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Castle Roche Louth.jpg

Chapel Royal Interior 1, Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland - Diliff.jpg


Chapel Royal Interior 2, Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland - Diliff.jpg

Long Room Interior, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland - Diliff.jpg

Truncated lancet windows, Rock of Cashel.jpg

Clochán (Stone beehive hut).jpg

Cathedral and round tower Rock of Cashel.jpg

Panorama cliff overview.JPG

Kilmallock Collegiate Church LIMERICK002.jpg


Cahir Castle 73.jpg

Jpeg 10.jpg



Grainan of Aileach Ring Fort - Donegal - Ireland.jpg


Teampall Ráithe 1 Ray Church 4.jpg

Teampall Ráithe 1 Ray Church 1.jpg

Rock of Dunamase (50).JPG

Teampall Ráithe 1 Ray Church 2.jpg


Remnants, Hore Abbey.jpg


Overgrowth, Carbury Castle.jpg

Broken cross, the Rock of Cashel.jpg

Dublin Gate.jpg

Entrance doorway, Rock of Cashel.jpg

Trim Gate and curtain wall.jpg

Defensive tower Bective Abbey.jpg

Bective Abbey arch.jpg


Carved stonework, Clonmacnoise.jpg

Northern nave, the Rock of Cashel.jpg

Talbot Castle and Yellow Steeple.jpg

East view of Newtown Abbey Cathedral.jpg

Teampall Ráithe 1 Ray Church 3.jpg

Yellow Steeple from Trim town walls.jpg

Holy Cross Abbey Jpeg 80 (2).jpg

Tower house St. Johns Priory.jpg

Arch detail, the Rock of Cashel.jpg

Carbury Castle - interior.jpg

High Cross and O'Rourke's Tower.jpg

Carbury Castle main hall.jpg

Carbury Castle chimney and window.jpg

Thomas Davis Statue and Bank of Ireland, College Green.jpg

Restored doorway, Clonmacnoise.jpg

Tower House at Newtown Abbey.jpg

West slope, the Rock of Cashel.jpg

St Marys, Howth Abbey, Co.Dublin, Ireland.jpg

Yellow Steeple from river walk.jpg

Newtown Abbey Cathedral west.jpg

Library Square, Trinity College Dublin.jpg

Inside Brian Borus Abbey Tower in the Fog.jpg

Bective Abbey Cloister.jpg

Cross of the Scriptures.jpg

Northern nave exterior, Rock of Cashel.jpg

Pasture at Newtown Abbey.jpg

Museum building reflection.jpg

Trim Castle Keep.jpg

The Seven Churches (Templebrecan).jpg

Bective Abbey Cloister 2.jpg

Decorated window Bective.jpg

Colley family mausoleum.jpg

Hore Abbey from the Rock of Cashel.jpg

Newtown Abbey on the Boyne.jpg

Beltany Ancient Standing Stone Circle – Donegal.jpg

Digital Eye-2014-Custom House.jpg

River Boyne at Trim Castle.jpg

St John's Priory.jpg

Bunratty Castle 1642facesign.jpg

Re 05 (2).jpg

Bunratty Castle 1618sign.jpg

Climber Bective Abbey.jpg

St Canices Cathedral - Side Altar.JPG

Charles Fort - Shelter for Watchmen.JPG

St Canices Cathedral - view from tower into rural areas.JPG

St Canices Cathedral - Kilkenny view from the Tower.JPG

St Canice’s, Kilkenny, graveyard and lane.jpg

Windmill in hazy sunset.jpg

History by Night.jpg

Grallagh Church ruins and graveyard.jpg

Windmill of Skerries.jpg

Baldonagan Castle (interior).JPG

Horse and trap.JPG

Walkways and gardens of the national park killarney.JPG

Church of the Assumption Thomastown Kilkenny Ireland.JPG

View towards road entrance.JPG

Memories of the killarney national park.JPG

Rush Demense Church.JPG

View towards road.JPG


Cohaw tomb entrance.JPG

View inside chamber.JPG

Glendalough RT.JPG

Lusk Roundtower and Church.JPG

Tomb ring.JPG

Baldongan Castle (exterior).JPG

Restaurant in park garden Muckross House.jpg

Woodstock House Inistioge Kilkenny Ireland.JPG

Lake in the national park beside Muckross house.JPG

Windmill Skerries.JPG

Walkway to the lakes in the park, Muckross House.jpg

Westgate clonmel.JPG

Chamber view 2.JPG

Mainguard clonmel.JPG

Muckross house grounds.JPG

View towards ring.JPG

Shrubs and flowers.JPG

Thomastown Church Thomastown Kilkenny Ireland.JPG

Charles Fort - Ocean view.JPG

James Fort IR 08 KFJ 002b DSC 5180.jpg

Garristown Church 2 Sep2015.jpg

Charles Fort - View of the ocean.JPG

And the thunder rolls - Grianan of Aileach.jpg

Aideens Grave-Portal.JPG

Desmond Castle or The French Prison Kinsale - a windowsill.JPG

St Canices Cathedral - gravestones as seen from the top od the tower.JPG

Naul Church Sep2015.jpg

Charles Fort - walls and grass.JPG

Balrothery Church 1 Sep2015.jpg

Tobertown Church Sep2015.jpg

Charles Fort - The Courtyard.JPG

Ratass Church - Ogham Stone.jpg

Ogham Stone.jpg

Balrothery Church 2 Sep2015.jpg

Blennerville Windmill at sunset.jpg

Charles Fort - The entrance.JPG

View from the entarnce.JPG

Viuew through the broken fence.JPG

Charles Fort - View after the harvest.JPG

The swiss cottage.JPG

Rock Of Dunamase Sunrise.jpg

St Canices Cathedral - the floor.JPG

Jan two.jpg

Charles Fort - Life goes on.JPG

Church Town.JPG

Balbriggan Martello Tower Sep2015.jpg

Garristown Church 1 Sep2015.jpg

James Fort IR 08 KFJ 002a DSC 5178.jpg

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre 2015.jpg

Howard Mausoleum.JPG

St Canices Cathedral - Two Towers.JPG

Replica of St. Patrick's High Cross, the Rock of Cashel.jpg

Rathass Church Tralee Kerry.jpg

Rathronan Cemetery Burial place at William Smith O Brien.jpg

Kilkenny Castle 26-09-2015.JPG

Desmond Castle, The Square, Newcastle West.jpg

St.Stephens Green.JPG

St Canices Cathedral - stained glass window (2).JPG

Carrigafoyle 3.jpg

Charles Fort - View from Fort James.JPG

Thomastown Church Inside.jpg

St Canices Cathedral - Main Altar.JPG

Martello Tower Red Island.JPG

Chamber view.JPG

There's light at the end of the tunnel.jpg

Digital Eye–2015–Brownshill Dolmen.jpg

Underground staircase 2.jpg

Spiral staircase Camden Fort Meagher.jpg

Camden Fort Meagher, Cork, granite spiral stair.jpg

Underground staircase.jpg

Digital Eye–2015–Cúchulainn’s Stone (Clochafarmore Standing Stone).jpg

Its a long way down.jpg

Light rays from above.jpg

Digital Eye–2015–Boyle Abbey-6.jpg

The Shadow of the Cross.JPG

Underground staircase 3.jpg

Lighting up History.jpg

St Canices Cathedral - stained glass window (3).JPG

Digital Eye–2015–Baltinglass Abbey.jpg

Digital Eye–2015–Band 1st Brigade in Charles Fort-8.jpg

Newtown Abbey tower house.jpg

Sigginstown Tower.jpg


McCarthy's Tower, Clonmacnoise.jpg

Newtown Trim St. Johns Priory.jpg

Front Gate, Trinity College Dublin.jpg

Sunrise at Fort Camden.jpg

Refectory and Tower House.jpg

Ahenny High Cross-1807.jpg

St Peters Church (Triskel).jpg

Trinity College Dublin - Parliament Square.jpg

Ross Castle 2.jpg

CF Ross Castle.jpg

Hook Head MG 0588 - Version 2.jpg

Stephen's Green - Gingerbread House.jpg

Galarus -1.jpg

Minard Castle on sunny day.jpg

Ross Castle in Monochrome.JPG

Ahenny High Cross-1799.jpg

MG 2556 7 8 fusedlarge.jpg

Low Tide at Minard castle.jpg

Minard Castle winter time.jpg

Spooky shadows.jpg

Ross Castle early morning.jpg

Ahenny High Cross-1794.jpg

St Declan's Cathedral (Ardmore) 2014.jpg

Athenry Sunset 20121022 0001b.jpg

CF Ross Castle at Night.jpg
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