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USS Atlanta (1861)35.25458-75.5199523802
Cape Hatteras Light35.25053333-75.52881667landmark17093
Cape Hatteras35.25458056-75.51995landmark9766
Buxton, North Carolina35.26777778-75.5425city6326
List of shipwrecks of the United States35.25458-75.51995563.5467USS Atlanta (1861)
List of shipwrecks of the United States35.2451-75.5146563.5467SS Home
List of shipwrecks of North Carolina35.25458-75.51995526.451USS Atlanta (1861)
List of shipwrecks of North Carolina35.2451-75.5146526.451SS Home
National Register of Historic Places listings in Dare County, North Carolina35.254444-75.521389516.4091Cape Hatteras Light Station
List of National Historic Landmarks in North Carolina35.250556-75.528806397.3947Cape Hatteras Light Station

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