Shows edits for a user/bot on Wikidata, for a set of items, with a specific revision comment pattern. Example:
Edits by User:Reinheitsgebot, with a pattern of creating a birth or death date as part of "Mix'n'match:References", for items where the birth or death date has a reference with a Pinakothek (P4025) statement

SPARQL (items need to be returned as ?q)

Pattern (regular expression)
Typical actions include: wbcreateclaim-create wbcreateredirect wbeditentity-create wbeditentity-override wbeditentity-update wbmergeitems-from wbmergeitems-to wbremoveclaims-remove wbsetaliases-add wbsetaliases-remove wbsetaliases-set wbsetaliases-update wbsetclaim-create wbsetclaim-update wbsetclaimvalue wbsetdescription-add wbsetdescription-remove wbsetdescription-set wbsetlabel-add wbsetlabeldescriptionaliases wbsetlabel-remove wbsetlabel-set wbsetqualifier-add wbsetqualifier-update wbsetreference-add wbsetsitelink-add wbsetsitelink-remove wbsetsitelink-set wbsetsitelink-set-both

any user or bot, e.g. QuickStatementsBot or Reinheitsgebot

Date range