b 7 (create)
Flock-1b 8 (create)
Flock-1b 9 (create)
Flock-1d' 1 (create)
Flock-1d' 2 (create)
Flock-1e 1 (create)
Flock-1e 10 (create)
Flock-1e 11 (create)
Flock-1e 12 (create)
Flock-1e 13 (create)
Flock-1e 14 (create)
Flock-1e 2 (create)
Flock-1e 3 (create)
Flock-1e 4 (create)
Flock-1e 5 (create)
Flock-1e 6 (create)
Flock-1e 7 (create)
Flock-1e 8 (create)
Flock-1e 9 (create)
Flock-2e 1 (create)
Flock-2e 10 (create)
Flock-2e 11 (create)
Flock-2e 12 (create)
Flock-2e 2 (create)
Flock-2e 3 (create)
Flock-2e 4 (create)
Flock-2e 5 (create)
Flock-2e 6 (create)
Flock-2e 7 (create)
Flock-2e 8 (create)
Flock-2e 9 (create)
Fox 1A (create)
GEARRS-2 (create)
GOMX-3 (create)
GRIFEX (create)
Galassia (create)
Gaofen 4 (create)
Gaofen 8 (create)
Gaofen 9 (create)
HiakaSat (create)
IGS-Optical 5 (create)
IGS-Radar Spare (create)
Jilin 1A (create)
Jilin 1B (create)
Jilin 1C (create)
Jilin 1D (create)
KOMPSat-3A (create)
Kent Ridge 1 (create)
Kosmos-2504 (create)
Kosmos-2506 (create)
Kosmos-2513 (create)
LAPAN-A2 (create)
LMRSTSat (create)
Lemur-2 1 (create)
Lemur-2 2 (create)
Lemur-2 3 (create)
Lemur-2 4 (create)
LilacSat-2 (create)
MMS-1 (create)
MMS-2 (create)
MMS-3 (create)
MMS-4 (create)
MSG-4 (create)
MinXSS 1 (create)
NS-2 (create)
NUDT-Phone-Sat (create)
Nodes 1 (create)
Nodes 2 (create)
OCSD A (create)
OptiCube 1 (create)
OptiCube 2 (create)
OptiCube 3 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F10 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F12 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F13 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F14 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F15 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F16 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F17 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F18 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F2 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F5 (create)
Orbcomm-2 F8 (create)
ParkinsonSat (create)
PrintSat (create)
PropCube 1 (create)
PropCube 3 (create)
Pujiang 1 (create)
S-CUBE (create)
SERPENS (create)
SIMPL (create)
SINOD-D 1 (create)
SINOD-D 3 (create)
SNaP-3 Alice (create)
SNaP-3 Eddie (create)
SNaP-3 Jimi (create)
STACEM (create)
STMSat 1 (create)
Sicral-2 (create)
Sky Mexico 1 (create)
Sky Muster (create)
Star One C4 (create)
Supernova-Beta (create)
TJSSW-1 (create)
TeLEOS-1 (create)
Telstar 12V (create)
Thor 7 (create)
Tianhui 1C (create)
Tiantuo-3 (create)
Tianwang 1A (create)
Tianwang 1B (create)
Tianwang 1C (create)
Türksat 4B (create)
ULTRASat (create)
USA-260 (create)
USA-262 (create)
USA-265 (create)
USS Langley (pavadonis) (create)
VELOX 2 (create)
VELOX C1 (create)
Xingchen 1 (create)
Xingchen 2 (create)
Xingchen 3 (create)
Xingchen 4 (create)
Xinjishu Yanzheng-2 (create)
Xiwang-2A (create)
Xiwang-2B (create)
Xiwang-2C (create)
Xiwang-2D (create)
Xiwang-2E (create)
Xiwang-2F (create)
Yaogan 27 (create)
Yaogan 28 (create)
Yaogan 29 (create)
ZDPS-2A (create)
ZDPS-2B (create)
ZJ-1 (create)
ZJ-2 (create)
Zhongxing 1C (create)
Zhongxing 2C (create)

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Total: 3
Beidou I1-S (edit) Beidou I 1-S (edit)
EUTELSAT 115 WEST B (edit) EUTELSAT 115 West B (edit)
Mexsat-1 (edit) Mexsat 1 (edit)


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