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Checks and reports which articles that transcludes a template that are not linked from the template, and which articles that are linked from a template but do not transclude it.

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Results for Şablon:Helenistik hükümdarlar (edit)

Mismatch between transclusions and links
Transclusion but no linkLink but no transclusion

Total: 7
VII. Kleopatra (edit)
Pontus Krallığı (edit)
Pergamon Krallığı (edit)
III. Seleukos (edit)
II. Philippos Philorōmaios (edit)
Kommagene Krallığı (edit)
III. Antiohos (edit)

Total: 156
Agathokleia (create)
Agathokles (Baktriya) (create)
Amintas Nikator (create)
Antialkidas (create)
Antigonus Hanedanı (create)
Antipater Etesias (create)
Antipater Hanedanı (create)
Apollofanes (create)
Archebios (create)
Argead Hanedanı (create)
Artemidoros (create)
Asandros (create)
Attalos Hanedanı (edit)
Bitinya hükümdarları listesi (create)
Bosporos Krallığı (create)
Dareios (create)
Diodotus Trifon (create)
Dionysios (kral) (create)
Dynamis (create)
Dynamis (Bosporan queen) (create)
Epander (create)
Etazeta (Bitinya) (create)
Fileteros (create)
Gipaipyreos (create)
Greko-Baktriya Krallığı (create)
Hermaeus (kral) (create)
Hint-Yunan Hanedanı (create)
Hippostratos (create)
I. Antigonus Monoftalmus (create)
I. Antimakhus (create)
I. Antiohos (Kommagene kralı) (create)
I. Apollodotus (create)
I. Demetrius (Baktriya) (create)
I. Demitrius Poliorketes (create)
I. Diodotus (create)
I. Eucratides (create)
I. Eumenis (edit)
I. Farnekes (create)
I. Filip Filadelfus (create)
I. Heliocles (create)
I. Menander (create)
I. Mithridates (Bosporos kralı) (create)
I. Mithridates Kallinikos (create)
I. Nicodemus (create)
I. Polemon (create)
I. Prusias (Bitinya) (create)
I. Strato (create)
I. Tiberius Julius Kotis (create)
I. Zoilos (create)
II. Aleksandros Zabinas (create)
II. Antigonus Gonatas (create)
II. Antimakhus (create)
II. Antiohos (Kommagene kralı) (create)
II. Antiohos Teos (create)
II. Antipater (Makedonya) (create)
II. Apollodotus (create)
II. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
II. Demetrius Aetolikus (create)
II. Demetrius Hint (create)
II. Demetrius Nikator (create)
II. Diodotus (create)
II. Eukratides (create)
II. Euthidemus (create)
II. Farnakes (create)
II. Filip (edit)
II. Filip Arrhidaeus (create)
II. Filip Iiloromaeus (create)
II. Heliokles (create)
II. Menander (create)
II. Mithridates (Kommagene kralı) (create)
II. Nikomedes (Bitinya) (create)
II. Polemon (create)
II. Prusias (Bitinya) (create)
II. Sames (create)
II. Strato (create)
II. Zipoites (Bitinya) (create)
II. Zoilos (create)
III. Antigonus Doson (create)
III. Antiohos (Kommagene kralı) (create)
III. Antiohos Magus (create)
III. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
III. Berenice (create)
III. Demetrios (create)
III. Demetrius Eucaerus (create)
III. Eumenes (create)
III. Mithridates (create)
III. Mithridates (Kommagene kralı) (create)
III. Nikomedes (Bitinya) (create)
III. Ptolemaios Evergetes (create)
III. Seleukos Ceraunus (create)
IV. Aleksander Aegus (create)
IV. Antiohos (Kommagene kralı) (create)
IV. Antiohos Epifanes (create)
IV. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
IV. Berenice (create)
IV. Filip (Makedonya) (create)
IV. Mithridates (create)
IV. Nikomedes (Bitinya) (create)
IV. Ptolemaios Filopator (create)
IV. Seleukos Filopator (create)
IX. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
IX. Ptolemaios Latiros (create)
Kapadokya hükümdarları listesi (create)
Kassander (create)
Kleopatra Tea (create)
Kral Diomedes (create)
Lisias (kral) (create)
Lisimahos (edit)
Meleager (kral) (create)
Nikivas (kral) (create)
Pantaleon (create)
Peukolaos (create)
Philoxenios (create)
Pitodorida (create)
Plato (Baktriya) (create)
Poliksenios (create)
Pontus kralları listesi (edit)
Ptolemaios (Kommagene kralı) (create)
Ptolemaios Keravnos (create)
Pythodorida (create)
Seleukos İmparatorluğu (edit)
Sezarion (create)
Sosthenes (Makedonya) (create)
Telephos (kral) (create)
Theofilos (kral) (create)
Thraso (create)
Tiberius Julius Aspurgus (create)
Tiberius Julius Mithridates (create)
V. Aleksander (Makedonya) (create)
V. Antiohos Eupator (create)
V. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
V. Filip (Makedonya) (create)
V. Kleopatra (create)
V. Mithridates (create)
V. Ptolemaios Epifanes (create)
VI. Antiohos Dionisus (create)
VI. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
VI. Ptolemaios Filometor (create)
VI. Seleukhos Epifanes Nikator (create)
VII. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
VII. Kleopatra Filopator (create)
VII. Ptolemaios Neos Filopator (create)
VII. Seleukos Kybiosaktes (create)
VIII. Antiohos Grypus (create)
VIII. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
VIII. Ptolemaios Fiskon (create)
X. Antiohos Eusebes Filopator (create)
X. Ariarathes Kapadokyalı (create)
X. Ptolemaios Aleksander (create)
XI. Antiohos Epifanes Filadelfus (create)
XI. Ptolemaios Aleksander (create)
XII. Antiohos Dionysus (create)
XII. Ptolemaios (create)
XIII. Antiohos Asiatikus (create)
XIV. Ptolemaios XIV (create)
Ziaelas (Bitinya) (create)

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Total: 17
Ariobarzanes (Pontus) (edit) Ariobarzanis (Pontus kralı) (edit)
I. Aleksandros Balas (edit) I. Aleksandros (Seleukos imparatoru) (edit)
I. Ariarathes (edit) I. Ariarathis (edit)
I. Dimitrius Soter (edit) I. Dimitrios (Seleukos imparatoru) (edit)
I. Mithridates (edit) I. Mithridatis (edit)
I. Nikomedes (Bitinya) (edit) I. Nikomidis (Bitinya kralı) (edit)
I. Ptolemaios Soter (edit) I. Ptolemaios (edit)
I. Seleukos Nikator (edit) I. Seleukos (edit)
I. Zipoites (Bitinya) (edit) I. Zipoitis (edit)
II. Eumenes (edit) II. Eumenis (edit)
II. Farnekes (edit) II. Farnakis (edit)
II. Mithridates (edit) II. Mithridatis (edit)
II. Ptolemaios Filedelfos (edit) II. Ptolemaios (edit)
II. Seleukos Kallinikus (edit) II. Seleukos (edit)
III. Aleksandros (edit) İskender (edit)
V. Seleukos Filometor (edit) V. Seleukos (edit)
VI. Mithridates (edit) VI. Mithridatis (edit)


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