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Results for Veidne:Video uzglabāšanas formāti (edit)

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Total: 77
8 mm video format (create)
AVC-Intra (create)
AVCHD (create)
Akai VK (create)
Akai videotape format (create)
Ampex-HS (create)
Ampex 2 inch helical VTR (create)
Betacam (create)
Betamax (create)
Blu-ray Disc (edit)
CBHD (create)
CD Video (edit) Kompaktdisks (edit)
CV-2000 (create)
CVD (create)
Capacitance Electronic Disc (create)
Cartrivision (create)
Compact Video Cassette (create)
D-1 (Sony) (create)
D-2 (video) (create)
D-3 (video) (create)
D-VHS (create)
D5 HD (create)
D6 HDTV VTR (create)
DCT (videocassette format) (create)
DVD (edit)
DVD-Video (create)
DV (formāts) (create)
Digital-S (create)
Digital8 (create)
EIAJ-1 (create)
Editcam (create)
Electronic Video Recording (create)
Electronicam (create)
Enhanced Versatile Disc (create)
Forward Versatile Disc (create)
HDCAM (create)
HDV (create)
HD DVD (create)
HVD (edit) DVD (edit)
High-Definition Versatile Disc (create)
IFrame (video format) (create)
IVC videotape format (create)
Kinescope (create)
Laserdisc (create)
Laserfilm (create)
MII (videocassette format) (create)
MOD and TOD (create)
M (videocassette format) (create)
MicroMV (create)
MiniDVD (create)
MovieCD (create)
P2 (storage media) (create)
Phonovision (create)
Quadruplex videotape (create)
Ruvi (create)
S-VHS (create)
Sony HDVS (create)
Super Video CD (create)
Television Electronic Disc (create)
Type A videotape (create)
Type B videotape (create)
Type C videotape (create)
U-matic (create)
Universal Media Disc (create)
V-Cord (create)
VHS (create)
VHS-C (create)
VX (videocassette format) (create)
Versatile Multilayer Disc (create)
Video 2000 (create)
Video CD (edit) Kompaktdisks (edit)
Video Cassette Recording (create)
Video High Density (create)
Videolenta (create)
Vision electronic recording apparatus (create)
W-VHS (create)
XDCAM (create)

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Total: 3
CD Video (edit) Kompaktdisks (edit)
HVD (edit) DVD (edit)
Video CD (edit) Kompaktdisks (edit)


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