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This tool helps adding missing language links to Wikipedia.

There should be a language link between any two Wikipedia articles about the same topic in different languages. However, some language links are missing. We identified algorithmically some Wikipedia articles that are probably about the same topic but without language links. Since the algorithm is not perfect, we need your help to make the judgement.

On login page, you can login using your Wikimedia account.

After login, you can choose a language pair that you are familiar with in the Settings page.

You can then start the work by Quick Start Page. See the screenshot below. The two articles are selected based on your language settings. If you think they are about the same topic, click "Yes", otherwise "No". If you are not sure, click "Skip". After your click, the judgement will be recorded and the next article pair will show up automatically.

Clicked by mistake? Never Mind! The Check by list page lists all the article pairs matching your language settings. They are grouped by their judgement status. You can click the unjudged list to continue your work, or change your decision on the judged list.

You can change your language pair anytime.