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Contact Dereckson on IRC on #wikipedia-fr (French support) or #wikimedia-tech (English support).

Add a translate tab to the wiki interface

On the source wiki, open your common.js file (e.g. on en., mine is [[User:Dereckson/vector.js]].

Replace 'fr' by your default target language.

If you use the English Wikipedia:

dckTranslateTargetLanguage = 'fr';

If you use another Wikipedia:

addOnloadHook(function () {
	var translate = {
		//The language you translate to
		targetLanguage: 'fr',
		//The language you translate from
		sourceLanguage: wgDBname.substr(0, wgDBname.length - 4),
		//The name of the link
		tabLinkName: 'Translate',
	        getLink: function () {
        	        return '' + wgPageName + '&from=' + this.sourceLanguage + '&to=' + this.targetLanguage;
		//Initializes script
		initialize: function() {
			if (wgNamespaceNumber == 0) {
				addPortletLink('p-cactions', this.getLink(), this.tabLinkName, "tab-translate", 'Translate to ' + this.targetLanguage, "t");