Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Veidne:2017. gada orbitālie starti (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 250
AISSat-3 (create)
ASTERIA (create)
Aalto-1 (create)
Alcomsat-1 (create)
Altair (pavadonis) (create)
Amazonas 5 (create)
Aoxinag 1 (create)
Asgardia 1 (create)
AsiaSat 9 (create)
BGUSat (create)
BSAT-4a (create)
Baumanec-2 (create)
BeiDou-3 M1 (create)
BeiDou-3 M2 (create)
Biarri-Point (create)
Blue Diamond (create)
Buccaneer RMM (create)
CE-SAT-1 (create)
CHEFsat (create)
CICERO-1 (create)
CICERO-2 (create)
CICERO-3 (create)
CICERO 6 (create)
COMPASS 2 (create)
CSUNSAT-1 (create)
CXBN-2 (create)
Caton-1 (create)
Corvus-BC 1 (create)
Corvus-BC 2 (create)
Corvus-BC 3 (create)
Corvus-BC 4 (create)
D-SAT (create)
D-Star One (create)
DHFR (create)
DIDO 2 (create)
Dellingr (create)
EagleSat (create)
EcAMSat (create)
EchoStar XXI (create)
EchoStar XXIII (create)
Ex-Alta 1 (create)
FORMOSAT-5 (create)
Fengyun 3D (create)
Flock 3m-1 (create)
Flock 3m-2 (create)
Flock 3m-3 (create)
Flock 3m-4 (create)
Flying Laptop (create)
Galileo 19 (create)
Galileo 20 (create)
Galileo 21 (create)
Galileo 22 (create)
Gbee50-LTU-OC (create)
Green Diamond (create)
Head-1 (create)
Hellas Sat 3 / Inmarsat S EAN (create)
Hispasat 36W-1 (create)
Hoopoe (create)
I-NSPIRE 2 (create)
IDEA-OSG 1 (create)
IGS-Radar 5 (create)
INS-1A (create)
INS-1B (create)
ISARA (create)
IceCube (create)
InflateSail (create)
Iridium-NEXT 116 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 130 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 131 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 134 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 135 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 137 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 138 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 141 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 151 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 153 (create)
Iridium NEXT 102 (create)
Iridium NEXT 103 (create)
Iridium NEXT 104 (create)
Iridium NEXT 105 (create)
Iridium NEXT 106 (create)
Iridium NEXT 107 (create)
Iridium NEXT 108 (create)
Iridium NEXT 109 (create)
Iridium NEXT 111 (create)
Iridium NEXT 112 (create)
Iridium NEXT 113 (create)
Iridium NEXT 114 (create)
Iridium NEXT 115 (create)
Iridium NEXT 117 (create)
Iridium NEXT 118 (create)
Iridium NEXT 119 (create)
Iridium NEXT 120 (create)
Iridium NEXT 121 (create)
Iridium NEXT 122 (create)
Iridium NEXT 123 (create)
Iridium NEXT 124 (create)
Iridium NEXT 125 (create)
Iridium NEXT 126 (create)
Iridium NEXT 127 (create)
Iridium NEXT 128 (create)
Iridium NEXT 129 (create)
Iridium NEXT 132 (create)
Iridium NEXT 133 (create)
Iridium NEXT 136 (create)
Iridium NEXT 139 (create)
Iskra-5 (create)
JPSS-1 (create)
Jilin-1 03 (create)
Jilin-1 04 (create)
Jilin-1 05 (create)
Jilin-1 06 (create)
Kestrel Eye 2M (create)
Kirameki 2 (create)
Koreasat-7 (create)
Koreasat 5A (create)
Kosmos-2524 (create)
KySat-3 (create)
LEO Vantage 2 (create)
LINK (pavadonis) (create)
LKW-1 (create)
LKW-2 (create)
Lemur-2 34 (create)
Lemur-2 35 (create)
Lemur-2 36 (create)
Lemur-2 37 (create)
Lemur-2 38 (create)
Lemur-2 39 (create)
Lemur-2 40 (create)
Lemur-2 41 (create)
Lemur-2 50 (create)
Lemur-2 51 (create)
Lemur-2 52 (create)
Lemur-2 53 (create)
Lemur-2 54 (create)
Lemur-2 55 (create)
Lemur-2 56 (create)
Lemur-2 57 (create)
Lemur-2 58 (create)
Lemur-2 59 (create)
Lemur-2 60 (create)
Lemur-2 61 (create)
Lemur-2 62 (create)
Lemur-2 63 (create)
Lemur-2 64 (create)
Lemur-2 65 (create)
Lemur-2 66 (create)
Lemur-2 67 (create)
Lemur-2 Angela (create)
Lemur-2 JennyBarna (create)
Lemur-2 RobMoore (create)
Lemur-2 SpiroVision (create)
LilacSat 1 (create)
Lingqiao-1 03 (create)
MakerSat 0 (create)
Max Valier Sat (create)
Meteor-M № 2-1 (create)
MiRaTA (create)
Michibiki 2 (create)
Michibiki 3 (create)
Michibiki 4 (create)
Mohammed VI-A (create)
NIUSAT (create)
NJUST 1 (create)
NORSAT-1 (create)
NORSAT-2 (create)
NSIGHT 1 (create)
NUDTSat (create)
NanoACE (create)
Nayif 1 (create)
OCSD B (create)
OCSD C (create)
OPTSAT-3000 (create)
ORS-5 (create)
OSIRIS-3U (create)
Overview 1A (create)
PEASS (create)
Phoenix (pavadonis) (create)
Prometheus 2.2 (create)
Prometheus 2.4 (create)
PropCube 2 (create)
QBITO (create)
QBUS-1 (create)
QBUS-2 (create)
QBUS-4 (create)
ROBUSTA-1B (create)
RadFxSat (create)
Red Diamond (create)
SEAM (create)
SES-11 / EchoStar 105 (create)
SGDC-1 (create)
SHARC (create)
SNUSAT 1 (create)
SNUSAT 1b (create)
SOMP-2 (create)
SUCHAI-1 (create)
SUSat (create)
Sentinel-2B (create)
Sentinel-5 Precursor (create)
Sfera-53 2 (create)
Shijian 13 (create)
Shijian 18 (create)
Shikisai (create)
SkCUBE (create)
SkySat-10 (create)
SkySat-11 (create)
SkySat-12 (create)
SkySat-13 (create)
SkySat-8 (create)
SkySat-9 (create)
SpaceCube (create)
TDRS-13 (create)
TJS 2 (create)
TNS-O № 2 (create)
TOKI (create)
TRICOM-1 (create)
Tanjuša-JuZGU-1 (create)
TechEdSat 6 (create)
Technosat (create)
Tiankun-1 (create)
Tsubame (create)
Tyvak-53b (create)
UCLSat (create)
UNSW-EC0 (create)
URSA MAIOR (create)
USA-274 (create)
USA-275 (create)
USA-276 (create)
USA-278 (create)
USA-279 (create)
VENµS (create)
VRSS-2 (create)
VZLUSat 1 (create)
WNISAT-1R (create)
X-Cubesat (create)
Xingyun Shiyan 1 (create)
Yaogan-30 D (create)
Yaogan-30 E (create)
Yaogan-30 F (create)
Yaogan 30-01 (create)
Yaogan 30-02 (create)
Yaogan 30-03 (create)
Yaogan 30-03 1 (create)
Yaogan 30-03 2 (create)
Yaogan 30-03 3 (create)
ZA-Aerosat (create)
Zhongxing 9A (create)
Zhuhai-1 01 (create)
Zhuhai-1 02 (create)
ÑuSat 3 (create)

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Total: 1
Eutelsat 172B (edit) EUTELSAT 172B (edit)


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