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18841884nl fr
18901890nl fr
19381938nl fr
Dalai lamaDalaï-lamanl fr
KhamKhamnl fr
Pänchen lamaPanchen-lamanl fr
Regering van historisch TibetGanden Phodrangnl fr
Thubten Chökyi NyimaThubten Chökyi Nyimanl fr
Thubten GyatsoThubten Gyatsonl fr
Tibet (gebied)Tibetnl fr
Tibetaans schriftAlphasyllabaire tibétainnl fr
Wylie (romanisatie)Translittération Wylienl fr
Portaal:TibetPortail:Tibetnl fr

Replace these links in the source article text.

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This tool helps to translate the internal links, looking for each of them if an interwiki exists to the target wiki.


The source article and project are the article to translate.

The target project is the Wikipedia project where you'll publish the translation.

Example, where we want to translate [[en:Metasyntactic variable]] to fr.


The interwikis are stored by alphabetical order in the MediaWiki database. To sort by apparition order would require to read source text, and then, would slow the process.