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Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.jpg

Ampularia sp.jpg

Figure 2 - Water Rocket.jpg

Figure 3 - Install Water Rocket to Launcher.jpg

Bee Looking for Nectar.jpg

Figure 4 - Setting Up Degrees of Water Rocket's Launcher.jpg

Figure 5 - Water Rocket Launches.jpg

DNA Extraction.jpg

Figure 1 - Launcher of Water Rocket.jpg

Loading DNA sample into to agarose gel electrophoresis.jpg


Loading PCR mixture to thermocycler machine.jpg

Phyton curtus.jpg

Adult Clown featherback in aquarium.jpg

Stem Anatomy of Cosmos sulphureus.jpg

Stem Anatomy of Porophyllum ruderale (1).jpg

Stem Anatomy of Porophyllum ruderale (2).jpg

Stem Anatomy of Blumea lacera (Asteraceae) 01.jpg

Symbiotic mutualism between Bubalus bubalis and Acridotheres javanicus.jpg

The ancient trade stamps.jpg



Preserved by nature.jpg

Loading DNA sample into 96-well plate for fragment analysis.jpg
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