Scientists with no ORCID on Wikidata, grouped by employer

  1. Harvard University (352 entries)
    1. Carolyn Abbate [Search ORCID]
    2. Henry Abramson [Search ORCID]
    3. Amir Aczel [Search ORCID]
    4. Mikael Adolphson [Search ORCID]
    5. Bina Agarwal [Search ORCID]
    6. Philippe Aghion [Search ORCID]
    7. Beatriz Armendáriz de Aghion [Search ORCID]
    8. Erez Lieberman Aiden [Search ORCID]
    9. Nayef Al-Rodhan [Search ORCID]
    10. Charles R. Alcock [Search ORCID]
    11. Alberto Alesina [Search ORCID]
    12. Victor Ambros [Search ORCID]
    13. Julian Anderson [Search ORCID]
    14. Nancy Andrews [Search ORCID]
    15. Hu Angang [Search ORCID]
    16. Joshua Angrist [Search ORCID]
    17. Luis Fernando De Angulo [Search ORCID]
    18. Alex Anmahian [Search ORCID]
    19. Paola Antonelli [Search ORCID]
    20. Pol Antràs [Search ORCID]
    21. Kwame Anthony Appiah [Search ORCID]
    22. Daniele Archibugi [Search ORCID]
    23. Nima Arkani-Hamed [Search ORCID]
    24. Iulie Aslaksen [Search ORCID]
    25. Susan Athey [Search ORCID]
    26. Katherine Baicker [Search ORCID]
    27. Sallie Baliunas [Search ORCID]
    28. Mahzarin Banaji [Search ORCID]
    29. Dror Bar-Natan [Search ORCID]
    30. David Bartel [Search ORCID]
    31. Omer Bartov [Search ORCID]
    32. Kaushik Basu [Search ORCID]
    33. Karen Bausman [Search ORCID]
    34. Lucian Bebchuk [Search ORCID]
    35. Sven Beckert [Search ORCID]
    36. Seyla Benhabib [Search ORCID]
    37. Yochai Benkler [Search ORCID]
    38. Peter Berkowitz [Search ORCID]
    39. Eduardo Berlin [Search ORCID]
    40. Anita Berrizbeitia [Search ORCID]
    41. Theodore C. Bestor [Search ORCID]
    42. Frederick Bieber [Search ORCID]
    43. Ruth Bielfeldt [Search ORCID]
    44. Ann M. Blair [Search ORCID]
    45. Steven Block [Search ORCID]
    46. David E. Bloom [Search ORCID]
    47. Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi [Search ORCID]
    48. Yve-Alain Bois [Search ORCID]
    49. Kirsten Bomblies [Search ORCID]
    50. George J. Borjas [Search ORCID]
    51. Sugata Bose [Search ORCID]
    52. Niel Brandt [Search ORCID]
    53. Allan M. Brandt [Search ORCID]
    54. Thierry Breton [Search ORCID]
    55. Simon J. Bronner [Search ORCID]
    56. Jeffrey Brown [Search ORCID]
    57. Vincent Brown [Search ORCID]
    58. Axel T. Brunger [Search ORCID]
    59. Merritt Bucholz [Search ORCID]
    60. David Buss [Search ORCID]
    61. Kevin Buzzard [Search ORCID]
    62. Axel Börsch-Supan [Search ORCID]
    63. Danny Calegari [Search ORCID]
    64. John Y. Campbell [Search ORCID]
    65. Huai-Dong Cao [Search ORCID]
    66. Lucien Castaing-Taylor [Search ORCID]
    67. David Charbonneau [Search ORCID]
    68. James Chater [Search ORCID]
    69. Henry Chesbrough [Search ORCID]
    70. Raj Chetty [Search ORCID]
    71. Gennaro Chierchia [Search ORCID]
    72. Bruno della Chiesa [Search ORCID]
    73. Aviva Chomsky [Search ORCID]
    74. Clayton M. Christensen [Search ORCID]
    75. George M. Church [Search ORCID]
    76. Catherine Clinton [Search ORCID]
    77. Sarah Coakley [Search ORCID]
    78. Adam Cohen [Search ORCID]
    79. Avner Cohen [Search ORCID]
    80. Brian Conrad [Search ORCID]
    81. Guy Consolmagno [Search ORCID]
    82. Gregory Crane [Search ORCID]
    83. David Cutler [Search ORCID]
    84. Chaya Czernowin [Search ORCID]
    85. Lorraine Daston [Search ORCID]
    86. James W. Davis [Search ORCID]
    87. Terrence Deacon [Search ORCID]
    88. J. Bradford DeLong [Search ORCID]
    89. Jody Diamond [Search ORCID]
    90. Savas Dimopoulos [Search ORCID]
    91. Catherine Dulac [Search ORCID]
    92. Daniel Dăianu [Search ORCID]
    93. Susanne Ebbinghaus [Search ORCID]
    94. Janice Eberly [Search ORCID]
    95. David Edwards [Search ORCID]
    96. Kevin Eggan [Search ORCID]
    97. Daniel Eisenstein [Search ORCID]
    98. Noam Elkies [Search ORCID]
    99. Caroline Elkins [Search ORCID]
    100. Stephen Elledge [Search ORCID]
    101. Marc H. Ellis [Search ORCID]
    102. Pavel Etingof [Search ORCID]
    103. Stephen Faraone [Search ORCID]
    104. Paul Farmer [Search ORCID]
    105. Denise Faustman [Search ORCID]
    106. Niall Ferguson [Search ORCID]
    107. Ronald Ferguson [Search ORCID]
    108. Alessandro Ferrara [Search ORCID]
    109. Tim Flannery [Search ORCID]
    110. Yuval Flicker [Search ORCID]
    111. Jeffrey Frankel [Search ORCID]
    112. Melissa Franklin [Search ORCID]
    113. Philip Freelon [Search ORCID]
    114. Walter A. Friedman [Search ORCID]
    115. Jeffrey Friedman [Search ORCID]
    116. Cynthia Friend [Search ORCID]
    117. Drew Fudenberg [Search ORCID]
    118. Gerald Gabrielse [Search ORCID]
    119. Bryan Gaensler [Search ORCID]
    120. Dennis Gaitsgory [Search ORCID]
    121. Peter Galison [Search ORCID]
    122. Henry Louis Gates [Search ORCID]
    123. Reinhard Genzel [Search ORCID]
    124. Adriaan Geuze [Search ORCID]
    125. Pankaj Ghemawat [Search ORCID]
    126. Josep Miàs Gifre [Search ORCID]
    127. Daniel Gilbert [Search ORCID]
    128. Edward Glaeser [Search ORCID]
    129. Daniel Goldhagen [Search ORCID]
    130. John Goldsmith [Search ORCID]
    131. Alyssa A. Goodman [Search ORCID]
    132. Annette Gordon-Reed [Search ORCID]
    133. David Goss [Search ORCID]
    134. John Graham [Search ORCID]
    135. Philippe Grandjean [Search ORCID]
    136. Liah Greenfeld [Search ORCID]
    137. Markus Greiner [Search ORCID]
    138. Benedict Gross [Search ORCID]
    139. Boris Groysberg [Search ORCID]
    140. Zaha Hadid [Search ORCID]
    141. Peter A. Hall [Search ORCID]
    142. Donhee Ham [Search ORCID]
    143. Jeffrey F. Hamburger [Search ORCID]
    144. Gary Hamel [Search ORCID]
    145. Edward Harlow [Search ORCID]
    146. Joe Harris [Search ORCID]
    147. Stephen C. Harrison [Search ORCID]
    148. Jonathan Hart [Search ORCID]
    149. Lene Hau [Search ORCID]
    150. Marc Hauser [Search ORCID]
    151. Ricardo Hausmann [Search ORCID]
    152. K. Michael Hays [Search ORCID]
    153. David N. Hempton [Search ORCID]
    154. Manuel Herz [Search ORCID]
    155. David F. Holland [Search ORCID]
    156. Matthew J. Holman [Search ORCID]
    157. Michael J. Hopkins [Search ORCID]
    158. Amir H. Hoveyda [Search ORCID]
    159. Ehud Hrushovski [Search ORCID]
    160. Steven Hyman [Search ORCID]
    161. Florian Idenburg [Search ORCID]
    162. Guido Imbens [Search ORCID]
    163. Eric Jacobsen [Search ORCID]
    164. Maya Jasanoff [Search ORCID]
    165. Wes Jones [Search ORCID]
    166. Roland G. Fryer, Jr. [Search ORCID]
    167. Zhang Jun [Search ORCID]
    168. Cemal Kafadar [Search ORCID]
    169. Lisa Kaltenegger [Search ORCID]
    170. Efraim Karsh [Search ORCID]
    171. Thomas Kerler [Search ORCID]
    172. Ali Khademhosseini [Search ORCID]
    173. Tarun Khanna [Search ORCID]
    174. Jim Yong Kim [Search ORCID]
    175. Kan Kimura [Search ORCID]
    176. Karen Leigh King [Search ORCID]
    177. Mark Kisin [Search ORCID]
    178. Elizabeth Kiss [Search ORCID]
    179. Michael Klarman [Search ORCID]
    180. Mark A.R. Kleiman [Search ORCID]
    181. James T. Kloppenberg [Search ORCID]
    182. Andrew H. Knoll [Search ORCID]
    183. Toshiyuki Kobayashi [Search ORCID]
    184. Joseph Koerner [Search ORCID]
    185. Christine Korsgaard [Search ORCID]
    186. John M. Kovac [Search ORCID]
    187. Michael Kremer [Search ORCID]
    188. Peter B. Kronheimer [Search ORCID]
    189. Leonard van der Kuijp [Search ORCID]
    190. A. K. Shiva Kumar [Search ORCID]
    191. David Laibson [Search ORCID]
    192. Ewa Lajer-Burcharth [Search ORCID]
    193. Michèle Lamont [Search ORCID]
    194. Eric Lander [Search ORCID]
    195. Jill Lepore [Search ORCID]
    196. Janusz Lewandowski [Search ORCID]
    197. Huw Lewis-Jones [Search ORCID]
    198. Charles M. Lieber [Search ORCID]
    199. Patricia Nelson Limerick [Search ORCID]
    200. James M. Lindsay [Search ORCID]
    201. Bruce H. Lipshutz [Search ORCID]
    202. David R. Liu [Search ORCID]
    203. Abraham (Avi) Loeb [Search ORCID]
    204. Peter Lu [Search ORCID]
    205. Jacob Lurie [Search ORCID]
    206. Jane Luu [Search ORCID]
    207. Qingyun Ma [Search ORCID]
    208. Roderick MacKinnon [Search ORCID]
    209. L. Mahadevan [Search ORCID]
    210. Juan Martín Maldacena [Search ORCID]
    211. Greg Mankiw [Search ORCID]
    212. Stephen Marglin [Search ORCID]
    213. Eric Maskin [Search ORCID]
    214. Eric Mazur [Search ORCID]
    215. Kathleen McCartney [Search ORCID]
    216. Rachel McCleary [Search ORCID]
    217. Grant McCracken [Search ORCID]
    218. Curtis T. McMullen [Search ORCID]
    219. Jessica Meir [Search ORCID]
    220. Marc Melitz [Search ORCID]
    221. Xiao-Li Meng [Search ORCID]
    222. Murray Milgate [Search ORCID]
    223. Douglas J. Mink [Search ORCID]
    224. Shiraz Minwalla [Search ORCID]
    225. Eben Moglen [Search ORCID]
    226. Andrew Moravcsik [Search ORCID]
    227. Sophie Morel [Search ORCID]
    228. Eduardo Souto de Moura [Search ORCID]
    229. Farshid Moussavi [Search ORCID]
    230. Sendhil Mullainathan [Search ORCID]
    231. Wolfgang C. Müller [Search ORCID]
    232. Gerd Müller [Search ORCID]
    233. Susan J. Napier [Search ORCID]
    234. David Robert Nelson [Search ORCID]
    235. William R. Newman [Search ORCID]
    236. Richard Noll [Search ORCID]
    237. Enrique Norten [Search ORCID]
    238. Martin Nowak [Search ORCID]
    239. Santa J. Ono [Search ORCID]
    240. Hirosi Ooguri [Search ORCID]
    241. Thomas Jay Oord [Search ORCID]
    242. Michael Oren [Search ORCID]
    243. Naomi Oreskes [Search ORCID]
    244. Andrew Oswald [Search ORCID]
    245. Rahul Pandharipande [Search ORCID]
    246. Pier Paolo Pandolfi [Search ORCID]
    247. Philippe Van Parijs [Search ORCID]
    248. Janet Perlman [Search ORCID]
    249. Norbert Perrimon [Search ORCID]
    250. Naomi Pierce [Search ORCID]
    251. Paul Pierson [Search ORCID]
    252. Steven Pinker [Search ORCID]
    253. Carme Pinós [Search ORCID]
    254. Marshall Poe [Search ORCID]
    255. Joseph Polchinski [Search ORCID]
    256. Rafael La Porta [Search ORCID]
    257. Samantha Power [Search ORCID]
    258. John Preskill [Search ORCID]
    259. Lant Pritchett [Search ORCID]
    260. Danny Quah [Search ORCID]
    261. Vilayanur S. Ramachandran [Search ORCID]
    262. Lisa Randall [Search ORCID]
    263. Rino Rappuoli [Search ORCID]
    264. Debraj Ray [Search ORCID]
    265. François Recanati [Search ORCID]
    266. John Reif [Search ORCID]
    267. Julie Reuben [Search ORCID]
    268. David Reynolds [Search ORCID]
    269. Ingrid Robeyns [Search ORCID]
    270. Dani Rodrik [Search ORCID]
    271. Kenneth Rogoff [Search ORCID]
    272. Alvin E. Roth [Search ORCID]
    273. Tony Rothman [Search ORCID]
    274. Henry Rubin [Search ORCID]
    275. Gerald M. Rubin [Search ORCID]
    276. Christopher E. Rudd [Search ORCID]
    277. James R. Russell [Search ORCID]
    278. Ian Rutherford [Search ORCID]
    279. Gary Ruvkun [Search ORCID]
    280. Timothy W. Ryback [Search ORCID]
    281. Pardis Sabeti [Search ORCID]
    282. Subir Sachdev [Search ORCID]
    283. Jeffrey Sachs [Search ORCID]
    284. Robert J. Sampson [Search ORCID]
    285. Michael Sandel [Search ORCID]
    286. Dimitar Sasselov [Search ORCID]
    287. Isabel Schnabel [Search ORCID]
    288. Jeffrey Schnapp [Search ORCID]
    289. Juliet Schor [Search ORCID]
    290. Stuart Schreiber [Search ORCID]
    291. Martha Schwartz [Search ORCID]
    292. Klaus Segbers [Search ORCID]
    293. Jeffrey L. Seglin [Search ORCID]
    294. Eldar Shafir [Search ORCID]
    295. Andrei Shleifer [Search ORCID]
    296. Florencio López de Silanes [Search ORCID]
    297. Alison Simmons [Search ORCID]
    298. Beth A. Simmons [Search ORCID]
    299. Timothy J. Sinclair [Search ORCID]
    300. David Sinclair [Search ORCID]
    301. Jeremy C. Smith [Search ORCID]
    302. Charles Saumarez Smith [Search ORCID]
    303. Ken Smith [Search ORCID]
    304. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld [Search ORCID]
    305. Willie Soon [Search ORCID]
    306. Dean Spade [Search ORCID]
    307. Timothy B. Spahr [Search ORCID]
    308. Gerald Steinacher [Search ORCID]
    309. Catherine Steiner-Adair [Search ORCID]
    310. James H. Stock [Search ORCID]
    311. Howard A. Stone [Search ORCID]
    312. Andrew Strominger [Search ORCID]
    313. David Stuart [Search ORCID]
    314. Christopher Stubbs [Search ORCID]
    315. Lawrence Summers [Search ORCID]
    316. Jomo Kwame Sundaram [Search ORCID]
    317. Cass Sunstein [Search ORCID]
    318. Michael Szonyi [Search ORCID]
    319. Jack Szostak [Search ORCID]
    320. Clifford Tabin [Search ORCID]
    321. Yuli Tamir [Search ORCID]
    322. Clifford Taubes [Search ORCID]
    323. Richard Taylor [Search ORCID]
    324. Livingston Taylor [Search ORCID]
    325. Rafael di Tella [Search ORCID]
    326. Serhiy Teryokhin [Search ORCID]
    327. Friedrich-Karl Thielemann [Search ORCID]
    328. Mehmet Toner [Search ORCID]
    329. Carlo Trigilia [Search ORCID]
    330. Korkut Uygun [Search ORCID]
    331. Kamran Vafa [Search ORCID]
    332. Michael Van Valkenburgh [Search ORCID]
    333. Bert Vaux [Search ORCID]
    334. Andrés Velasco [Search ORCID]
    335. John Vickers [Search ORCID]
    336. Stephen Walt [Search ORCID]
    337. Mark Watson [Search ORCID]
    338. Joseph H. H. Weiler [Search ORCID]
    339. Mona Weissmark [Search ORCID]
    340. David A. Weitz [Search ORCID]
    341. Cornel West [Search ORCID]
    342. Ting Wu [Search ORCID]
    343. Xiaoliang Sunney Xie [Search ORCID]
    344. Dimitrios Yatromanolakis [Search ORCID]
    345. Horng-Tzer Yau [Search ORCID]
    346. Oksana Zabuzhko [Search ORCID]
    347. Malika Zeghal [Search ORCID]
    348. Joshua M. Zeitz [Search ORCID]
    349. Xiaowei Zhuang [Search ORCID]
    350. Jan M. Ziolkowski [Search ORCID]
    351. Peter Zoller [Search ORCID]
    352. Shoshana Zuboff [Search ORCID]
  2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (175 entries)
    1. Marc-Aeilko Aris [Search ORCID]
    2. Ino Augsberg [Search ORCID]
    3. Martin Aust [Search ORCID]
    4. Patrick A. Baeuerle [Search ORCID]
    5. Franz Alto Bauer [Search ORCID]
    6. Franz Bauer [Search ORCID]
    7. Martin Baumeister [Search ORCID]
    8. Ralf Baumeister [Search ORCID]
    9. Wolfgang Baumjohann [Search ORCID]
    10. Peter Becker [Search ORCID]
    11. Ralf Behrwald [Search ORCID]
    12. Franz Xaver Bischof [Search ORCID]
    13. Immanuel Bloch [Search ORCID]
    14. Christoph Bode [Search ORCID]
    15. Thomas Bohn [Search ORCID]
    16. Dieter Braun [Search ORCID]
    17. Arndt Brendecke [Search ORCID]
    18. Michael Brenner [Search ORCID]
    19. Manfred Brocker [Search ORCID]
    20. Thomas Buchheim [Search ORCID]
    21. Wolfgang Burgdorf [Search ORCID]
    22. Andreas Burkert [Search ORCID]
    23. Hans-Ulrich Cain [Search ORCID]
    24. Marie-Janine Calic [Search ORCID]
    25. Thomas Carell [Search ORCID]
    26. Kai Carstensen [Search ORCID]
    27. Patrick Cramer [Search ORCID]
    28. Christopher Daase [Search ORCID]
    29. Bardhyl Demiraj [Search ORCID]
    30. Horst Domdey [Search ORCID]
    31. Martin Dreher [Search ORCID]
    32. Detlef Dürr [Search ORCID]
    33. Peter Egger [Search ORCID]
    34. Wolf-Dieter Enkelmann [Search ORCID]
    35. Irmgard Fees [Search ORCID]
    36. Jochen Feldmann [Search ORCID]
    37. Wolfgang Fenske [Search ORCID]
    38. Ernst Fischer [Search ORCID]
    39. Sabine Freitag [Search ORCID]
    40. Waldemar Fromm [Search ORCID]
    41. Therese Fuhrer [Search ORCID]
    42. Reinhard Genzel [Search ORCID]
    43. Martin H. Geyer [Search ORCID]
    44. Luca Giuliani [Search ORCID]
    45. Markus Glaser [Search ORCID]
    46. Bernhard Graf [Search ORCID]
    47. Edgar Grande [Search ORCID]
    48. Susanne Gödde [Search ORCID]
    49. Knut Görich [Search ORCID]
    50. Magdalena Götz [Search ORCID]
    51. Christian Haass [Search ORCID]
    52. Rudolf Haensch [Search ORCID]
    53. Jonathan Harrington [Search ORCID]
    54. Lydia Hartl [Search ORCID]
    55. Franz-Ulrich Hartl [Search ORCID]
    56. Ulf Hashagen [Search ORCID]
    57. Gerhard Haszprunar [Search ORCID]
    58. Christine Haug [Search ORCID]
    59. Wolfgang M. Heckl [Search ORCID]
    60. Manfred Heim [Search ORCID]
    61. Karlfriedrich Herb [Search ORCID]
    62. Joachim Hermisson [Search ORCID]
    63. Ralf von den Hoff [Search ORCID]
    64. Stephan Hoppe [Search ORCID]
    65. Martin Hose [Search ORCID]
    66. Gerd Häfner [Search ORCID]
    67. Andreas Höfele [Search ORCID]
    68. Martin Högl [Search ORCID]
    69. Markus Hünemörder [Search ORCID]
    70. Gerhard Illing [Search ORCID]
    71. Oliver Jahraus [Search ORCID]
    72. Markus Janka [Search ORCID]
    73. Roland Kany [Search ORCID]
    74. Thomas Kaufmann [Search ORCID]
    75. Andreas Kemmerling [Search ORCID]
    76. Alexandra Kertz-Welzel [Search ORCID]
    77. Matthias Varga von Kibéd [Search ORCID]
    78. Martin Kintzinger [Search ORCID]
    79. Walter Kißel [Search ORCID]
    80. Thomas M. Klapötke [Search ORCID]
    81. Birgitta Kleinschwärzer-Meister [Search ORCID]
    82. Paul Knochel [Search ORCID]
    83. Hubertus Kohle [Search ORCID]
    84. Dieter Kotschick [Search ORCID]
    85. Ferdinand Kramer [Search ORCID]
    86. Georg Krausch [Search ORCID]
    87. Jens-Uwe Krause [Search ORCID]
    88. Ferenc Krausz [Search ORCID]
    89. Dieter Lamping [Search ORCID]
    90. Reinhold Leinfelder [Search ORCID]
    91. Friedrich Leisch [Search ORCID]
    92. Hannes Leitgeb [Search ORCID]
    93. Susanne Lepsius [Search ORCID]
    94. Harald Lesch [Search ORCID]
    95. Gerd Leuchs [Search ORCID]
    96. Christoph Levin [Search ORCID]
    97. Dieter Lüst [Search ORCID]
    98. Detlef H. Mache [Search ORCID]
    99. Christof Mauch [Search ORCID]
    100. Heinrich Meier [Search ORCID]
    101. Reinhard C. Meier-Walser [Search ORCID]
    102. Josef W. Meri [Search ORCID]
    103. Carola Metzner-Nebelsick [Search ORCID]
    104. Anton Meyer [Search ORCID]
    105. Hans-Georg Mutius [Search ORCID]
    106. Claudia Märtl [Search ORCID]
    107. Peter von Möllendorff [Search ORCID]
    108. Matthias Mühling [Search ORCID]
    109. Albrecht von Müller [Search ORCID]
    110. Armin Nassehi [Search ORCID]
    111. Julian Nida-Rümelin [Search ORCID]
    112. Kōnstantinos Nikolakopulos [Search ORCID]
    113. Johannes Nollé [Search ORCID]
    114. Astrid Nunn [Search ORCID]
    115. Alexander Nützel [Search ORCID]
    116. Miltos Pechlibanos [Search ORCID]
    117. Reinhard Pekrun [Search ORCID]
    118. Daniel Polz [Search ORCID]
    119. Niklas Potrafke [Search ORCID]
    120. Helmuth Pree [Search ORCID]
    121. Oliver Primavesi [Search ORCID]
    122. Bernd Päffgen [Search ORCID]
    123. Peter Pörtner [Search ORCID]
    124. Wulf Raeck [Search ORCID]
    125. Johann Rafelski [Search ORCID]
    126. Bettina Reichenbacher [Search ORCID]
    127. Susanne Renner [Search ORCID]
    128. Bernd Rieken [Search ORCID]
    129. Gisela Riescher [Search ORCID]
    130. Stefan Ritter [Search ORCID]
    131. Traugott Roser [Search ORCID]
    132. Anthony Rowley [Search ORCID]
    133. Michael Rössner [Search ORCID]
    134. Manfred G. Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    135. Klaus M. Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    136. Perry Schmidt-Leukel [Search ORCID]
    137. Rolf Michael Schneider [Search ORCID]
    138. Wolfgang Schnick [Search ORCID]
    139. Monika Schnitzer [Search ORCID]
    140. Ulrich Schollwöck [Search ORCID]
    141. Bianca-Jeanette Schröder [Search ORCID]
    142. Christof Schuler [Search ORCID]
    143. Regine Schulz [Search ORCID]
    144. Wolfgang Schulze [Search ORCID]
    145. Christian Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    146. Hans-Martin Schönherr-Mann [Search ORCID]
    147. Heinz Siedentop [Search ORCID]
    148. Peter F. E. Sloane [Search ORCID]
    149. Hermann-Josef Stipp [Search ORCID]
    150. Peter Strohschneider [Search ORCID]
    151. Bertram Stubenrauch [Search ORCID]
    152. Uwe Sunde [Search ORCID]
    153. Engelbert Thaler [Search ORCID]
    154. Manuel René Theisen [Search ORCID]
    155. Rudolf Tippelt [Search ORCID]
    156. Helmuth Trischler [Search ORCID]
    157. Athanasios Vletsis [Search ORCID]
    158. Markus Vogt [Search ORCID]
    159. Klaus Vollmer [Search ORCID]
    160. Daniel Wachter [Search ORCID]
    161. Martin Wagendorfer [Search ORCID]
    162. Achim Wambach [Search ORCID]
    163. Jürgen Wasem [Search ORCID]
    164. Michael Weigl [Search ORCID]
    165. Udo Weilacher [Search ORCID]
    166. Ingo Weller [Search ORCID]
    167. Martin Schulze Wessel [Search ORCID]
    168. Simon White [Search ORCID]
    169. Claudia Wiener [Search ORCID]
    170. Joachim Winter [Search ORCID]
    171. Andreas Wirsching [Search ORCID]
    172. Ludger Woessmann [Search ORCID]
    173. Martin Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
    174. Wolfgang Zinth [Search ORCID]
    175. Wolfram G. Zoller [Search ORCID]
  3. University of Vienna (173 entries)
    1. Lieselotte Ahnert [Search ORCID]
    2. Andreas Čap [Search ORCID]
    3. Kurt Appel [Search ORCID]
    4. Markus Arndt [Search ORCID]
    5. Goulnara Arzhantseva [Search ORCID]
    6. Markus Aspelmeyer [Search ORCID]
    7. Hans Aurenhammer [Search ORCID]
    8. Karl Baier [Search ORCID]
    9. Peter Balazs [Search ORCID]
    10. Herbert Bannert [Search ORCID]
    11. Peter Becker [Search ORCID]
    12. Ulrich Brand [Search ORCID]
    13. Sebastian Brather [Search ORCID]
    14. Philippe Buc [Search ORCID]
    15. Thomas Bugnyar [Search ORCID]
    16. Michele Calella [Search ORCID]
    17. Adrian Constantin [Search ORCID]
    18. Thomas Corsten [Search ORCID]
    19. Falko Daim [Search ORCID]
    20. Georg Danek [Search ORCID]
    21. Klaus Davidowicz [Search ORCID]
    22. Adamantios Diamantopoulos [Search ORCID]
    23. Wolfgang Dietrich [Search ORCID]
    24. Herta S. Effenberger [Search ORCID]
    25. Silvia Eiblmayr [Search ORCID]
    26. Manfred Leopold Einsiedler [Search ORCID]
    27. Wilfried Engemann [Search ORCID]
    28. Hans Georg Feichtinger [Search ORCID]
    29. Peter Filzmaier [Search ORCID]
    30. Gottfried Fischer [Search ORCID]
    31. Ilse Fischer [Search ORCID]
    32. Irene Forstner-Müller [Search ORCID]
    33. Rüdiger Frank [Search ORCID]
    34. Sy Friedman [Search ORCID]
    35. Andre Gingrich [Search ORCID]
    36. Paul Gleirscher [Search ORCID]
    37. Thomas Gloning [Search ORCID]
    38. Karl Grammer [Search ORCID]
    39. Farouk Grewing [Search ORCID]
    40. Stefan Groh [Search ORCID]
    41. Werner Gruber [Search ORCID]
    42. Karlheinz Gröchenig [Search ORCID]
    43. Heinz Gärtner [Search ORCID]
    44. Stefan Götz [Search ORCID]
    45. Martin A. Hainz [Search ORCID]
    46. Friederike Hassauer [Search ORCID]
    47. Gabriella Hauch [Search ORCID]
    48. Herwig Hauser [Search ORCID]
    49. Fritz Hausjell [Search ORCID]
    50. Michael Heinrich [Search ORCID]
    51. Markus Hengstschläger [Search ORCID]
    52. Monika Henzinger [Search ORCID]
    53. Joachim Hermisson [Search ORCID]
    54. Josef Hofbauer [Search ORCID]
    55. Georg Holzer [Search ORCID]
    56. Ludwig Huber [Search ORCID]
    57. Hans Humenberger [Search ORCID]
    58. Christa Hämmerle [Search ORCID]
    59. Lothar Höbelt [Search ORCID]
    60. Hans Gerald Hödl [Search ORCID]
    61. Achim Hölter [Search ORCID]
    62. Michael Jursa [Search ORCID]
    63. Peter Jánosi [Search ORCID]
    64. Martina Kaller-Dietrich [Search ORCID]
    65. Dimitris Karagiannis [Search ORCID]
    66. Klaus Kastberger [Search ORCID]
    67. Ludmil Katzarkov [Search ORCID]
    68. Wolfgang Kautek [Search ORCID]
    69. Wolfgang Klaghofer-Treitler [Search ORCID]
    70. Rupert Klieber [Search ORCID]
    71. Hubert Knoblauch [Search ORCID]
    72. Jürgen Knoblich [Search ORCID]
    73. Kurt Kotrschal [Search ORCID]
    74. Christian Krattenthaler [Search ORCID]
    75. Marita Krauss [Search ORCID]
    76. Harald W. Krenn [Search ORCID]
    77. Georg Krücken [Search ORCID]
    78. Michael Kunzinger [Search ORCID]
    79. Martin Kusch [Search ORCID]
    80. Eva Christiana Köhler [Search ORCID]
    81. Ulrich H. J. Körtner [Search ORCID]
    82. Roman Kühschelm [Search ORCID]
    83. Bernhard Lamel [Search ORCID]
    84. Gerhard Josef Langer [Search ORCID]
    85. Konrad Paul Liessmann [Search ORCID]
    86. Rüdiger Lohlker [Search ORCID]
    87. Viktor Losert [Search ORCID]
    88. Wolfgang Lutz [Search ORCID]
    89. Raimund Löw [Search ORCID]
    90. Peter Markowich [Search ORCID]
    91. Gerhard Marschütz [Search ORCID]
    92. Norbert Mauser [Search ORCID]
    93. Gerhard Melinz [Search ORCID]
    94. Arthur Mettinger [Search ORCID]
    95. Matthias Meyer [Search ORCID]
    96. Stefan Minner [Search ORCID]
    97. Fritz Mitthof [Search ORCID]
    98. Gerald Moers [Search ORCID]
    99. Verena Moritz [Search ORCID]
    100. Giannēs Mylonopulos [Search ORCID]
    101. Hermann Mückler [Search ORCID]
    102. Ludger Müller [Search ORCID]
    103. Andreas E. Müller [Search ORCID]
    104. Stephan Müller [Search ORCID]
    105. Gerd Müller [Search ORCID]
    106. Wolfgang C. Müller [Search ORCID]
    107. Doris Nagel [Search ORCID]
    108. Kim Nasmyth [Search ORCID]
    109. Sighard Neckel [Search ORCID]
    110. Robert Nedoma [Search ORCID]
    111. Meta Niederkorn-Bruck [Search ORCID]
    112. Thomas Olechowski [Search ORCID]
    113. Ferdinand Opll [Search ORCID]
    114. Ingrid Pabinger-Fasching [Search ORCID]
    115. Bernhard Palme [Search ORCID]
    116. Herlinde Pauer-Studer [Search ORCID]
    117. Bertrand Perz [Search ORCID]
    118. Markus F. Peschl [Search ORCID]
    119. Georg Pflug [Search ORCID]
    120. Claus Pias [Search ORCID]
    121. Renate Pillinger [Search ORCID]
    122. Martina Pippal [Search ORCID]
    123. Walter Pohl [Search ORCID]
    124. Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel [Search ORCID]
    125. Franz Pöchhacker [Search ORCID]
    126. Q1689743 [Search ORCID]
    127. Ljiljana Radonic [Search ORCID]
    128. Friederike Range [Search ORCID]
    129. Oliver Rathkolb [Search ORCID]
    130. Christine Ratkowitsch [Search ORCID]
    131. Wolfram Reiss [Search ORCID]
    132. Christoph Reuter [Search ORCID]
    133. Bernd Rieken [Search ORCID]
    134. Raphael Rosenberg [Search ORCID]
    135. Martin Rothgangel [Search ORCID]
    136. Michael Rössner [Search ORCID]
    137. Carola Sachse [Search ORCID]
    138. Wolfgang Sander [Search ORCID]
    139. Walter Schachermayer [Search ORCID]
    140. Hans Schelkshorn [Search ORCID]
    141. Otmar Scherzer [Search ORCID]
    142. Henning Schluß [Search ORCID]
    143. Wolfgang Schmale [Search ORCID]
    144. Christian Schmeiser [Search ORCID]
    145. Renée Schroeder [Search ORCID]
    146. Marc Carel Schurr [Search ORCID]
    147. Joachim Schwermer [Search ORCID]
    148. Günther Schörner [Search ORCID]
    149. Robert Seiringer [Search ORCID]
    150. Hubert Sickinger [Search ORCID]
    151. Rudolf Simek [Search ORCID]
    152. Thomas Simon [Search ORCID]
    153. Friedrich Stadler [Search ORCID]
    154. Bertram Stubenrauch [Search ORCID]
    155. Thomas Szekeres [Search ORCID]
    156. Maria Teschler-Nicola [Search ORCID]
    157. Lioba Theis [Search ORCID]
    158. Philipp Ther [Search ORCID]
    159. Claudia Theune-Vogt [Search ORCID]
    160. Richard Trappl [Search ORCID]
    161. Jan-Heiner Tück [Search ORCID]
    162. Heidemarie Uhl [Search ORCID]
    163. Otto Helmut Urban [Search ORCID]
    164. Andreas Wagener [Search ORCID]
    165. Michael Wagner [Search ORCID]
    166. Verena Winiwarter [Search ORCID]
    167. Thomas Winkelbauer [Search ORCID]
    168. Franz Wirl [Search ORCID]
    169. Reinhard Wolters [Search ORCID]
    170. Bernhard Woytek [Search ORCID]
    171. Franz M. Wuketits [Search ORCID]
    172. Ioannis Zelepos [Search ORCID]
    173. Volker Zotz [Search ORCID]
  4. University of California, Berkeley (143 entries)
    1. Carolyn Abbate [Search ORCID]
    2. Vincanne Adams [Search ORCID]
    3. Ian Agol [Search ORCID]
    4. Gregory Scott Aldering [Search ORCID]
    5. David Aldous [Search ORCID]
    6. Paul Alivisatos [Search ORCID]
    7. Thomas E. Anderson [Search ORCID]
    8. Robert M. Anderson [Search ORCID]
    9. Vassilis Angelopoulos [Search ORCID]
    10. Nima Arkani-Hamed [Search ORCID]
    11. Maximilian Auffhammer [Search ORCID]
    12. Carolyn R. Bertozzi [Search ORCID]
    13. Harold P. Boas [Search ORCID]
    14. Richard Borcherds [Search ORCID]
    15. Keith Bostic [Search ORCID]
    16. Marc Breedlove [Search ORCID]
    17. Charles L. Briggs [Search ORCID]
    18. Wendy Brown [Search ORCID]
    19. Michael C. Burda [Search ORCID]
    20. Carlos Bustamante [Search ORCID]
    21. Judith Butler [Search ORCID]
    22. John Canny [Search ORCID]
    23. David Card [Search ORCID]
    24. Constance J. Chang-Hasnain [Search ORCID]
    25. Ignacio Chapela [Search ORCID]
    26. Sourav Chatterjee [Search ORCID]
    27. Lu Chen [Search ORCID]
    28. Henry Chesbrough [Search ORCID]
    29. Raj Chetty [Search ORCID]
    30. Alan Code [Search ORCID]
    31. Michael F. Crommie [Search ORCID]
    32. James P. Crutchfield [Search ORCID]
    33. David Culler [Search ORCID]
    34. Terrence Deacon [Search ORCID]
    35. J. Bradford DeLong [Search ORCID]
    36. James Demmel [Search ORCID]
    37. Jody Diamond [Search ORCID]
    38. Michael Dickinson [Search ORCID]
    39. Frederick M. Dolan [Search ORCID]
    40. David Donoho [Search ORCID]
    41. Beshara Doumani [Search ORCID]
    42. Daniel Dăianu [Search ORCID]
    43. Barry Eichengreen [Search ORCID]
    44. Alexei Filippenko [Search ORCID]
    45. Edward Frenkel [Search ORCID]
    46. Markus Gabriel [Search ORCID]
    47. Reinhard Genzel [Search ORCID]
    48. Alexander Givental [Search ORCID]
    49. Ken Goldberg [Search ORCID]
    50. Alison Gopnik [Search ORCID]
    51. David Goss [Search ORCID]
    52. Jorge Castañeda Gutman [Search ORCID]
    53. Tyrone Hayes [Search ORCID]
    54. Lin He [Search ORCID]
    55. Andrew R. Heinze [Search ORCID]
    56. Joseph M. Hellerstein [Search ORCID]
    57. Jane Hirshfield [Search ORCID]
    58. Piet Hut [Search ORCID]
    59. Raymond Jeanloz [Search ORCID]
    60. Vaughan Jones [Search ORCID]
    61. Michael I. Jordan [Search ORCID]
    62. Paul Kalas [Search ORCID]
    63. Jay Keasling [Search ORCID]
    64. Nicole King [Search ORCID]
    65. Allen Knutson [Search ORCID]
    66. Claire Kremen [Search ORCID]
    67. Daniel Levitin [Search ORCID]
    68. John Lie [Search ORCID]
    69. Elisabeth Lloyd [Search ORCID]
    70. John Lott [Search ORCID]
    71. David MacMillan [Search ORCID]
    72. Saba Mahmood [Search ORCID]
    73. Jitendra Malik [Search ORCID]
    74. Ulrike Malmendier [Search ORCID]
    75. Julianne Malveaux [Search ORCID]
    76. Geoffrey Marcy [Search ORCID]
    77. Jonathan M. Marks [Search ORCID]
    78. John Levi Martin [Search ORCID]
    79. Christina Maslach [Search ORCID]
    80. Maria Mavroudi [Search ORCID]
    81. Curtis T. McMullen [Search ORCID]
    82. Edward Miguel [Search ORCID]
    83. Davitt Moroney [Search ORCID]
    84. Marian Moszoro [Search ORCID]
    85. Eugene Myers [Search ORCID]
    86. Liu Na [Search ORCID]
    87. Stephen Neale [Search ORCID]
    88. Alva Noë [Search ORCID]
    89. Maurice Obstfeld [Search ORCID]
    90. Andrei Okounkov [Search ORCID]
    91. Hirosi Ooguri [Search ORCID]
    92. Peter R. Orszag [Search ORCID]
    93. John Ousterhout [Search ORCID]
    94. Kevin Padian [Search ORCID]
    95. Aaron Parsons [Search ORCID]
    96. Paul Pierson [Search ORCID]
    97. Matthew Rabin [Search ORCID]
    98. François Recanati [Search ORCID]
    99. Nicolai Reshetikhin [Search ORCID]
    100. Adam Riess [Search ORCID]
    101. Jasper Rine [Search ORCID]
    102. Gérard Roland [Search ORCID]
    103. Paul Romer [Search ORCID]
    104. David Romer [Search ORCID]
    105. Christina Romer [Search ORCID]
    106. Gerald M. Rubin [Search ORCID]
    107. Stuart J. Russell [Search ORCID]
    108. Emmanuel Saez [Search ORCID]
    109. Timothy Sands [Search ORCID]
    110. AnnaLee Saxenian [Search ORCID]
    111. Uroš Seljak [Search ORCID]
    112. James Sethian [Search ORCID]
    113. Ethan H. Shagan [Search ORCID]
    114. Carl Shapiro [Search ORCID]
    115. Scott Shenker [Search ORCID]
    116. Arthur P. Shimamura [Search ORCID]
    117. Beth A. Simmons [Search ORCID]
    118. Jonathan Simon [Search ORCID]
    119. Alistair Sinclair [Search ORCID]
    120. Theodore Slaman [Search ORCID]
    121. Yuri Slezkine [Search ORCID]
    122. Alan Jay Smith [Search ORCID]
    123. Sarah Song [Search ORCID]
    124. Anthony de Souza [Search ORCID]
    125. Raymond C. Stevens [Search ORCID]
    126. Bernd Sturmfels [Search ORCID]
    127. Horst Stöcker [Search ORCID]
    128. Claire J. Tomlin [Search ORCID]
    129. Kenneth E. Train [Search ORCID]
    130. Luca Trevisan [Search ORCID]
    131. Roger Y. Tsien [Search ORCID]
    132. Daniel Tătaru [Search ORCID]
    133. Alfonso Valenzuela-Aguilera [Search ORCID]
    134. Vijay Vazirani [Search ORCID]
    135. Paul Vojta [Search ORCID]
    136. Kim Voss [Search ORCID]
    137. Loïc Wacquant [Search ORCID]
    138. David A. Wagner [Search ORCID]
    139. Michael Watts [Search ORCID]
    140. Tim D. White [Search ORCID]
    141. W. Hugh Woodin [Search ORCID]
    142. Ahmet Yıldız [Search ORCID]
    143. Maciej Zworski [Search ORCID]
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (143 entries)
    1. Scott Aaronson [Search ORCID]
    2. Rohan Abeyaratne [Search ORCID]
    3. Daron Acemoğlu [Search ORCID]
    4. Anant Agarwal [Search ORCID]
    5. Philippe Aghion [Search ORCID]
    6. Charles R. Alcock [Search ORCID]
    7. Kenneth Amis [Search ORCID]
    8. Angelika Amon [Search ORCID]
    9. Richard A. Andersen [Search ORCID]
    10. George-Marios Angeletos [Search ORCID]
    11. Joshua Angrist [Search ORCID]
    12. Dan Ariely [Search ORCID]
    13. Susan Athey [Search ORCID]
    14. Abhijit Banerjee [Search ORCID]
    15. Alan Barber [Search ORCID]
    16. Sir Ralph Wedgwood, 4th Baronet [Search ORCID]
    17. David Bartel [Search ORCID]
    18. Kaushik Basu [Search ORCID]
    19. Hagan Bayley [Search ORCID]
    20. Angela Belcher [Search ORCID]
    21. Tim Berners-Lee [Search ORCID]
    22. Richard P. Binzel [Search ORCID]
    23. Edward Boyden [Search ORCID]
    24. Lael Brainard [Search ORCID]
    25. Cynthia Breazeal [Search ORCID]
    26. Rodney Brooks [Search ORCID]
    27. Erik Brynjolfsson [Search ORCID]
    28. Christopher Burge [Search ORCID]
    29. Ricardo J. Caballero [Search ORCID]
    30. Mario Carpo [Search ORCID]
    31. Sylvia T. Ceyer [Search ORCID]
    32. Avner Cohen [Search ORCID]
    33. Tobias Colding [Search ORCID]
    34. Ian Condry [Search ORCID]
    35. Guy Consolmagno [Search ORCID]
    36. Bill Dally [Search ORCID]
    37. Constantinos Daskalakis [Search ORCID]
    38. Erik Demaine [Search ORCID]
    39. Esther Duflo [Search ORCID]
    40. David Edwards [Search ORCID]
    41. Kerry Emanuel [Search ORCID]
    42. Drew Endy [Search ORCID]
    43. Steven D. Eppinger [Search ORCID]
    44. Pavel Etingof [Search ORCID]
    45. Michale Fee [Search ORCID]
    46. Amy Finkelstein [Search ORCID]
    47. Kristin Forbes [Search ORCID]
    48. Jacob Fox [Search ORCID]
    49. Philip Freelon [Search ORCID]
    50. Kenneth French [Search ORCID]
    51. Neil Gershenfeld [Search ORCID]
    52. Ezra Getzler [Search ORCID]
    53. Michel Goemans [Search ORCID]
    54. Shafrira Goldwasser [Search ORCID]
    55. Linda Griffith [Search ORCID]
    56. Eric Grimson [Search ORCID]
    57. John P. Grotzinger [Search ORCID]
    58. Jonathan Gruber [Search ORCID]
    59. Peter L. Hagelstein [Search ORCID]
    60. Michael Hemann [Search ORCID]
    61. Carl Hewitt [Search ORCID]
    62. Michael J. Hopkins [Search ORCID]
    63. Chi-fu Huang [Search ORCID]
    64. Piotr Indyk [Search ORCID]
    65. Hiroshi Ishii [Search ORCID]
    66. Daniel Jackson [Search ORCID]
    67. Mark Jarzombek [Search ORCID]
    68. Lizhen Ji [Search ORCID]
    69. Simon Johnson [Search ORCID]
    70. Aise Johan de Jong [Search ORCID]
    71. Frans Kaashoek [Search ORCID]
    72. David Kaiser [Search ORCID]
    73. Dina Katabi [Search ORCID]
    74. Kiran Kedlaya [Search ORCID]
    75. Wolfgang Ketterle [Search ORCID]
    76. Minhyong Kim [Search ORCID]
    77. Eric Lander [Search ORCID]
    78. Charles E. Leiserson [Search ORCID]
    79. Kefeng Liu [Search ORCID]
    80. Seth Lloyd [Search ORCID]
    81. Samuel Madden [Search ORCID]
    82. Pattie Maes [Search ORCID]
    83. L. Mahadevan [Search ORCID]
    84. Alec Marantz [Search ORCID]
    85. Matilde Marcolli [Search ORCID]
    86. Eric Maskin [Search ORCID]
    87. Nergis Mavalvala [Search ORCID]
    88. Silvio Micali [Search ORCID]
    89. Jagadeesh Moodera [Search ORCID]
    90. Robert Tappan Morris [Search ORCID]
    91. Sendhil Mullainathan [Search ORCID]
    92. Whitney K. Newey [Search ORCID]
    93. Daniel G. Nocera [Search ORCID]
    94. John Ochsendorf [Search ORCID]
    95. David C. Page [Search ORCID]
    96. Igor Pak [Search ORCID]
    97. Parag A. Pathak [Search ORCID]
    98. Alex Pentland [Search ORCID]
    99. David Pesetsky [Search ORCID]
    100. Arlie Petters [Search ORCID]
    101. Steven Pinker [Search ORCID]
    102. Kim Plofker [Search ORCID]
    103. James M. Poterba [Search ORCID]
    104. Danny Quah [Search ORCID]
    105. Raghuram Rajan [Search ORCID]
    106. Lisa Randall [Search ORCID]
    107. David P. Reed [Search ORCID]
    108. L. Rafael Reif [Search ORCID]
    109. Wellington Reiter [Search ORCID]
    110. Igor Rodnianski [Search ORCID]
    111. Jeanne W. Ross [Search ORCID]
    112. William R. Roush [Search ORCID]
    113. Elena Ruehr [Search ORCID]
    114. Daniela L. Rus [Search ORCID]
    115. Donald Sadoway [Search ORCID]
    116. Richard J. Samuels [Search ORCID]
    117. Sanjay Sarma [Search ORCID]
    118. Stuart Schreiber [Search ORCID]
    119. Sara Seager [Search ORCID]
    120. Paul Seidel [Search ORCID]
    121. Nir Shavit [Search ORCID]
    122. Peter Shor [Search ORCID]
    123. Michael Sipser [Search ORCID]
    124. Marin Soljačić [Search ORCID]
    125. Daniel Spielman [Search ORCID]
    126. Madhu Sudan [Search ORCID]
    127. Subra Suresh [Search ORCID]
    128. Max Tegmark [Search ORCID]
    129. Shang-Hua Teng [Search ORCID]
    130. Scott Tremaine [Search ORCID]
    131. Paul Tseng [Search ORCID]
    132. Catherine Tucker [Search ORCID]
    133. Alfonso Valenzuela-Aguilera [Search ORCID]
    134. Reinhilde Veugelers [Search ORCID]
    135. Katrin Wehrheim [Search ORCID]
    136. Xiao-Gang Wen [Search ORCID]
    137. Iván Werning [Search ORCID]
    138. Frank Wilczek [Search ORCID]
    139. Patrick Winston [Search ORCID]
    140. Jack Wisdom [Search ORCID]
    141. JoAnne Yates [Search ORCID]
    142. Feng Zhang [Search ORCID]
    143. Barton Zwiebach [Search ORCID]
  6. University of Hamburg (138 entries)
    1. Barbara Albert [Search ORCID]
    2. Gerhard Alberti [Search ORCID]
    3. Dorothea Alewell [Search ORCID]
    4. Olaf Asbach [Search ORCID]
    5. Peter Auer [Search ORCID]
    6. Monika Auweter-Kurtz [Search ORCID]
    7. Ulrike Beisiegel [Search ORCID]
    8. Nicola Berg [Search ORCID]
    9. Dietrich Berges [Search ORCID]
    10. Norbert Berthold [Search ORCID]
    11. Jürgen Beyer [Search ORCID]
    12. Nils Bickhoff [Search ORCID]
    13. Frank Bliss [Search ORCID]
    14. Rogier Blokland [Search ORCID]
    15. Silke Boenigk [Search ORCID]
    16. Christian Brockmann [Search ORCID]
    17. Wilfried Buchmüller [Search ORCID]
    18. Thorsten Burmester [Search ORCID]
    19. Christian Bär [Search ORCID]
    20. Gabriele Clemens [Search ORCID]
    21. Michel Clement [Search ORCID]
    22. Ulrich Dehn [Search ORCID]
    23. Philippe Depreux [Search ORCID]
    24. Reinhard Diestel [Search ORCID]
    25. Reinhard Dittmann [Search ORCID]
    26. Wolfgang Drobetz [Search ORCID]
    27. Hans-Hermann Dubben [Search ORCID]
    28. Andreas Eckert [Search ORCID]
    29. Andreas K. Engel [Search ORCID]
    30. Fernando Enns [Search ORCID]
    31. Michael Epkenhans [Search ORCID]
    32. Norbert Finzsch [Search ORCID]
    33. Norbert Fischer [Search ORCID]
    34. Heiner Flassbeck [Search ORCID]
    35. Bernhard Fleischer [Search ORCID]
    36. Brian Foster [Search ORCID]
    37. Carl-Christian Freidank [Search ORCID]
    38. Markus Friedrich [Search ORCID]
    39. Jetta Frost [Search ORCID]
    40. Michael Funke [Search ORCID]
    41. Marc Föcking [Search ORCID]
    42. Dorothee Gall [Search ORCID]
    43. Jörg Ganzhorn [Search ORCID]
    44. Detlef Garbe [Search ORCID]
    45. Karen Gedenk [Search ORCID]
    46. Dirk Ulrich Gilbert [Search ORCID]
    47. Volker Grabowsky [Search ORCID]
    48. Bernd Greiner [Search ORCID]
    49. Siegfried Grotherr [Search ORCID]
    50. Nikolai Grube [Search ORCID]
    51. Alexander Haas [Search ORCID]
    52. Arne Heise [Search ORCID]
    53. Veit Christian Hennig [Search ORCID]
    54. Klaus Hentschel [Search ORCID]
    55. Bernd-Ulrich Hergemöller [Search ORCID]
    56. Robert Hodel [Search ORCID]
    57. Oliver Huck [Search ORCID]
    58. Sibylle Ihm [Search ORCID]
    59. Jakob Izbicki [Search ORCID]
    60. Cord Jakobeit [Search ORCID]
    61. Norbert Jürgens [Search ORCID]
    62. Mathias Kifmann [Search ORCID]
    63. Gabriele Klein [Search ORCID]
    64. Matthias Kneussel [Search ORCID]
    65. Marion Kobelt-Groch [Search ORCID]
    66. Regine Kollek [Search ORCID]
    67. Hans-Georg Kräusslich [Search ORCID]
    68. Birthe Kundrus [Search ORCID]
    69. Viola König [Search ORCID]
    70. Andreas Körber [Search ORCID]
    71. Reiner Lauterbach [Search ORCID]
    72. Alexander Lichtenstein [Search ORCID]
    73. Bernd Lucke [Search ORCID]
    74. Winrich Alfried Löhr [Search ORCID]
    75. Wolfgang Maennig [Search ORCID]
    76. Wolfgang Maison [Search ORCID]
    77. Joern Meissner [Search ORCID]
    78. Reinhard Merkel [Search ORCID]
    79. Michael Merz [Search ORCID]
    80. Dirk Meyer [Search ORCID]
    81. Ulrich Moennig [Search ORCID]
    82. Hans-Ulrich Moritz [Search ORCID]
    83. Ulrich Mücke [Search ORCID]
    84. Rainer Nicolaysen [Search ORCID]
    85. Inge Nielsen [Search ORCID]
    86. Claudia Opitz [Search ORCID]
    87. Karin Orth [Search ORCID]
    88. Dietmar Pfeifer [Search ORCID]
    89. Rolf W. Puster [Search ORCID]
    90. Christian Rathmann [Search ORCID]
    91. Beate Ratter [Search ORCID]
    92. Tilman Repgen [Search ORCID]
    93. Jörg Riecke [Search ORCID]
    94. Werner Riess [Search ORCID]
    95. Jens Gunter Rohwer [Search ORCID]
    96. Monica Rüthers [Search ORCID]
    97. Jürgen Sarnowsky [Search ORCID]
    98. Henrik Sattler [Search ORCID]
    99. Angelika Schaser [Search ORCID]
    100. Sebastian Scheerer [Search ORCID]
    101. Jürgen Scheffran [Search ORCID]
    102. Arnulf von Scheliha [Search ORCID]
    103. Axel Schildt [Search ORCID]
    104. Claudia Schindler [Search ORCID]
    105. Walter Schmidt-Parzefall [Search ORCID]
    106. Heinz-Peter Schmiedebach [Search ORCID]
    107. Kai-Uwe Schnapp [Search ORCID]
    108. Claudia Schnurmann [Search ORCID]
    109. Thomas Schramme [Search ORCID]
    110. Jonas Schreyögg [Search ORCID]
    111. Jens Schröter [Search ORCID]
    112. Christoph Schweigert [Search ORCID]
    113. Christoph Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    114. Hans-Peter Schütt [Search ORCID]
    115. Martina Seifert [Search ORCID]
    116. Bernd Siebert [Search ORCID]
    117. Insa Sjurts [Search ORCID]
    118. Wolbert Smidt [Search ORCID]
    119. Hermann Spieckermann [Search ORCID]
    120. Johann Anselm Steiger [Search ORCID]
    121. Thomas Straubhaar [Search ORCID]
    122. Alexander Szimayer [Search ORCID]
    123. Thorsten Teichert [Search ORCID]
    124. Silke Urbanski [Search ORCID]
    125. Giuseppe Veltri [Search ORCID]
    126. Kai Vogelsang [Search ORCID]
    127. Stefan Voigt [Search ORCID]
    128. Stefan Voß [Search ORCID]
    129. Ulrike Wagener [Search ORCID]
    130. Dorji Wangchuk [Search ORCID]
    131. Horst Weller [Search ORCID]
    132. Dietmar Wellisch [Search ORCID]
    133. Peter Wetzels [Search ORCID]
    134. Dorothee Wierling [Search ORCID]
    135. Roland Wiesendanger [Search ORCID]
    136. Michael Wildt [Search ORCID]
    137. Anja Wolkenhauer [Search ORCID]
    138. Jürgen Zimmerer [Search ORCID]
  7. University of Münster (134 entries)
    1. Thomas Apolte [Search ORCID]
    2. Johannes Arndt [Search ORCID]
    3. Alexander Arweiler [Search ORCID]
    4. Thomas Bauer [Search ORCID]
    5. Frank Becker [Search ORCID]
    6. Jörg Becker [Search ORCID]
    7. Stephan Berke [Search ORCID]
    8. Anja Bettenworth [Search ORCID]
    9. Albrecht Beutel [Search ORCID]
    10. Franz Xaver Bischof [Search ORCID]
    11. Addi Bischoff [Search ORCID]
    12. Olaf Blaschke [Search ORCID]
    13. Martin T. Bohl [Search ORCID]
    14. Hans-Werner Bothe [Search ORCID]
    15. Thomas Bremer [Search ORCID]
    16. Tillmann Buttschardt [Search ORCID]
    17. Matthias Casper [Search ORCID]
    18. Utho Creusen [Search ORCID]
    19. Michael Custodis [Search ORCID]
    20. Christopher Deninger [Search ORCID]
    21. Cornelia Denz [Search ORCID]
    22. Alexander Dilger [Search ORCID]
    23. Reinhard Dittmann [Search ORCID]
    24. Wolfram Drews [Search ORCID]
    25. Martin Ebner [Search ORCID]
    26. Siegfried Echterhoff [Search ORCID]
    27. Hellmut Eckert [Search ORCID]
    28. Heinz Eickmans [Search ORCID]
    29. Karl A. E. Enenkel [Search ORCID]
    30. Klaus Freitag [Search ORCID]
    31. Werner Freitag [Search ORCID]
    32. Harald Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    33. Doris Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    34. Alfons Fürst [Search ORCID]
    35. Sven Bernhard Gareis [Search ORCID]
    36. Heiner Gembris [Search ORCID]
    37. Thomas Gergen [Search ORCID]
    38. Frank Glorius [Search ORCID]
    39. Peter Goerke-Mallet [Search ORCID]
    40. Volker Grabowsky [Search ORCID]
    41. Christian Grethlein [Search ORCID]
    42. Thomas Großbölting [Search ORCID]
    43. Bernd Grzeszick [Search ORCID]
    44. Rainer Hagencord [Search ORCID]
    45. Stephan Heilen [Search ORCID]
    46. Sebastian Heilmann [Search ORCID]
    47. Marianne Heimbach-Steins [Search ORCID]
    48. Thorsten Hennig-Thurau [Search ORCID]
    49. Guido Hertel [Search ORCID]
    50. Nikolaus P. Himmelmann [Search ORCID]
    51. Christina Hoegen-Rohls [Search ORCID]
    52. Heinz Holling [Search ORCID]
    53. Andreas Hüttemann [Search ORCID]
    54. Christian Jansen [Search ORCID]
    55. Martin Jehne [Search ORCID]
    56. Joachim Jose [Search ORCID]
    57. Jochem Kahl [Search ORCID]
    58. Uwe Karst [Search ORCID]
    59. Assaad Elias Kattan [Search ORCID]
    60. Jan Keupp [Search ORCID]
    61. Mouhanad Khorchide [Search ORCID]
    62. Martin Kintzinger [Search ORCID]
    63. Hans-Jürgen Kirsch [Search ORCID]
    64. Robert Kirstein [Search ORCID]
    65. Edeltraud Klueting [Search ORCID]
    66. Snježana Kordić [Search ORCID]
    67. Dieter Korol [Search ORCID]
    68. Manfred Krafft [Search ORCID]
    69. Ulrich Krohs [Search ORCID]
    70. Wolfgang Lauterbach [Search ORCID]
    71. Thomas Leinkauf [Search ORCID]
    72. Wolfgang Lück [Search ORCID]
    73. Frank Marcinkowski [Search ORCID]
    74. Eduard Mühle [Search ORCID]
    75. Christian Müller [Search ORCID]
    76. Gernot Münster [Search ORCID]
    77. Klaus-Peter Naumann [Search ORCID]
    78. Friederike Nüssel [Search ORCID]
    79. Peter Oestmann [Search ORCID]
    80. Bernhard Pellens [Search ORCID]
    81. Bettina Pfleiderer [Search ORCID]
    82. Christian Pietsch [Search ORCID]
    83. Peter Platen [Search ORCID]
    84. Detlef Pollack [Search ORCID]
    85. Burkard Porzelt [Search ORCID]
    86. Rainer Pöttgen [Search ORCID]
    87. Carsten Püttmann [Search ORCID]
    88. Wilfried Reininghaus [Search ORCID]
    89. Thorsten Reusch [Search ORCID]
    90. Michael Rind [Search ORCID]
    91. Thomas Fartmann Ringemann [Search ORCID]
    92. Bernd Roling [Search ORCID]
    93. Traugott Roser [Search ORCID]
    94. Jutta Röser [Search ORCID]
    95. Norbert Sachser [Search ORCID]
    96. Dieter Salzmann [Search ORCID]
    97. Arnulf von Scheliha [Search ORCID]
    98. Martin Josef Schermaier [Search ORCID]
    99. Eva Schlotheuber [Search ORCID]
    100. Norbert Schläbitz [Search ORCID]
    101. Hato Schmeiser [Search ORCID]
    102. Perry Schmidt-Leukel [Search ORCID]
    103. Christine Schmitz [Search ORCID]
    104. Peter Schneider [Search ORCID]
    105. Klaus Schubert [Search ORCID]
    106. Maria Luise Schulten [Search ORCID]
    107. Bernd Schönemann [Search ORCID]
    108. Frank Siegmund [Search ORCID]
    109. Gabriela Signori [Search ORCID]
    110. Michael Sikora [Search ORCID]
    111. Georg Steins [Search ORCID]
    112. Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger [Search ORCID]
    113. Ulrich Suntum [Search ORCID]
    114. Thomas Söding [Search ORCID]
    115. Magdalene Söldner [Search ORCID]
    116. Ewald Terhart [Search ORCID]
    117. Günter Theißen [Search ORCID]
    118. Theresia Theurl [Search ORCID]
    119. Uwe Tresp [Search ORCID]
    120. Werner Uhl [Search ORCID]
    121. Dietmar Vestweber [Search ORCID]
    122. Wolfgang Eric Wagner [Search ORCID]
    123. Bernd Walter [Search ORCID]
    124. Wolf-Michael Weber [Search ORCID]
    125. Christoph Weischer [Search ORCID]
    126. Michael Weiss [Search ORCID]
    127. Johannes Wessels [Search ORCID]
    128. Burkhard Wilking [Search ORCID]
    129. Martina Winkler [Search ORCID]
    130. Engelbert Winter [Search ORCID]
    131. Hubert Wolf [Search ORCID]
    132. Klaus Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
    133. Bertram Zotz [Search ORCID]
    134. Reinhold Zwick [Search ORCID]
  8. Princeton University (132 entries)
    1. Izabella Łaba [Search ORCID]
    2. Lila Abu-Lughod [Search ORCID]
    3. Vincanne Adams [Search ORCID]
    4. Jeremy Adelman [Search ORCID]
    5. Andrew Appel [Search ORCID]
    6. Kwame Anthony Appiah [Search ORCID]
    7. Sanjeev Arora [Search ORCID]
    8. Steven Balbus [Search ORCID]
    9. Randall Balmer [Search ORCID]
    10. Larry Bartels [Search ORCID]
    11. Bonnie Bassler [Search ORCID]
    12. David Bell [Search ORCID]
    13. Ben Bernanke [Search ORCID]
    14. Manjul Bhargava [Search ORCID]
    15. William Bialek [Search ORCID]
    16. Steven Block [Search ORCID]
    17. Robert Calderbank [Search ORCID]
    18. John Y. Campbell [Search ORCID]
    19. David Cannadine [Search ORCID]
    20. Anne Carson [Search ORCID]
    21. Robert Cava [Search ORCID]
    22. Bernard Chazelle [Search ORCID]
    23. Mung Chiang [Search ORCID]
    24. Edgar Choueiri [Search ORCID]
    25. Demetrios Christodoulou [Search ORCID]
    26. Maria Chudnovsky [Search ORCID]
    27. Beatriz Colomina [Search ORCID]
    28. Janet Currie [Search ORCID]
    29. Henri Darmon [Search ORCID]
    30. Paul DiMaggio [Search ORCID]
    31. Weinan E [Search ORCID]
    32. John Etchemendy [Search ORCID]
    33. Gerd Faltings [Search ORCID]
    34. Jianqing Fan [Search ORCID]
    35. Denis Feeney [Search ORCID]
    36. Edward Felten [Search ORCID]
    37. Susan Fiske [Search ORCID]
    38. Yuval Flicker [Search ORCID]
    39. Hal Foster [Search ORCID]
    40. David Gabai [Search ORCID]
    41. Héctor García-Molina [Search ORCID]
    42. Robert P. George [Search ORCID]
    43. Claire F. Gmachl [Search ORCID]
    44. David Goss [Search ORCID]
    45. Anthony Grafton [Search ORCID]
    46. Benedict Gross [Search ORCID]
    47. Gene Grossman [Search ORCID]
    48. Steven Gubser [Search ORCID]
    49. Melissa Harris-Perry [Search ORCID]
    50. Jonathan Hart [Search ORCID]
    51. Michael J. Hopkins [Search ORCID]
    52. Piet Hut [Search ORCID]
    53. John Ikenberry [Search ORCID]
    54. Amaney Jamal [Search ORCID]
    55. Harold James [Search ORCID]
    56. Lisa Jeffrey [Search ORCID]
    57. Bernhard Keimer [Search ORCID]
    58. Elizabeth Kiss [Search ORCID]
    59. Nobuhiro Kiyotaki [Search ORCID]
    60. Sergiu Klainerman [Search ORCID]
    61. Igor Klebanov [Search ORCID]
    62. János Kollár [Search ORCID]
    63. Stephen Kotkin [Search ORCID]
    64. Alan Krueger [Search ORCID]
    65. Paul Krugman [Search ORCID]
    66. Per Krusell [Search ORCID]
    67. Michèle Lamont [Search ORCID]
    68. Roberto Laserna [Search ORCID]
    69. Kevin K. Lehmann [Search ORCID]
    70. Elon Lindenstrauss [Search ORCID]
    71. David MacMillan [Search ORCID]
    72. João Magueijo [Search ORCID]
    73. Eric Maskin [Search ORCID]
    74. Douglas Massey [Search ORCID]
    75. Maria Mavroudi [Search ORCID]
    76. Nolan McCarty [Search ORCID]
    77. George McLendon [Search ORCID]
    78. Curtis T. McMullen [Search ORCID]
    79. Helen Milner [Search ORCID]
    80. Maryam Mirzakhani [Search ORCID]
    81. Frederic Mishkin [Search ORCID]
    82. Andrew Moravcsik [Search ORCID]
    83. Sophie Morel [Search ORCID]
    84. Simon Morrison [Search ORCID]
    85. Gordon Moskowitz [Search ORCID]
    86. Stephen Neale [Search ORCID]
    87. Anne Norton [Search ORCID]
    88. Andrei Okounkov [Search ORCID]
    89. Andrew Oswald [Search ORCID]
    90. Rahul Pandharipande [Search ORCID]
    91. Wolfgang Pesendorfer [Search ORCID]
    92. Larry L. Peterson [Search ORCID]
    93. Arlie Petters [Search ORCID]
    94. Lisa Randall [Search ORCID]
    95. Igor Rodnianski [Search ORCID]
    96. Kenneth Rogoff [Search ORCID]
    97. David Romer [Search ORCID]
    98. Christina Romer [Search ORCID]
    99. James Rothman [Search ORCID]
    100. Tony Rothman [Search ORCID]
    101. Cecilia Rouse [Search ORCID]
    102. Sucharit Sarkar [Search ORCID]
    103. Peter Sarnak [Search ORCID]
    104. Robert Schapire [Search ORCID]
    105. Uroš Seljak [Search ORCID]
    106. Paul Seymour [Search ORCID]
    107. Eldar Shafir [Search ORCID]
    108. Hyun-Song Shin [Search ORCID]
    109. Lee M. Silver [Search ORCID]
    110. Michael A. Smith [Search ORCID]
    111. Daniel L. Stein [Search ORCID]
    112. Howard A. Stone [Search ORCID]
    113. Emily Thompson [Search ORCID]
    114. Stephen Thorsett [Search ORCID]
    115. Gang Tian [Search ORCID]
    116. Scott Tremaine [Search ORCID]
    117. Stephen Urice [Search ORCID]
    118. Sergio Verdú [Search ORCID]
    119. Herman Verlinde [Search ORCID]
    120. John Vickers [Search ORCID]
    121. Warren S. Warren [Search ORCID]
    122. Mark Watson [Search ORCID]
    123. Katrin Wehrheim [Search ORCID]
    124. Cornel West [Search ORCID]
    125. Sean Wilentz [Search ORCID]
    126. Andrew Wiles [Search ORCID]
    127. Paul Willis [Search ORCID]
    128. Edward Witten [Search ORCID]
    129. Elliot R. Wolfson [Search ORCID]
    130. Michael Woodford [Search ORCID]
    131. Bernard Yack [Search ORCID]
    132. Shou-Wu Zhang [Search ORCID]
  9. Free University of Berlin (116 entries)
    1. Arnd Bauerkämper [Search ORCID]
    2. Klaus Beck [Search ORCID]
    3. Christof Berns [Search ORCID]
    4. Helmut Bester [Search ORCID]
    5. Norbert Blößner [Search ORCID]
    6. Thomas Borsch [Search ORCID]
    7. Achim Brunnengräber [Search ORCID]
    8. Heinz Bude [Search ORCID]
    9. Remigius Bunia [Search ORCID]
    10. Irwin Collier [Search ORCID]
    11. Sebastian Conrad [Search ORCID]
    12. Giacomo Corneo [Search ORCID]
    13. Ignacio Czeguhn [Search ORCID]
    14. Ortwin Dally [Search ORCID]
    15. Reinhard Dittmann [Search ORCID]
    16. Charles Elworthy [Search ORCID]
    17. Stefan Esders [Search ORCID]
    18. Johanna Fabricius [Search ORCID]
    19. Fritz Felgentreu [Search ORCID]
    20. Friederike Fless [Search ORCID]
    21. Christian Freigang [Search ORCID]
    22. Hans-Joachim Freund [Search ORCID]
    23. Therese Fuhrer [Search ORCID]
    24. Michael Funke [Search ORCID]
    25. Peter Geimer [Search ORCID]
    26. Jürgen Gerhards [Search ORCID]
    27. Susanne Gödde [Search ORCID]
    28. Gerhard de Haan [Search ORCID]
    29. Svend Hansen [Search ORCID]
    30. Mariana Hausleitner [Search ORCID]
    31. Michael Heinrich [Search ORCID]
    32. Ulrich Heyden [Search ORCID]
    33. Monika Hilker [Search ORCID]
    34. Meike Hoffmann [Search ORCID]
    35. Mathias Hofter [Search ORCID]
    36. Michaela Hohkamp [Search ORCID]
    37. Jens Holzhausen [Search ORCID]
    38. Gerhard Huisken [Search ORCID]
    39. Bernhard Huss [Search ORCID]
    40. Ferhad Ibrahim [Search ORCID]
    41. Gregory Jackson [Search ORCID]
    42. Karl Jansen-Winkeln [Search ORCID]
    43. Ralf Jaumann [Search ORCID]
    44. Jochem Kahl [Search ORCID]
    45. Rainer Kampling [Search ORCID]
    46. Jürgen Kloosterhuis [Search ORCID]
    47. Daniel Koerfer [Search ORCID]
    48. Mario Kopić [Search ORCID]
    49. Joachim Küpper [Search ORCID]
    50. Reinhold Leinfelder [Search ORCID]
    51. Bernd Wolfgang Lindemann [Search ORCID]
    52. Angelika Lohwasser [Search ORCID]
    53. Bernd Lucke [Search ORCID]
    54. Andreas Luther [Search ORCID]
    55. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann [Search ORCID]
    56. Andreas Löffler [Search ORCID]
    57. Rebekka von Mallinckrodt [Search ORCID]
    58. Michael Meyer [Search ORCID]
    59. Jutta Müller-Tamm [Search ORCID]
    60. Wolfgang Neuber [Search ORCID]
    61. Oskar Niedermayer [Search ORCID]
    62. Paul Nolte [Search ORCID]
    63. Onno Oncken [Search ORCID]
    64. Hermann Parzinger [Search ORCID]
    65. Miltos Pechlibanos [Search ORCID]
    66. Peter Pfälzner [Search ORCID]
    67. Gertrud Pickhan [Search ORCID]
    68. Silvia Polla [Search ORCID]
    69. Konrad Polthier [Search ORCID]
    70. Volker Prittwitz [Search ORCID]
    71. Uwe Puschner [Search ORCID]
    72. Joachim Friedrich Quack [Search ORCID]
    73. Matthias Rillig [Search ORCID]
    74. Raúl Rojas [Search ORCID]
    75. Bernd Roling [Search ORCID]
    76. Walter Rosenthal [Search ORCID]
    77. Klaus Roth [Search ORCID]
    78. Frank Rumscheid [Search ORCID]
    79. Eberhard Sandschneider [Search ORCID]
    80. Markus Schauer [Search ORCID]
    81. Annette Schavan [Search ORCID]
    82. Matthias Scheffler [Search ORCID]
    83. Siegfried Schieder [Search ORCID]
    84. Wolfram Schier [Search ORCID]
    85. Jochen Schiller [Search ORCID]
    86. Heinrich Schlange-Schöningen [Search ORCID]
    87. Andreas Scholl [Search ORCID]
    88. Agnes Schwarzmaier [Search ORCID]
    89. Monika Schäfer-Korting [Search ORCID]
    90. Ronnie Schöb [Search ORCID]
    91. Peter Schöttler [Search ORCID]
    92. Klaus Segbers [Search ORCID]
    93. Stephan Seidlmayer [Search ORCID]
    94. Christa Katharina Spieß [Search ORCID]
    95. Hasso Spode [Search ORCID]
    96. Anatol Stefanowitsch [Search ORCID]
    97. Thomas Strothotte [Search ORCID]
    98. Jörg Sydow [Search ORCID]
    99. Matthias Thumser [Search ORCID]
    100. Nikolaus Thurn [Search ORCID]
    101. Monika Trümper [Search ORCID]
    102. Johannes Tuchel [Search ORCID]
    103. Gyburg Uhlmann [Search ORCID]
    104. Martin Vingron [Search ORCID]
    105. Martin Vöhler [Search ORCID]
    106. Mayke Wagner [Search ORCID]
    107. Maximilian Weigend [Search ORCID]
    108. Michael Weinrich [Search ORCID]
    109. Matthias Wemhoff [Search ORCID]
    110. Harald Wenzel [Search ORCID]
    111. Dirk Werner [Search ORCID]
    112. Georg Witte [Search ORCID]
    113. Bernd Wünnemann [Search ORCID]
    114. Günter M. Ziegler [Search ORCID]
    115. Robert Zimmer [Search ORCID]
    116. Christoph Zürcher [Search ORCID]
  10. University of Mainz (116 entries)
    1. Wolfgang Altgeld [Search ORCID]
    2. Jochen Althoff [Search ORCID]
    3. Markus Antonietti [Search ORCID]
    4. Volker Bach [Search ORCID]
    5. Frank Bernstein [Search ORCID]
    6. Thomas Bierschenk [Search ORCID]
    7. Immanuel Bloch [Search ORCID]
    8. Wilhelm Blümer [Search ORCID]
    9. Thomas Bräuninger [Search ORCID]
    10. Oliver Brüstle [Search ORCID]
    11. Thomas Buchheim [Search ORCID]
    12. Helga Bumke [Search ORCID]
    13. Andreas Cesana [Search ORCID]
    14. Klaus Dicke [Search ORCID]
    15. Siegfried Dietrich [Search ORCID]
    16. Johannes Dillinger [Search ORCID]
    17. Irene Dingel [Search ORCID]
    18. Ulrich Druwe [Search ORCID]
    19. Winfried Eckel [Search ORCID]
    20. Ursula Verhoeven-van Elsbergen [Search ORCID]
    21. Jörg Ernesti [Search ORCID]
    22. Thorsten Faas [Search ORCID]
    23. Claudia Felser-Wenz [Search ORCID]
    24. Ernst Fischer [Search ORCID]
    25. Friederike Fless [Search ORCID]
    26. Heide Frielinghaus [Search ORCID]
    27. Sabine Föllinger [Search ORCID]
    28. Ulrich Förstermann [Search ORCID]
    29. Sabine Gaudzinski-Windheuser [Search ORCID]
    30. Jürgen Gauß [Search ORCID]
    31. Laszlo Goerke [Search ORCID]
    32. Stephan Goertz [Search ORCID]
    33. Heike Grieser [Search ORCID]
    34. Urs Peter Gruber [Search ORCID]
    35. Bernd Grzeszick [Search ORCID]
    36. Stephan Grätzel [Search ORCID]
    37. Ursula Gärtner [Search ORCID]
    38. Bettina van Haaren [Search ORCID]
    39. Stephanie Haarländer [Search ORCID]
    40. Philipp Harms [Search ORCID]
    41. Dieter Heermann [Search ORCID]
    42. Wolfgang Herr [Search ORCID]
    43. Andreas Herrmann [Search ORCID]
    44. Stefan Hirschauer [Search ORCID]
    45. Peter Hoeres [Search ORCID]
    46. Gerhard Horsmann [Search ORCID]
    47. Marietta Horster [Search ORCID]
    48. Johannes Hürter [Search ORCID]
    49. Karl Jakobs [Search ORCID]
    50. Klaus Junker [Search ORCID]
    51. Joachim Walter Kadereit [Search ORCID]
    52. Bernd Kaina [Search ORCID]
    53. Andreas F. Kelletat [Search ORCID]
    54. André Kieserling [Search ORCID]
    55. Michael Kißener [Search ORCID]
    56. Claudia Koch-Brandt [Search ORCID]
    57. Georg Krausch [Search ORCID]
    58. Detlev Kreikenbom [Search ORCID]
    59. Gerhard Kruip [Search ORCID]
    60. Hans-Peter Kuhnen [Search ORCID]
    61. Jan Kusber [Search ORCID]
    62. Lutz Köpke [Search ORCID]
    63. Ludger Körntgen [Search ORCID]
    64. Dieter Lamping [Search ORCID]
    65. Christof Landmesser [Search ORCID]
    66. Hauke Lang [Search ORCID]
    67. Reinhard G. Lehmann [Search ORCID]
    68. Carola Lentz [Search ORCID]
    69. Alexander Loichinger [Search ORCID]
    70. Peter Loos [Search ORCID]
    71. Wolfgang Lück [Search ORCID]
    72. Matías Martínez [Search ORCID]
    73. Michael Matheus [Search ORCID]
    74. Hartmut Matthäus [Search ORCID]
    75. Wolfgang Merkel [Search ORCID]
    76. Thomas Metzinger [Search ORCID]
    77. Stefan Müller-Stach [Search ORCID]
    78. Sönke Neitzel [Search ORCID]
    79. Matthias Neubert [Search ORCID]
    80. Gunther Nickel [Search ORCID]
    81. Michael-Jörg Oesterle [Search ORCID]
    82. Heike Omerzu [Search ORCID]
    83. Johannes Paulmann [Search ORCID]
    84. Christian Pietsch [Search ORCID]
    85. Klaus Pietschmann [Search ORCID]
    86. Tanja Pommerening [Search ORCID]
    87. Jürgen P. Rabe [Search ORCID]
    88. Beate Ratter [Search ORCID]
    89. Georg Rechenauer [Search ORCID]
    90. Volker Remmert [Search ORCID]
    91. Christoph Riedweg [Search ORCID]
    92. Jörg Rogge [Search ORCID]
    93. Andreas Roth [Search ORCID]
    94. David E. Rowe [Search ORCID]
    95. Andreas Rödder [Search ORCID]
    96. Gerhard Rübel [Search ORCID]
    97. Eberhard Sandschneider [Search ORCID]
    98. Isabel Schnabel [Search ORCID]
    99. Norbert F. Schneider [Search ORCID]
    100. Matthias Schnettger [Search ORCID]
    101. Michael Schreiber [Search ORCID]
    102. Detlef Schuppan [Search ORCID]
    103. Notger Slenczka [Search ORCID]
    104. Stephan Steingräber [Search ORCID]
    105. Hermann-Josef Stipp [Search ORCID]
    106. Christiane Tietz [Search ORCID]
    107. Michael Tilly [Search ORCID]
    108. Vasiliki Tsamakda [Search ORCID]
    109. Thomas Vilgis [Search ORCID]
    110. Ulrich Volp [Search ORCID]
    111. Christine Walde [Search ORCID]
    112. Thomas Maria Weber [Search ORCID]
    113. Stephan Weyer-Menkhoff [Search ORCID]
    114. Michael Wink [Search ORCID]
    115. Ruben Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
    116. Wolfgang Zwickel [Search ORCID]
  11. Goethe University Frankfurt (115 entries)
    1. Amparo Acker-Palmer [Search ORCID]
    2. Iwo Amelung [Search ORCID]
    3. Hans Aurenhammer [Search ORCID]
    4. Frank Ausbüttel [Search ORCID]
    5. Bernd Becker [Search ORCID]
    6. Hans Bernsdorff [Search ORCID]
    7. Frank Bernstein [Search ORCID]
    8. Ralf P. Brandes [Search ORCID]
    9. Friedemann Buddensiek [Search ORCID]
    10. Martin Büchsel [Search ORCID]
    11. Volker Caspari [Search ORCID]
    12. Albrecht Cordes [Search ORCID]
    13. Christoph Cornelißen [Search ORCID]
    14. Christopher Daase [Search ORCID]
    15. Nicole Deitelhoff [Search ORCID]
    16. Stefanie Dimmeler [Search ORCID]
    17. Irene Dingel [Search ORCID]
    18. Boris Dreyer [Search ORCID]
    19. Thomas Duve [Search ORCID]
    20. Alexander Ebner [Search ORCID]
    21. Moritz Epple [Search ORCID]
    22. Roger Erb [Search ORCID]
    23. Andreas Fahrmeir [Search ORCID]
    24. Christian Freigang [Search ORCID]
    25. Sabine Freitag [Search ORCID]
    26. Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln [Search ORCID]
    27. Arnold Ganser [Search ORCID]
    28. Wolfgang Gantke [Search ORCID]
    29. Achim Geisenhanslüke [Search ORCID]
    30. Jost Gippert [Search ORCID]
    31. Stefan Gosepath [Search ORCID]
    32. Claudius Gros [Search ORCID]
    33. Helmut Gründl [Search ORCID]
    34. Andreas Hackethal [Search ORCID]
    35. Gunther Hellmann [Search ORCID]
    36. Michael Hommel [Search ORCID]
    37. Ivan Đikić [Search ORCID]
    38. Gerhard Illing [Search ORCID]
    39. Annette Imhausen [Search ORCID]
    40. Roman Inderst [Search ORCID]
    41. Bernhard Jussen [Search ORCID]
    42. Michael Karas [Search ORCID]
    43. Fleur Kemmers [Search ORCID]
    44. Thomas Kirchner [Search ORCID]
    45. Eckhard Klieme [Search ORCID]
    46. Rainer Klump [Search ORCID]
    47. Claudia Koch-Brandt [Search ORCID]
    48. Snježana Kordić [Search ORCID]
    49. Haritini Kotsidu [Search ORCID]
    50. Rüdiger Krause [Search ORCID]
    51. Andreas Kraß [Search ORCID]
    52. Dirk Krueger [Search ORCID]
    53. Wolfgang König [Search ORCID]
    54. Thomas Lemke [Search ORCID]
    55. Volker Leppin [Search ORCID]
    56. Hartmut Leppin [Search ORCID]
    57. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann [Search ORCID]
    58. Bruno Lüthi [Search ORCID]
    59. David Mayenburg [Search ORCID]
    60. Christoph Menke [Search ORCID]
    61. Pierre Monnet [Search ORCID]
    62. Berndt Mueller [Search ORCID]
    63. Herfried Münkler [Search ORCID]
    64. Martin Natter [Search ORCID]
    65. Sighard Neckel [Search ORCID]
    66. Wolfgang Neuber [Search ORCID]
    67. Dieter Nittel [Search ORCID]
    68. Alessandro Nova [Search ORCID]
    69. Benjamin Ortmeyer [Search ORCID]
    70. Thomas Otter [Search ORCID]
    71. Louis Pahlow [Search ORCID]
    72. Thomas Paulsen [Search ORCID]
    73. Georg Peez [Search ORCID]
    74. Jürgen Peter [Search ORCID]
    75. Helge Peukert [Search ORCID]
    76. Guido Pfeifer [Search ORCID]
    77. Werner Plumpe [Search ORCID]
    78. Oliver Primavesi [Search ORCID]
    79. Wulf Raeck [Search ORCID]
    80. Johann Rafelski [Search ORCID]
    81. Joachim Reinhardt [Search ORCID]
    82. Jürgen Runge [Search ORCID]
    83. Jan Rüdiger [Search ORCID]
    84. Robert Schlögl [Search ORCID]
    85. Jeannette Schmid [Search ORCID]
    86. Thomas M. Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    87. Thomas A. Schmitz [Search ORCID]
    88. Thomas Schreijäck [Search ORCID]
    89. Friedemann Schrenk [Search ORCID]
    90. Susanne Schröter [Search ORCID]
    91. Harald Schwalbe [Search ORCID]
    92. Matthias Schündeln [Search ORCID]
    93. Ferdi Schüth [Search ORCID]
    94. Robert Seidel [Search ORCID]
    95. Helmut Seng [Search ORCID]
    96. Susanne Sievers [Search ORCID]
    97. Bernd Skiera [Search ORCID]
    98. Gerhard Stock [Search ORCID]
    99. Horst Stöcker [Search ORCID]
    100. Anuschka Tischer [Search ORCID]
    101. Bernd Trocholepczy [Search ORCID]
    102. Gerhard Wagner [Search ORCID]
    103. Henrik Walter [Search ORCID]
    104. Uwe Walz [Search ORCID]
    105. Egon Wamers [Search ORCID]
    106. Axel A. Weber [Search ORCID]
    107. Alfons J. Weichenrieder [Search ORCID]
    108. Knut Wenzel [Search ORCID]
    109. Richard Werner [Search ORCID]
    110. Volker Wieland [Search ORCID]
    111. Christian Wiese [Search ORCID]
    112. Peter Wilmowsky [Search ORCID]
    113. Hubert Wolf [Search ORCID]
    114. Dieter Zapf [Search ORCID]
    115. Ömer Özsoy [Search ORCID]
  12. University of Heidelberg (115 entries)
    1. Michael Anderheiden [Search ORCID]
    2. Christian Baldus [Search ORCID]
    3. Manfred Berg [Search ORCID]
    4. Olaf Blaschke [Search ORCID]
    5. Klaus Blaum [Search ORCID]
    6. Barbara Borg [Search ORCID]
    7. Roland Brandt [Search ORCID]
    8. Uwe Bunz [Search ORCID]
    9. Markus Büchler [Search ORCID]
    10. Martin Carrier [Search ORCID]
    11. Angelos Chaniōtēs [Search ORCID]
    12. Jochen Cornelius-Bundschuh [Search ORCID]
    13. Thomas Corsten [Search ORCID]
    14. Ralf Georg Czapla [Search ORCID]
    15. Jens-Arne Dickmann [Search ORCID]
    16. Angelika Dörfler-Dierken [Search ORCID]
    17. Wolfgang U. Eckart [Search ORCID]
    18. Hans-Joachim Eckstein [Search ORCID]
    19. Bernhard Eitel [Search ORCID]
    20. Frank Falkenstein [Search ORCID]
    21. Lars Feld [Search ORCID]
    22. Switgard Feuerstein [Search ORCID]
    23. Klaus Fiedler [Search ORCID]
    24. Gert Fricker [Search ORCID]
    25. Hans Gersbach [Search ORCID]
    26. Martin Gessmann [Search ORCID]
    27. Jonas Grethlein [Search ORCID]
    28. Rolf Große [Search ORCID]
    29. Bernd Grzeszick [Search ORCID]
    30. Christian Haass [Search ORCID]
    31. Jens Halfwassen [Search ORCID]
    32. Martina Hartmann [Search ORCID]
    33. Christian Hattenhauer [Search ORCID]
    34. Dieter Heermann [Search ORCID]
    35. Johannes Heil [Search ORCID]
    36. Stefan Hell [Search ORCID]
    37. Thomas Henning [Search ORCID]
    38. Dieter Hermann [Search ORCID]
    39. Ingrid Herr [Search ORCID]
    40. Madeleine Herren [Search ORCID]
    41. Michael Hesse [Search ORCID]
    42. Jürgen Hoffmann [Search ORCID]
    43. Andreas Höfele [Search ORCID]
    44. Nikolas Jaspert [Search ORCID]
    45. Stefan Jentsch [Search ORCID]
    46. Andrea Jördens [Search ORCID]
    47. Henry Keazor [Search ORCID]
    48. Christoph Helmut Keitel [Search ORCID]
    49. Andreas Kemmerling [Search ORCID]
    50. Thomas Kirchner [Search ORCID]
    51. Walter Kißel [Search ORCID]
    52. Karl Christoph Klauer [Search ORCID]
    53. Christian Klein [Search ORCID]
    54. Gerrit Kloss [Search ORCID]
    55. Winfried Kohnen [Search ORCID]
    56. Armin Kohnle [Search ORCID]
    57. Matthias Konradt [Search ORCID]
    58. Eveline Krummen [Search ORCID]
    59. Andreas Kruse [Search ORCID]
    60. Hans-Georg Kräusslich [Search ORCID]
    61. Peter Lampe [Search ORCID]
    62. Peter Lichter [Search ORCID]
    63. Winrich Alfried Löhr [Search ORCID]
    64. Thomas Maissen [Search ORCID]
    65. Joseph Maran [Search ORCID]
    66. Hartmut Matthäus [Search ORCID]
    67. Peter McLaughlin [Search ORCID]
    68. Thomas Meier [Search ORCID]
    69. Karlheinz Meier [Search ORCID]
    70. Wolfgang Merkel [Search ORCID]
    71. Peter A. Miglus [Search ORCID]
    72. Glenn W. Most [Search ORCID]
    73. Markolf Niemz [Search ORCID]
    74. Friederike Nüssel [Search ORCID]
    75. Manfred Oeming [Search ORCID]
    76. Stefan Offermanns [Search ORCID]
    77. Diamantis Panagiotopoulos [Search ORCID]
    78. Katja Patzel-Mattern [Search ORCID]
    79. Jörg Peltzer [Search ORCID]
    80. Joachim Friedrich Quack [Search ORCID]
    81. Hans-Georg Rammensee [Search ORCID]
    82. Roland Reuß [Search ORCID]
    83. Klaus Richter [Search ORCID]
    84. Jörg Riecke [Search ORCID]
    85. Hans-Walter Rix [Search ORCID]
    86. Raphael Rosenberg [Search ORCID]
    87. Manfred Salmhofer [Search ORCID]
    88. Michael Schlander [Search ORCID]
    89. Christoph M. Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    90. Rolf Michael Schneider [Search ORCID]
    91. Bernd Schneidmüller [Search ORCID]
    92. Helmut Schwier [Search ORCID]
    93. Jürgen Paul Schwindt [Search ORCID]
    94. Thomas Schwinn [Search ORCID]
    95. Christoph Schwöbel [Search ORCID]
    96. Hans-Peter Schütt [Search ORCID]
    97. Johanna Stachel [Search ORCID]
    98. Christoph Strohm [Search ORCID]
    99. Reinhard Stupperich [Search ORCID]
    100. Kai Trampedach [Search ORCID]
    101. Catherine Trümpy [Search ORCID]
    102. Joachim Ullrich [Search ORCID]
    103. Matthias Untermann [Search ORCID]
    104. Otmar Venjakob [Search ORCID]
    105. Hans-Werner Wahl [Search ORCID]
    106. Rainer Weissauer [Search ORCID]
    107. Kurt Weissen [Search ORCID]
    108. Gabriele Wesch-Klein [Search ORCID]
    109. Stephan Westphalen [Search ORCID]
    110. Christof Wetterich [Search ORCID]
    111. Thomas Wilhelmi [Search ORCID]
    112. Michael Wink [Search ORCID]
    113. Christian Witschel [Search ORCID]
    114. Edgar Wolfrum [Search ORCID]
    115. Peter Zimmerling [Search ORCID]
  13. University of Freiburg (111 entries)
    1. Susanne Albers [Search ORCID]
    2. Jochen Althoff [Search ORCID]
    3. Kurt Andermann [Search ORCID]
    4. Christoph Badelt [Search ORCID]
    5. Andreas Bagordo [Search ORCID]
    6. Thomas Baier [Search ORCID]
    7. Hannah Bast [Search ORCID]
    8. Ralf Baumeister [Search ORCID]
    9. Bernd Becker [Search ORCID]
    10. Christian Berger [Search ORCID]
    11. Peter Beyer [Search ORCID]
    12. Knut Blind [Search ORCID]
    13. Sebastian Brather [Search ORCID]
    14. Karl-Heinz Braun [Search ORCID]
    15. Ulrich Bröckling [Search ORCID]
    16. Reinhard Brückner [Search ORCID]
    17. Franz-Josef Brüggemeier [Search ORCID]
    18. Christian Bär [Search ORCID]
    19. Thomas Böhm [Search ORCID]
    20. Ulrich Dahmen [Search ORCID]
    21. Christof Dejung [Search ORCID]
    22. Jürgen Dendorfer [Search ORCID]
    23. Wolfgang Driever [Search ORCID]
    24. Peter Eich [Search ORCID]
    25. Ulrich Eigler [Search ORCID]
    26. Lars Feld [Search ORCID]
    27. Martin Flashar [Search ORCID]
    28. Therese Fuhrer [Search ORCID]
    29. Jens Funk [Search ORCID]
    30. Luca Giuliani [Search ORCID]
    31. Hans-Christian Günther [Search ORCID]
    32. Udo Hebel [Search ORCID]
    33. Lutz Hein [Search ORCID]
    34. Marlies Heinz [Search ORCID]
    35. Felix Heinzer [Search ORCID]
    36. Alexander Heising [Search ORCID]
    37. Jürgen Hennig [Search ORCID]
    38. Ulrich Herbert [Search ORCID]
    39. Wolfgang René Hess [Search ORCID]
    40. Harald Hillebrecht [Search ORCID]
    41. Martin Hochhuth [Search ORCID]
    42. Ralf von den Hoff [Search ORCID]
    43. Hubert Houben [Search ORCID]
    44. Annette Huber-Klawitter [Search ORCID]
    45. Volkhard Huth [Search ORCID]
    46. Dieter Jahn [Search ORCID]
    47. Othmar Jäggi [Search ORCID]
    48. Christof von Kalle [Search ORCID]
    49. Wolfgang Kessler [Search ORCID]
    50. Karl Christoph Klauer [Search ORCID]
    51. Alexandra-Maria Klein [Search ORCID]
    52. Wolfgang Kofler [Search ORCID]
    53. Bernd Kortmann [Search ORCID]
    54. Bettina Kreuzer [Search ORCID]
    55. Udo Kühne [Search ORCID]
    56. Konrad Küster [Search ORCID]
    57. Jörn Leonhard [Search ORCID]
    58. Karl-Heinz Leven [Search ORCID]
    59. Christer Lindqvist [Search ORCID]
    60. Christian Mair [Search ORCID]
    61. Gesine Manuwald [Search ORCID]
    62. Sonja Meier [Search ORCID]
    63. Werner Mezger [Search ORCID]
    64. Stefan Müller [Search ORCID]
    65. Bernhard Nebel [Search ORCID]
    66. Dietmar Neutatz [Search ORCID]
    67. Gabrielle Oberhänsli-Widmer [Search ORCID]
    68. Willi Oberkrome [Search ORCID]
    69. Karin Orth [Search ORCID]
    70. Sylvia Paletschek [Search ORCID]
    71. Nikolaus Pfanner [Search ORCID]
    72. Ralf Poscher [Search ORCID]
    73. Ferdinand-Rupert Prostmeier [Search ORCID]
    74. Bernd Raffelhüschen [Search ORCID]
    75. Ulrich Rebstock [Search ORCID]
    76. Michael Reichel [Search ORCID]
    77. Albert Reif [Search ORCID]
    78. Ralf Reski [Search ORCID]
    79. Michael Reth [Search ORCID]
    80. Gisela Riescher [Search ORCID]
    81. Dietmar Saupe [Search ORCID]
    82. Wolfgang Schamel [Search ORCID]
    83. Jürgen Schiewe [Search ORCID]
    84. Jeannette Schmid [Search ORCID]
    85. Eberhard Schockenhoff [Search ORCID]
    86. Guido Seiler [Search ORCID]
    87. Bernd Siebert [Search ORCID]
    88. Andreas Urs Sommer [Search ORCID]
    89. Michael Sommer [Search ORCID]
    90. Elisabeth Stein [Search ORCID]
    91. Matthias Steinhart [Search ORCID]
    92. Gerhard Stock [Search ORCID]
    93. Thomas Straubhaar [Search ORCID]
    94. Magnus Striet [Search ORCID]
    95. Birgit Studt [Search ORCID]
    96. Alexander Thumfart [Search ORCID]
    97. Jens Timmer [Search ORCID]
    98. Werner Tzscheetzsch [Search ORCID]
    99. Jan-Heiner Tück [Search ORCID]
    100. Joachim Ullrich [Search ORCID]
    101. Knut Usener [Search ORCID]
    102. Harald Walach [Search ORCID]
    103. Oliver Waldmann [Search ORCID]
    104. Rainer Warland [Search ORCID]
    105. Gregor Weber [Search ORCID]
    106. Cornelia Weber-Lehmann [Search ORCID]
    107. Andrzej Wierciński [Search ORCID]
    108. Aloys Winterling [Search ORCID]
    109. Eckhard Wirbelauer [Search ORCID]
    110. Michael Wohlgemuth [Search ORCID]
    111. Bernhard Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
  14. University of Bonn (109 entries)
    1. Christoph Antweiler [Search ORCID]
    2. Marc-Aeilko Aris [Search ORCID]
    3. Hans Werner Ballmann [Search ORCID]
    4. Andreas Bartels [Search ORCID]
    5. Matthias Becher [Search ORCID]
    6. Martin Bentz [Search ORCID]
    7. Michael Bernsen [Search ORCID]
    8. Sven Beuchler [Search ORCID]
    9. Jörg Blasius [Search ORCID]
    10. Reinhold Boschki [Search ORCID]
    11. Joachim von Braun [Search ORCID]
    12. Oliver Brüstle [Search ORCID]
    13. Helga Bumke [Search ORCID]
    14. Frank Decker [Search ORCID]
    15. Christian Drosten [Search ORCID]
    16. Jürgen Elvert [Search ORCID]
    17. Armin Falk [Search ORCID]
    18. Michael Famulok [Search ORCID]
    19. Dieter W. Fellner [Search ORCID]
    20. Alexander Filippou [Search ORCID]
    21. Jens Franke [Search ORCID]
    22. Stefan Fröhlich [Search ORCID]
    23. Markus Gabriel [Search ORCID]
    24. Dorothee Gall [Search ORCID]
    25. Dominik Geppert [Search ORCID]
    26. Louise Gestermann [Search ORCID]
    27. Gernot Grabher [Search ORCID]
    28. Nikolai Grube [Search ORCID]
    29. Jürgen von Hagen [Search ORCID]
    30. Gunther Hartmann [Search ORCID]
    31. Dietmar Herz [Search ORCID]
    32. Karin Holm-Müller [Search ORCID]
    33. Christoph Horn [Search ORCID]
    34. Daniel Huybrechts [Search ORCID]
    35. Uwe Jannsen [Search ORCID]
    36. Helmut Karl [Search ORCID]
    37. Karl Christoph Klauer [Search ORCID]
    38. Eckhard Klieme [Search ORCID]
    39. Volker Knoop [Search ORCID]
    40. Michael Kobel [Search ORCID]
    41. Norbert Krause [Search ORCID]
    42. Heyo Klaus Kroemer [Search ORCID]
    43. Pavel Kroupa [Search ORCID]
    44. Ralf Krumeich [Search ORCID]
    45. Christian Kunze [Search ORCID]
    46. Hans-Joachim Kümpel [Search ORCID]
    47. Hanns Jürgen Küsters [Search ORCID]
    48. Ulrich Lappenküper [Search ORCID]
    49. Marc Laureys [Search ORCID]
    50. Franz Lebsanft [Search ORCID]
    51. Thomas Lengauer [Search ORCID]
    52. Matthias Lesch [Search ORCID]
    53. Franz-Josef Lübken [Search ORCID]
    54. Wolfgang Lück [Search ORCID]
    55. Norbert Lüdecke [Search ORCID]
    56. Thomas Martin [Search ORCID]
    57. Tilman Mayer [Search ORCID]
    58. Dieter Meschede [Search ORCID]
    59. Ludwig D. Morenz [Search ORCID]
    60. Christian Moser [Search ORCID]
    61. Stefan Müller [Search ORCID]
    62. Frank Neese [Search ORCID]
    63. Barbara Niethammer [Search ORCID]
    64. Felix Otto [Search ORCID]
    65. Andreas Pangritz [Search ORCID]
    66. Alheydis Plassmann [Search ORCID]
    67. Kai Thomas Platz [Search ORCID]
    68. Florian Pop [Search ORCID]
    69. Hans Jürgen Prömel [Search ORCID]
    70. Bernd Roeck [Search ORCID]
    71. Michael Roth [Search ORCID]
    72. Frank Rumscheid [Search ORCID]
    73. Michael Röckner [Search ORCID]
    74. Dieter Salzmann [Search ORCID]
    75. Martin Sander [Search ORCID]
    76. Georg Satzinger [Search ORCID]
    77. Martin Josef Schermaier [Search ORCID]
    78. Conrad Schetter [Search ORCID]
    79. Eberhard Schlicker [Search ORCID]
    80. Helmut Schmiedt [Search ORCID]
    81. Winfried Schmitz [Search ORCID]
    82. Thomas A. Schmitz [Search ORCID]
    83. Joachim Scholtyseck [Search ORCID]
    84. Peter Scholze [Search ORCID]
    85. Sabine Schrenk [Search ORCID]
    86. Jan Schröer [Search ORCID]
    87. Charlotte Schubert [Search ORCID]
    88. Moritz Schularick [Search ORCID]
    89. Joachim Schultze [Search ORCID]
    90. Günther Schulz [Search ORCID]
    91. Wolfgang Schulze [Search ORCID]
    92. Georg Schöllgen [Search ORCID]
    93. Rudolf Simek [Search ORCID]
    94. Nils-Peter Skoruppa [Search ORCID]
    95. Rudolf Stichweh [Search ORCID]
    96. Rainer Streubel [Search ORCID]
    97. Catharina Stroppel [Search ORCID]
    98. Dieter Sturma [Search ORCID]
    99. Christiane Vorster [Search ORCID]
    100. Jens Vygen [Search ORCID]
    101. Konrad Vössing [Search ORCID]
    102. Herbert Waldmann [Search ORCID]
    103. Henrik Walter [Search ORCID]
    104. Axel A. Weber [Search ORCID]
    105. Michael Wetzel [Search ORCID]
    106. Hans Wiesmeth [Search ORCID]
    107. Michael Wolter [Search ORCID]
    108. Don Zagier [Search ORCID]
    109. Reinhard Zöllner [Search ORCID]
  15. University of Tübingen (103 entries)
    1. Wilhelm K. Aicher [Search ORCID]
    2. Klaus Antoni [Search ORCID]
    3. Christoph Auffarth [Search ORCID]
    4. Jörg Baten [Search ORCID]
    5. Victor Batyrev [Search ORCID]
    6. Thomas Bethke [Search ORCID]
    7. Hans-Jürgen Bieling [Search ORCID]
    8. Erhard Blum [Search ORCID]
    9. Franz-Josef Bormann [Search ORCID]
    10. Jan Born [Search ORCID]
    11. Reinhold Boschki [Search ORCID]
    12. Georg Braungart [Search ORCID]
    13. Bernadette Brooten [Search ORCID]
    14. Claudia-Maria Buch [Search ORCID]
    15. Nicholas Conard [Search ORCID]
    16. Thomas Diez [Search ORCID]
    17. Volker Henning Drecoll [Search ORCID]
    18. Bernhard Duijm [Search ORCID]
    19. Renate Dürr [Search ORCID]
    20. Hans-Joachim Eckstein [Search ORCID]
    21. Ricardo Eichmann [Search ORCID]
    22. Michael Eilfort [Search ORCID]
    23. Bernd Engler [Search ORCID]
    24. Viktoria Eschbach-Szabo [Search ORCID]
    25. Harald Floss [Search ORCID]
    26. André Freiwald [Search ORCID]
    27. Ewald Frie [Search ORCID]
    28. Laszlo Goerke [Search ORCID]
    29. Omar Hamdan [Search ORCID]
    30. Roland Hardenberg [Search ORCID]
    31. Thomas Hauschild [Search ORCID]
    32. Martin Hautzinger [Search ORCID]
    33. Anke te Heesen [Search ORCID]
    34. Barbara Helwing [Search ORCID]
    35. Friedrich Hermanni [Search ORCID]
    36. Sigrid Hirbodian [Search ORCID]
    37. Konrad Hitzl [Search ORCID]
    38. Jürgen Hoffmann [Search ORCID]
    39. Andreas Holzem [Search ORCID]
    40. Gerhard Huisken [Search ORCID]
    41. Jürg Häusermann [Search ORCID]
    42. Vittorio Hösle [Search ORCID]
    43. Alberto Jori [Search ORCID]
    44. Martin H. Jung [Search ORCID]
    45. Hans-Otto Karnath [Search ORCID]
    46. Robert Kirstein [Search ORCID]
    47. Walter Kißel [Search ORCID]
    48. Herbert Klaeren [Search ORCID]
    49. Joachim Knape [Search ORCID]
    50. Wilhelm Kohler [Search ORCID]
    51. Johannes Krause [Search ORCID]
    52. Dirk Krausse [Search ORCID]
    53. Lutz Käppel [Search ORCID]
    54. Christof Landmesser [Search ORCID]
    55. Christian Leitz [Search ORCID]
    56. Jürgen Leonhardt [Search ORCID]
    57. Volker Leppin [Search ORCID]
    58. Alexandra von Lieven [Search ORCID]
    59. Joachim Maier [Search ORCID]
    60. Annemarie C. Mayer [Search ORCID]
    61. Gabriele Metzler [Search ORCID]
    62. Volker Mosbrugger [Search ORCID]
    63. Irmgard Männlein-Robert [Search ORCID]
    64. Heinz-Dieter Neef [Search ORCID]
    65. Werner Neus [Search ORCID]
    66. Andreas Odenthal [Search ORCID]
    67. Konrad Ott [Search ORCID]
    68. Steffen Patzold [Search ORCID]
    69. Ernst Pernicka [Search ORCID]
    70. Peter Pfälzner [Search ORCID]
    71. Joachim Friedrich Quack [Search ORCID]
    72. Regina Ammicht Quinn [Search ORCID]
    73. Hans-Georg Rammensee [Search ORCID]
    74. Christoph Reinfandt [Search ORCID]
    75. Klaus Sachs-Hombach [Search ORCID]
    76. Thomas Schipperges [Search ORCID]
    77. Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner [Search ORCID]
    78. Peter Schroeder-Heister [Search ORCID]
    79. Christoph Schwöbel [Search ORCID]
    80. Thomas Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    81. Gunter Schöbel [Search ORCID]
    82. Hans Reinhard Seeliger [Search ORCID]
    83. Hans-Peter Seidel [Search ORCID]
    84. Adrian Simpson [Search ORCID]
    85. Gianfranco Soldati [Search ORCID]
    86. Ralf J. Sommer [Search ORCID]
    87. Martin Andreas Stadler [Search ORCID]
    88. Thilo Stehle [Search ORCID]
    89. Jörg Strübing [Search ORCID]
    90. Georg Teutsch [Search ORCID]
    91. Nikolaus Thurn [Search ORCID]
    92. Karl Ubl [Search ORCID]
    93. Ulrich Veit [Search ORCID]
    94. Thomas Walter [Search ORCID]
    95. Detlef Weigel [Search ORCID]
    96. Lars Wesemann [Search ORCID]
    97. Ellen Widder [Search ORCID]
    98. Dirk Wiemann [Search ORCID]
    99. Urban Wiesing [Search ORCID]
    100. Andreas Wirsching [Search ORCID]
    101. Anja Wolkenhauer [Search ORCID]
    102. Reinhard Wolters [Search ORCID]
    103. Martin Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
  16. Ruhr University Bochum (100 entries)
    1. Peter-André Alt [Search ORCID]
    2. Jörg Althammer [Search ORCID]
    3. Michael Baales [Search ORCID]
    4. Helmut Balzert [Search ORCID]
    5. Manuel Baumbach [Search ORCID]
    6. Reinhard Bendemann [Search ORCID]
    7. Johannes Bergemann [Search ORCID]
    8. Stefan Berger [Search ORCID]
    9. Christof Berns [Search ORCID]
    10. Jörg Bogumil [Search ORCID]
    11. Nicola Brauch [Search ORCID]
    12. Christof Breitsameter [Search ORCID]
    13. Vinzenz Brinkmann [Search ORCID]
    14. Detlev Brunner [Search ORCID]
    15. Lutz Budraß [Search ORCID]
    16. Helga Bumke [Search ORCID]
    17. Wilhelm Damberg [Search ORCID]
    18. Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky [Search ORCID]
    19. Dennis Dijkzeul [Search ORCID]
    20. Léopold-Joseph Bonny Duala-M'bedy [Search ORCID]
    21. Karl-Ludwig Elvers [Search ORCID]
    22. Stefan Esders [Search ORCID]
    23. Georg Essen [Search ORCID]
    24. Norbert Frei [Search ORCID]
    25. Magdalene L. Frettlöh [Search ORCID]
    26. Hans-Joachim Freund [Search ORCID]
    27. Christian Frevel [Search ORCID]
    28. Ulrich-Walter Gans [Search ORCID]
    29. Reinhold F. Glei [Search ORCID]
    30. Constantin Goschler [Search ORCID]
    31. Onur Güntürkün [Search ORCID]
    32. Dieter Haller [Search ORCID]
    33. Justus Haucap [Search ORCID]
    34. Rolf G. Heinze [Search ORCID]
    35. Nikolaus P. Himmelmann [Search ORCID]
    36. Helmut Hofer [Search ORCID]
    37. Rüdiger Höffer [Search ORCID]
    38. Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp [Search ORCID]
    39. Nikolas Jaspert [Search ORCID]
    40. Benedikt Jeßing [Search ORCID]
    41. Jürgen Jost [Search ORCID]
    42. Traugott Jähnichen [Search ORCID]
    43. Helmut Karl [Search ORCID]
    44. Isolde Karle [Search ORCID]
    45. Michael Ketting [Search ORCID]
    46. Eike Kiltz [Search ORCID]
    47. Erich Kistler [Search ORCID]
    48. Claudia Klodt [Search ORCID]
    49. Snježana Kordić [Search ORCID]
    50. Volkhard Krech [Search ORCID]
    51. Margot Käßmann [Search ORCID]
    52. Franz Lebsanft [Search ORCID]
    53. Achim Lichtenberger [Search ORCID]
    54. Bernhard Linke [Search ORCID]
    55. Gerhard Lubich [Search ORCID]
    56. Jan Lunze [Search ORCID]
    57. Dirk Löhr [Search ORCID]
    58. Helmut Maier [Search ORCID]
    59. Regine Mathias [Search ORCID]
    60. Dirk Meyer [Search ORCID]
    61. Karina Morgenstern [Search ORCID]
    62. Volker Nienhaus [Search ORCID]
    63. Stephan Paul [Search ORCID]
    64. Thomas Paulsen [Search ORCID]
    65. Bernhard Pellens [Search ORCID]
    66. Werner Plumpe [Search ORCID]
    67. Ralf Poscher [Search ORCID]
    68. Ludger Pries [Search ORCID]
    69. Volker Reinhardt [Search ORCID]
    70. Christine Reinle [Search ORCID]
    71. Josef Rist [Search ORCID]
    72. Karsten Rudolph [Search ORCID]
    73. Jörg Schimmelpfennig [Search ORCID]
    74. Christoph M. Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    75. Winfried Schmitz [Search ORCID]
    76. Jan Erik Schulte [Search ORCID]
    77. Reinhard Schulze [Search ORCID]
    78. Walter Schweidler [Search ORCID]
    79. Volker Steenblock [Search ORCID]
    80. Marion Steven [Search ORCID]
    81. Gerhard Streminger [Search ORCID]
    82. Christoph Strohm [Search ORCID]
    83. Udo Sträter [Search ORCID]
    84. Bernhard Stöckhert [Search ORCID]
    85. Katharina Sykora [Search ORCID]
    86. Thomas Söding [Search ORCID]
    87. Ewald Terhart [Search ORCID]
    88. Ludger Tewes [Search ORCID]
    89. Anne-Charlott Trepp [Search ORCID]
    90. Nikolaus F. Troje [Search ORCID]
    91. Stefan Voigt [Search ORCID]
    92. Michael Walter [Search ORCID]
    93. Cornelia Weber-Lehmann [Search ORCID]
    94. Karl-Wilhelm Weeber [Search ORCID]
    95. Michael Weinrich [Search ORCID]
    96. Michael Welling [Search ORCID]
    97. Martin Werding [Search ORCID]
    98. Johann Wolfgang Wägele [Search ORCID]
    99. Harald Zepp [Search ORCID]
    100. Dieter Ziegler [Search ORCID]
  17. University of Cologne (100 entries)
    1. Walter Ameling [Search ORCID]
    2. Martin Avenarius [Search ORCID]
    3. Christoph Badelt [Search ORCID]
    4. Jens Beckert [Search ORCID]
    5. Anja Bettenworth [Search ORCID]
    6. Marc Oliver Bettzüge [Search ORCID]
    7. Marita Blattmann [Search ORCID]
    8. Christoph von Blumröder [Search ORCID]
    9. Jens Boenisch [Search ORCID]
    10. Dietrich Boschung [Search ORCID]
    11. Kathrin Bringmann [Search ORCID]
    12. Jan Hendrik Bruinier [Search ORCID]
    13. Jens Claus Brüning [Search ORCID]
    14. Christoph Butterwegge [Search ORCID]
    15. Jürgen Elvert [Search ORCID]
    16. Johannes Engels [Search ORCID]
    17. Andreas Fahrmeir [Search ORCID]
    18. Norbert Finzsch [Search ORCID]
    19. Axel Freimuth [Search ORCID]
    20. Christian Frevel [Search ORCID]
    21. Max Paul Friedman [Search ORCID]
    22. Reinhard Förtsch [Search ORCID]
    23. Jan Felix Gaertner [Search ORCID]
    24. Hansjörg Geiges [Search ORCID]
    25. Gudrun Gersmann [Search ORCID]
    26. Manuel Gervink [Search ORCID]
    27. Dagmar Grassinger [Search ORCID]
    28. Axel Griesbeck [Search ORCID]
    29. Monika Gronke [Search ORCID]
    30. Thomas Grundmann [Search ORCID]
    31. Thomas Gärtner [Search ORCID]
    32. Detlef Haberland [Search ORCID]
    33. Hans-Peter Haferkamp [Search ORCID]
    34. Jürgen Hammerstaedt [Search ORCID]
    35. Norbert Hanel [Search ORCID]
    36. Wolfgang Hasberg [Search ORCID]
    37. Magarditsch A. Hatschikjan [Search ORCID]
    38. Johannes Heinrichs [Search ORCID]
    39. Michael Heinzelmann [Search ORCID]
    40. Sabine Heusinger [Search ORCID]
    41. Johanna Hey [Search ORCID]
    42. Nikolaus P. Himmelmann [Search ORCID]
    43. Wilfried Hinsch [Search ORCID]
    44. Werner Hoyer [Search ORCID]
    45. Daniel Huybrechts [Search ORCID]
    46. Hans-Joachim Höhn [Search ORCID]
    47. Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp [Search ORCID]
    48. Andreas Hüttemann [Search ORCID]
    49. Bernd Irlenbusch [Search ORCID]
    50. Uwe Jannsen [Search ORCID]
    51. Ralph Jessen [Search ORCID]
    52. Axel Karenberg [Search ORCID]
    53. Claus Kiefer [Search ORCID]
    54. Manfred Kops [Search ORCID]
    55. Ludwig Kuntz [Search ORCID]
    56. Steffen König [Search ORCID]
    57. Andreas Külzer [Search ORCID]
    58. Alfred Maußner [Search ORCID]
    59. Harald Meller [Search ORCID]
    60. Martin Melles [Search ORCID]
    61. Werner Mellis [Search ORCID]
    62. Andreas Michel [Search ORCID]
    63. Ulrich Moennig [Search ORCID]
    64. Thomas Mußweiler [Search ORCID]
    65. Heinz-Günther Nesselrath [Search ORCID]
    66. Frank Neubacher [Search ORCID]
    67. René Nünlist [Search ORCID]
    68. Ansgar Nünning [Search ORCID]
    69. Peter Nürnberg [Search ORCID]
    70. Axel Ockenfels [Search ORCID]
    71. Michael Ostrzyga [Search ORCID]
    72. Barbara Potthast [Search ORCID]
    73. Ralf Ptak [Search ORCID]
    74. Ulrich Radtke [Search ORCID]
    75. Bettina Rockenbach [Search ORCID]
    76. Achim Rosch [Search ORCID]
    77. Egon Schallmayer [Search ORCID]
    78. Markus Schauer [Search ORCID]
    79. Peter Schneider [Search ORCID]
    80. Dietmar Schomburg [Search ORCID]
    81. Joachim Schultze [Search ORCID]
    82. Alfred Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    83. Daniel Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    84. Holger Simon [Search ORCID]
    85. Dirk Sliwka [Search ORCID]
    86. Andreas Speer [Search ORCID]
    87. Markus Stein [Search ORCID]
    88. Renate Thomas [Search ORCID]
    89. Karl Ubl [Search ORCID]
    90. Franziska Völckner [Search ORCID]
    91. Anne Waldschmidt [Search ORCID]
    92. Achim Wambach [Search ORCID]
    93. Axel A. Weber [Search ORCID]
    94. Saskia Wendel [Search ORCID]
    95. Edwin Paul Wieringa [Search ORCID]
    96. Erol Yıldız [Search ORCID]
    97. Stephan Zelewski [Search ORCID]
    98. Martin Ziermann [Search ORCID]
    99. Andreas Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
    100. Martin Zirnbauer [Search ORCID]
  18. University of Göttingen (99 entries)
    1. Reiner Anselm [Search ORCID]
    2. Achim Arbeiter [Search ORCID]
    3. Norbert Bartsch [Search ORCID]
    4. Jens Beckert [Search ORCID]
    5. Johannes Bergemann [Search ORCID]
    6. Hartmut Berghoff [Search ORCID]
    7. Hans Bernsdorff [Search ORCID]
    8. Valentin Blomer [Search ORCID]
    9. Eberhard Bodenschatz [Search ORCID]
    10. Bertram Brenig [Search ORCID]
    11. Ulrich Brose [Search ORCID]
    12. Reinhard Brückner [Search ORCID]
    13. Jörg Brüdern [Search ORCID]
    14. Ulrich Bunke [Search ORCID]
    15. Balbina Bäbler [Search ORCID]
    16. Jochen Cornelius-Bundschuh [Search ORCID]
    17. Lorraine Daston [Search ORCID]
    18. Markus A. Denzel [Search ORCID]
    19. Heinrich Detering [Search ORCID]
    20. Reinhard Dittmann [Search ORCID]
    21. Jutta Dresken-Weiland [Search ORCID]
    22. Boris Dreyer [Search ORCID]
    23. Natalia Dubrovinskaia [Search ORCID]
    24. Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser [Search ORCID]
    25. Eckhard Eggers [Search ORCID]
    26. Thomas Ellrott [Search ORCID]
    27. Reinhard Feldmeier [Search ORCID]
    28. Jens Frahm [Search ORCID]
    29. Marian Füssel [Search ORCID]
    30. Peter Gemeinhardt [Search ORCID]
    31. Reinhold F. Glei [Search ORCID]
    32. Rebekka Habermas [Search ORCID]
    33. Maik Hammerschmidt [Search ORCID]
    34. Thomas Haye [Search ORCID]
    35. Stefan Hell [Search ORCID]
    36. Jan Hermelink [Search ORCID]
    37. Dieter Hogrefe [Search ORCID]
    38. Klaus-Peter Horn [Search ORCID]
    39. Heike Sternberg-el Hotabi [Search ORCID]
    40. Sibylle Ihm [Search ORCID]
    41. Reinhard Jahn [Search ORCID]
    42. Frank Kammerzell [Search ORCID]
    43. Martin Kappas [Search ORCID]
    44. Helmut Karl [Search ORCID]
    45. Thomas Kaufmann [Search ORCID]
    46. Stephan Klecha [Search ORCID]
    47. Michael M. Kochen [Search ORCID]
    48. Reinhard Gregor Kratz [Search ORCID]
    49. Holger Kreft [Search ORCID]
    50. Inge Kroppenberg [Search ORCID]
    51. Peter Kuhlmann [Search ORCID]
    52. Steffen Kühnel [Search ORCID]
    53. Martin Langner [Search ORCID]
    54. Gerhard Lauer [Search ORCID]
    55. Jens Peter Laut [Search ORCID]
    56. Christian Lenk [Search ORCID]
    57. Manfred Luchterhandt [Search ORCID]
    58. Preda Mihăilescu [Search ORCID]
    59. Gerald Moers [Search ORCID]
    60. Ulrich Mücke [Search ORCID]
    61. Klaus-Peter Naumann [Search ORCID]
    62. Heinz-Günther Nesselrath [Search ORCID]
    63. Julian Nida-Rümelin [Search ORCID]
    64. Thomas Noll [Search ORCID]
    65. Renate Ohr [Search ORCID]
    66. Hans Otte [Search ORCID]
    67. Dietmar von der Pfordten [Search ORCID]
    68. Karl-Henning Rehren [Search ORCID]
    69. Arnd Reitemeier [Search ORCID]
    70. Joachim Reitner [Search ORCID]
    71. Frank Rexroth [Search ORCID]
    72. Gabriele Rosenthal [Search ORCID]
    73. Martin Rothgangel [Search ORCID]
    74. Hedwig Röckelein [Search ORCID]
    75. Gerhard Rübel [Search ORCID]
    76. Samuel Salzborn [Search ORCID]
    77. Konrad Samwer [Search ORCID]
    78. Michael Sauer [Search ORCID]
    79. Dieter Schinzer [Search ORCID]
    80. Karin Schöpflin [Search ORCID]
    81. Hans-Peter Schütt [Search ORCID]
    82. Augustin Speyer [Search ORCID]
    83. Hermann Spieckermann [Search ORCID]
    84. Ulrich Stuhler [Search ORCID]
    85. Thomas C. Südhof [Search ORCID]
    86. Martin Tamcke [Search ORCID]
    87. Ludwig Theuvsen [Search ORCID]
    88. Andreas Tiedemann [Search ORCID]
    89. Stefan Treue [Search ORCID]
    90. Yuri Tschinkel [Search ORCID]
    91. Meinolf Vielberg [Search ORCID]
    92. Franz Walter [Search ORCID]
    93. Rainer Warland [Search ORCID]
    94. Bernd Wedemeyer-Kolwe [Search ORCID]
    95. Stephan Westphalen [Search ORCID]
    96. Claudia Wiesemann [Search ORCID]
    97. Florian Wilk [Search ORCID]
    98. Edgar Wingender [Search ORCID]
    99. Alec Michael Wodtke [Search ORCID]
  19. University of Michigan (97 entries)
    1. Fred Adams [Search ORCID]
    2. Janet Afary [Search ORCID]
    3. Bina Agarwal [Search ORCID]
    4. Elizabeth S. Anderson [Search ORCID]
    5. Sorin Antohi [Search ORCID]
    6. Scott Atran [Search ORCID]
    7. Ruth Behar [Search ORCID]
    8. Paul Boghossian [Search ORCID]
    9. Jeff Bradetich [Search ORCID]
    10. Siglind Bruhn [Search ORCID]
    11. David Buss [Search ORCID]
    12. Anne Carson [Search ORCID]
    13. Gregory Clark [Search ORCID]
    14. Alan Code [Search ORCID]
    15. Juan Cole [Search ORCID]
    16. Francis Collins [Search ORCID]
    17. Michael R. Combi [Search ORCID]
    18. Brian Conrad [Search ORCID]
    19. Brian Coppola [Search ORCID]
    20. Werner J. A. Dahm [Search ORCID]
    21. Michael Daugherty [Search ORCID]
    22. Nicholas Dirks [Search ORCID]
    23. Charles R. Doering [Search ORCID]
    24. Susan J. Douglas [Search ORCID]
    25. Jas Elsner [Search ORCID]
    26. Sergey Fomin [Search ORCID]
    27. Katherine Freese [Search ORCID]
    28. Doris Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    29. Susan Gelman [Search ORCID]
    30. Thomas Callister Hales [Search ORCID]
    31. Gary Hamel [Search ORCID]
    32. Lizhen Ji [Search ORCID]
    33. Linda P.B. Katehi [Search ORCID]
    34. Robin Kelley [Search ORCID]
    35. Hans-Lukas Kieser [Search ORCID]
    36. Bruce Kleiner [Search ORCID]
    37. Alexey Kondrashov [Search ORCID]
    38. Nicholas A. Kotov [Search ORCID]
    39. Bryna Kra [Search ORCID]
    40. John E. Laird [Search ORCID]
    41. Ruth Lawrence [Search ORCID]
    42. Robert Lazarsfeld [Search ORCID]
    43. Jon Lee [Search ORCID]
    44. Stephen Lee [Search ORCID]
    45. Monica Ponce de Leon [Search ORCID]
    46. David Daokui Li [Search ORCID]
    47. John Lie [Search ORCID]
    48. John Lott [Search ORCID]
    49. Howard Markel [Search ORCID]
    50. Michael Marletta [Search ORCID]
    51. David Mattingly [Search ORCID]
    52. Malcolm McCullough [Search ORCID]
    53. Johannes von Moltke [Search ORCID]
    54. Jeffrey S. Moore [Search ORCID]
    55. Mark Newman [Search ORCID]
    56. Margaret Noori [Search ORCID]
    57. Enrique Norten [Search ORCID]
    58. Dirk Obbink [Search ORCID]
    59. Stanford Olsen [Search ORCID]
    60. Vincent L. Pecoraro [Search ORCID]
    61. Christopher Peterson [Search ORCID]
    62. David Potter [Search ORCID]
    63. Andrea L. Press [Search ORCID]
    64. Peter Railton [Search ORCID]
    65. Hani Rashid [Search ORCID]
    66. Andrea Reinkemeyer [Search ORCID]
    67. Bruce Roth [Search ORCID]
    68. William R. Roush [Search ORCID]
    69. Alan R. Saltiel [Search ORCID]
    70. Melanie Sanford [Search ORCID]
    71. Walter Scheidel [Search ORCID]
    72. Anton Shammas [Search ORCID]
    73. Bright Sheng [Search ORCID]
    74. Jonathan Simon [Search ORCID]
    75. Karen Smith [Search ORCID]
    76. Tayfun Sonmez [Search ORCID]
    77. Kannan Soundararajan [Search ORCID]
    78. William Douglas Figg, Sr. [Search ORCID]
    79. Jason Stanley [Search ORCID]
    80. Betsey Stevenson [Search ORCID]
    81. Karen Tanaka [Search ORCID]
    82. Nicola Terrenato [Search ORCID]
    83. George Tsebelis [Search ORCID]
    84. Jan Švejnar [Search ORCID]
    85. J. David Velleman [Search ORCID]
    86. Alexander Vovin [Search ORCID]
    87. Michael Wellman [Search ORCID]
    88. Robin Wells [Search ORCID]
    89. Drew Westen [Search ORCID]
    90. Carl Wieman [Search ORCID]
    91. Bruce A. Williams [Search ORCID]
    92. Justin Wolfers [Search ORCID]
    93. Meredith Jung-En Woo [Search ORCID]
    94. Stephen Yablo [Search ORCID]
    95. Omar M. Yaghi [Search ORCID]
    96. Yukiko Yamashita [Search ORCID]
    97. Serhy Yekelchyk [Search ORCID]
  20. University of Chicago (90 entries)
    1. Janet Afary [Search ORCID]
    2. Danielle Allen [Search ORCID]
    3. Leora Auslander [Search ORCID]
    4. László Babai [Search ORCID]
    5. Katherine Baicker [Search ORCID]
    6. Alexander Beilinson [Search ORCID]
    7. Henri Berestycki [Search ORCID]
    8. Marianne Bertrand [Search ORCID]
    9. David C. Bradley [Search ORCID]
    10. David J. Buch [Search ORCID]
    11. John Cacioppo [Search ORCID]
    12. Gunnar Carlsson [Search ORCID]
    13. John Carlstrom [Search ORCID]
    14. Sean M. Carroll [Search ORCID]
    15. George Chauncey [Search ORCID]
    16. Ngô Bảo Châu [Search ORCID]
    17. James F. Conant [Search ORCID]
    18. Peter Crane [Search ORCID]
    19. Lorraine Daston [Search ORCID]
    20. Jean Decety [Search ORCID]
    21. Douglas Diamond [Search ORCID]
    22. Vladimir Drinfeld [Search ORCID]
    23. Jas Elsner [Search ORCID]
    24. Alex Eskin [Search ORCID]
    25. Charles L. Evans [Search ORCID]
    26. Benson Farb [Search ORCID]
    27. Gary Alan Fine [Search ORCID]
    28. Kenneth French [Search ORCID]
    29. Elaine Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    30. Dennis Gaitsgory [Search ORCID]
    31. David Galenson [Search ORCID]
    32. Leonid Gavrilov [Search ORCID]
    33. Maitreesh Ghatak [Search ORCID]
    34. Victor Ginzburg [Search ORCID]
    35. John Goldsmith [Search ORCID]
    36. Austan Goolsbee [Search ORCID]
    37. Paul J. Griffiths [Search ORCID]
    38. Nadia Abu El Haj [Search ORCID]
    39. Lars Peter Hansen [Search ORCID]
    40. Melissa Harris-Perry [Search ORCID]
    41. Jeffrey A. Harvey [Search ORCID]
    42. David Jablonski [Search ORCID]
    43. Steven Kaplan [Search ORCID]
    44. Kazuya Kato [Search ORCID]
    45. Subhash Khot [Search ORCID]
    46. Edward Kolb [Search ORCID]
    47. Robert Kottwitz [Search ORCID]
    48. Randall Kroszner [Search ORCID]
    49. Don Kulick [Search ORCID]
    50. Bruce Lahn [Search ORCID]
    51. Charles Larmore [Search ORCID]
    52. Greg Lawler [Search ORCID]
    53. Steven Levitt [Search ORCID]
    54. John A. List [Search ORCID]
    55. Dario Maestripieri [Search ORCID]
    56. John Levi Martin [Search ORCID]
    57. Fulvio Melia [Search ORCID]
    58. Frederic Mishkin [Search ORCID]
    59. Ian Morris [Search ORCID]
    60. Toby Moskowitz [Search ORCID]
    61. Kevin M. Murphy [Search ORCID]
    62. Roger Myerson [Search ORCID]
    63. Piers Nash [Search ORCID]
    64. Howard Nusbaum [Search ORCID]
    65. Andrei Okounkov [Search ORCID]
    66. Hirosi Ooguri [Search ORCID]
    67. Robert Pape [Search ORCID]
    68. Leonid Polterovich [Search ORCID]
    69. Thomas Felix Rosenbaum [Search ORCID]
    70. Robert J. Sampson [Search ORCID]
    71. Eric Schiller [Search ORCID]
    72. Paul Sereno [Search ORCID]
    73. Jesse Shapiro [Search ORCID]
    74. Edward L. Shaughnessy [Search ORCID]
    75. Neil Shubin [Search ORCID]
    76. Ted Snyder [Search ORCID]
    77. Nancy Stokey [Search ORCID]
    78. Cass Sunstein [Search ORCID]
    79. Augusta Read Thomas [Search ORCID]
    80. Harald Uhlig [Search ORCID]
    81. Robert W. Vishny [Search ORCID]
    82. Stephen Walt [Search ORCID]
    83. Shmuel Weinberger [Search ORCID]
    84. Paul Wiegmann [Search ORCID]
    85. Amie Wilkinson [Search ORCID]
    86. Elliot R. Wolfson [Search ORCID]
    87. Michael Woodford [Search ORCID]
    88. Dali Yang [Search ORCID]
    89. Malika Zeghal [Search ORCID]
    90. Luigi Zingales [Search ORCID]
  21. New York University (88 entries)
    1. Thomas A. Abercrombie [Search ORCID]
    2. Lila Abu-Lughod [Search ORCID]
    3. Eric Alterman [Search ORCID]
    4. Richard Arum [Search ORCID]
    5. Edward Beck [Search ORCID]
    6. Yochai Benkler [Search ORCID]
    7. Ben Bernanke [Search ORCID]
    8. Peter Boettke [Search ORCID]
    9. Paul Boghossian [Search ORCID]
    10. Courtney Angela Brkic [Search ORCID]
    11. Craig Calhoun [Search ORCID]
    12. Francisco Xavier Castellanos [Search ORCID]
    13. Sourav Chatterjee [Search ORCID]
    14. Demetrios Christodoulou [Search ORCID]
    15. Dalton Conley [Search ORCID]
    16. Aswath Damodaran [Search ORCID]
    17. Howard Davies [Search ORCID]
    18. Frank Deal [Search ORCID]
    19. James Demmel [Search ORCID]
    20. Olivier Duhamel [Search ORCID]
    21. Weinan E [Search ORCID]
    22. William Easterly [Search ORCID]
    23. Cliff Eisen [Search ORCID]
    24. Niall Ferguson [Search ORCID]
    25. Norman Finkelstein [Search ORCID]
    26. Katherine Elizabeth Fleming [Search ORCID]
    27. Xavier Gabaix [Search ORCID]
    28. David W. Garland [Search ORCID]
    29. Mark Gertler [Search ORCID]
    30. Karen Joy Greenberg [Search ORCID]
    31. William Greene [Search ORCID]
    32. Leslie Greengard [Search ORCID]
    33. Thomas A. Guglielmo [Search ORCID]
    34. Jorge Castañeda Gutman [Search ORCID]
    35. Jonathan Haidt [Search ORCID]
    36. Martin Hairer [Search ORCID]
    37. Nadia Abu El Haj [Search ORCID]
    38. Moshe Halbertal [Search ORCID]
    39. David Heeger [Search ORCID]
    40. Peter Blair Henry [Search ORCID]
    41. Panos Ipeirotis [Search ORCID]
    42. Myles Jackson [Search ORCID]
    43. Mitchell Joachim [Search ORCID]
    44. Kristen Johnston [Search ORCID]
    45. Scott Barry Kaufman [Search ORCID]
    46. Michael Keane [Search ORCID]
    47. Robin Kelley [Search ORCID]
    48. Subhash Khot [Search ORCID]
    49. Bruce Kleiner [Search ORCID]
    50. Mark Lilla [Search ORCID]
    51. Lars Ljungqvist [Search ORCID]
    52. Béatrice Longuenesse [Search ORCID]
    53. Monika Ludwig [Search ORCID]
    54. Gary Marcus [Search ORCID]
    55. Tim Maudlin [Search ORCID]
    56. Suketu Mehta [Search ORCID]
    57. Nicholas Mirzoeff [Search ORCID]
    58. Bud Mishra [Search ORCID]
    59. Jonathan Morduch [Search ORCID]
    60. J. Anthony Movshon [Search ORCID]
    61. Assaf Naor [Search ORCID]
    62. Nuccio Ordine [Search ORCID]
    63. Naomi Oreskes [Search ORCID]
    64. János Pach [Search ORCID]
    65. Krishna Palem [Search ORCID]
    66. Theodor Paleologu [Search ORCID]
    67. Lasse Heje Pedersen [Search ORCID]
    68. Manuel Pinho [Search ORCID]
    69. Michael Purugganan [Search ORCID]
    70. Paul Romer [Search ORCID]
    71. Andrew Ross [Search ORCID]
    72. Nouriel Roubini [Search ORCID]
    73. Barnett Rubin [Search ORCID]
    74. Jaime Levy Russell [Search ORCID]
    75. Peter Sanderson [Search ORCID]
    76. Peter Sarnak [Search ORCID]
    77. Sylvia Serfaty [Search ORCID]
    78. Micha Sharir [Search ORCID]
    79. Daniel L. Stein [Search ORCID]
    80. Torsten Suel [Search ORCID]
    81. Nassim Nicholas Taleb [Search ORCID]
    82. J. David Velleman [Search ORCID]
    83. Jeremy Waldron [Search ORCID]
    84. Joseph H. H. Weiler [Search ORCID]
    85. Lawrence H. White [Search ORCID]
    86. Julia Wolfe [Search ORCID]
    87. Elliot R. Wolfson [Search ORCID]
    88. Horng-Tzer Yau [Search ORCID]
  22. Yale University (87 entries)
    1. Donald Andrews [Search ORCID]
    2. Debby Applegate [Search ORCID]
    3. Michael Auslin [Search ORCID]
    4. Randall Balmer [Search ORCID]
    5. Mahzarin Banaji [Search ORCID]
    6. Kahar Barat [Search ORCID]
    7. Nicholas Barberis [Search ORCID]
    8. David Bell [Search ORCID]
    9. Seyla Benhabib [Search ORCID]
    10. Steven T. Berry [Search ORCID]
    11. Tony Blair [Search ORCID]
    12. Paul Bloom [Search ORCID]
    13. Susanne Bobzien [Search ORCID]
    14. Kelly D. Brownell [Search ORCID]
    15. Soner Cagaptay [Search ORCID]
    16. George Chauncey [Search ORCID]
    17. Peter Crane [Search ORCID]
    18. Michael Denning [Search ORCID]
    19. William Deresiewicz [Search ORCID]
    20. Keith DeRose [Search ORCID]
    21. Carlos Eire [Search ORCID]
    22. David Evans [Search ORCID]
    23. Joan Feigenbaum [Search ORCID]
    24. Josh Fisher [Search ORCID]
    25. Robert Pierce Forbes [Search ORCID]
    26. Igor Frenkel [Search ORCID]
    27. Jorge E. Galán [Search ORCID]
    28. John Geanakoplos [Search ORCID]
    29. David Gelernter [Search ORCID]
    30. Tamar Gendler [Search ORCID]
    31. Paul Gilroy [Search ORCID]
    32. Steven Girvin [Search ORCID]
    33. David Graeber [Search ORCID]
    34. Vittorio Grilli [Search ORCID]
    35. Jacob Hacker [Search ORCID]
    36. Thomas Blom Hansen [Search ORCID]
    37. bell hooks [Search ORCID]
    38. Arthur L. Horwich [Search ORCID]
    39. Marcia C. Inhorn [Search ORCID]
    40. Peter Jones [Search ORCID]
    41. Vladimir Rokhlin, Jr. [Search ORCID]
    42. Gil Kalai [Search ORCID]
    43. Ravindran Kannan [Search ORCID]
    44. Alice Kaplan [Search ORCID]
    45. Dean Karlan [Search ORCID]
    46. Louka Katseli [Search ORCID]
    47. Jonathan David Katz [Search ORCID]
    48. Michael Keane [Search ORCID]
    49. Kevin Kennon [Search ORCID]
    50. Bruce Kleiner [Search ORCID]
    51. Joshua Knobe [Search ORCID]
    52. Lawrence M. Krauss [Search ORCID]
    53. Diane Kunz [Search ORCID]
    54. Robert Kyr [Search ORCID]
    55. Jon Lee [Search ORCID]
    56. Adam Marcus [Search ORCID]
    57. Jonathan M. Marks [Search ORCID]
    58. Robert O. Mendelsohn [Search ORCID]
    59. Mary Miller [Search ORCID]
    60. Jennifer Morse [Search ORCID]
    61. Karen Nakamura [Search ORCID]
    62. Susan Neiman [Search ORCID]
    63. Lynn Nottage [Search ORCID]
    64. Hee Oh [Search ORCID]
    65. Nuccio Ordine [Search ORCID]
    66. Thomas Pogge [Search ORCID]
    67. David L. Rabinowitz [Search ORCID]
    68. Mark Reed [Search ORCID]
    69. Clifford J. Rogers [Search ORCID]
    70. James Rothman [Search ORCID]
    71. Nouriel Roubini [Search ORCID]
    72. Peter Salovey [Search ORCID]
    73. Laurie R. Santos [Search ORCID]
    74. Alanna Schepartz [Search ORCID]
    75. David Schmidtz [Search ORCID]
    76. Stuart Schreiber [Search ORCID]
    77. Marci Shore [Search ORCID]
    78. Ted Snyder [Search ORCID]
    79. Timothy D. Snyder [Search ORCID]
    80. Daniel Spielman [Search ORCID]
    81. Jomo Kwame Sundaram [Search ORCID]
    82. Miroslav Volf [Search ORCID]
    83. Günter P. Wagner [Search ORCID]
    84. Cornel West [Search ORCID]
    85. Robert B. Westbrook [Search ORCID]
    86. Karen Wynn [Search ORCID]
    87. Ernesto Zedillo [Search ORCID]
  23. Leipzig University (86 entries)
    1. Andreas Anter [Search ORCID]
    2. Augustinus Bader [Search ORCID]
    3. Klaus-Dieter Baumann [Search ORCID]
    4. Ingo Jürgen Bechmann [Search ORCID]
    5. Annette Beck-Sickinger [Search ORCID]
    6. Angelika Berlejung [Search ORCID]
    7. Jaqueline Berndt [Search ORCID]
    8. Balthasar Bickel [Search ORCID]
    9. Anton Bierl [Search ORCID]
    10. Christophe Boesch [Search ORCID]
    11. Detlev Brunner [Search ORCID]
    12. Ulrich Bröckling [Search ORCID]
    13. Christfried Böttrich [Search ORCID]
    14. Enno Bünz [Search ORCID]
    15. Hans-Ulrich Cain [Search ORCID]
    16. Gregory Crane [Search ORCID]
    17. Oliver Decker [Search ORCID]
    18. Alexander Deeg [Search ORCID]
    19. Markus A. Denzel [Search ORCID]
    20. Marcus Deufert [Search ORCID]
    21. Heinz Eickmans [Search ORCID]
    22. Franz-Reiner Erkens [Search ORCID]
    23. Volkmar Falk [Search ORCID]
    24. Christoph Fehige [Search ORCID]
    25. Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert [Search ORCID]
    26. Klaus Fitschen [Search ORCID]
    27. Helena Flam [Search ORCID]
    28. Erik Gawel [Search ORCID]
    29. Jürgen Gerhards [Search ORCID]
    30. Martin Haspelmath [Search ORCID]
    31. Jens Herzer [Search ORCID]
    32. Günther Heydemann [Search ORCID]
    33. Rüdiger Hohls [Search ORCID]
    34. Jean-Jacques Hublin [Search ORCID]
    35. Johannes Huinink [Search ORCID]
    36. Wolfgang Huschner [Search ORCID]
    37. Ulrich Huttner [Search ORCID]
    38. Sibylle Ihm [Search ORCID]
    39. Jürgen Jost [Search ORCID]
    40. Thomas Kater [Search ORCID]
    41. Alfons Kenkmann [Search ORCID]
    42. Andrea Kern [Search ORCID]
    43. Wieland Kiess [Search ORCID]
    44. Barbara Kirchner [Search ORCID]
    45. Armin Kohnle [Search ORCID]
    46. Ralf Konersmann [Search ORCID]
    47. Peter Kunkel [Search ORCID]
    48. Holger Lengfeld [Search ORCID]
    49. Sebastian Lentz [Search ORCID]
    50. Frank Liedtke [Search ORCID]
    51. Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer [Search ORCID]
    52. Christian Lübke [Search ORCID]
    53. Michaela Marek [Search ORCID]
    54. Michael Maul [Search ORCID]
    55. Martin Melles [Search ORCID]
    56. Ralf-Peter Märtin [Search ORCID]
    57. Maren Möhring [Search ORCID]
    58. Kurt Mühler [Search ORCID]
    59. Michael Pfanner [Search ORCID]
    60. Gert Pickel [Search ORCID]
    61. Felix Pirson [Search ORCID]
    62. Nikolaos Psarros [Search ORCID]
    63. Dietmar Saupe [Search ORCID]
    64. Martin Schieder [Search ORCID]
    65. Uwe Schirmer [Search ORCID]
    66. Günther Schlee [Search ORCID]
    67. Wilhelm Schmid [Search ORCID]
    68. Reinhold Scholl [Search ORCID]
    69. Erich Schröger [Search ORCID]
    70. Jens Schröter [Search ORCID]
    71. Charlotte Schubert [Search ORCID]
    72. Bernd Schönemann [Search ORCID]
    73. Kurt Sier [Search ORCID]
    74. Carsten Sinner [Search ORCID]
    75. Florian Steger [Search ORCID]
    76. Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer [Search ORCID]
    77. Bernd Süßmuth [Search ORCID]
    78. Sabine Tanz [Search ORCID]
    79. Stefan Troebst [Search ORCID]
    80. Ulrich Veit [Search ORCID]
    81. Thomas Vogtherr [Search ORCID]
    82. Thomas Voss [Search ORCID]
    83. Hermann Wentker [Search ORCID]
    84. Stephan Zelewski [Search ORCID]
    85. Peter Zimmerling [Search ORCID]
    86. Frank Zöllner [Search ORCID]
  24. University of Kiel (86 entries)
    1. Oliver Auge [Search ORCID]
    2. Ino Augsberg [Search ORCID]
    3. Jan Hinrich Behrmann [Search ORCID]
    4. Wolfgang Bensch [Search ORCID]
    5. Christian Berndt [Search ORCID]
    6. Christof Berns [Search ORCID]
    7. Hans Bernsdorff [Search ORCID]
    8. Klaus Gereon Beuckers [Search ORCID]
    9. Andreas Bihrer [Search ORCID]
    10. Markus Bleich [Search ORCID]
    11. Sabine Bobert [Search ORCID]
    12. Hans-Rudolf Bork [Search ORCID]
    13. Thomas C. G. Bosch [Search ORCID]
    14. Malte Braack [Search ORCID]
    15. Heinz Brendelberger [Search ORCID]
    16. Johannes Bröcker [Search ORCID]
    17. Thorsten Burkard [Search ORCID]
    18. Claus von Carnap-Bornheim [Search ORCID]
    19. Christoph Cornelißen [Search ORCID]
    20. Heinrich Detering [Search ORCID]
    21. Klaus Fitschen [Search ORCID]
    22. Gerhard Fouquet [Search ORCID]
    23. Sabine Freitag [Search ORCID]
    24. Stefan Garthe [Search ORCID]
    25. Stanislav Gorb [Search ORCID]
    26. Hartmut Göbel [Search ORCID]
    27. Holger Görg [Search ORCID]
    28. Wilhelm Hasselbring [Search ORCID]
    29. Annette Haug [Search ORCID]
    30. Thomas Haye [Search ORCID]
    31. Christian Henning [Search ORCID]
    32. Konrad Hitzl [Search ORCID]
    33. Kaj Hoernle [Search ORCID]
    34. Juraj Hromkovič [Search ORCID]
    35. Peter Adam Höher [Search ORCID]
    36. Barbara Hölscher [Search ORCID]
    37. Ulrich Hübner [Search ORCID]
    38. Christian Jung [Search ORCID]
    39. Ralf Konersmann [Search ORCID]
    40. Joachim Krause [Search ORCID]
    41. Martin Krieger [Search ORCID]
    42. Lutz Käppel [Search ORCID]
    43. Arne Körtzinger [Search ORCID]
    44. Udo Kühne [Search ORCID]
    45. Mojib Latif [Search ORCID]
    46. Gabriele Lingelbach [Search ORCID]
    47. Karin Lochte [Search ORCID]
    48. Andreas Luther [Search ORCID]
    49. Christian Martin [Search ORCID]
    50. Manfred Milinski [Search ORCID]
    51. Jens Möller [Search ORCID]
    52. Olaf Mörke [Search ORCID]
    53. Johannes Müller [Search ORCID]
    54. Andreas Müller-Karpe [Search ORCID]
    55. Dirk Nabers [Search ORCID]
    56. Konrad Ott [Search ORCID]
    57. Uta Pohl-Patalong [Search ORCID]
    58. Manfred Prenzel [Search ORCID]
    59. Martin Quaas [Search ORCID]
    60. Jan Radicke [Search ORCID]
    61. Tilman Requate [Search ORCID]
    62. Ulf Riebesell [Search ORCID]
    63. Frank Rumscheid [Search ORCID]
    64. Lars Helmuth Rüpke [Search ORCID]
    65. Michael Sarnthein [Search ORCID]
    66. Ralph R. Schneider [Search ORCID]
    67. Birgit Schneider [Search ORCID]
    68. Thomas Schreijäck [Search ORCID]
    69. Klaus R. Schroeter [Search ORCID]
    70. Christoph Schwöbel [Search ORCID]
    71. Frank L. Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    72. Volker Seresse [Search ORCID]
    73. Adrian Simpson [Search ORCID]
    74. Dennis Snower [Search ORCID]
    75. Ulrich Sommer [Search ORCID]
    76. Karl Stattegger [Search ORCID]
    77. Ulrich Stroth [Search ORCID]
    78. Magdalene Söldner [Search ORCID]
    79. Bernhard Thalheim [Search ORCID]
    80. Nikolaus Thurn [Search ORCID]
    81. Klaus Tochtermann [Search ORCID]
    82. Athanasios Vafeidis [Search ORCID]
    83. Klaus Wallmann [Search ORCID]
    84. Thomas Wegmann [Search ORCID]
    85. Josef Wiesehöfer [Search ORCID]
    86. Joachim Wolf [Search ORCID]
  25. Dresden University of Technology (80 entries)
    1. Franz Baader [Search ORCID]
    2. Eva Benz-Rababah [Search ORCID]
    3. Eckhard Beyer [Search ORCID]
    4. Ulrich Blum [Search ORCID]
    5. Achim Brunnengräber [Search ORCID]
    6. Johannes Bröcker [Search ORCID]
    7. Frank Buchholz [Search ORCID]
    8. Manfred Buchroithner [Search ORCID]
    9. Dirk Burghardt [Search ORCID]
    10. Michael Dobler [Search ORCID]
    11. Werner Esswein [Search ORCID]
    12. Thomas Goschke [Search ORCID]
    13. Andreas Griewank [Search ORCID]
    14. Thomas Günther [Search ORCID]
    15. Dirk Helbing [Search ORCID]
    16. Manfred Helm [Search ORCID]
    17. Christian von Hirschhausen [Search ORCID]
    18. Frank Hirschinger [Search ORCID]
    19. Georg Hirte [Search ORCID]
    20. Thomas Hänseroth [Search ORCID]
    21. Bernhard Irrgang [Search ORCID]
    22. Uwe Israel [Search ORCID]
    23. Karlheinz Jakob [Search ORCID]
    24. Martin Jehne [Search ORCID]
    25. Wolfram Jäger [Search ORCID]
    26. Frank Jülicher [Search ORCID]
    27. Stefan Kaskel [Search ORCID]
    28. Roland Ketzmerick [Search ORCID]
    29. Ludger Kilian [Search ORCID]
    30. Hans-Joachim Knölker [Search ORCID]
    31. Michael Kobel [Search ORCID]
    32. Frank-Lothar Kroll [Search ORCID]
    33. Frank-Michael Kuhlemann [Search ORCID]
    34. Karl Lenz [Search ORCID]
    35. Karl Leo [Search ORCID]
    36. Bernhard Linke [Search ORCID]
    37. Christian Lippold [Search ORCID]
    38. Hermann Locarek-Junge [Search ORCID]
    39. Reinhold Maier [Search ORCID]
    40. Josef Matzerath [Search ORCID]
    41. Christian Mueller-Goldingen [Search ORCID]
    42. Daniel Jobst Müller [Search ORCID]
    43. Winfried Müller [Search ORCID]
    44. Reimund Neugebauer [Search ORCID]
    45. Werner J. Patzelt [Search ORCID]
    46. Gertrud Pickhan [Search ORCID]
    47. Joachim Ragnitz [Search ORCID]
    48. Thomas Rentsch [Search ORCID]
    49. Martin Roth [Search ORCID]
    50. Michael Ruck [Search ORCID]
    51. Roland Sauerbrey [Search ORCID]
    52. Martina Schattkowsky [Search ORCID]
    53. Michael Schefczyk [Search ORCID]
    54. Bernhard Schlag [Search ORCID]
    55. Martin Schmauder [Search ORCID]
    56. Manfred G. Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    57. Walter Schmitz [Search ORCID]
    58. Eric Schoop [Search ORCID]
    59. Christian Schwarke [Search ORCID]
    60. Gerd Schwerhoff [Search ORCID]
    61. Petra Schwille [Search ORCID]
    62. Susanne Schötz [Search ORCID]
    63. Werner Skrotzki [Search ORCID]
    64. Bernhard Spaan [Search ORCID]
    65. Egon Spiegel [Search ORCID]
    66. Gerald Staib [Search ORCID]
    67. Ralph Stelzer [Search ORCID]
    68. Arnd Stephan [Search ORCID]
    69. Thomas Straßner [Search ORCID]
    70. Peter Strohschneider [Search ORCID]
    71. Dirk Syndram [Search ORCID]
    72. Martin Tajmar [Search ORCID]
    73. Bernhard Thalheim [Search ORCID]
    74. Rainer Vollkommer [Search ORCID]
    75. Hans Vorländer [Search ORCID]
    76. Jörn Walter [Search ORCID]
    77. Bernhard Walter Wieland [Search ORCID]
    78. Hans Wiesmeth [Search ORCID]
    79. Andrä Wolter [Search ORCID]
    80. Marino Zerial [Search ORCID]
  26. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (77 entries)
    1. Gisela Anton [Search ORCID]
    2. Harun Behr [Search ORCID]
    3. Heiner Bielefeldt [Search ORCID]
    4. Peter Bubmann [Search ORCID]
    5. Thiess Büttner [Search ORCID]
    6. Peter Dabrock [Search ORCID]
    7. Michael Donderer [Search ORCID]
    8. Boris Dreyer [Search ORCID]
    9. Volker Dörr [Search ORCID]
    10. Birgit Emich [Search ORCID]
    11. Michael Erler [Search ORCID]
    12. Jörg Franke [Search ORCID]
    13. André Freiwald [Search ORCID]
    14. Hans-Joachim Freund [Search ORCID]
    15. Stefan Fröhlich [Search ORCID]
    16. Hac̣ik Rafi Gazer [Search ORCID]
    17. Axel Gotthard [Search ORCID]
    18. Bernd Grzeszick [Search ORCID]
    19. Harald Gröger [Search ORCID]
    20. Andreas Grüner [Search ORCID]
    21. Johanna Haberer [Search ORCID]
    22. Martin Hailer [Search ORCID]
    23. Sjoerd Harder [Search ORCID]
    24. Dirk Hartmann [Search ORCID]
    25. Joachim Hauber [Search ORCID]
    26. Justus Haucap [Search ORCID]
    27. Klaus Herbers [Search ORCID]
    28. Dirk Holtbrügge [Search ORCID]
    29. Bernhard Huss [Search ORCID]
    30. Andreas Hüttemann [Search ORCID]
    31. Carola Jäggi [Search ORCID]
    32. Clemens Kauffmann [Search ORCID]
    33. Dieter Kempf [Search ORCID]
    34. Walter Kißel [Search ORCID]
    35. Konrad Klek [Search ORCID]
    36. Ulla Kreilinger [Search ORCID]
    37. Frank-Lothar Kroll [Search ORCID]
    38. Friedrich Lenger [Search ORCID]
    39. Renate Liebold [Search ORCID]
    40. Andreas Luther [Search ORCID]
    41. Andreas Löffler [Search ORCID]
    42. Alexander Martin [Search ORCID]
    43. Hartmut Matthäus [Search ORCID]
    44. Arno Mentzel-Reuters [Search ORCID]
    45. Catherine Meusburger [Search ORCID]
    46. Kathrin M. Möslein [Search ORCID]
    47. Martin Nicol [Search ORCID]
    48. Falk Nimmerjahn [Search ORCID]
    49. Jürgen Oorschot [Search ORCID]
    50. Wolfgang Peukert [Search ORCID]
    51. Henrik Pfeiffer [Search ORCID]
    52. Peter Pilhofer [Search ORCID]
    53. Stefan Ritter [Search ORCID]
    54. Philip Russell [Search ORCID]
    55. Nicole Saam [Search ORCID]
    56. Wolfram Scheffler [Search ORCID]
    57. Werner Wilhelm Schnabel [Search ORCID]
    58. Holm Schneider [Search ORCID]
    59. Udo Schnelle [Search ORCID]
    60. Stephan Schröder [Search ORCID]
    61. Christoph Schubert [Search ORCID]
    62. Gregor Schöllgen [Search ORCID]
    63. Günther Schörner [Search ORCID]
    64. Hans-Peter Seidel [Search ORCID]
    65. Robert Friedrich Singer [Search ORCID]
    66. Uwe Sonnewald [Search ORCID]
    67. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner [Search ORCID]
    68. Heidrun Stein-Kecks [Search ORCID]
    69. Werner Thiede [Search ORCID]
    70. Mark R. Thompson [Search ORCID]
    71. Johannes Varwick [Search ORCID]
    72. Heinrich Wall [Search ORCID]
    73. Peter Wasserscheid [Search ORCID]
    74. Thomas Weth [Search ORCID]
    75. Hans-Ulrich Wiemer [Search ORCID]
    76. Torsten Wulf [Search ORCID]
    77. Wolfgang Wüst [Search ORCID]
  27. University of Zurich (76 entries)
    1. Johannes Bartuschat [Search ORCID]
    2. Manuel Baumbach [Search ORCID]
    3. Silke-Petra Bergjan [Search ORCID]
    4. Balthasar Bickel [Search ORCID]
    5. Pierre Bühler [Search ORCID]
    6. Birgit Bütow [Search ORCID]
    7. Flurin Condrau [Search ORCID]
    8. Christa Dürscheid [Search ORCID]
    9. Ulrich Eigler [Search ORCID]
    10. Andreas Ernst [Search ORCID]
    11. Volkmar Falk [Search ORCID]
    12. Nunzio La Fauci [Search ORCID]
    13. Ernst Fehr [Search ORCID]
    14. Therese Fuhrer [Search ORCID]
    15. Jens Funk [Search ORCID]
    16. Hans-Johann Glock [Search ORCID]
    17. Jacob Goeree [Search ORCID]
    18. Lukas Gschwend [Search ORCID]
    19. Thorsten Hens [Search ORCID]
    20. Michael Hermann [Search ORCID]
    21. Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen [Search ORCID]
    22. Thomas Jordan [Search ORCID]
    23. Carola Jäggi [Search ORCID]
    24. Lutz Jäncke [Search ORCID]
    25. Markus Kaim [Search ORCID]
    26. Christian Kiening [Search ORCID]
    27. Hans-Lukas Kieser [Search ORCID]
    28. Erich Kistler [Search ORCID]
    29. Hubert Knoblauch [Search ORCID]
    30. Christian Koller [Search ORCID]
    31. Matthias Konradt [Search ORCID]
    32. Philip Kraft [Search ORCID]
    33. Eveline Krummen [Search ORCID]
    34. Ralph Kunz [Search ORCID]
    35. Camillo De Lellis [Search ORCID]
    36. Claude Longchamp [Search ORCID]
    37. Laurenz Lütteken [Search ORCID]
    38. Andreas Maercker [Search ORCID]
    39. Elena Mango [Search ORCID]
    40. Christian Marek [Search ORCID]
    41. Peter-Ulrich Merz-Benz [Search ORCID]
    42. Andreas Meyer [Search ORCID]
    43. Christoph Mörgeli [Search ORCID]
    44. Gabrielle Oberhänsli-Widmer [Search ORCID]
    45. Christoph Reusser [Search ORCID]
    46. Kurt Reusser [Search ORCID]
    47. Christoph Riedweg [Search ORCID]
    48. Dorothee Rippmann [Search ORCID]
    49. Albrecht Ritschl [Search ORCID]
    50. Iris Ritzmann [Search ORCID]
    51. Bernd Roeck [Search ORCID]
    52. Willibald Ruch [Search ORCID]
    53. Jörg Rössel [Search ORCID]
    54. Philipp Sarasin [Search ORCID]
    55. Carel van Schaik [Search ORCID]
    56. Thomas Schlag [Search ORCID]
    57. Sebastian Scholz [Search ORCID]
    58. Christian Schwarzenegger [Search ORCID]
    59. Stefan Seeger [Search ORCID]
    60. Marcel Senn [Search ORCID]
    61. Michael Alexander Speidel [Search ORCID]
    62. Hermann Spieckermann [Search ORCID]
    63. Bruno Staffelbach [Search ORCID]
    64. Raji C. Steineck [Search ORCID]
    65. Thomas Strässle [Search ORCID]
    66. Jakob Tanner [Search ORCID]
    67. Simon Teuscher [Search ORCID]
    68. Lukas Thommen [Search ORCID]
    69. Christiane Tietz [Search ORCID]
    70. Stefan Tilg [Search ORCID]
    71. Bernhard Uehleke [Search ORCID]
    72. Philip Ursprung [Search ORCID]
    73. Paolo Vanini [Search ORCID]
    74. Claudia Zey [Search ORCID]
    75. Bernhard Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
    76. Fernando Zúñiga [Search ORCID]
  28. University of Würzburg (75 entries)
    1. Peter-André Alt [Search ORCID]
    2. Wolfgang Altgeld [Search ORCID]
    3. Thomas Baier [Search ORCID]
    4. Katja Becker [Search ORCID]
    5. Norbert Berthold [Search ORCID]
    6. Matthias Bode [Search ORCID]
    7. Peter Bofinger [Search ORCID]
    8. Reinhard Brückner [Search ORCID]
    9. Peter Bäuerle [Search ORCID]
    10. Stephanie Böhm [Search ORCID]
    11. Ralph Claessen [Search ORCID]
    12. Siegfried Dietrich [Search ORCID]
    13. Damian Dombrowski [Search ORCID]
    14. Helmut Dosch [Search ORCID]
    15. Michael Erler [Search ORCID]
    16. Stephan Ernst [Search ORCID]
    17. Frank Falkenstein [Search ORCID]
    18. Helmut Flachenecker [Search ORCID]
    19. Alfred Forchel [Search ORCID]
    20. Guido Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    21. Franz Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    22. Erich Garhammer [Search ORCID]
    23. Werner E. Gerabek [Search ORCID]
    24. Gerd Geyer [Search ORCID]
    25. Dominik Gross [Search ORCID]
    26. Dietmar Grypa [Search ORCID]
    27. Axel Haase [Search ORCID]
    28. Jörg Hacker [Search ORCID]
    29. Barbara Hahn [Search ORCID]
    30. Heribert Hallermann [Search ORCID]
    31. Rainer Hedrich [Search ORCID]
    32. Steffen Hillebrecht [Search ORCID]
    33. Peter Hoeres [Search ORCID]
    34. Klaas Huizing [Search ORCID]
    35. Uwe Jun [Search ORCID]
    36. Wolfgang Klausnitzer [Search ORCID]
    37. Gerhard Kruip [Search ORCID]
    38. Karl-Heinz Lembeck [Search ORCID]
    39. Rainer Leng [Search ORCID]
    40. Martin J. Lohse [Search ORCID]
    41. Tilman Mayer [Search ORCID]
    42. Johannes Gottfried Mayer [Search ORCID]
    43. Karl Mertens [Search ORCID]
    44. Laurens W. Molenkamp [Search ORCID]
    45. Thomas Mußweiler [Search ORCID]
    46. Irmgard Männlein-Robert [Search ORCID]
    47. Andreas Möckel [Search ORCID]
    48. Jörn Müller [Search ORCID]
    49. Georg Nagel [Search ORCID]
    50. Wolfgang Neugebauer [Search ORCID]
    51. Astrid Nunn [Search ORCID]
    52. Onno Oncken [Search ORCID]
    53. Rene Pfeilschifter [Search ORCID]
    54. Heinz Reinders [Search ORCID]
    55. Wolfgang Riedel [Search ORCID]
    56. Wolfram Schier [Search ORCID]
    57. Klaus Schilling [Search ORCID]
    58. Carsten Schmuck [Search ORCID]
    59. Wolfgang Schneider [Search ORCID]
    60. Andreas Speer [Search ORCID]
    61. Barbara Sponholz [Search ORCID]
    62. Martin Andreas Stadler [Search ORCID]
    63. Matthias Steinhart [Search ORCID]
    64. Matthias Stickler [Search ORCID]
    65. Michael Stolberg [Search ORCID]
    66. Anuschka Tischer [Search ORCID]
    67. Christian Tornau [Search ORCID]
    68. Bernhard Uehleke [Search ORCID]
    69. Günter Vittmann [Search ORCID]
    70. Hans-Georg Weigand [Search ORCID]
    71. Wolfgang Weiß [Search ORCID]
    72. Ekkehard Wenger [Search ORCID]
    73. Claudia Wiener [Search ORCID]
    74. Hans-Georg Wolff [Search ORCID]
    75. Hans-Georg Ziebertz [Search ORCID]
  29. University of Jena (72 entries)
    1. Walter Ameling [Search ORCID]
    2. Reiner Anselm [Search ORCID]
    3. Uwe Becker [Search ORCID]
    4. Rainer Beckert [Search ORCID]
    5. Andreas Beyer [Search ORCID]
    6. Nils Boysen [Search ORCID]
    7. Corinna Dahlgrün [Search ORCID]
    8. Wolfgang Dahmen [Search ORCID]
    9. Klaus Dicke [Search ORCID]
    10. Klaus Dörre [Search ORCID]
    11. Peter Ettel [Search ORCID]
    12. Norbert Frei [Search ORCID]
    13. Andreas Freytag [Search ORCID]
    14. Wolfgang Frindte [Search ORCID]
    15. Michael Fritsch [Search ORCID]
    16. Peter Gallmann [Search ORCID]
    17. Stefan Gerber [Search ORCID]
    18. Matthias Gross [Search ORCID]
    19. Achim Thomas Hack [Search ORCID]
    20. Jürgen Hammerstaedt [Search ORCID]
    21. David G. Heckel [Search ORCID]
    22. Thomas Henning [Search ORCID]
    23. Gunther O. Hofmann [Search ORCID]
    24. Uwe Hoßfeld [Search ORCID]
    25. Gerlinde Huber-Rebenich [Search ORCID]
    26. Markus Kaim [Search ORCID]
    27. Helmut Karl [Search ORCID]
    28. Christoph Knill [Search ORCID]
    29. Nikolaus Knoepffler [Search ORCID]
    30. Ralf Koerrenz [Search ORCID]
    31. Raj Kollmorgen [Search ORCID]
    32. Verena Krieger [Search ORCID]
    33. Thomas Kroll [Search ORCID]
    34. Martin Joachim Kümmel [Search ORCID]
    35. Klaus Küspert [Search ORCID]
    36. Falko Langenhorst [Search ORCID]
    37. Jörn Leonhard [Search ORCID]
    38. Volker Leppin [Search ORCID]
    39. Stephan Lessenich [Search ORCID]
    40. Reinhard Meinel [Search ORCID]
    41. Martin O'Malley [Search ORCID]
    42. Axel Ockenfels [Search ORCID]
    43. Lennart Olsson [Search ORCID]
    44. Jürgen Oorschot [Search ORCID]
    45. Clemens Pasda [Search ORCID]
    46. Joachim Puttkamer [Search ORCID]
    47. Klaus Raschzok [Search ORCID]
    48. Hartmut Rosa [Search ORCID]
    49. Miriam Rose [Search ORCID]
    50. André Rosenthal [Search ORCID]
    51. Mike Sandbothe [Search ORCID]
    52. Wolfgang Sander [Search ORCID]
    53. Roland Sauerbrey [Search ORCID]
    54. Uwe Schirmer [Search ORCID]
    55. Wilhelm Schmid [Search ORCID]
    56. Georg Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    57. Armin Scholl [Search ORCID]
    58. Wolfgang Schweickard [Search ORCID]
    59. Günther Schörner [Search ORCID]
    60. Bernd Schütte [Search ORCID]
    61. Adrian Simpson [Search ORCID]
    62. Peter F. E. Sloane [Search ORCID]
    63. Günter Theißen [Search ORCID]
    64. Rainer Thiel [Search ORCID]
    65. Christian Tornau [Search ORCID]
    66. Andreas Tünnermann [Search ORCID]
    67. Meinolf Vielberg [Search ORCID]
    68. Peter Walgenbach [Search ORCID]
    69. Martin Wallraff [Search ORCID]
    70. Gianfranco Walsh [Search ORCID]
    71. Rolf Walter [Search ORCID]
    72. Eva Winter [Search ORCID]
  30. Cornell University (72 entries)
    1. John M. Abowd [Search ORCID]
    2. Henry Abramson [Search ORCID]
    3. Glenn C. Altschuler [Search ORCID]
    4. Kwame Anthony Appiah [Search ORCID]
    5. Özalp Babaoğlu [Search ORCID]
    6. Kaushik Basu [Search ORCID]
    7. Eberhard Bodenschatz [Search ORCID]
    8. Mario Carpo [Search ORCID]
    9. Carlos Castillo-Chavez [Search ORCID]
    10. Gennaro Chierchia [Search ORCID]
    11. Paul Clark [Search ORCID]
    12. David Conte [Search ORCID]
    13. William J. Cook [Search ORCID]
    14. Bruce Donald [Search ORCID]
    15. Persis Drell [Search ORCID]
    16. Rick Durrett [Search ORCID]
    17. Scott D. Emr [Search ORCID]
    18. Deborah Estrin [Search ORCID]
    19. John W. Fitzpatrick [Search ORCID]
    20. Hal Foster [Search ORCID]
    21. Jennifer Freyd [Search ORCID]
    22. W. Kent Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    23. Henry Louis Gates [Search ORCID]
    24. Tamar Gendler [Search ORCID]
    25. Mark Gertler [Search ORCID]
    26. Thomas Gilovich [Search ORCID]
    27. Paul Ginsparg [Search ORCID]
    28. Y. Pierre Gobin [Search ORCID]
    29. Brian Greene [Search ORCID]
    30. David Grimaldi [Search ORCID]
    31. Joseph Halpern [Search ORCID]
    32. Martha P. Haynes [Search ORCID]
    33. Monika Henzinger [Search ORCID]
    34. James F. Bell, III [Search ORCID]
    35. Robert A. Jarrow [Search ORCID]
    36. Mark Jarzombek [Search ORCID]
    37. Barry Kernfeld [Search ORCID]
    38. Srinivasan Keshav [Search ORCID]
    39. Jon Kleinberg [Search ORCID]
    40. Allen Knutson [Search ORCID]
    41. Greg Lawler [Search ORCID]
    42. Stephen Lee [Search ORCID]
    43. Michal Lipson [Search ORCID]
    44. Fredrik Logevall [Search ORCID]
    45. David Macdonald [Search ORCID]
    46. Paul McEuen [Search ORCID]
    47. John McWhorter [Search ORCID]
    48. Miriam Meyerhoff [Search ORCID]
    49. Bill Nye [Search ORCID]
    50. Piergiorgio Odifreddi [Search ORCID]
    51. Pier Paolo Pandolfi [Search ORCID]
    52. Roger Parker [Search ORCID]
    53. Trevor Pinch [Search ORCID]
    54. Aaron Sachs [Search ORCID]
    55. John C. Sanford [Search ORCID]
    56. Fred B. Schneider [Search ORCID]
    57. Theodore H. Schwartz [Search ORCID]
    58. David Shmoys [Search ORCID]
    59. Roberto Sierra [Search ORCID]
    60. Meredith Small [Search ORCID]
    61. Steve Squyres [Search ORCID]
    62. Jason Stanley [Search ORCID]
    63. Philip Stieg [Search ORCID]
    64. Steven Strogatz [Search ORCID]
    65. Jomo Kwame Sundaram [Search ORCID]
    66. Daina Taimina [Search ORCID]
    67. Éva Tardos [Search ORCID]
    68. Enzo Traverso [Search ORCID]
    69. David Trotman [Search ORCID]
    70. Randy Wayne [Search ORCID]
    71. Quentin D. Wheeler [Search ORCID]
    72. Peter T. Wolczanski [Search ORCID]
  31. University of Marburg (66 entries)
    1. Ilka Agricola [Search ORCID]
    2. Rita Amedick [Search ORCID]
    3. Sabine Anagnostou [Search ORCID]
    4. Markus Antonietti [Search ORCID]
    5. Johannes M. Becker [Search ORCID]
    6. Wolfgang Bernard [Search ORCID]
    7. Ursula Braasch-Schwersmann [Search ORCID]
    8. Frank Bremmer [Search ORCID]
    9. Birgit Bütow [Search ORCID]
    10. Thomas Carell [Search ORCID]
    11. Eckart Conze [Search ORCID]
    12. Heinrich J. Dingeldein [Search ORCID]
    13. Andreas Dorschel [Search ORCID]
    14. Bruno Eckhardt [Search ORCID]
    15. Verena Epp [Search ORCID]
    16. Lars Feld [Search ORCID]
    17. Maria Funder [Search ORCID]
    18. Ulrich-Walter Gans [Search ORCID]
    19. Dagmar Grassinger [Search ORCID]
    20. Mathias Gutmann [Search ORCID]
    21. Jürgen Hanneder [Search ORCID]
    22. Rainer Hannig [Search ORCID]
    23. Winfried Held [Search ORCID]
    24. Uwe Hericks [Search ORCID]
    25. Claudia Janssen [Search ORCID]
    26. John Kannankulam [Search ORCID]
    27. Christina Kauschke [Search ORCID]
    28. Udo Kelle [Search ORCID]
    29. Paul Knochel [Search ORCID]
    30. Alexander Koch [Search ORCID]
    31. Stephan W. Koch [Search ORCID]
    32. Ulrich Koert [Search ORCID]
    33. Ulrike Krasberg [Search ORCID]
    34. Katharina Krause [Search ORCID]
    35. Rolf Kreyer [Search ORCID]
    36. Jürgen Leonhardt [Search ORCID]
    37. Christoph Levin [Search ORCID]
    38. Roland Lill [Search ORCID]
    39. Christian Marek [Search ORCID]
    40. Dirce Marzoli [Search ORCID]
    41. Sonja Meier [Search ORCID]
    42. Andreas Meyer [Search ORCID]
    43. York-Gothart Mix [Search ORCID]
    44. Rolf Müller [Search ORCID]
    45. Andreas Müller-Karpe [Search ORCID]
    46. Klaus Niehr [Search ORCID]
    47. Thomas Noetzel [Search ORCID]
    48. Friederike Pannewick [Search ORCID]
    49. Karl Pinggéra [Search ORCID]
    50. Harald Plachter [Search ORCID]
    51. Erich Poppe [Search ORCID]
    52. Q978355 [Search ORCID]
    53. Elisabeth Rieken [Search ORCID]
    54. Kai Ruffing [Search ORCID]
    55. Christine Schmitz [Search ORCID]
    56. Sabine Schrenk [Search ORCID]
    57. Markus Schroer [Search ORCID]
    58. Winfried Schröder [Search ORCID]
    59. Benedikt Stuchtey [Search ORCID]
    60. Anuschka Tischer [Search ORCID]
    61. Gyburg Uhlmann [Search ORCID]
    62. Gregor Vogt-Spira [Search ORCID]
    63. Stefan Voigt [Search ORCID]
    64. Ulrike Wagner-Rau [Search ORCID]
    65. Jürgen Wolf [Search ORCID]
    66. Eckart Paultheo Zezschwitz [Search ORCID]
  32. Royal Academy of Music (62 entries)
    1. Susan Addison [Search ORCID]
    2. Thomas Adès [Search ORCID]
    3. Pierre-Laurent Aimard [Search ORCID]
    4. Dominic Alldis [Search ORCID]
    5. Kenneth Amis [Search ORCID]
    6. Craig Armstrong [Search ORCID]
    7. Christopher Austin [Search ORCID]
    8. Simon Bainbridge [Search ORCID]
    9. Jennifer Barnes [Search ORCID]
    10. Joshua Bell [Search ORCID]
    11. Lisa Beznosiuk [Search ORCID]
    12. Barbara Bonney [Search ORCID]
    13. Ian Bousfield [Search ORCID]
    14. Paul Brough [Search ORCID]
    15. Semyon Bychkov [Search ORCID]
    16. Colin Carr [Search ORCID]
    17. Philip Cashian [Search ORCID]
    18. Laurence Cummings [Search ORCID]
    19. José Cura [Search ORCID]
    20. Julius Drake [Search ORCID]
    21. Pip Eastop [Search ORCID]
    22. Peter Erskine [Search ORCID]
    23. Jeremy Filsell [Search ORCID]
    24. Roy Goodman [Search ORCID]
    25. Joji Hattori [Search ORCID]
    26. Peter Holtslag [Search ORCID]
    27. Daniel Hope [Search ORCID]
    28. Stephen Hough [Search ORCID]
    29. Roy Howat [Search ORCID]
    30. Dominic John [Search ORCID]
    31. Guy Johnston [Search ORCID]
    32. Piers Lane [Search ORCID]
    33. Jon Laukvik [Search ORCID]
    34. Paul Lewis [Search ORCID]
    35. Mats Lidström [Search ORCID]
    36. Tasmin Little [Search ORCID]
    37. Joanna MacGregor [Search ORCID]
    38. Tod Machover [Search ORCID]
    39. Jaime Martín [Search ORCID]
    40. Dominic Muldowney [Search ORCID]
    41. Anne-Sophie Mutter [Search ORCID]
    42. Pascal Nemirovski [Search ORCID]
    43. David Owen Norris [Search ORCID]
    44. Patrick Nunn [Search ORCID]
    45. James O'Donnell [Search ORCID]
    46. Martin Owen [Search ORCID]
    47. Rachel Podger [Search ORCID]
    48. Gerard Presencer [Search ORCID]
    49. David Pyatt [Search ORCID]
    50. Martin Roscoe [Search ORCID]
    51. David Sawer [Search ORCID]
    52. Robert Saxton [Search ORCID]
    53. Dominic Seldis [Search ORCID]
    54. Simon Shaw-Miller [Search ORCID]
    55. Leigh Howard Stevens [Search ORCID]
    56. Kathryn Stott [Search ORCID]
    57. Jeremy Summerly [Search ORCID]
    58. Bent Sørensen [Search ORCID]
    59. Matthew Taylor [Search ORCID]
    60. Michael Thompson [Search ORCID]
    61. Maxim Vengerov [Search ORCID]
    62. Jeff Williams [Search ORCID]
  33. University of Regensburg (61 entries)
    1. Franz Bauer [Search ORCID]
    2. Jan-Wilhelm Beck [Search ORCID]
    3. Stephan Bierling [Search ORCID]
    4. Norbert Blößner [Search ORCID]
    5. Stephan Bone-Winkel [Search ORCID]
    6. Sigmund Bonk [Search ORCID]
    7. Georg Braungart [Search ORCID]
    8. Ulrich Bunke [Search ORCID]
    9. Bernhard Dick [Search ORCID]
    10. Jutta Dresken-Weiland [Search ORCID]
    11. Armin Eich [Search ORCID]
    12. Felix Finster [Search ORCID]
    13. Roswitha Fischer [Search ORCID]
    14. Heide Frielinghaus [Search ORCID]
    15. Franz Fuchs [Search ORCID]
    16. Achim Geisenhanslüke [Search ORCID]
    17. Werner E. Gerabek [Search ORCID]
    18. Franz Josef Giessibl [Search ORCID]
    19. Udo Hebel [Search ORCID]
    20. Karlfriedrich Herb [Search ORCID]
    21. Wolfgang Herr [Search ORCID]
    22. Markus Janka [Search ORCID]
    23. Uwe Jannsen [Search ORCID]
    24. Clemens Kauffmann [Search ORCID]
    25. Manfred Kittel [Search ORCID]
    26. Hans-Henning Kortüm [Search ORCID]
    27. Thomas Kothmann [Search ORCID]
    28. Inge Kroppenberg [Search ORCID]
    29. Christian Kunze [Search ORCID]
    30. Franz Lebsanft [Search ORCID]
    31. Karl Lenz [Search ORCID]
    32. Bernhard Löffler [Search ORCID]
    33. Martin Löhnig [Search ORCID]
    34. Reinhard C. Meier-Walser [Search ORCID]
    35. Andreas Merkt [Search ORCID]
    36. Joachim Möller [Search ORCID]
    37. Andreas Müller-Karpe [Search ORCID]
    38. Ingrid Neumann-Holzschuh [Search ORCID]
    39. Tobias Nicklas [Search ORCID]
    40. Jörg Oberste [Search ORCID]
    41. Dennis Pausch [Search ORCID]
    42. Reinhard Pekrun [Search ORCID]
    43. Burkard Porzelt [Search ORCID]
    44. Manfred Prenzel [Search ORCID]
    45. Georg Rechenauer [Search ORCID]
    46. Christoph Reusser [Search ORCID]
    47. Michael Rind [Search ORCID]
    48. Harriet Rudolph [Search ORCID]
    49. Dieter Salzmann [Search ORCID]
    50. Florian Schleburg [Search ORCID]
    51. Eberhard Schockenhoff [Search ORCID]
    52. Rolf Schönberger [Search ORCID]
    53. Martin Sebaldt [Search ORCID]
    54. Steffen Sebastian [Search ORCID]
    55. Heinz Siedentop [Search ORCID]
    56. Wolfgang Spohn [Search ORCID]
    57. Thomas Steger [Search ORCID]
    58. Dirk Steuernagel [Search ORCID]
    59. Bertram Stubenrauch [Search ORCID]
    60. Jürgen Winkler [Search ORCID]
    61. Reinhard Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
  34. University of Giessen (61 entries)
    1. Ünal Abalı [Search ORCID]
    2. Hermann Josef Abs [Search ORCID]
    3. Anette Baumann [Search ORCID]
    4. Katja Becker [Search ORCID]
    5. Wolfgang Bessler [Search ORCID]
    6. Albrecht Beutelspacher [Search ORCID]
    7. Thomas Bohn [Search ORCID]
    8. Frank Thomas Brinkmann [Search ORCID]
    9. Franz-Josef Bäumer [Search ORCID]
    10. Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg [Search ORCID]
    11. Frank Bösch [Search ORCID]
    12. Ulrike Egelhaaf-Gaiser [Search ORCID]
    13. Norbert Eschbach [Search ORCID]
    14. Helmuth Feilke [Search ORCID]
    15. Klaus Fiedler [Search ORCID]
    16. Marian Füssel [Search ORCID]
    17. Martin Glaum [Search ORCID]
    18. Thomas Gloning [Search ORCID]
    19. Hans Rupprecht Goette [Search ORCID]
    20. Alexander Grasse [Search ORCID]
    21. Elisabeth Gräb-Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    22. Georg Götz [Search ORCID]
    23. Peter Haslinger [Search ORCID]
    24. Linus Hauser [Search ORCID]
    25. Paul-Joachim Heinig [Search ORCID]
    26. Peter Hoeres [Search ORCID]
    27. Christoph Horn [Search ORCID]
    28. Dieter Jungnickel [Search ORCID]
    29. Mark Kirchner [Search ORCID]
    30. Anja Klöckner [Search ORCID]
    31. Michael Knipper [Search ORCID]
    32. Peter Kuhlmann [Search ORCID]
    33. Dirk van Laak [Search ORCID]
    34. Uwe Lang [Search ORCID]
    35. Friedrich Lenger [Search ORCID]
    36. Christoph Levin [Search ORCID]
    37. Henning Lobin [Search ORCID]
    38. Wolfgang Maison [Search ORCID]
    39. Simone Michel [Search ORCID]
    40. Peter von Möllendorff [Search ORCID]
    41. Anne Christine Nagel [Search ORCID]
    42. Sighard Neckel [Search ORCID]
    43. Ansgar Nünning [Search ORCID]
    44. Karen Piepenbrink [Search ORCID]
    45. Ferdinand-Rupert Prostmeier [Search ORCID]
    46. Christine Reinle [Search ORCID]
    47. Volker Roelcke [Search ORCID]
    48. Walter Rosenthal [Search ORCID]
    49. Wolfgang Sander [Search ORCID]
    50. Thomas G. Schattner [Search ORCID]
    51. Michael Schemmann [Search ORCID]
    52. Wolfgang Scherf [Search ORCID]
    53. Peter Schreiner [Search ORCID]
    54. Silke Tammen [Search ORCID]
    55. Stefan Tebruck [Search ORCID]
    56. Knut Usener [Search ORCID]
    57. Andreas Vilcinskas [Search ORCID]
    58. Hans-Ulrich Wiemer [Search ORCID]
    59. Peter Winker [Search ORCID]
    60. Volkmar Wolters [Search ORCID]
    61. Hanno Würbel [Search ORCID]
  35. University of Potsdam (61 entries)
    1. Jürgen Angelow [Search ORCID]
    2. Markus Antonietti [Search ORCID]
    3. Ingo Balderjahn [Search ORCID]
    4. Hans-Rudolf Bork [Search ORCID]
    5. Christian Bär [Search ORCID]
    6. Frank Bösch [Search ORCID]
    7. Harald Clahsen [Search ORCID]
    8. Wolfgang Cramer [Search ORCID]
    9. Gerhard Danzer [Search ORCID]
    10. Irene Diekmann [Search ORCID]
    11. Peter Eich [Search ORCID]
    12. Ottmar Ette [Search ORCID]
    13. Gisbert Fanselow [Search ORCID]
    14. Norbert Franz [Search ORCID]
    15. Peter Fratzl [Search ORCID]
    16. Klaus H. Goetz [Search ORCID]
    17. Logi Gunnarsson [Search ORCID]
    18. Ursula Gärtner [Search ORCID]
    19. Manfred Görtemaker [Search ORCID]
    20. Frank Göse [Search ORCID]
    21. Johann Evangelist Hafner [Search ORCID]
    22. Peter-Michael Hahn [Search ORCID]
    23. Sabine Hark [Search ORCID]
    24. Günther Hasinger [Search ORCID]
    25. Gerald H. Haug [Search ORCID]
    26. Gerda Haßler [Search ORCID]
    27. Udo Hebel [Search ORCID]
    28. Werner Jann [Search ORCID]
    29. Mario Keßler [Search ORCID]
    30. Peter Kosta [Search ORCID]
    31. Joachim Krause [Search ORCID]
    32. Jürgen Kropp [Search ORCID]
    33. Raimund Krämer [Search ORCID]
    34. Hans-Peter Krüger [Search ORCID]
    35. Dieter Krüger [Search ORCID]
    36. Jürgen Kurths [Search ORCID]
    37. Loretana Libero [Search ORCID]
    38. Thomas Lindenberger [Search ORCID]
    39. Reinhard Lipowsky [Search ORCID]
    40. Peter Maaß [Search ORCID]
    41. Jürgen Mackert [Search ORCID]
    42. Christoph Meinel [Search ORCID]
    43. Christoph Menke [Search ORCID]
    44. Dieter Mersch [Search ORCID]
    45. Christian Th. Müller [Search ORCID]
    46. Bernd Müller-Röber [Search ORCID]
    47. Ralf Pröve [Search ORCID]
    48. Peter Riemer [Search ORCID]
    49. Jörg Rüpke [Search ORCID]
    50. Martin Sabrow [Search ORCID]
    51. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber [Search ORCID]
    52. Rudolf Schlaffer [Search ORCID]
    53. Stefanie Stockhorst [Search ORCID]
    54. Ralf Stoecker [Search ORCID]
    55. Manfred Strecker [Search ORCID]
    56. Bernd Stöver [Search ORCID]
    57. Ludger Tewes [Search ORCID]
    58. Manfred Weber [Search ORCID]
    59. Dirk Wiemann [Search ORCID]
    60. Ulrich Wyrwa [Search ORCID]
    61. John Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
  36. University of Innsbruck (60 entries)
    1. Peter Anreiter [Search ORCID]
    2. Peter Baumgartner [Search ORCID]
    3. Rainer Blatt [Search ORCID]
    4. Günther Bonn [Search ORCID]
    5. Hans Jürgen Briegel [Search ORCID]
    6. Federico Celestini [Search ORCID]
    7. Reinhard Dallinger [Search ORCID]
    8. Wolfgang Dietrich [Search ORCID]
    9. Dieter Fensel [Search ORCID]
    10. Peter Filzmaier [Search ORCID]
    11. Andrea Fischer [Search ORCID]
    12. Margret Friedrich [Search ORCID]
    13. Johann Füller [Search ORCID]
    14. Michael Gehler [Search ORCID]
    15. Franz Glaser [Search ORCID]
    16. Rudolf Grimm [Search ORCID]
    17. Wilhelm Guggenberger [Search ORCID]
    18. Heinz Gärtner [Search ORCID]
    19. Andreas Hapkemeyer [Search ORCID]
    20. Gerhard Haszprunar [Search ORCID]
    21. Herwig Hauser [Search ORCID]
    22. Ingeborg Hochmair [Search ORCID]
    23. Erich Kistler [Search ORCID]
    24. Wolfgang Kofler [Search ORCID]
    25. Martin Korenjak [Search ORCID]
    26. Wendelin Küpers [Search ORCID]
    27. Bart Lootsma [Search ORCID]
    28. Winfried Löffler [Search ORCID]
    29. Raimund Löw [Search ORCID]
    30. Andreas Maislinger [Search ORCID]
    31. Wolfgang Meixner [Search ORCID]
    32. Mark Mersiowsky [Search ORCID]
    33. Glenn W. Most [Search ORCID]
    34. Florian Martin Müller [Search ORCID]
    35. Stefan Neuhaus [Search ORCID]
    36. Alois Niederstätter [Search ORCID]
    37. Józef Niewiadomski [Search ORCID]
    38. Michael Oberguggenberger [Search ORCID]
    39. Klaus Oeggl [Search ORCID]
    40. Wolfgang Palaver [Search ORCID]
    41. Günther Pallaver [Search ORCID]
    42. Wilhelm Rees [Search ORCID]
    43. Gerda Riedl [Search ORCID]
    44. Robert Rollinger [Search ORCID]
    45. Harriet Rudolph [Search ORCID]
    46. Josef Schermann [Search ORCID]
    47. Perry Schmidt-Leukel [Search ORCID]
    48. Michael Schratz [Search ORCID]
    49. Roman Siebenrock [Search ORCID]
    50. Harald Stadler [Search ORCID]
    51. Helmut Staubmann [Search ORCID]
    52. Johann Stötter [Search ORCID]
    53. Matthias Sutter [Search ORCID]
    54. Arno Tausch [Search ORCID]
    55. Ellen Thaler-Kottek [Search ORCID]
    56. Klaus Tragbar [Search ORCID]
    57. Wolfgang Weber [Search ORCID]
    58. Thomas Wegmann [Search ORCID]
    59. Otta Wenskus [Search ORCID]
    60. Peter Zoller [Search ORCID]
  37. RWTH Aachen University (59 entries)
    1. Dirk Abel [Search ORCID]
    2. Franz Baader [Search ORCID]
    3. Rüdiger Bachmann [Search ORCID]
    4. Theodor M. Bardmann [Search ORCID]
    5. Martin Beneke [Search ORCID]
    6. Andreas Beyer [Search ORCID]
    7. Carsten Bolm [Search ORCID]
    8. Uwe Conrath [Search ORCID]
    9. Richard Dronskowski [Search ORCID]
    10. Prof Dr. Lutz Feld [Search ORCID]
    11. Klaus Freitag [Search ORCID]
    12. Dominik Gross [Search ORCID]
    13. Özgür Gürerk [Search ORCID]
    14. Josef Hegger [Search ORCID]
    15. Armin Heinen [Search ORCID]
    16. Rafaela Hillerbrand [Search ORCID]
    17. Wilfried Hinsch [Search ORCID]
    18. Oliver Holtemöller [Search ORCID]
    19. Christian Hopmann [Search ORCID]
    20. Juraj Hromkovič [Search ORCID]
    21. Eva-Maria Jakobs [Search ORCID]
    22. Matthias Jarke [Search ORCID]
    23. Sabina Jeschke [Search ORCID]
    24. Udo Kamps [Search ORCID]
    25. Geert Keil [Search ORCID]
    26. Leif Kobbelt [Search ORCID]
    27. Aloys Krieg [Search ORCID]
    28. Thomas Kron [Search ORCID]
    29. Helmut König [Search ORCID]
    30. Alexander Markschies [Search ORCID]
    31. Wolfgang Marquardt [Search ORCID]
    32. Guido Meyer [Search ORCID]
    33. Laurens W. Molenkamp [Search ORCID]
    34. Meinrad Morger [Search ORCID]
    35. Martin Möller [Search ORCID]
    36. Harald Müller [Search ORCID]
    37. Gabriele Nebe [Search ORCID]
    38. Thomas Niehr [Search ORCID]
    39. Andreas Pangritz [Search ORCID]
    40. Peter Pilhofer [Search ORCID]
    41. Stefan Pischinger [Search ORCID]
    42. Reinhart Poprawe [Search ORCID]
    43. Dierk Raabe [Search ORCID]
    44. Norbert Reuter [Search ORCID]
    45. Christine Roll [Search ORCID]
    46. Bernhard Rumpe [Search ORCID]
    47. Klaus Scherberich [Search ORCID]
    48. Ulrich Schollwöck [Search ORCID]
    49. Wolfgang Schröder [Search ORCID]
    50. Christoph Schweigert [Search ORCID]
    51. Georg Schöllgen [Search ORCID]
    52. Bernhard Steinauer [Search ORCID]
    53. Dieter Vollhardt [Search ORCID]
    54. Kunibert Wachten [Search ORCID]
    55. Dorothea Wagner [Search ORCID]
    56. Hermann Wagner [Search ORCID]
    57. Peter Winter [Search ORCID]
    58. Matthias Wuttig [Search ORCID]
    59. Martin Zenke [Search ORCID]
  38. University College London (58 entries)
    1. Maggie Aderin-Pocock [Search ORCID]
    2. Philippe Aghion [Search ORCID]
    3. Jim Al-Khalili [Search ORCID]
    4. Orazio Attanasio [Search ORCID]
    5. Nick Barton [Search ORCID]
    6. Peter J. Bentley [Search ORCID]
    7. Sue Black [Search ORCID]
    8. Richard Blundell [Search ORCID]
    9. Steven T. Bramwell [Search ORCID]
    10. Joe Cain [Search ORCID]
    11. Quassim Cassam [Search ORCID]
    12. David Clary [Search ORCID]
    13. Tim Crane [Search ORCID]
    14. Marianna Csörnyei [Search ORCID]
    15. Andrew Dilnot [Search ORCID]
    16. Richard F Disney [Search ORCID]
    17. Anthony Finkelstein [Search ORCID]
    18. Peter Fonagy [Search ORCID]
    19. John Foot [Search ORCID]
    20. Adrian Furnham [Search ORCID]
    21. Timothy Gowers [Search ORCID]
    22. John Hardy [Search ORCID]
    23. Demis Hassabis [Search ORCID]
    24. Noreena Hertz [Search ORCID]
    25. Alan Hollinghurst [Search ORCID]
    26. Charles Hulme [Search ORCID]
    27. Simon Peyton Jones [Search ORCID]
    28. Minhyong Kim [Search ORCID]
    29. Joseph Koerner [Search ORCID]
    30. Ofer Lahav [Search ORCID]
    31. John Landers [Search ORCID]
    32. David Latchman [Search ORCID]
    33. Alena V. Ledeneva [Search ORCID]
    34. Gesine Manuwald [Search ORCID]
    35. Colin McGinn [Search ORCID]
    36. Susan Michie [Search ORCID]
    37. Daniel Miller [Search ORCID]
    38. Geoffrey Miller [Search ORCID]
    39. Mark Miodownik [Search ORCID]
    40. Henrietta Moore [Search ORCID]
    41. Santa J. Ono [Search ORCID]
    42. Michael Otsuka [Search ORCID]
    43. Linda Partridge [Search ORCID]
    44. Christopher Peacocke [Search ORCID]
    45. Laurence Pearl [Search ORCID]
    46. Mike Parker Pearson [Search ORCID]
    47. Tony Curzon Price [Search ORCID]
    48. Mark Roberts [Search ORCID]
    49. Eleanor Robson [Search ORCID]
    50. Jennifer Rohn [Search ORCID]
    51. Sonu Shamdasani [Search ORCID]
    52. William Shaw [Search ORCID]
    53. John Tasioulas [Search ORCID]
    54. Harold Thimbleby [Search ORCID]
    55. Jane Wardle [Search ORCID]
    56. Jeroen van de Weijer [Search ORCID]
    57. Jonathan Wolff [Search ORCID]
    58. Daniel Wolpert [Search ORCID]
  39. University of California, Los Angeles (58 entries)
    1. Izabella Łaba [Search ORCID]
    2. Asad Abidi [Search ORCID]
    3. Vassilis Angelopoulos [Search ORCID]
    4. Helmut Anheier [Search ORCID]
    5. Andrew Apter [Search ORCID]
    6. Katherine Baicker [Search ORCID]
    7. Joseph Bristow [Search ORCID]
    8. Rogers Brubaker [Search ORCID]
    9. M. C. Frank Chang [Search ORCID]
    10. Jennifer Tour Chayes [Search ORCID]
    11. Vladimir Chernov [Search ORCID]
    12. Neil Denari [Search ORCID]
    13. Johanna Drucker [Search ORCID]
    14. Alessandro Duranti [Search ORCID]
    15. Daniel Dăianu [Search ORCID]
    16. Sebastián Edwards [Search ORCID]
    17. Jianqing Fan [Search ORCID]
    18. J. Arch Getty [Search ORCID]
    19. Andrea M. Ghez [Search ORCID]
    20. Greg Graffin [Search ORCID]
    21. Akhil Gupta [Search ORCID]
    22. Bruce Hayes [Search ORCID]
    23. Keith Holyoak [Search ORCID]
    24. Eric Jager [Search ORCID]
    25. Vaughan Jones [Search ORCID]
    26. Benjamin Karney [Search ORCID]
    27. Robin Kelley [Search ORCID]
    28. Mark A.R. Kleiman [Search ORCID]
    29. Miwon Kwon [Search ORCID]
    30. Robert Kyr [Search ORCID]
    31. Aditi Lahiri [Search ORCID]
    32. Robert Lazarsfeld [Search ORCID]
    33. Kefeng Liu [Search ORCID]
    34. Francis Longstaff [Search ORCID]
    35. Steven Loza [Search ORCID]
    36. Ciprian Manolescu [Search ORCID]
    37. Lev Manovich [Search ORCID]
    38. Alexander Merkurjev [Search ORCID]
    39. Ruth Milkman [Search ORCID]
    40. Matteo Motterlini [Search ORCID]
    41. Rafail Ostrovsky [Search ORCID]
    42. Michael Otsuka [Search ORCID]
    43. Lari Pittman [Search ORCID]
    44. Ricardo Pérez-Marco [Search ORCID]
    45. Neil Ramiller [Search ORCID]
    46. Henry Samueli [Search ORCID]
    47. Daniel J. Siegel [Search ORCID]
    48. Dean Spade [Search ORCID]
    49. Richard Harold Steinberg [Search ORCID]
    50. Sanjay Subrahmanyam [Search ORCID]
    51. Terence Tao [Search ORCID]
    52. Stephen Urice [Search ORCID]
    53. Roger Wakimoto [Search ORCID]
    54. Ivo Welch [Search ORCID]
    55. R. Stanley Williams [Search ORCID]
    56. Omar M. Yaghi [Search ORCID]
    57. Min Zhou [Search ORCID]
    58. Ben Zimmer [Search ORCID]
  40. Technical University of Berlin (55 entries)
    1. Christoph Asmuth [Search ORCID]
    2. Holger Boche [Search ORCID]
    3. Norbert Bolz [Search ORCID]
    4. Hans-Rudolf Bork [Search ORCID]
    5. Katharina Brichetti [Search ORCID]
    6. Kees Christiaanse [Search ORCID]
    7. René Deplanque [Search ORCID]
    8. Hans-Liudger Dienel [Search ORCID]
    9. Gabi Dolff-Bonekämper [Search ORCID]
    10. Matthias Drieß [Search ORCID]
    11. Bernward Dörner [Search ORCID]
    12. Anja Feldmann [Search ORCID]
    13. Jürgen Franke [Search ORCID]
    14. Hans-Joachim Freund [Search ORCID]
    15. Finn Geipel [Search ORCID]
    16. Thomas Gil [Search ORCID]
    17. Michael Grüttner [Search ORCID]
    18. Max Welch Guerra [Search ORCID]
    19. Rüdiger Hachtmann [Search ORCID]
    20. Sabine Hark [Search ORCID]
    21. Rainer Hascher [Search ORCID]
    22. Matthäus Heil [Search ORCID]
    23. Kai-Uwe Hellmann [Search ORCID]
    24. Christian von Hirschhausen [Search ORCID]
    25. Olga Holtz [Search ORCID]
    26. Christian Jansen [Search ORCID]
    27. Sabina Jeschke [Search ORCID]
    28. Michael Joswig [Search ORCID]
    29. Michael Klein [Search ORCID]
    30. Andreas Knie [Search ORCID]
    31. Hubert Knoblauch [Search ORCID]
    32. Andreas Knorr [Search ORCID]
    33. Wolfram Koch [Search ORCID]
    34. Martina Löw [Search ORCID]
    35. Jacob Emmanuel Mabe [Search ORCID]
    36. Volker Mehrmann [Search ORCID]
    37. Kai Nagel [Search ORCID]
    38. Uwe Nestmann [Search ORCID]
    39. Günther Oestmann [Search ORCID]
    40. Alexander Raake [Search ORCID]
    41. Matthias Scheffler [Search ORCID]
    42. Mike Schlaich [Search ORCID]
    43. Robert Schlögl [Search ORCID]
    44. Wilhelm Schmid [Search ORCID]
    45. Raimund Schulz [Search ORCID]
    46. Volker Staab [Search ORCID]
    47. Jörg Steinbach [Search ORCID]
    48. Eckart Uhlmann [Search ORCID]
    49. Gert Georg Wagner [Search ORCID]
    50. Dorothea Wagner [Search ORCID]
    51. Carl Marcus Wallenburg [Search ORCID]
    52. Axel von Werder [Search ORCID]
    53. Thomas Wiegand [Search ORCID]
    54. Günter M. Ziegler [Search ORCID]
    55. Robert Zimmer [Search ORCID]
  41. University of Trier (52 entries)
    1. Christoph Antweiler [Search ORCID]
    2. Marc-Aeilko Aris [Search ORCID]
    3. Ludwig Auer [Search ORCID]
    4. Christian Bermes [Search ORCID]
    5. Hardy Bouillon [Search ORCID]
    6. Ulrich Brinkmann [Search ORCID]
    7. Stephan Busch [Search ORCID]
    8. Johannes Dillinger [Search ORCID]
    9. Ulrich Eigler [Search ORCID]
    10. Martin Endreß [Search ORCID]
    11. Michael Fiedrowicz [Search ORCID]
    12. Ewald Frie [Search ORCID]
    13. Therese Fuhrer [Search ORCID]
    14. Ulrike Gehring [Search ORCID]
    15. Andreas Gestrich [Search ORCID]
    16. Peter Gritzmann [Search ORCID]
    17. Sebastian Heilmann [Search ORCID]
    18. Sigrid Hirbodian [Search ORCID]
    19. Gerd Hurm [Search ORCID]
    20. Christian Jansen [Search ORCID]
    21. Uwe Jun [Search ORCID]
    22. Gottfried Kerscher [Search ORCID]
    23. Gerhard Krieger [Search ORCID]
    24. Stephan Laux [Search ORCID]
    25. Stefan Liebig [Search ORCID]
    26. Markus Linden [Search ORCID]
    27. Jérôme Lulling [Search ORCID]
    28. Torsten Mattern [Search ORCID]
    29. Christoph Meinel [Search ORCID]
    30. Ralf Münnich [Search ORCID]
    31. Jürgen G. Nagel [Search ORCID]
    32. Bernd Nicolai [Search ORCID]
    33. Volker Nienhaus [Search ORCID]
    34. Christel Offermann-Clas [Search ORCID]
    35. Michael Pfrommer [Search ORCID]
    36. Lutz Raphael [Search ORCID]
    37. Jost Reinecke [Search ORCID]
    38. Lutz Richter [Search ORCID]
    39. Thomas Rüfner [Search ORCID]
    40. Siegfried Schieder [Search ORCID]
    41. Michael Schmidt-Salomon [Search ORCID]
    42. Helga Schnabel-Schüle [Search ORCID]
    43. Christoph Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    44. Karl Strobel [Search ORCID]
    45. Andreas Tacke [Search ORCID]
    46. Winfried Thaa [Search ORCID]
    47. Markus Trunk [Search ORCID]
    48. Michael Veith [Search ORCID]
    49. Sven Peter Vleeming [Search ORCID]
    50. Rolf Weiber [Search ORCID]
    51. Gerhard Wolf [Search ORCID]
    52. Georg Wöhrle [Search ORCID]
  42. Technische Universität Darmstadt (52 entries)
    1. Anette Ahsen [Search ORCID]
    2. Gernot Alber [Search ORCID]
    3. Barbara Albert [Search ORCID]
    4. Arthur Benz [Search ORCID]
    5. Karl-Heinrich Bette [Search ORCID]
    6. Nico Blüthgen [Search ORCID]
    7. Ralph Bruder [Search ORCID]
    8. Jan Hendrik Bruinier [Search ORCID]
    9. Johannes Buchmann [Search ORCID]
    10. Volker Caspari [Search ORCID]
    11. Barbara Drossel [Search ORCID]
    12. Dieter W. Fellner [Search ORCID]
    13. Wolfgang Fritz [Search ORCID]
    14. Dörte Gatermann [Search ORCID]
    15. Bernhard Graf [Search ORCID]
    16. Manfred Hampe [Search ORCID]
    17. Lutz Heuser [Search ORCID]
    18. Oliver Hinz [Search ORCID]
    19. Christoph Hubig [Search ORCID]
    20. Volkhard Huth [Search ORCID]
    21. Thomas Ihringer [Search ORCID]
    22. Ulrich Joost [Search ORCID]
    23. Ralf Kaldenhoff [Search ORCID]
    24. Jürgen Kluge [Search ORCID]
    25. Franziska Lang [Search ORCID]
    26. Karlheinz Langanke [Search ORCID]
    27. Peter Oliver Loew [Search ORCID]
    28. Martina Löw [Search ORCID]
    29. Alexander Martin [Search ORCID]
    30. Friedemann Mattern [Search ORCID]
    31. Meinrad Morger [Search ORCID]
    32. Michael Neugart [Search ORCID]
    33. Peter Niesen [Search ORCID]
    34. Karl-Heinz Petzinka [Search ORCID]
    35. Norbert Pietralla [Search ORCID]
    36. Hans Jürgen Prömel [Search ORCID]
    37. Norbert Schappacher [Search ORCID]
    38. Dirk Schiereck [Search ORCID]
    39. Frank Schimmelfennig [Search ORCID]
    40. Jeannette Schmid [Search ORCID]
    41. Ute Schneider [Search ORCID]
    42. Dieter Schott [Search ORCID]
    43. Angelika Schwabe-Kratochwil [Search ORCID]
    44. Achim Schwenk [Search ORCID]
    45. Susanne Sieker [Search ORCID]
    46. Ralf Steinmetz [Search ORCID]
    47. Michael Waidner [Search ORCID]
    48. Thomas Walther [Search ORCID]
    49. Jochen Wambach [Search ORCID]
    50. Karsten Weihe [Search ORCID]
    51. Thomas Weiland [Search ORCID]
    52. Klaus Dieter Wolf [Search ORCID]
  43. Technische Universität München (50 entries)
    1. Ann-Kristin Achleitner [Search ORCID]
    2. Matthias Beller [Search ORCID]
    3. Martin Beneke [Search ORCID]
    4. Holger Boche [Search ORCID]
    5. Thomas Bock [Search ORCID]
    6. Martin Brokate [Search ORCID]
    7. Bernd Bruegge [Search ORCID]
    8. Andreas Burmester [Search ORCID]
    9. Peter Böni [Search ORCID]
    10. Martin Faulstich [Search ORCID]
    11. Gero Friesecke [Search ORCID]
    12. Albert Gilg [Search ORCID]
    13. Peter Gritzmann [Search ORCID]
    14. Sibylle Günter [Search ORCID]
    15. Axel Haase [Search ORCID]
    16. Günther Hasinger [Search ORCID]
    17. Andreas Hild [Search ORCID]
    18. Kurt Jax [Search ORCID]
    19. Oliver Junge [Search ORCID]
    20. Christoph Kaserer [Search ORCID]
    21. Hermann Kaufmann [Search ORCID]
    22. Regine Keller [Search ORCID]
    23. Claudia Klüppelberg [Search ORCID]
    24. Andres Lepik [Search ORCID]
    25. Manfred Lindner [Search ORCID]
    26. Christoph Lütge [Search ORCID]
    27. Tim Christian Lüth [Search ORCID]
    28. Ernst Mayr [Search ORCID]
    29. Mark Mückenheim [Search ORCID]
    30. Reinhard Nießner [Search ORCID]
    31. Holger Patzelt [Search ORCID]
    32. Wolfgang Peukert [Search ORCID]
    33. Franz Pfeiffer [Search ORCID]
    34. Christian Pfleiderer [Search ORCID]
    35. Manfred Prenzel [Search ORCID]
    36. Jürgen Richter-Gebert [Search ORCID]
    37. Bernhard Rieger [Search ORCID]
    38. Manfred Schuller [Search ORCID]
    39. Klaus Sedlbauer [Search ORCID]
    40. Friedrich Simmel [Search ORCID]
    41. Arne Skerra [Search ORCID]
    42. Matthias Tamm [Search ORCID]
    43. Ulrich Walter [Search ORCID]
    44. Udo Weilacher [Search ORCID]
    45. Wolfgang Weisser [Search ORCID]
    46. Robert K. von Weizsäcker [Search ORCID]
    47. Isabell Welpe [Search ORCID]
    48. Erich Wintermantel [Search ORCID]
    49. Barbara Wohlmuth [Search ORCID]
    50. Wolfgang Zinth [Search ORCID]
  44. University of Toronto (50 entries)
    1. Roberto Abraham [Search ORCID]
    2. R. Michael Bagby [Search ORCID]
    3. Dror Bar-Natan [Search ORCID]
    4. Dwayne Benjamin [Search ORCID]
    5. J. Richard Bond [Search ORCID]
    6. Peter J. Brand [Search ORCID]
    7. James Colliander [Search ORCID]
    8. Afua Cooper [Search ORCID]
    9. Elizabeth Cowper [Search ORCID]
    10. Richard Florida [Search ORCID]
    11. Henriette Gezundhajt [Search ORCID]
    12. Larry Guth [Search ORCID]
    13. Thomas Homer-Dixon [Search ORCID]
    14. James Won-Ki Hong [Search ORCID]
    15. Thomas Hurka [Search ORCID]
    16. Brad Inwood [Search ORCID]
    17. Ramin Jahanbegloo [Search ORCID]
    18. Lisa Jeffrey [Search ORCID]
    19. Sajeev John [Search ORCID]
    20. Steve Joordens [Search ORCID]
    21. Markus Kaim [Search ORCID]
    22. Mark Kingwell [Search ORCID]
    23. Maria Klawe [Search ORCID]
    24. John S. Kloppenborg [Search ORCID]
    25. Frank Kschischang [Search ORCID]
    26. Gary Kulesha [Search ORCID]
    27. Larysa Kuzmenko [Search ORCID]
    28. Daniel Lidar [Search ORCID]
    29. Peter Ludlow [Search ORCID]
    30. Ian MacDonald [Search ORCID]
    31. Steve MacLean [Search ORCID]
    32. Andreas Mandelis [Search ORCID]
    33. Steve Mann [Search ORCID]
    34. Eckhard Meinrenken [Search ORCID]
    35. Anne Michaels [Search ORCID]
    36. John Mighton [Search ORCID]
    37. Eric J. Miller [Search ORCID]
    38. Barth Netterfield [Search ORCID]
    39. Derek Penslar [Search ORCID]
    40. Nancy Reid [Search ORCID]
    41. Tim Ries [Search ORCID]
    42. William Seager [Search ORCID]
    43. Michael C. Seto [Search ORCID]
    44. Igor Stagljar [Search ORCID]
    45. Sandy Thorburn [Search ORCID]
    46. Stevo Todorčević [Search ORCID]
    47. Scott Tremaine [Search ORCID]
    48. John Bainbridge Webster [Search ORCID]
    49. Carol Welsman [Search ORCID]
    50. Elliot R. Wolfson [Search ORCID]
  45. University of Stuttgart (50 entries)
    1. Artemis Alexiadou [Search ORCID]
    2. Joachim Bahlcke [Search ORCID]
    3. Reinhold Bauer [Search ORCID]
    4. Fritz Berner [Search ORCID]
    5. Jörg Brüdern [Search ORCID]
    6. Wolfgang Burr [Search ORCID]
    7. Matthias Böttger [Search ORCID]
    8. Siegfried Dietrich [Search ORCID]
    9. Ulrich Dolata [Search ORCID]
    10. Helmut Dosch [Search ORCID]
    11. Christof Ebert [Search ORCID]
    12. Ulrich Fellmeth [Search ORCID]
    13. Dieter Fritsch [Search ORCID]
    14. Thomas Gil [Search ORCID]
    15. Peter Göhner [Search ORCID]
    16. Hubert Haider [Search ORCID]
    17. Rainer Hascher [Search ORCID]
    18. Rainer Helmig [Search ORCID]
    19. Klaus Hentschel [Search ORCID]
    20. Christian Hesse [Search ORCID]
    21. Christoph Hubig [Search ORCID]
    22. Tobias Jersak [Search ORCID]
    23. Sabina Jeschke [Search ORCID]
    24. Christian Juckenack [Search ORCID]
    25. Robert Jütte [Search ORCID]
    26. Wolfgang Kaim [Search ORCID]
    27. Martin Kaltschmitt [Search ORCID]
    28. Nicole C. Karafyllis [Search ORCID]
    29. Bernhard Keimer [Search ORCID]
    30. Rüdiger Krüger [Search ORCID]
    31. Steffen König [Search ORCID]
    32. Wolfgang Kühnel [Search ORCID]
    33. Reinhold Leinfelder [Search ORCID]
    34. Rainer Leng [Search ORCID]
    35. Joachim Maier [Search ORCID]
    36. Mark Mersiowsky [Search ORCID]
    37. Liu Na [Search ORCID]
    38. Michael-Jörg Oesterle [Search ORCID]
    39. Wolfram Pyta [Search ORCID]
    40. Peter Scholz [Search ORCID]
    41. Werner Sobek [Search ORCID]
    42. Holger Sonnabend [Search ORCID]
    43. Dieter Spath [Search ORCID]
    44. Ingo Steinwart [Search ORCID]
    45. Ulrich Stroth [Search ORCID]
    46. Alexander Verl [Search ORCID]
    47. Heinz Voggenreiter [Search ORCID]
    48. Annette Werner [Search ORCID]
    49. Barbara Wohlmuth [Search ORCID]
    50. Jörg Wrachtrup [Search ORCID]
  46. University of Halle-Wittenberg (50 entries)
    1. Marlies Ahlert [Search ORCID]
    2. Hans-Jürgen Beier [Search ORCID]
    3. Arthur Benz [Search ORCID]
    4. François Bertemes [Search ORCID]
    5. Felix Blocher [Search ORCID]
    6. Harald Bluhm [Search ORCID]
    7. Jens Boenisch [Search ORCID]
    8. Gunnar Brands [Search ORCID]
    9. Ulrich Bröckling [Search ORCID]
    10. Ralf Michael Ebeling [Search ORCID]
    11. Ralf Frassek [Search ORCID]
    12. Werner Freitag [Search ORCID]
    13. Urs Peter Gruber [Search ORCID]
    14. Stefan Grundmann [Search ORCID]
    15. Bernd Hansjürgens [Search ORCID]
    16. Thomas Hauschild [Search ORCID]
    17. Klaus Hentschel [Search ORCID]
    18. Michael Hillgruber [Search ORCID]
    19. Oliver Holtemöller [Search ORCID]
    20. Rainer Jakobi [Search ORCID]
    21. Peter Jung [Search ORCID]
    22. Alexander S. Kekulé [Search ORCID]
    23. Heiner Lück [Search ORCID]
    24. Burkhard Meißner [Search ORCID]
    25. Harald Meller [Search ORCID]
    26. Gabriele Meyer [Search ORCID]
    27. Tomi Mäkelä [Search ORCID]
    28. Dirk Möhlenbruch [Search ORCID]
    29. Michael G. Müller [Search ORCID]
    30. Stefan Pfeiffer [Search ORCID]
    31. Peter Pfälzner [Search ORCID]
    32. Andreas Ranft [Search ORCID]
    33. Günther Schlee [Search ORCID]
    34. Hans-Walter Schmuhl [Search ORCID]
    35. Udo Schnelle [Search ORCID]
    36. Ralf Seppelt [Search ORCID]
    37. Susanne Sieker [Search ORCID]
    38. Walter Slaje [Search ORCID]
    39. Uwe Sonnewald [Search ORCID]
    40. Anne Steinmeier [Search ORCID]
    41. Magdalena Stoof [Search ORCID]
    42. Udo Sträter [Search ORCID]
    43. Reinhard Thöle [Search ORCID]
    44. Johannes Varwick [Search ORCID]
    45. Giuseppe Veltri [Search ORCID]
    46. Dorothea Wagner [Search ORCID]
    47. Patrick Wagner [Search ORCID]
    48. Heinrich Wall [Search ORCID]
    49. Robert K. von Weizsäcker [Search ORCID]
    50. Reinhard Zöllner [Search ORCID]
  47. London School of Economics (49 entries)
    1. Daron Acemoğlu [Search ORCID]
    2. Helmut Anheier [Search ORCID]
    3. Daniele Archibugi [Search ORCID]
    4. Chrisanthi Avgerou [Search ORCID]
    5. Charlie Bean [Search ORCID]
    6. Tim Besley [Search ORCID]
    7. Graham Brightwell [Search ORCID]
    8. Michael Burleigh [Search ORCID]
    9. Sylvia Chant [Search ORCID]
    10. Nikos Christodoulakis [Search ORCID]
    11. Chris Cobb [Search ORCID]
    12. Frank Cowell [Search ORCID]
    13. Andrew Dilnot [Search ORCID]
    14. Keith Dowding [Search ORCID]
    15. Oldřich Dědek [Search ORCID]
    16. Sarah Franklin [Search ORCID]
    17. Katy Gardner [Search ORCID]
    18. Luis Garicano [Search ORCID]
    19. Maitreesh Ghatak [Search ORCID]
    20. Rosalind Gill [Search ORCID]
    21. Paul Gilroy [Search ORCID]
    22. Ramachandra Guha [Search ORCID]
    23. Nadia Abu El Haj [Search ORCID]
    24. David Held [Search ORCID]
    25. Satoshi Kanazawa [Search ORCID]
    26. Efraim Karsh [Search ORCID]
    27. David Keen [Search ORCID]
    28. Nobuhiro Kiyotaki [Search ORCID]
    29. Paul Krugman [Search ORCID]
    30. Tim Leunig [Search ORCID]
    31. Dominic Lieven [Search ORCID]
    32. Alan Manning [Search ORCID]
    33. Henrietta Moore [Search ORCID]
    34. John Hardman Moore [Search ORCID]
    35. Mary S. Morgan [Search ORCID]
    36. Andrew Oswald [Search ORCID]
    37. Danny Quah [Search ORCID]
    38. John Van Reenen [Search ORCID]
    39. Hélène Rey [Search ORCID]
    40. Albrecht Ritschl [Search ORCID]
    41. Renata Salecl [Search ORCID]
    42. Neil Shephard [Search ORCID]
    43. Hyun-Song Shin [Search ORCID]
    44. Charles Stafford [Search ORCID]
    45. David Stevenson [Search ORCID]
    46. Javier Suárez [Search ORCID]
    47. Judy Wajcman [Search ORCID]
    48. Sylvia Walby [Search ORCID]
    49. Odd Arne Westad [Search ORCID]
  48. University of Wuppertal (48 entries)
    1. Lutz Becker [Search ORCID]
    2. Thorsten Benter [Search ORCID]
    3. Ulrich Braukmann [Search ORCID]
    4. Michael Böhnke [Search ORCID]
    5. Siegfried Dietrich [Search ORCID]
    6. Matthias Ehrhardt [Search ORCID]
    7. Armin Eich [Search ORCID]
    8. Gerd Faltings [Search ORCID]
    9. Stefan Freund [Search ORCID]
    10. Andreas Frommer [Search ORCID]
    11. Ewald Grothe [Search ORCID]
    12. Michael Günther [Search ORCID]
    13. Gerald Hartung [Search ORCID]
    14. Manfred Hassebrauck [Search ORCID]
    15. Dieter Heermann [Search ORCID]
    16. Eberhard Illner [Search ORCID]
    17. Jochen Johrendt [Search ORCID]
    18. Karl-Heinz Kampert [Search ORCID]
    19. Arne Karsten [Search ORCID]
    20. Rupert Klein [Search ORCID]
    21. Lambert T. Koch [Search ORCID]
    22. Joachim Küpper [Search ORCID]
    23. Matías Martínez [Search ORCID]
    24. Sighard Neckel [Search ORCID]
    25. Michael Nelles [Search ORCID]
    26. Karl-Heinz Petzinka [Search ORCID]
    27. Ute Planert [Search ORCID]
    28. Monika Rathert [Search ORCID]
    29. Volker Remmert [Search ORCID]
    30. Michael Scheffel [Search ORCID]
    31. Ullrich Scherf [Search ORCID]
    32. Ronald Schettkat [Search ORCID]
    33. Uwe Schneidewind [Search ORCID]
    34. Ulrike Schrader [Search ORCID]
    35. Christoph Schubert [Search ORCID]
    36. Rainer Stamm [Search ORCID]
    37. Elisabeth Stein [Search ORCID]
    38. Jürg Steiner [Search ORCID]
    39. Ulrich Stuhler [Search ORCID]
    40. Thomas Söding [Search ORCID]
    41. Peter Trawny [Search ORCID]
    42. Heinz-Reiner Treichel [Search ORCID]
    43. Dieter Vieweger [Search ORCID]
    44. Gerrit Walther [Search ORCID]
    45. Karl-Wilhelm Weeber [Search ORCID]
    46. Gesine Weinmiller [Search ORCID]
    47. Paul J. J. Welfens [Search ORCID]
    48. Petra Winzer [Search ORCID]
  49. University of Hanover (48 entries)
    1. Bruce Allen [Search ORCID]
    2. Peter Behrens [Search ORCID]
    3. Christine Bessenrodt [Search ORCID]
    4. Annette Boetticher [Search ORCID]
    5. Michael H. Breitner [Search ORCID]
    6. Wilfried Buchmüller [Search ORCID]
    7. Karsten Danzmann [Search ORCID]
    8. Oliver Decker [Search ORCID]
    9. Marian Döhler [Search ORCID]
    10. Wolfgang Ebeling [Search ORCID]
    11. Joachim Escher [Search ORCID]
    12. Nikolaus Forgó [Search ORCID]
    13. Thomas Gergen [Search ORCID]
    14. Christine Hatzky [Search ORCID]
    15. Michaela Hohkamp [Search ORCID]
    16. Stefan Homburg [Search ORCID]
    17. Klaus Hulek [Search ORCID]
    18. Christina Kalloch [Search ORCID]
    19. Gerhard Kruip [Search ORCID]
    20. Hans-Joachim Kümpel [Search ORCID]
    21. Hansjörg Küster [Search ORCID]
    22. Dirk Lange [Search ORCID]
    23. Hilde Léon [Search ORCID]
    24. Andreas Löffler [Search ORCID]
    25. Lukas Menkhoff [Search ORCID]
    26. Karina Morgenstern [Search ORCID]
    27. Uwe Morgner [Search ORCID]
    28. Jürgen Müller [Search ORCID]
    29. Daniela Münkel [Search ORCID]
    30. Hans-Berndt Neuner [Search ORCID]
    31. Hans-Werner Niemann [Search ORCID]
    32. Rolf Pohl [Search ORCID]
    33. Richard Pott [Search ORCID]
    34. Cornelia Rauh-Kühne [Search ORCID]
    35. Brigitte Reinwald [Search ORCID]
    36. Michael Rothmann [Search ORCID]
    37. Johann-Matthias von der Schulenburg [Search ORCID]
    38. Thomas Schwark [Search ORCID]
    39. Bernd Trocholepczy [Search ORCID]
    40. Andreas Wagener [Search ORCID]
    41. Udo Weilacher [Search ORCID]
    42. Klaus-Peter Wiedmann [Search ORCID]
    43. Michael Wildt [Search ORCID]
    44. Torsten Wilholt [Search ORCID]
    45. Peter Wilmowsky [Search ORCID]
    46. Joachim Wolschke-Bulmahn [Search ORCID]
    47. Peter Wriggers [Search ORCID]
    48. Claus P. W. Zebitz [Search ORCID]
  50. Rutgers University (48 entries)
    1. Abbas Bahri [Search ORCID]
    2. Randall Balmer [Search ORCID]
    3. Edward Beck [Search ORCID]
    4. Girsh Blumberg [Search ORCID]
    5. Endre Boros [Search ORCID]
    6. Linda M. Brzustowicz [Search ORCID]
    7. Michael Burleigh [Search ORCID]
    8. Kim Butler [Search ORCID]
    9. Alan Code [Search ORCID]
    10. Piers Coleman [Search ORCID]
    11. Drucilla Cornell [Search ORCID]
    12. Michael R. Douglas [Search ORCID]
    13. Norman Finkelstein [Search ORCID]
    14. Gary L. Francione [Search ORCID]
    15. Igor Frenkel [Search ORCID]
    16. Antoine Georges [Search ORCID]
    17. Apostolos Gerasoulis [Search ORCID]
    18. Mark A. Gluck [Search ORCID]
    19. Rebecca Goldstein [Search ORCID]
    20. Lynn Gumert [Search ORCID]
    21. Keith Hampton [Search ORCID]
    22. Gikas Hardouvelis [Search ORCID]
    23. Mary Hawkesworth [Search ORCID]
    24. Valerie M. Hudson [Search ORCID]
    25. Charles Häberl [Search ORCID]
    26. Tomasz Imieliński [Search ORCID]
    27. Jeff Kahn [Search ORCID]
    28. Michael Katehakis [Search ORCID]
    29. Lisa C. Klein [Search ORCID]
    30. Maxim Kontsevich [Search ORCID]
    31. Michael L. Littman [Search ORCID]
    32. Tim Maudlin [Search ORCID]
    33. Tom M. Mitchell [Search ORCID]
    34. Greg Moore [Search ORCID]
    35. Stephen Neale [Search ORCID]
    36. Craig Nevill-Manning [Search ORCID]
    37. Andrzej Piotr Ruszczyński [Search ORCID]
    38. Michael Saks [Search ORCID]
    39. Jacob Soll [Search ORCID]
    40. Eduardo D. Sontag [Search ORCID]
    41. Jason Stanley [Search ORCID]
    42. Mario Szegedy [Search ORCID]
    43. Stéphane Udry [Search ORCID]
    44. Van H. Vu [Search ORCID]
    45. Charles Weibel [Search ORCID]
    46. Alexander Zamolodchikov [Search ORCID]
    47. Doron Zeilberger [Search ORCID]
    48. Ben Zimmer [Search ORCID]
  51. Saarland University (47 entries)
    1. Achim Arbeiter [Search ORCID]
    2. Eduard Arzt [Search ORCID]
    3. Wolfgang Behringer [Search ORCID]
    4. Gabriele B. Clemens [Search ORCID]
    5. Klaus van Eickels [Search ORCID]
    6. Christoph Fehige [Search ORCID]
    7. Thomas Gergen [Search ORCID]
    8. Alberto Gil [Search ORCID]
    9. Stephan Goertz [Search ORCID]
    10. Margrit Grabas [Search ORCID]
    11. Heike Grieser [Search ORCID]
    12. Thomas Grundmann [Search ORCID]
    13. Heinz-Dieter Heckmann [Search ORCID]
    14. Michael Hüttenhoff [Search ORCID]
    15. Brigitte Kasten [Search ORCID]
    16. Henry Keazor [Search ORCID]
    17. Klaus Kell [Search ORCID]
    18. Christian Keuschnigg [Search ORCID]
    19. Wolfgang Kraus [Search ORCID]
    20. Christoph Kugelmeier [Search ORCID]
    21. Heinz Kußmaul [Search ORCID]
    22. Thomas König [Search ORCID]
    23. Olaf Kühne [Search ORCID]
    24. Thomas Lengauer [Search ORCID]
    25. Volker Linneweber [Search ORCID]
    26. Peter Loos [Search ORCID]
    27. Ulrich Mahlknecht [Search ORCID]
    28. Hannah Markwig [Search ORCID]
    29. Friedemann Mattern [Search ORCID]
    30. Sönke Neitzel [Search ORCID]
    31. Peter Pfälzner [Search ORCID]
    32. Georg Rechenauer [Search ORCID]
    33. Peter Riemer [Search ORCID]
    34. Heinrich Schlange-Schöningen [Search ORCID]
    35. Günter Schmidt [Search ORCID]
    36. Wolfgang Schweickard [Search ORCID]
    37. Sikander Singh [Search ORCID]
    38. Gert Smolka [Search ORCID]
    39. Jürgen Soll [Search ORCID]
    40. Frank M. Spinath [Search ORCID]
    41. Reinhard Stockmann [Search ORCID]
    42. Wolfgang Wahlster [Search ORCID]
    43. Joachim Weickert [Search ORCID]
    44. Gerhard Weikum [Search ORCID]
    45. Ulla Wessels [Search ORCID]
    46. Andreas Zeller [Search ORCID]
    47. Volker Zotz [Search ORCID]
  52. University of Greifswald (47 entries)
    1. Andreas Bagordo [Search ORCID]
    2. Hubertus Buchstein [Search ORCID]
    3. Christfried Böttrich [Search ORCID]
    4. Ralf Döring [Search ORCID]
    5. Axel Ekkernkamp [Search ORCID]
    6. Klaus Fesser [Search ORCID]
    7. Klaus Fischer [Search ORCID]
    8. Harald J. Freyberger [Search ORCID]
    9. Martin Gorke [Search ORCID]
    10. Jörg Hacker [Search ORCID]
    11. Michael Herbst [Search ORCID]
    12. Dietmar Herz [Search ORCID]
    13. Konrad Hitzl [Search ORCID]
    14. Martin Hose [Search ORCID]
    15. Karl-Joachim Hölkeskamp [Search ORCID]
    16. Thomas Koppe [Search ORCID]
    17. Martin Krieger [Search ORCID]
    18. Heyo Klaus Kroemer [Search ORCID]
    19. Thomas K. Kuhn [Search ORCID]
    20. Joachim Lege [Search ORCID]
    21. Christer Lindqvist [Search ORCID]
    22. Christian Lübke [Search ORCID]
    23. Thomas Mettenleiter [Search ORCID]
    24. Eckhard Meyer-Zwiffelhoffer [Search ORCID]
    25. Wolfgang Nadvornik [Search ORCID]
    26. Manfred Niekisch [Search ORCID]
    27. Michael North [Search ORCID]
    28. Jens Olesen [Search ORCID]
    29. Konrad Ott [Search ORCID]
    30. Andreas Pehnke [Search ORCID]
    31. Peter Pilhofer [Search ORCID]
    32. Wulf Raeck [Search ORCID]
    33. Roland Rosenstock [Search ORCID]
    34. Jürgen Schiewe [Search ORCID]
    35. Matthias Schneider [Search ORCID]
    36. Michael F. Scholz [Search ORCID]
    37. Thomas Schäfer [Search ORCID]
    38. Thomas Stamm-Kuhlmann [Search ORCID]
    39. Martin Steinrücke [Search ORCID]
    40. Thomas Terberger [Search ORCID]
    41. Gregor Vogt-Spira [Search ORCID]
    42. Jürgen Wasem [Search ORCID]
    43. Hannelore Weber [Search ORCID]
    44. Thomas Wegmann [Search ORCID]
    45. Michael Weißenberger [Search ORCID]
    46. Horst Wernicke [Search ORCID]
    47. Martin Wilmking [Search ORCID]
  53. University of Basel (46 entries)
    1. Caroline Arni [Search ORCID]
    2. Bruno Baur [Search ORCID]
    3. Reinhold Bernhardt [Search ORCID]
    4. Andreas Beyer [Search ORCID]
    5. Anton Bierl [Search ORCID]
    6. Alexandra Binnenkade [Search ORCID]
    7. Aymo Brunetti [Search ORCID]
    8. Susanna Burghartz [Search ORCID]
    9. Lucas Burkart [Search ORCID]
    10. Andreas Cesana [Search ORCID]
    11. Edwin Constable [Search ORCID]
    12. Ulrich Druwe [Search ORCID]
    13. Daniele Ganser [Search ORCID]
    14. Martin Guggisberg [Search ORCID]
    15. Henriette Harich-Schwarzbauer [Search ORCID]
    16. Christina Aus der Au Heymann [Search ORCID]
    17. Alexander Honold [Search ORCID]
    18. Peter Huber [Search ORCID]
    19. Bruno Jacobs [Search ORCID]
    20. Peter Jung [Search ORCID]
    21. Othmar Jäggi [Search ORCID]
    22. Dieter Kotschick [Search ORCID]
    23. Lukas Kundert [Search ORCID]
    24. Martin Lengwiler [Search ORCID]
    25. Bernd Wolfgang Lindemann [Search ORCID]
    26. Lorenza Mondada [Search ORCID]
    27. Claudia Opitz [Search ORCID]
    28. Dominik Perler [Search ORCID]
    29. Jacques Picard [Search ORCID]
    30. Luzia Sutter Rehmann [Search ORCID]
    31. Christoph Rehmann-Sutter [Search ORCID]
    32. Julia Richers [Search ORCID]
    33. Brigitte Röder [Search ORCID]
    34. Jan Rüdiger [Search ORCID]
    35. Frithjof Benjamin Schenk [Search ORCID]
    36. Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner [Search ORCID]
    37. Frank Siegmund [Search ORCID]
    38. Christian Simon [Search ORCID]
    39. Thomas Späth [Search ORCID]
    40. Jerzy Styka [Search ORCID]
    41. Lukas Thommen [Search ORCID]
    42. Edzard Visser [Search ORCID]
    43. Rudolf Wachter [Search ORCID]
    44. Martin Wallraff [Search ORCID]
    45. Aloys Winterling [Search ORCID]
    46. Bernhard Zimmermann [Search ORCID]
  54. University of Amsterdam (45 entries)
    1. Barbara Baarsma [Search ORCID]
    2. Stan Bentvelsen [Search ORCID]
    3. Jan Bergstra [Search ORCID]
    4. Karel C. Berkhoff [Search ORCID]
    5. Saskia de Bodt [Search ORCID]
    6. Paul Boersma [Search ORCID]
    7. Arnoud Boot [Search ORCID]
    8. Stijn Claessens [Search ORCID]
    9. Jacqueline Cramer [Search ORCID]
    10. Robbert Dijkgraaf [Search ORCID]
    11. Ronald Does [Search ORCID]
    12. Jos Engelen [Search ORCID]
    13. Uri Gneezy [Search ORCID]
    14. Wouter den Haan [Search ORCID]
    15. Wouter Hanegraaff [Search ORCID]
    16. Thomas Blom Hansen [Search ORCID]
    17. Martin van Hees [Search ORCID]
    18. Henkjan Honing [Search ORCID]
    19. Guusje ter Horst [Search ORCID]
    20. Mark Janse [Search ORCID]
    21. Michiel van Kempen [Search ORCID]
    22. James Kennedy [Search ORCID]
    23. Hugo Keuzenkamp [Search ORCID]
    24. Michiel B.M. van der Klis [Search ORCID]
    25. Michiel van Lambalgen [Search ORCID]
    26. Michel Mandjes [Search ORCID]
    27. Roel Nusse [Search ORCID]
    28. Melly Oitzl [Search ORCID]