Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Veidne:2018. gada orbitālie starti (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 0

Total: 358
1KUNS-PF (create)
ADM-Aeolus (create)
AISTechSat-2 (create)
APStar 6C (create)
ASNARO-2 (create)
AUTcube2 (create)
Aerocube 12A (create)
Aerocube 12B (create)
Al Yah 3 (create)
Arkyd 6A (create)
Astrocast 0.1 (create)
Audacy 0 (create)
Azerspace 2 / Intelsat 38 (create)
BRIO (create)
Bangabandhu-1 (create)
BeiDou-3 G1Q (create)
BeiDou-3 M11 (create)
BeiDou-3 M12 (create)
BeiDou-3 M13 (create)
BeiDou-3 M14 (create)
BeiDou-3 M15 (create)
BeiDou-3 M16 (create)
BeiDou-3 M17 (create)
BeiDou-3 M18 (create)
BeiDou-3 M3 (create)
BeiDou-3 M4 (create)
BeiDou-3 M5 (create)
BeiDou-3 M6 (create)
BeiDou-3 M7 (create)
BeiDou-3 M8 (create)
BeiDou IGSO-7 (create)
BepiColombo (create)
Bhutan 1 (create)
Biarri-Squad 1 (create)
Biarri-Squad 2 (create)
Biarri-Squad 3 (create)
BlackHawk (create)
BlackSky Global 2 (create)
CANYVAL-X 1 (create)
CANYVAL-X 2 (create)
CASE (create)
CFOSAT (create)
CHEFsat 2 (create)
CICERO-10 (create)
CICERO-8 (create)
CICERO 7 (create)
CNUSail 1 (create)
CP-7 (create)
CaNOP (create)
Carbonite 2 (create)
Cartosat-2ER (create)
Centauri 1 (create)
Centauri 2 (create)
Changsha gaoxin (create)
Corvus-BC 3 (create)
CubeBel-1 (create)
CubeRRT (create)
D-Star One Phoenix (create)
DSN-1 / Superbird-B3 (create)
DebriSat 1 (create)
DebriSat 2 (create)
DemoSat 2 (create)
Denali (pavadonis) (create)
Diwata-2b (create)
DoD Cube 1A (create)
DoD Cube 1B (create)
DoD Cube 2A (create)
DoD Cube 2B (create)
DoD Cube 2C (create)
Dove Pioneer (create)
ELFIN (create)
ELFIN-STAR (create)
ENOCH (create)
EQUiSat (create)
ESEO (create)
EXCITe (create)
Eaglet 1 (create)
Elysium-Star 2 (create)
Es'hail 2 (create)
EuːCROPIS (create)
Exseedsat-1 (create)
FACSAT (create)
FalconSat 6 (create)
Fengmaniu 1 (create)
Fengyun 2H (create)
Flock-3p' 1 (create)
Flock-3p' 2 (create)
Flock-3p' 3 (create)
Flock-3p' 4 (create)
Flock-3s 1 (create)
Flock-3s 2 (create)
Flock-3s 3 (create)
Flock 3r-1 (create)
Flock 3r-10 (create)
Flock 3r-11 (create)
Flock 3r-12 (create)
Flock 3r-13 (create)
Flock 3r-14 (create)
Flock 3r-15 (create)
Flock 3r-16 (create)
Flock 3r-2 (create)
Flock 3r-3 (create)
Flock 3r-4 (create)
Flock 3r-5 (create)
Flock 3r-6 (create)
Flock 3r-7 (create)
Flock 3r-8 (create)
Flock 3r-9 (create)
Fox-1Cliff (create)
Fox 1D (create)
GOES-S (create)
GOMX 4A (create)
GOMX 4B (create)
GRACE-FO 1 (create)
GRACE-FO 2 (create)
GSAT-29 (create)
GSAT-6A (create)
Galileo 22 (create)
Galileo 23 (create)
Galileo 24 (create)
Galileo 25 (create)
Gaofen 1-02 (create)
Gaofen 1-03 (create)
Gaofen 1-04 (create)
Gaofen 11 (create)
Gaofen 5 (create)
Gaofen 6 (create)
Gaojing-1 03 (create)
Gaojing-1 04 (create)
Global-1 (create)
HSAT-1 (create)
HYLAS-4 (create)
HaiYang 1C (create)
HaiYang 2B (create)
HaloSat (create)
Hawk 1 (create)
Hawk 2 (create)
Hawk 3 (create)
Hiber 1 (create)
Hiber 2 (create)
Hispasat 30W-6 (create)
Horizons-3e (create)
Humanity Star (create)
HySIS (create)
IBUKI-2 (create)
ICE-Cap (create)
ICESat-2 (create)
ICEYE X1 (create)
ICEYE X2 (create)
IGS-Optical 6 (create)
IGS Radar-6 (create)
INS 1C (create)
IRVINE01 (create)
ITASAT 1 (create)
InnoSAT-2 (create)
Irazú (create)
Iridium-NEXT 154 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 155 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 156 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 158 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 159 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 160 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 163 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 164 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 166 (create)
Iridium-NEXT 167 (create)
Iridium NEXT 110 (create)
Iridium NEXT 140 (create)
Iridium NEXT 142 (create)
Iridium NEXT 143 (create)
Iridium NEXT 144 (create)
Iridium NEXT 145 (create)
Iridium NEXT 146 (create)
Iridium NEXT 147 (create)
Iridium NEXT 148 (create)
Iridium NEXT 149 (create)
Iridium NEXT 150 (create)
Iridium NEXT 152 (create)
Iridium NEXT 157 (create)
Iridium NEXT 161 (create)
Iridium NEXT 162 (create)
Irvine 02 (create)
JY1-Sat (create)
Jiading-1 (create)
Jilin-1 07 (create)
Jilin-1 08 (create)
K2SAT (create)
KAUSAT 5 (create)
KHUSAT 3 (create)
KIPP (create)
KNACKSAT (create)
KazSTSAT (create)
KazSciSat (create)
KhalifaSat (create)
KickSat 2 (create)
Kosmos-2528 (create)
Kosmos-2529 (create)
Kosmos-2530 (create)
Kosmos-2531 (create)
Kosmos-2532 (create)
LEO Vantage 1 (create)
LKW-3 (create)
LKW-4 (create)
Landmapper-BC 4 v2 (create)
Lemur-2-Chanusiak (create)
Lemur-2-Duly (create)
Lemur-2-Jin-Luen (create)
Lemur-2-Kadi (create)
Lemur-2-Kobyszcze (create)
Lemur-2-Marshall (create)
Lemur-2-Orzulak (create)
Lemur-2-Tallhamn-ATC (create)
Lemur-2-TheNickMolo (create)
Lemur-2-UramChanSol (create)
Lemur-2-Vladimir (create)
Lemur-2-Zupanski (create)
Lemur-2 BrownCow (create)
Lemur-2 DaveWilson (create)
Lemur-2 McCafferty (create)
Lemur-2 PW (create)
Longjiang 1 (create)
Longjiang 2 (create)
Luojia 1 (create)
MAYA (create)
MOVE 2 (create)
MYSAT 1 (create)
MarCO A (create)
MarCO B (create)
MemSat (create)
MetOp-C (create)
MicroMAS 2a (create)
Microsat-TD (create)
MinXSS 2 (create)
Mohammed VI-B (create)
NABEO (create)
NEXTSat 1 (create)
NovaSAR-S (create)
O3b FM13 (create)
O3b FM14 (create)
O3b FM15 (create)
O3b FM16 (create)
OHS 2A (create)
OHS 2B (create)
OHS 2C (create)
OHS 2D (create)
ORS 7A (create)
ORS 7B (create)
OVS 2A (create)
Orbital Reflector (create)
Overview 1 (create)
PAZ (create)
PODSat (create)
PROITERES-2 (create)
PRSS-1 (create)
PW-Sat 2 (create)
PakTES 1A (create)
PicSat (create)
Proxima I (create)
Proxima II (create)
Quantutong 1 (create)
RAAF M1 (create)
RANGE A (create)
RANGE B (create)
RSP-00 (create)
RadSat-g (create)
Radix (create)
RainCube (create)
Reaktor Hello World (create)
RemoveDEBRIS (create)
S-Net 1 (create)
S-Net 2 (create)
S-Net 3 (create)
S-Net 4 (create)
SAOCOM 1A (create)
SES-12 (create)
SES-14 (create)
SES-16 / GovSat-1 (create)
SIRION Pathfinder 2 (create)
SNUGLITE (create)
SNUSAT 2 (create)
SORTIE (create)
SPATIUM-I (create)
SSO-A (create)
SSTL-1 (create)
STARS-Me (create)
STEP Cube Lab (create)
STPSat 5 (create)
Saudisat 5B (create)
SeaHawk 1 (create)
SeeMe (create)
Sentinel-3B (create)
Shaonian Xing (create)
SiriusSat 1 (create)
SiriusSat 2 (create)
SkySat C12 (create)
SkySat C13 (create)
SpaceBEE 1 (create)
SpaceBEE 2 (create)
SpaceBEE 3 (create)
SpaceBEE 4 (create)
SpaceBEE 5 (create)
SpaceBEE 6 (create)
SpaceBEE 7 (create)
Stars-AO (create)
Still Testing (create)
Suomi-100 (create)
SurfSat (create)
TEMPEST-D (create)
THEA (create)
Tanjuša-JuZGU-3 (create)
Tanjuša-JuZGU-4 (create)
Tasuki (create)
Telkom 4 (create)
Telstar 18 VANTAGE (create)
Telstar 19V (create)
Ten-Koh (create)
Tianping-1A (create)
Tianping-1B (create)
Tianqi-1 (create)
Tianzhi-1 (create)
Tintin A (create)
Tintin B (create)
Tyvak 61C (create)
UBAKUSAT (create)
USA-281 (create)
USA-282 (create)
USA-283 (create)
USA-284 (create)
USA-288 (create)
USA 285 (create)
USA 286 (create)
USA 287 (create)
UiTMSAT (create)
VESTA (create)
VisionCube (create)
Weilai 1 (create)
Weina 1 (create)
Weina 1A (create)
WeissSat 1 (create)
XJSW A (create)
XJSW B (create)
Xiangrikui 1 (create)
Xiaoxiang-1 02 (create)
Xiaoxiang 2 (create)
Xinghe (create)
Yaogan 30-04-01 (create)
Yaogan 30-04-02 (create)
Yaogan 30-04-03 (create)
Yaogan 31-01 01 (create)
Yaogan 31-01 02 (create)
Yaogan 31-01 03 (create)
Yaogan 32 01 (create)
Yaogan 32 02 (create)
Zhangheng 1 (create)
Zhaojin-1 (create)
Zhou Enlai (pavadonis) (create)
ÑuSat 4 (create)
ÑuSat 5 (create)


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