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HSM-75 Hut A, Scott Base.JPG

HSM-19 George Vince's Cross with nacreous clouds.JPG

HSM-19 George Vince's Cross.JPG

Port Lockroy Flag.JPG

Port Lockroy.JPG

HSM-17 Cross on Wind Vane Hill with Terra Nova Hut.JPG

HSM-16 Scott's Terra Nova Hut.JPG

HSM-54 Richard Byrd's Bust.jpg

HSM-16 Terra Nova Hut.JPG

Scott's Discovery Hut.jpg

Observation Hill Cross.jpg

George Vince's Cross.jpg

Plaque Commemorating the PM-3A Nuclear Power Plant at McMurdo Station.jpg

Richard Byrd's Bust.jpg

HSM-17 Cross on Wind Vane Hill.JPG

HSM-16 Terra Nova Hut with Emperor Penguin.JPG

HSM-15 Shackleton's Hut.jpg

Hut A, Scott Base.jpg

Ivan Khmara's Stone & Buromsky Island Cemetery.jpg

Ob Hill.jpg

Discovery at Twilight.jpg

Vince's Cross.jpg
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