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Acoustic musicMusique acoustiqueen fr
AlbumAlbum (musique)en fr
Alternative rockRock alternatifen fr
Asian Man RecordsAsian Man Recordsen fr
BYO RecordsBYO Recordsen fr
Backing vocalsChoristeen fr
Backup bandBacking banden fr
Bass (guitar)Guitare basseen fr
Billboard (magazine)Billboarden fr
Billboard 200Billboard 200en fr
Blink-182Blink-182en fr
ChicagoChicagoen fr
Compilation albumCompilation (musique)en fr
Cover versionRepriseen fr
DrumsBatterie (instrument)en fr
EmoEmoen fr
Epic RecordsEpic Recordsen fr
Epitaph RecordsEpitaphen fr
Epitaph recordsEpitaphen fr
Exclaim!Exclaim!en fr
Extended playExtended playen fr
Green DayGreen Dayen fr
GuitarsGuitareen fr
Hardcore punkPunk hardcoreen fr
Hot Water MusicHot Water Musicen fr
Integrated Authority FileGemeinsame Normdateien fr
Jade Tree (record label)Jade Tree Recordsen fr
Jawbreaker (band)Jawbreaker (groupe)en fr
Lead vocalsFrontmanen fr
MusicBrainzMusicBrainzen fr
Music genreGenre musicalen fr
OverdubsRe-recordingen fr
PercussionInstrument de percussionen fr
Pete ParadaPete Paradaen fr
Pop punkPop punken fr
Punk rockPunk rocken fr
Record labelLabel discographiqueen fr
RestructuringRestructurationen fr
Rise AgainstRise Againsten fr
Rock Against BushRock Against Bushen fr
Rock SoundRock Sound (magazine)en fr
Single (music)Single (musique)en fr
Split albumSplit (musique)en fr
Studio albumAlbum (musique)en fr
The Lawrence ArmsThe Lawrence Armsen fr
The Mars VoltaThe Mars Voltaen fr
The Suicide MachinesThe Suicide Machinesen fr
TwitterTwitteren fr
V2 RecordsV2 Musicen fr
Vagrant RecordsVagrant Recordsen fr
Violent FemmesViolent Femmesen fr

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