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Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare,DSC 4370-Edit.jpg

Highway in ireland.jpg

Clare Abbey ( Brian Borus Abbey) 20150921-20150921-DSC 7096-2-2.jpg

The Big Dipper over Poulnabrone Portal Tomb,.jpg

Irish National War Memorial Gardens - Rose Garden.jpg

Quin Abbey, Co Clare, DSC 4361-Edit.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4361-Edit,b&w.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin Co Clare, DSC 4361-Edit.jpg

Kilmackduagh Monastery.jpg

Glendalough Doe.jpg



St. Mary's Church Tower and Graveyard, Innishannon , Co. Cork, Ireland.jpg


From the local golf course hole.jpg


Athlone Castle1.jpg

Entrance to Dunmore Cave.jpg

Tully Cross.jpg

Clonmacnoise High Cross.jpg

Glencolumbkille Church.jpg

Town Hall in Dunmore Cave.jpg

Market cross in Dunmore Cave.jpg

GPO Dublin Ireland.jpg

O'Connells Monument.jpg

The Hill of Slane ruins.jpg

Tintern Abbey Wexford.jpg

Into darkness.jpg

Twin Bedroom Rear of Tara Towers Dublin.jpg

Clonmacnoise Round Tower Offaly.jpg


Poulnabrone Dolmen.jpg

Pile of Stones in Dunmore Cave.jpg

Tully Church.jpg

Muckross Abbey, Sept 2016.jpg

Blarney Castle, Sept 2016.jpg

Hore Abbey, Sept 2016.jpg

City Hall, Dublin, during Saint Patrick's Day.jpg

Tully Cross-2.jpg

Castle Ross.jpg


Dublin Castle and Tower.jpg

Mansion House during Saint Patrick's Day.jpg

Clonmacnoise Whispering Arch.jpg

Panoramic view from top of viewing tower.jpg

The castle defends the bridge on a crisp Sept evening.jpg

Dublin Castle-2.jpg





Clare Abbey, (Brian Borus Abbey),20150904-DSC 6842-2.jpg

Sunset @ The Poulnabrone Dolmen. By Frank Chandler.jpg

Cross of Sacrifice in the Irish National War Memorial Park.jpg

A small cobbled area in St Stephens Green.jpg

Red Abbey Tower.jpg

The Custom House.jpg

The Three Fates Fountain in St Stephens Green.jpg

St Audoen's Church.jpg

Centre of St Stephens Green.jpg

Edward Delaney's Famine Memorial in St Stephens Green.jpg

Fusilier's Arch.jpg

Circular Rose Garden pond in winter.jpg

St Nicholas Church-2.jpg

The centre of St Stephens Green the nearby cobbled area.jpg

St Finbarr's South Church-1.jpg

Quaker Burial Ground.jpg

Back of the castle.jpg

From the front.jpg

Marking on the back of the castle.jpg

Close up of Tomb.jpg

Kanturk Castle, Master Chamber.jpg

Jerpoint abbey stone work in B&W.jpg

Round Tower, Cloyne, Front Elevation showing entrance.jpg

Kanturk Castle, Back Door.jpg

The Castle at Kanturk.jpg

Cloyne Round Tower, looking north.jpg

Kanturk Castle, Firelplaces.jpg

Kanturk Castle, Interior.jpg

Jerpoint Abbey in B&W.jpg

Donaghmore Church and Round Tower - County Meath.jpg

Church In Ireland.jpg

Castle In Ireland.jpg

Kilmainham Gaol Main Hall 2016-06-03.jpg

Ballycarbery castle.jpg

Stone of Remembrance in the Irish National War Memorial Park.jpg

Newgrange Monument.jpg

Glendalough Miner's Village.jpg

Dublin Castle - Pedestrian Entrance.jpg

Baldongan church and tower 2.jpg

Yellow Steeple of St Marys Abbey, Trim, Meath.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4298-Edit,b&w.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4298-Edit.jpg

Baldongan church and tower.jpg

View at the top of Dún Aonghasa, including some of the fort and some Cheval de Frise.jpg

Jerpoint abbey archways in B&W.jpg

Glendalough Upper Lake.jpg

Kilkenny castle 2.jpg

Kilkenny castle 1.jpg

View from the top of Dún Aonghasa.jpg

From the back with the sun breaking through.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0616.jpg

Burnchurch star trail.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0599.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0618.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0602.jpg

Frost at Quin Abbey.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0626.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0607.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0629.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0608.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0593.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0631.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0613.jpg

Swords Castle IMG 0597.jpg

Blue Winter day at the Abbey.jpg

Lismore Castle in Colour.jpg

Campanile, Trinity College Dublin.jpg

Kilkenny castle 3.jpg

Altair Burial Tomb, Schull, Co. Cork.jpg

Sunset behind The French Church in the Viking Triangle.jpg

Sunset behind the French Church.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4319.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4280.jpg


Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4284.jpg

Kilmainham Gaol Inside.jpg

ENNIS Friary, DSC 4457.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare,DSC 4303.jpg

Poulnabrone Portal Tomb, The Burren, Co Clare.jpg

ENNIS Friary, DSC 4459.jpg

ENNIS Friary, DSC 4453.jpg

ENNIS Friary,. DSC 4464-2.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4271-2.jpg

ENNIS Friary, DSC 4454,.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4271.jpg

ENNIS Friary, DSC 4454.jpg

Ghost round tower, St. Mary's Abbey, Duleek.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4350.jpg

Slade Castle on an October night.jpg

Whites Castle and Barrow bridge.jpg

Parkes Castle, Leitrim.jpg

View from the Rock of Dunamaise, towards the entrance.jpg

St Audeon's Church (2).jpg

Archbold's Castle, Dalkey, County Dublin.jpg

Twilight at Whites Castle Athy.jpg

Whites Castle and the Parish Church belltower.jpg

Altar wedge tomb.jpg

The little church across from the entrance of the Rock of Dunamaise.jpg

2 - Main Guard 2016-09-03 08 1104.jpg

A watchtower entrance at The Rock of Dunamaise.jpg

Taken from an entrance to the Rock of Dunamaise.jpg

Custom House Dublin, Ireland.jpg

One of the entrances of the Rock of Dunamaise.jpg

Whites Castle Athy.jpg


Springtime, Whites Castle.jpg

Whites Castle from the banks of the Barrow.jpg

The Rock of Dunamaise. Once the Home of Strongbow.jpg

St Annes Church.jpg

Garden of Remembrance, Dublin.jpg

Inside the Rock of Dunamaise.jpg

Whites Castle in winter.jpg

The Rock, once the home of Strongbow.jpg

Parkes castle, Leitrim.jpg

St Audeon's Church (1).jpg

St. Patrick's Church, Hill of Tara.jpg

Quin Abbey, DSC 4288.jpg

Roche Castle, Co. Louth east view.jpg

Inside of St Stephens Green from under the Fusilier's Arch.jpg

Rock of Dunamase Sunset.jpg

Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare, DSC 4291.jpg

Newgrange mound B, and the main passage tomb at sunset.jpg

Aghagower Round Tower.jpg

Entrance hall and staircase castletown house.jpg

Sunset at The Poulnabrone Dolmen, By Frank Chandler.jpg

Aghowle Church.jpg

Muckross House 2.jpg

Muckross Abbey 1.jpg

Cong Abbey 2.jpg

Muckross Abbey 2.jpg

Ross Castle October.jpg

Cong Abbey 3.jpg

Muckross Abbey 3.jpg

Cong Abbey.jpg

Muckross House 1 (1).jpg

Sunset @ The Poulnabrone Dolmen.By Frank Chandler.jpg


Quin Abbey, Quin, Co Clare.jpg

Limestone sculpture of St. Brigid pointingup.jpg

St. Brigids Well Cullion Well.jpg

Place Of Peace.jpg

Limestone sculpture of St. Brigid backgroundSun.jpg

St. Brigids Well Cullion Holy Scapular.jpg

4 - Great Hall 2016-09-03 08 1118.jpg

North face 2016-09-03 08 1363.jpg

St. Brigids Well Cullion Bathed in Sunshine.jpg

St. Brigids Well Cullion.jpg

Limestone sculpture of St. Brigid RiverAlongsideStatue.jpg

St. Brigids Well Cullion WellView.jpg
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