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First-person parkour/platformer story-driven video game by swackSoft softWorks workShop. Developers believe it is the first of its kind.

I would add a category for "Video games in the 31st century" - as it takes place in the ambiguous year "30X6", presumably a year where you know all digits except the tens-place digit - but that isn't currently a category. The use of the category "Upcoming video games scheduled for 2018" is a rough guess; over a public Twitter conversation, one of the developers said "we're hoping for next year..." and I take that as a scheduling? I believe it's a Unity engine game; however, I'm not sure, so I haven't included that as a category.

(outdated, current game is much different from this, but a professional review is needed for submission) Kotaku review for notability: https://kotaku.com/weird-doesnt-even-begin-to-describe-burrito-galaxy-1493026902

Steam Greenlight page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=210849129

Official site: https://burritogalaxy.com Official Twitter: @BurritoGalaxy

Various videos, music, and images of the game can be found through these, and through the links and @mentions on their Twitter. Obviously, don't take everything on their Twitter seriously; i.e. even though they've tweeted "psp only sorry" with an image of the game on the PSP, it will (again, obviously) be released on PC.


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