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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Angola Bölgeleri ve Şehirleri (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
Angola (edit)

Total: 185
Alto Cauale (create)
Alto Zambeze (create)
Ambaca (create)
Ambriz (create)
Ambuila (create)
Andulo (create)
Angola Bölgeleri ve Şehirleri (create)
Bailundo (create)
Balombo (create)
Banga (municipality) (create)
Baía Farta (create)
Belize (şehir) (create)
Bembe (şehir) (create)
Bengo Bölgesi (edit)
Benguela (edit)
Benguela Bölgesi (edit)
Bibala (create)
Bié Bölgesi (edit)
Bocoio (create)
Bolongongo (create)
Buco Zau (create)
Buengas (create)
Bula Atumba (create)
Bundas (create)
Cabinda (şehir) (edit)
Cabinda Bölgesi (edit)
Cacolo (create)
Caconda (create)
Cacongo (create)
Cacuaco (create)
Cacuzo (create)
Cahama (create)
Caimbambo (create)
Calai (create)
Calandula (create)
Caluquembe (create)
Camacuio (create)
Camacupa (create)
Camanongue (create)
Cambambe (create)
Cambundi-Catembo (create)
Came (municipality) (create)
Cameia (create)
Caombo (create)
Capemba-Camulemba (create)
Cassongue (create)
Catabola (create)
Caumbo (create)
Caungula (create)
Cazenga (create)
Cazengo (create)
Caála (create)
Cela, Angola (create)
Chiange (create)
Chibia (create)
Chicomba (create)
Chinguar (create)
Chipindo (create)
Chitato-Dundo (create)
Chitembo (create)
Chongorói (create)
Conda (create)
Cuaba Nzogo (create)
Cuanavale (create)
Cuando Cubango Bölgesi (edit)
Cuangar (create)
Cuango (create)
Cuanza Norte Bölgesi (edit)
Cuanza Sul Bölgesi (edit)
Cubal (create)
Cuchi (create)
Cuemba (create)
Cuilo (create)
Cuimba (create)
Cuito (create)
Cunda-dia-Baza (create)
Cunene Bölgesi (edit)
Cunhinga (create)
Dala (şehir) (create)
Damba (şehir) (create)
Dande (create)
Dembos (create)
Dirico (create)
Dundo (create)
Ebo (şehir) (create)
Ekunha (create)
Ganda, Angola (create)
Golungo Alto (create)
Gonguembo (create)
Huambo (create)
Huambo Bölgesi (edit)
Humpata (create)
Huíla ili (edit)
Ingombota (create)
Katchiungo (create)
Kilamba Kiaxi (create)
Kuito (create)
Kuroka (create)
Kuvango (create)
Kuvelai (create)
Libolo (create)
Lobito (create)
Londuimbali (create)
Longa (şehir) (create)
Longonjo (create)
Luacano (create)
Luanda (edit)
Luanda Bölgesi (edit)
Luau, Moxico (create)
Lubalo (create)
Lubango (edit)
Lucala (create)
Lucapa (create)
Luchazes (create)
Luena, Moxico (create)
Lunda Norte Bölgesi (edit)
Lunda Sul Bölgesi (edit)
Luquembo (create)
Léua (create)
M'banza-Kongo (edit)
Macocola (create)
Maianga (create)
Malanje (create)
Malanje Bölgesi (edit)
Marimba (şehir) (create)
Massango (create)
Matala (şehir) (create)
Mavinga (create)
Menongue (create)
Moxico (municipality) (create)
Moxico Bölgesi (edit)
Mucaba (create)
Mucari (create)
Muconda (create)
Mungo (şehir) (create)
Mussende (create)
Muxima (create)
N'dalatando (create)
N'zeto (create)
Namakunde (create)
Nambuangongo (create)
Namibe (edit)
Namibe Bölgesi (edit)
Negage (create)
Nharea (create)
Noqui (create)
Ondjiva (create)
Pango Aluquem (create)
Porto Amboim (create)
Puri (şehir) (create)
Quela (şehir) (create)
Quibala (create)
Quiculungo (create)
Quielengues (create)
Quilenda (create)
Quimbele (create)
Quipungo (create)
Quirima Cangandala (create)
Quiteze (create)
Quiçama (create)
Rangel (Angola) (create)
Rivungo (create)
Samba, Angola (create)
Samba Caju (create)
Sambizanga, Angola (create)
Sanze Pombo (create)
Saurimo (create)
Seles (municipality) (create)
Songo (şehir) (create)
Soyo (create)
Sumbe (create)
Tchicala Tcholoanga (create)
Tchindjenje (create)
Tomboco (create)
Tombwe (create)
Ukuma (create)
Uíge (create)
Uíge Bölgesi (edit)
Viana, Angola (create)
Waku-Kungo (create)
Xa-Muteba (create)
Xangongo (create)
Zaire Bölgesi (Angola) (edit)
Zombo (create)
Ícolo e Bengo (create)


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