Animals with sound on Wikidata, but no sound on enwiki

1African grey hornbill
African Grey Hornbill (Tockus nasutus) (022A-WA03044X0024-0021M0).ogg
2African migratory locust
BioAcoustica 576 15 Locusta migratoria migratorioides 253b.flac
3Agile gibbon
4Ansonia longidigita
19 - Ansonia longidigita - Mulu 2 (short).ogg
5Antaxius pedestris
BioAcoustica 403-1 Antaxius pedestris 449 .flac
6Arcyptera fusca
BioAcoustica 409 2 Arcyptera fusca 501r2 .flac
Atelopus franciscus male territorial call - pone.0022080.s002.oga
8Baetica ustulata
BioAcoustica 428 12 Baetica ustulata 642r1.flac
9Black woodpecker
Dryocopus martius spring call kuikuikuikui.ogg
10Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Polioptila caerulea - Blue-grey Gnatcatcher XC137714.ogg
11Brachyhypopomus bennetti
12Brachystola magna
BioAcoustica 397-10 Brachystola magna 396b .flac
13California mouse
14Chaperina fusca
BioAcoustica 09 - Chaperina fusca - Mulu Base (short).flac
16Coal tit
Periparus ater.ogg
17Common midwife toad
BioAcoustica 414-17 Alytes obstetricans 534r2 .flac
18Common raven
Corvus corax - Northern Raven - XC110257.ogg
19Conocephalus melanus
BioAcoustica 598 26 Conocephalus melaenus 671r26.flac
20Cottus perifretum
21Curve-winged sabrewing
BioAcoustica 586 7 Decticus 754r7.flac
23Dociostaurus maroccanus
BioAcoustica 579 22 Dociostaurus maroccanus 794r4 16-Nov.flac
24Domestic canary
26Ephippiger perforatus
BioAcoustica 585 8 Ephippiger perforatus 840.flac
27Eupholidoptera chabrieri
BioAcoustica 594 4 Eupholidoptera chabrieri 844r4.flac
28Eurasian golden oriole
Pirol Nähe Dahme-Mark (Andreas Plank, 21.05.2011).ogg
29European serin
Gulhämpling - Serinus serinus. Ystad-Sweden-2012.ogg
30Glossy ibis
Plegadis falcinellus - Glossy Ibis XC129140.ogg
31Gray catbird
Dumetella carolinensis - Grey Catbird - XC78887.ogg
32Great egret
Ardea alba - Great Egret XC131650.ogg
33Gryllotalpa orientalis
BioAcoustica 900 5 Gryllotalpa orientalis 125.flac
34Gryllotalpa vinae
BioAcoustica 899 13 Gryllotalpa vinae 112r10.flac
35Gryllus bimaculatus
BioAcoustica 583 6 Gryllus bimaculatus 809 9-Jan.flac
36Heteropteryx dilatata
BioAcoustica 992 3 Heteropteryx dilatata 187b.flac
37House cricket
BioAcoustica 393-9 Acheta domesticus 3545 .flac
38Hylodes japi
BioAcoustica 01 - unidentified - camp III.flac
40Leptobrachella baluensis
BioAcoustica 12 - Nesobia mjobergi A.flac
41Leptobrachella brevicrus
BioAcoustica 16 - Nesobia mjobergi.flac
42Leptobrachium montanum
BioAcoustica 15 - Leptobrachium montanum - Mulu I (short).flac
43Melodious warbler
Hippolais polyglotta song 1.ogg
44Metaphrynella sundana
BioAcoustica 01 - Metaphrynella sundana.flac
BioAcoustica 12 - Microhyla - Lawit Keleb (short).flac
46Moluccan scops owl
Otus magicus albiventris song - pone.0053712.s010.oga
47Myrmica scabrinodis
48Nemobius sylvestris
BioAcoustica 596 10 Nemobius sylvestris 001r2.flac
BioAcoustica 576 9 Neoconocephalus 249b.flac
BioAcoustica 593 1 Oecanthus 822r1 Various groups of insects.flac
52Phaneroptera nana
BioAcoustica 585 10 Phaneroptera nana 842.flac
53Pheidologeton diversus
BioAcoustica 593 7 Pheidologeton diversus 822r7.flac
54Philautus acutus
BioAcoustica 28 - Philautus acutus - Mulu 3 (short).flac
55Philautus petersi
BioAcoustica 27 - Philautus petersi - Mulu 3 (short).flac
56Pholidoptera fallax
BioAcoustica 568 40 Pholidoptera fallax 677r15.flac
57Polypedates colletti
BioAcoustica 13 - Polypedates colleti - Mulu Kerangas (short).flac
58Purple finch
Purple Finch.ogg
59Red-tailed hawk
Buteo jamaicensis - Red-tailed Hawk - XC71575.ogg
60Rhacophorus baluensis
BioAcoustica 07 - Rhacophorus baluensis - Mulu III (short).flac
61Ring ouzel
62River warbler
Locustella fluviatilis song.ogg
63Rook (bird)
Corvus frugilegus.ogg
64Spiny-cheeked honeyeater
Scarlet-chested Sunbird (Nectarinia senegalensis) (W1CDR0000938 BD14).ogg
65Stenobothrus rubicundulus
BioAcoustica 395-8 Stenobothrus rubicundulus 371b .flac
66Teleogryllus oceanicus
BioAcoustica 412 14 Teleogryllus oceanicus 514r2.flac
BioAcoustica 582 11 Tibicina 806r4 14-Dec.flac
68Tropical house cricket
BioAcoustica 417-4 Gryllodes sigillatus 550b .flac
69Tylopsis lilifolia
BioAcoustica 579 4 Tylopsis lilifolia 791r1 14-Nov.flac
70Wood sandpiper
Tringa glareola - Wood Sandpiper XC128179.ogg