Topviews Analysis URL Structure

To show the default list of top viewed pages on your wiki, use:
replacing with a valid project. You can also use excludes to exclude certain pages from view, such as known false positives.

Parameters Can be used in any order

project (default) or other valid project
Escaped page names to exclude from the view separated by | characters, such as false-positives or irrelevant pages. For example Main_page|Special:Search
A date representing either a specific day or month, or a relative range. May be one of the following:
  • last-month Last month (default)
  • yesterday
  • A specific month in the format YYYY-MM
  • A specific day in the format YYYY-MM-DD
One of: all-access (default), desktop, mobile-app, mobile-web
Set to true to force setting of the "Show mobile percentages" option. This option only works if the platform is set to all-access.
Set to false to show all pages and not just mainspace pages.