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808s & Heartbreak (edit)
All Day (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
All Falls Down (edit)
All of the Lights (edit)
Amazing (Kanye West şarkısı) (edit)
American Boy (edit)
Big Brother (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Birthday Song (create)
Black Skinhead (create)
Blame Game (create)
Blessings (şarkı) (create)
Blood on the Leaves (create)
Bound 2 (create)
Can't Tell Me Nothing (create)
Champion (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Champions (create)
Christmas in Harlem (create)
Classic (Better Than I've Ever Been) (create)
Clique (şarkı) (create)
Cold (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Cruel Summer (GOOD Music albümü) (edit)
Dark Fantasy (şarkı) (create)
Deuces (şarkı) (create)
Devil in a New Dress (create)
Diamonds from Sierra Leone (create)
Digital Girl (create)
Down and Out (Cam'ron şarkısı) (create)
Drive Slow (create)
E.T. (şarkı) (edit)
Erase Me (edit)
Extravaganza (şarkı) (create)
Fade (create)
Father Stretch My Hands (create)
Finer Things (create)
Flashing Lights (Kanye West şarkısı) (edit)
Forever (Drake şarkısı) (edit)
FourFiveSeconds (edit)
Go! (Common şarkısı) (create)
Go Hard (create)
Gold Digger (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Gone (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Good Life (Kanye West şarkısı) (edit)
Good Morning (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Gorgeous (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Gotta Have It (şarkı) (create)
Graduation (albüm) (edit)
Heard 'Em Say (create)
Heartless (Kanye West şarkısı) (edit)
Hell of a Life (şarkı) (create)
Hey Mama (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Hold My Liquor (create)
Homecoming (Kanye West şarkısı) (edit)
Hurricane (Thirty Seconds to Mars şarkısı) (create)
H•A•M (edit)
I'll Fly Away (create)
I Am a God (create)
I Changed My Mind (create)
I Don't Like (create)
I Still Love H.E.R. (create)
I Wish You Would (DJ Khaled şarkısı) (create)
I Won (create)
Jesus Walks (create)
Kanye West diskografisi (edit)
Kinda Like a Big Deal (create)
Knock You Down (edit)
Late Registration (edit)
Lift Off (şarkı) (edit)
Lift Yourself (create)
Lost in the World (create)
Love Lockdown (edit)
Made in America (Jay-Z ve Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Make Her Say (create)
Marvin & Chardonnay (create)
Maybach Music 2 (create)
Mercy (GOOD Music şarkısı) (create)
Monster (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (edit)
New God Flow (create)
New Slaves (create)
Niggas in Paris (edit)
No Church in the Wild (edit)
Number One (John Legend şarkısı) (create)
Number One (Pharrell Williams şarkısı) (edit)
On Sight (create)
One Man Can Change the World (create)
Only One (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Otis (şarkı) (edit)
Paranoid (Kanye West şarkısı) (edit)
Pop Style (create)
Power (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Pride n Joy (create)
Pro Nails (create)
Put On (create)
Run This Town (edit)
Runaway (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Sanctified (şarkı) (create)
See Me Now (create)
See You in My Nightmares (edit)
Slow Jamz (edit)
So Appalled (create)
Start It Up (şarkı) (create)
Stay Up! (Viagra) (create)
Stronger (Kanye West şarkısı) (edit)
Supernova (Mr Hudson şarkısı) (create)
Talk About Our Love (create)
Thank You (Busta Rhymes şarkısı) (create)
That Part (create)
The College Dropout (edit)
The Corner (şarkı) (create)
The Food (create)
The Life of Pablo (edit)
The New Workout Plan (create)
Through the Wire (create)
Tiimmy Turner (create)
To the World (create)
Touch the Sky (create)
Us Placers (create)
Walkin' on the Moon (create)
Watch the Throne (edit)
We Are the World 25 for Haiti (edit)
Welcome to Heartbreak (create)
Who Gon Stop Me (create)
Why I Love You (Jay-Z ve Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Wolves (Kanye West şarkısı) (create)
Wouldn't Get Far (edit)
Ye vs. the People (create)
Yeezus (edit)


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