A collection of popular tools hosted on Wikimedia Cloud Services infrastructure. These tools serve a variety of audiences: developers, editors, researchers, community organizers, etc.

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A global bot that addresses dead links on wikis

links bot internet archive wikis php html javascript css

Built by @cyberpower678

Programs & Events Dashboard

Assists in organizing edit-a-thons, education programs & events

outreach dashboard management ruby-on-rails reactjs jsx redux

Built by @WikiEducationFoundation

Pageviews Analysis

Visualizes pageviews data of Wikimedia Foundation wikis

pageviews analytics wikis php haml javascript scss

Built by @MusikAnimal


Allows batch editing of Wikidata items

editing wikidata statements labels aliases php html javascript

Built by @magnusmanske


Searches through all of MediaWiki code (core, extensions, skins, etc)

code search mediawiki gerrit hound python

Built by @legoktm


Adds location information to images on Wikimedia Commons

geolocation coordinates map commons python flask angularjs

Built by @simon04


Crops image files at Wikimedia Commons & other Wikimedia wikis

cropping images commons wikis php javascript css

Built by @danmichaelo


Allows querying Wikidata visually by combining properties and items

visualization query wikidata vue javascript php

Built by @hay

Citation Hunt

Discovers unsourced statements on Wikipedia in different languages

gamification citations wikipedia python javascript flask

Built by @eggpi


Library card platform for the Wikipedia Library

library wikipedia python html javascript css

Built by @WikipediaLibrary

Gerrit Newcomer Bot

Adds a welcome message to a newcomer patch and adds them to a group for easy tracking

bot code python gerrit-api

Built by @srish

OOUI Demos

Distribution builder for OOUI library's demo page

ooui demos docs tutorials javascript html jquery

Built by @Rillke