Template linking and transclusion check

Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

(including namespace)

Results for Şablon:Başak (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 1
Messier 91 (edit)

Total: 276
104 Virginis (create)
106 Virginis (create)
108 Virginis (create)
109 Virginis (create)
10 Virginis (create)
110 Virginis (create)
11 Virginis (create)
12 Virginis (create)
13 Virginis (create)
16 Virginis (create)
17 Virginis (create)
1 Serpentis (create)
20 Virginis (create)
21 Virginis (create)
25 Virginis (create)
27 Virginis (create)
28 Virginis (create)
2 Serpentis (create)
31 Virginis (create)
32 Virginis (create)
33 Virginis (create)
34 Virginis (create)
35 Virginis (create)
37 Virginis (create)
38 Virginis (create)
41 Virginis (create)
44 Virginis (create)
46 Virginis (create)
48 Virginis (create)
49 Virginis (create)
4 Virginis (create)
50 Virginis (create)
53 Virginis (create)
54 Virginis (create)
55 Virginis (create)
56 Virginis (create)
57 Virginis (create)
59 Virginis (create)
61 Virginis (create)
62 Virginis (create)
63 Virginis (create)
64 Virginis (create)
65 Virginis (create)
66 Virginis (create)
68 Virginis (create)
69 Virginis (create)
6 Virginis (create)
70 Virginis (create)
71 Virginis (create)
72 Virginis (create)
73 Virginis (create)
74 Virginis (create)
75 Virginis (create)
76 Virginis (create)
77 Virginis (create)
78 Virginis (create)
7 Virginis (create)
80 Virginis (create)
82 Virginis (create)
83 Virginis (create)
84 Virginis (create)
85 Virginis (create)
86 Virginis (create)
87 Virginis (create)
89 Virginis (create)
90 Virginis (create)
92 Virginis (create)
94 Virginis (create)
95 Virginis (create)
96 Virginis (create)
AG Virginis (create)
AH Virginis (create)
AL Virginis (create)
AW Virginis (create)
AX Virginis (create)
AZ Virginis (create)
BB Virginis (create)
BF Virginis (create)
BH Virginis (create)
BK Virginis (create)
Bayer belirtmesi (edit)
Başak kümesi (edit)
Beta Virginis (create)
CE Virginis (create)
CS Virginis (create)
CU Virginis (create)
CX Virginis (create)
Chi Virginis (create)
DK Virginis (create)
DL Virginis (create)
DM Virginis (create)
DT Virginis (create)
Delta Virginis (create)
Değişen yıldız belirtmesi (edit)
EC 14012-1446 (create)
EP Virginis (create)
EQ Virginis (create)
ET Virginis (create)
Epsilon Virginis (create)
Eta Virginis (create)
FG Virginis (create)
FO Virginis (create)
FS Virginis (create)
FT Virginis (create)
FW Virginis (create)
Flamsteed belirtmesi (edit)
GJ 1154 (create)
GK Virginis (create)
GR Virginis (create)
G 12-30 (create)
G 64-12 (create)
Galaksi (edit)
Gama Virginis (create)
Gliese 486 (create)
Gliese 493.1 (create)
Gliese 514 (create)
Gliese Kataloğu (edit)
HAT-P-26 (create)
HD 101112 (create)
HD 101154 (create)
HD 101933 (create)
HD 102195 (create)
HD 102329 (create)
HD 102634 (create)
HD 102928 (create)
HD 104055 (create)
HD 104078 (create)
HD 104304 (create)
HD 104356 (create)
HD 104625 (create)
HD 104755 (create)
HD 105089 (create)
HD 106038 (create)
HD 106252 (create)
HD 106270 (create)
HD 106515 (create)
HD 106516 (create)
HD 107148 (create)
HD 107794 (create)
HD 108107 (create)
HD 108471 (create)
HD 108985 (create)
HD 109014 (create)
HD 109271 (create)
HD 109860 (create)
HD 110646 (create)
HD 111199 (create)
HD 111720 (create)
HD 112048 (create)
HD 112131 (create)
HD 112495 (create)
HD 113415 (create)
HD 113449 (create)
HD 113816 (create)
HD 114113 (create)
HD 114203 (create)
HD 114256 (create)
HD 114780 (create)
HD 114783 (create)
HD 115478 (create)
HD 115488 (create)
HD 115995 (create)
HD 116061 (create)
HD 116160 (create)
HD 116429 (create)
HD 116594 (create)
HD 116831 (create)
HD 117267 (create)
HD 117404 (create)
HD 118054 (create)
HD 118266 (create)
HD 120033 (create)
HD 120066 (create)
HD 120602 (create)
HD 121325 (create)
HD 122106 (create)
HD 122577 (create)
HD 122703 (create)
HD 122797 (create)
HD 122815 (create)
HD 122837 (create)
HD 122910 (create)
HD 122970 (create)
HD 124115 (create)
HD 124425 (create)
HD 124553 (create)
HD 124683 (create)
HD 124915 (create)
HD 124931 (create)
HD 124973 (create)
HD 124990 (create)
HD 125184 (create)
HD 125489 (create)
HD 125490 (create)
HD 125612 (create)
HD 126053 (create)
HD 126248 (create)
HD 126515 (create)
HD 126614 (create)
HD 127167 (create)
HD 127337 (create)
HD 128563 (create)
HD 129902 (create)
HD 130322 (create)
HD 130970 (create)
HD 132525 (create)
HD 133600 (create)
HD 134047 (create)
HS Virginis (create)
HT Virginis (create)
HU Virginis (create)
HV Virginis (create)
HW Virginis (create)
Henry Draper Kataloğu (edit)
IM Virginis (create)
IN Virginis (create)
IP Virginis (create)
IQ Virginis (create)
IV Virginis (create)
Iota Virginis (create)
Kappa Virginis (create)
LN Virginis (create)
Lambda Virginis (create)
Mu Virginis (create)
NN Virginis (create)
NY Virginis (create)
Nu Virginis (create)
OU Virginis (create)
Omega Virginis (create)
Omicron Virginis (create)
PG 1159-035 (create)
PG 1323-086 (create)
PG 1325+101 (create)
PSR B1257+12 (create)
Parlak Yıldız Kataloğu (edit)
Phi Virginis (create)
Pi Virginis (create)
Psi Virginis (create)
QS Virginis (create)
QZ Virginis (create)
RS Virginis (create)
RT Virginis (create)
R Virginis (create)
Rho Virginis (create)
Ross 128 (create)
SDSS J121209.31+013627.7 (create)
SDSS J1229+1122 (create)
SS Virginis (create)
ST Virginis (create)
SW Virginis (create)
S Virginis (create)
Sigma Virginis (create)
Sombrero Gökadası (edit)
TW Virginis (create)
TY Virginis (create)
Tau Virginis (create)
Teta Virginis (create)
ULAS J133553.45+113005.2 (create)
UU Virginis (create)
UV Virginis (create)
UW Virginis (create)
UY Virginis (create)
Upsilon Virginis (create)
WASP-16 (create)
WASP-24 (create)
WASP-37 (create)
WASP-39 (create)
WASP-40/HAT-P-27 (create)
W Virginis (create)
Wolf 424 (create)
Wolf 485A (create)
Wolf 489 (create)
XX Virginis (create)
Xi Virginis (create)
Yıldız (edit)
Zeta Virginis (create)


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