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Q5469265 - Forestry in Ethiopia

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Q6947126 [CC | ]MycoforestryMycoforestry1
Q12099109 [CC | ]Mining in EthiopiaMining in Ethiopia1
Q203635 [CC | ]myrrhMyrrh1
Q1134658 [CC | ]National Forest CorporationNational Forest Corporation (Chile)1
Q6972771 [CC | ]National Forestry Commission of MexicoNational Forestry Commission of Mexico1
Q6753113 [CC | ]Manufacturing in EthiopiaManufacturing in Ethiopia1
Q187939 [CC | ]manufacturingManufacturing1
Q2579259 [CC | ]Logging truckLogging truck1
Q1370714 [CC | ]lumberLumber1
Q1124183 [CC | ]lumberjackLumberjack1
Q239788 [CC | ]mahogany woodMahogany1
Q131877 [CC | ]natural rubberNatural rubber1
Q1810296 [CC | ]Non-timber forest productNon-timber forest product1
Q188913 [CC | ]plantationPlantation1
Q219803 [CC | ]plywoodPlywood1
Q2112204 [CC | ]Programme for the Endorsement of Forest CertificationProgramme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification1
Q19652 [CC | ]public domainPublic domain1
Q7169186 [CC | ]PermaforestryPermaforestry1
Q1479935 [CC | ]park rangerPark ranger1
Q208478 [CC | ]old-growth forestOld-growth forest1
Q7112643 [CC | ]outline of forestryOutline of forestry1
Q231458 [CC | ]palm oilPalm oil1
Q7133160 [CC | ]Papua New Guinea Forestry AuthorityPapua New Guinea Forestry Authority1
Q845249 [CC | ]loggingLogging1
Q3006666 [CC | ]Log scalerLog scaler1
Q17092522 [CC | ]Interagency hotshot crewInteragency hotshot crew1
Q6027863 [CC | ]Industrial development policy of EthiopiaIndustrial development policy of Ethiopia1
Q6054889 [CC | ]International rankings of EthiopiaInternational rankings of Ethiopia1
Q183368 [CC | ]invasive speciesInvasive species1
Q6392574 [CC | ]Kenya Forest ServiceKenya Forest Service1
Q6018886 [CC | ]Index of forestry articlesIndex of forestry articles1
Q597393 [CC | ]illegal loggingIllegal logging1
Q5647340 [CC | ]HandcrewHandcrew1
Q5757558 [CC | ]High gradingHigh grading1
Q48803 [CC | ]horticultureHorticulture1
Q18207950 [CC | ]i-TreeI-Tree1
Q483273 [CC | ]Korea Forest ServiceKorea Forest Service1
Q17108076 [CC | ]Land reform in EthiopiaLand reform in Ethiopia1
Q11533118 [CC | ]list of forestry technical schoolsList of forestry technical schools1
Q6621074 [CC | ]list of forestry universities and collegesList of forestry universities and colleges1
Q3042368 [CC | ]Log buckingLog bucking1
Q15008046 [CC | ]log drivingLog driving1
Q16249106 [CC | ]list of forestry ministriesList of forestry ministries1
Q6621072 [CC | ]list of forestry journalsList of forestry journals1
Q131454 [CC | ]Library of CongressLibrary of Congress1
Q5039802 [CC | ]list of companies of EthiopiaList of companies of Ethiopia1
Q2378966 [CC | ]list of countries by forest areaList of countries by forest area1
Q6621071 [CC | ]list of forest research institutesList of forest research institutes1
Q2283886 [CC | ]pulp and paper industryPulp and paper industry1
Q2034373 [CC | ]Rainforest AllianceRainforest Alliance1
Q17164799 [CC | ]Tree girth measurementTree girth measurement1
Q2843044 [CC | ]tree farmTree farm1
Q17165847 [CC | ]Tree height measurementTree height measurement1
Q17166009 [CC | ]tree measurementTree measurement1
Q3536096 [CC | ]tree plantingTree planting1
Q17164895 [CC | ]Tree crown measurementTree crown measurement1
Q17143713 [CC | ]Tree breedingTree breeding1
Q1281452 [CC | ]Trade unions in EthiopiaTrade unions in Ethiopia1
Q580111 [CC | ]Transport in EthiopiaTransport in Ethiopia1
Q10884 [CC | ]treeTree1
Q2838628 [CC | ]Tree allometryTree allometry1
Q17165814 [CC | ]Tree volume measurementTree volume measurement1
Q1891156 [CC | ]United States Forest ServiceUnited States Forest Service1
Q1642788 [CC | ]Wood fuelWood fuel1
Q1609891 [CC | ]wood processingWood processing1
Q17039914 [CC | ]Woodland Carbon CodeWoodland Carbon Code1
Q816871 [CC | ]woodworkingWoodworking1
Q287 [CC | ]woodWood1
Q8001272 [CC | ]Wilding coniferWilding conifer1
Q822620 [CC | ]Urban forestryUrban forestry1
Q7900154 [CC | ]Urban reforestationUrban reforestation1
Q648266 [CC | ]Wayback MachineWayback Machine1
Q169950 [CC | ]wildfireWildfire1
Q1632815 [CC | ]Tourism in EthiopiaTourism in Ethiopia1
Q7804677 [CC | ]timber recyclingTimber recycling1
Q505213 [CC | ]sawmillSawmill1
Q2140056 [CC | ]secondary forestSecondary forest1
Q287854 [CC | ]shifting cultivationShifting cultivation1
Q7497469 [CC | ]Shingle weaverShingle weaver1
Q3595335 [CC | ]Rubber tappingRubber tapping1
Q7363326 [CC | ]RomsilvaRomsilva1
Q910194 [CC | ]rayonRayon1
Q1082970 [CC | ]Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradatiReducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation1
Q815818 [CC | ]reforestationReforestation1
Q688948 [CC | ]Resin extractionResin extraction1
Q720362 [CC | ]silvicultureSilviculture1
Q622543 [CC | ]slash-and-burnSlash-and-burn1
Q7651817 [CC | ]SvedjebrukSvedjebruk1
Q1510340 [CC | ]tanbarkTanbark1
Q156938 [CC | ]Tectona grandisTeak1
Q4411287 [CC | ]Telecommunications in EthiopiaTelecommunications in Ethiopia1
Q47572 [CC | ]sustainable forest managementSustainable forest management1
Q7649600 [CC | ]Sustainable Forestry InitiativeSustainable Forestry Initiative1
Q11107732 [CC | ]Slash-and-charSlash-and-char1
Q379497 [CC | ]smokejumperSmokejumper1
Q3633990 [CC | ]Social forestry in IndiaSocial forestry in India1
Q7581384 [CC | ]Spruce-pine-firSpruce-pine-fir1
Q535814 [CC | ]gum arabicGum arabic1
Q5611738 [CC | ]Growth and yield modellingGrowth and yield modelling1
Q3043215 [CC | ]Deforestation in EthiopiaDeforestation in Ethiopia1
Q5251672 [CC | ]Deforestation by regionDeforestation by region1
Q1182952 [CC | ]dehesaDehesa1
Q192658 [CC | ]dendrologyDendrology1
Q3044729 [CC | ]Department of Forest ConservationDepartment of Forest Conservation (Sri Lanka)1
Q169940 [CC | ]deforestationDeforestation1
Q5175759 [CC | ]Cotton production in EthiopiaCotton production in Ethiopia1
Q1648255 [CC | ]CommiphoraCommiphora1
Q5154959 [CC | ]Community forestryCommunity forestry1
Q2589818 [CC | ]controlled burnControlled burn1
Q1360410 [CC | ]coppicingCoppicing1
Q5333175 [CC | ]EcoforestryEcoforestry1
Q5333260 [CC | ]Ecological thinningEcological thinning1
Q257724 [CC | ]Ethiopian Civil WarEthiopian Civil War1
Q206243 [CC | ]Ethiopian birrEthiopian birr1
Q45669 [CC | ]EucalyptusEucalyptus1
Q5440366 [CC | ]Federal Research DivisionFederal Research Division1
Q115 [CC | ]EthiopiaEthiopia1
Q1317763 [CC | ]engineered woodEngineered wood1
Q1425941 [CC | ]economy of EthiopiaEconomy of Ethiopia1
Q295865 [CC | ]Ecosystem servicesEcosystem services1
Q2446621 [CC | ]Energy forestryEnergy forestry1
Q5377093 [CC | ]energy in EthiopiaEnergy in Ethiopia1
Q2281674 [CC | ]coffee production in EthiopiaCoffee production in Ethiopia1
Q3407693 [CC | ]Close to nature forestryClose to nature forestry1
Q578836 [CC | ]Arbor DayArbor Day1
Q4751052 [CC | ]Analog forestryAnalog forestry1
Q127213 [CC | ]arboricultureArboriculture1
Q776268 [CC | ]arboristArborist1
Q670887 [CC | ]BambusoideaeBamboo1
Q397350 [CC | ]agroforestryAgroforestry1
Q4164159 [CC | ]Agriculture, forestry, and fishing in JapanAgriculture, forestry, and fishing in Japan1
Q40178 [CC | ]acid rainAcid rain1
Q3624 [CC | ]Addis AbabaAddis Ababa1
Q2384419 [CC | ]afforestationAfforestation1
Q2827172 [CC | ]Agriculture in EthiopiaAgriculture in Ethiopia1
Q905495 [CC | ]BiocharBiochar1
Q18537 [CC | ]biomassBiomass1
Q5102218 [CC | ]ChitemeneChitemene1
Q5104217 [CC | ]Choker setterChoker setter1
Q3610673 [CC | ]Christmas tree cultivationChristmas tree cultivation1
Q1721219 [CC | ]clearcuttingClearcutting1
Q177463 [CC | ]charcoalCharcoal1
Q3610429 [CC | ]Certified woodCertified wood1
Q46006 [CC | ]BoswelliaBoswellia1
Q16967025 [CC | ]Canadian Forest ServiceCanadian Forest Service1
Q15305550 [CC | ]carbon sequestrationCarbon sequestration1
Q5037895 [CC | ]CarbonFix StandardCarbonFix Standard1
Q5442467 [CC | ]fellingFelling1
Q1409472 [CC | ]fire ecologyFire ecology1
Q16837362 [CC | ]Forestry in EstoniaForestry in Estonia1
Q5469262 [CC | ]Forestry in ChileForestry in Chile1
Q5469264 [CC | ]Forestry in GabonForestry in Gabon1
Q5469266 [CC | ]Forestry in GhanaForestry in Ghana1
Q5469267 [CC | ]Forestry in IndiaForestry in India1
Q5469261 [CC | ]Forestry in ChadForestry in Chad1
Q16151549 [CC | ]forestry in CanadaForestry in Canada1
Q5469259 [CC | ]Forestry in AngolaForestry in Angola1
Q5469263 [CC | ]Forestry in ArgentinaForestry in Argentina1
Q5469260 [CC | ]Forestry in BangladeshForestry in Bangladesh1
Q4259670 [CC | ]Forestry in BhutanForestry in Bhutan1
Q5469268 [CC | ]forestry in New ZealandForestry in New Zealand1
Q5469270 [CC | ]Forestry in PakistanForestry in Pakistan1
Q1438384 [CC | ]Forest lawForestry law1
Q173486 [CC | ]frankincenseFrankincense1
Q17016206 [CC | ]Genetically modified treeGenetically modified tree1
Q17019612 [CC | ]Growth and Transformation PlanGrowth and Transformation Plan1
Q5469272 [CC | ]Forestry in the United KingdomForestry in the United Kingdom1
Q5469273 [CC | ]Forestry in UgandaForestry in Uganda1
Q4259518 [CC | ]Forestry in RussiaForestry in Russia1
Q65089374 [CC | ]Forestry in ScotlandForestry in Scotland1
Q4120027 [CC | ]Forestry in SyriaForestry in Syria1
Q5469271 [CC | ]Forestry in TasmaniaForestry in Tasmania1
Q38112 [CC | ]forestryForestry1
Q3738699 [CC | ]foresterForester1
Q2249329 [CC | ]forest ecologyForest ecology1
Q5469147 [CC | ]forest farmingForest farming1
Q3080347 [CC | ]forest fragmentationForest fragmentation1
Q276109 [CC | ]forest gardeningForest gardening1
Q1361577 [CC | ]forest diebackForest dieback1
Q748367 [CC | ]Forest Stewardship CouncilForest Stewardship Council1
Q3825427 [CC | ]Fire lookoutFire lookout1
Q1420018 [CC | ]Fishing in EthiopiaFishing in Ethiopia1
Q4201305 [CC | ]Foreign aid to EthiopiaForeign aid to Ethiopia1
Q4421 [CC | ]forestForest1
Q20737062 [CC | ]forest industry in FinlandForest industry in Finland1
Q5469150 [CC | ]Forest informaticsForest informatics1
Q1202390 [CC | ]forest railwayForest railway1
Q5469194 [CC | ]Forest restorationForest restoration1
Q19735588 [CC | ]Forest transitionForest transition1
Q41804813 [CC | ]forestationForestation1
Q372449 [CC | ]forest protectionForest protection1
Q5469189 [CC | ]forest productForest product1
Q5468985 [CC | ]Forest IPMForest integrated pest management1
Q1423188 [CC | ]Forest inventoryForest inventory1
Q372561 [CC | ]forest managementForest management1
Q5469188 [CC | ]Forest pathologyForest pathology1
Q81666 [CC | ]AcaciaAcacia1